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    So I met this girl through an internet singles page, actually a Muscle Personals page where singles who are into fitness and bodybuilding can meet. Her name is Michelle and is an amazing person, fun to write to and great responses, and almost right away I began calling her Mitch. Unfortunately she is quite over weight and nothing she has tried has helped her, and apparently she’s tried everything. Her ideal vision of the female body is with ginormous, rock hard, ripped, sexy feminine muscle. Much like many of the enhancements that make women look somewhat larger than the largest male bodybuilders. But try as she might, with weights and cardio routines her body remained at her original 5’11" and 275 pounds. We hit it off and met and began a relationship and the process of learning about each other.

    A while later she came home one day very excited. She had found a pharmaceutical shop run by a Chinese scientist who was a political exile because of the research he was performing. Even in the U.S. he was prevented from officially pursuing his work so he opened a shop and used the profits to fund his research. He is an expert on the Human Genome Project and was specializing on gene activation and suppression. She told him about her body and her efforts and desire to change herself and he responded that he might be able to help her out. He got a blood sample and her number and told her he would call sometime soon.

    A few months went by and all I heard was if the scientist was going to call today, when he was going to be done, what was he going to do for her, was it going to be everything she hoped for, am I alright with the changes she wants for herself. All I could do was try to calm her a bit but in the end she won me over when she created a picture of herself with muscles so enormous, and superhuman that I couldn’t wait to see what he would produce. Then he called and said he might have something for her but the results would be somewhat unpredictable, permanent, and not 100% tested since she was the first test subject. She was willing no matter what the dangers.

    The procedure took about twelve hours. First he put her on a six hour IV drip that would flood her body with an inhibitor for the gene responsible for the storage of fat. The inhibitor was designed to permanently bond with the activating protein preventing it from attaching to the gene and activating it. Then another six hour IV with an activator that was designed to permanently attach to the activating protein for the gene responsible for muscle growth. The theory is that her body will now store her excess energy as muscle instead of fat. In theory her body would convert all of her excess weight into muscle, and seeing as she is a hefty girl to begin with, and since muscle weighs more than fat, she was probably going to become enormous, just like her dream body. That is if everything works the way it should.

    She was a bit queasy after and went to bed. In the morning she felt normal and didn’t feel any different. From what I know of the human body it takes about a week for the machinery of the genes kicks into full gear, so I told her to be patient and wait. Waiting is so very hard, but we got through it together, even though I was as excited as she was.

    The first week the only change that came over her was that she had quite a bit more energy than before, which we took to be a sign that something was working. But the next three weeks there was very little noticeable change, except that her clothes were fitting a bit more loose. After a month she did begin to seem a bit slimmer. She was still energetic so we figured everything was still good, and the doctor concurred. He also told us that the third, fourth, and fifth months would see drastic changes. So we toiled through the second month after her procedure and while she was getting much thinner, and beginning to approach a normal woman’s body, she was not noticeably stronger. But she was so happy to be losing weight that her muscles didn’t even enter her mind. That was going to change very quickly.

    At about 160 pounds, which she reached at about three and a half months, like the doctor told us, she started gaining weight again, which at first sent much anxiety through her psyche, that is until we realized that she was still getting slimmer and sexier. Two weeks later she was still gaining weight, back up to 185 but we now noticed that she was becoming rock hard. Her arms went from soft and voluptuous to hard as a rock and to her eternal surprise a muscle formed when she flexed her bicep. Not anything big but it definitely made it’s presence known. So she experimented on me by grabbing me by the shirt and promptly, and surprisingly, and very easily lifted me off the ground with one arm. Muscles erupted out of her forearm, bicep, triceps, shoulders, and traps. She was so startled by her feat that she dropped me in her surprise, she then reached down and picked me up off the floor where I had crumpled because of the sudden impact with the ground. She was apologizing profusely for dropping me when I realized that my feet were still off the ground, and her arms showed no noticeable effort with my weight. I kissed her and told her everything was alright, well there was one thing. As I looked down she realized what she’d been doing with no apparent effort to her ever hardening and muscle growing body.

    It was obvious that the fat storage gene had been turned off, and now we knew that the muscle building gene had also been turned on. Mitch was now a 5’11" 195 pound Amazon with the strength to match and we both loved it. After the moment of realization she acted a bit different but very quickly came to terms with it and began to anticipate how strong she would now be able to become. Maybe even as big as the enhancements she so wants to be. So at five months after the treatment she formed an eating schedule, upping her protein and calorie count, actually she began eating huge amounts of food because her body was now supposed to store her excess energy as muscle. She also began going to a gym to help her muscles along and the results were amazing. As usual there was about a week lag between the change in her eating and exercising before her body kicked it into full gear. But when it kicked in, it was amazing.

    Two weeks after the change in diet and excercise she was obviously bigger than she had been in the past, but now her shoulders were wider, and her hips and legs were quite a bit bigger than her relatively narrow waist. Her body was growing by leaps and bounds and was now about as big as a professional female bodybuilder. Perfectly proportioned and massive in her muscularity she was loving her new body and loving the way our relationship had subtly shifted with her relatively sudden shift in her body. She was careful to not embarrass me in public even though I was all over her, even in public, but in private we had sooo much fun together exploring her new body and what she could do.

    At this point she was curious to see how strong she really was, so she went to my car, which was smaller than hers and proceeded to lift the rear end of the car with her arms. As always when she exerted herself muscles exploded out of her tall frame, her legs becoming tree trunks, her arms and shoulders bulging, making her look truly massive as she worked to hold the car off the ground for about twenty seconds. Pumped from the effort, she walked towards me with a gleam in her eye, that of a hunter with her prey in sight, ready to pounce, and pounce she did, but now that I was smaller than her I had the advantage of dexterity and slipped away from her, but not for long….

    At the six month mark her diet and training had added another fifty pounds of muscle to her frame and the amount of fat on her body was still decreasing even though she was still carrying a bit of extra weight. She was easily as big as any male bodybuilder and most definitely stronger and more muscular than any woman, past present or future. Her arms were bigger than my head and her legs were each bigger than her waist which made her lats and legs look that much bigger. Her back was big enough to land an airplane on and I could sit on one of her massive shoulders with room to spare.

    She was now strong enough to lift the rear end of my car with one arm, and was almost able to lift the whole thing off the ground. She was able to lift enough of the car to take some of the weight off the shocks but she couldn’t get the tires to clear the ground. She was also now able to lift the rear end of her car which is an SUV and much heavier, but she wasn’t strong enough yet to lift it with only one arm. She was so enthusiastic to keep growing that I was now beginning to believe that she would grow bigger and more muscular than any human ever, and then some, and for all we knew she would continue growing as long as she eats and lifts. The prospect of her growing and growing was so intoxicating to both of us that we had no problem with this.

    The next two months we settled comfortably into our new relationship and the new situations her new body put us both in, including the media attention she was getting. Still working out and still growing her body was becoming legendary, her growth had slowed considerably and she had now reached her previous weight of 275. That much muscle packed onto a 5’11" frame made her as big as any champion male bodybuilder, and seeing as she was an inch taller than me, and four inches taller in heels, she was really starting to dwarf me. I felt miniscule in her presence, my fingers wouldn’t wrap around her wrist, both my hands wouldn’t wrap around her thick neck, and my arms wouldn’t wrap around her chest and back, not even close, which was so exciting, and to think that she would just keep on growing to the ultimate limit of human muscularity which the Doctor estimated to be at around 600 pounds plus or minus 75 pounds. To think that Mitch would become that large actually had us a bit worried and curious, of course.

    Over the next six months she continued to slowly but steadily grow more and more muscular, if that was even possible for her and believe me it was. She passed 290, 305, 320, 335, 350, and was now 365 pounds of warm sculpted marble, feminine and unimaginably massive muscle. She could easily lift her SUV off the ground and press it for reps, she could even hold my Honda over her head with one arm. I get a special thrill everytime she does that. She also began to lift trailer trucks off the ground, and had already broken every strength record on the books. The fact that her results were genetically engineered mattered not to the world. In fact, obese women around the world were seeking out the Chinese doctor we found for similar treatments, since he would only treat women and nobody else could figure out what his procedure was he made a lot of money. We made an arrangement with him that he would only switch on or off the fat storage gene or the muscle building gene in these other women depending on their wishes, but not both, so that Mitch would be the only human with the size she currently possesses along with her potential size in the future. She was queen of the hill and didn’t want any competition.

    At this point I went on a business trip to Japan where I was usually the tallest person there, although some of the young girls dwarfed me by a good 6". In Japan you either get 5′ women or 6’4" tall women, nothing in between. We were in fairly regular contact over the three weeks I was gone and about a week into the trip Mitch told me that she was growing again. I was confused because she’d been growing fairly steadily since the treatment. She told me to be patient and I’d see what she meant when I got home. I couldn’t wait and pestered her to the best of my abilities but she wouldn’t crack and she knew that physical threats had no power over me, I established that very early on in her discovery of the huge amounts of power she now holds over me, I would rather pass out without a word of protest than to cave in to her demands. I worked and she grew and the next two weeks went by quickly. I enjoyed the wonderful country of Japan. I filled CD after CD with pictures, bought a bunch of gifts, and sake, and food, and made a few friends both in the city and in the country. We parted with words of friendship and promises to visit again, and also to bring my gigantic, soon to be fiancé. I had decided on this trip to ask her, seeing as we’re both in our early twenties, I have a good career and her body was earning her copious amounts of money, and above all it felt right. I loved her for herself first and for her body second.

    After a fourteen hour flight I made it back home and of course she was there to greet me, and she definitely looked a whole lot bigger than when I left. I discovered why because I felt like I was back in Japan when I walked up to her. She was now as tall as the taller of the Japanese women. I used to look her in the eye by turning my head up ever so slightly. Now I was eye level with her mouth and she smiled as she picked me up, with one hand under my armpit, off the ground to kiss me passionately. We had definitely missed each other very badly and made up for it that night. It was incredible to experience her body at it’s new height, and now that it had more room on her frame to grow muscle it was doing so with much gusto. She was now 380 and definitely looked every bit the same as the enhancements that she was aspiring to, except she was real and in the flesh and all mine. That morning I made breakfast in bed for her and placed the ring I bought from a Japanese jeweler on the tray. She flipped and said yes after much throwing of me up into the air and finally onto the bed with her hovering just above me. All I could see was her muscles, and more muscles and well everything in my world at that moment was the muscles of my fiancé. With a smile she attacked and totally forgot about breakfast, which we ate much later that day.

    We then consulted the doctor about her growth in height because after puberty the growth plates of the bones become inactive, preventing further growth. He examined her, took x-rays and blood samples and told us that his best guess was that her body had found a way to re-activate the growth plates so that it could grow taller and accommodate the inhuman amounts of muscle she was now carrying around. The fact that this would allow her muscles to grow even more in-human triggering another growth spurt in height in a cyclic process, meaning she would continue to grow taller and might not stop growing, unless there was a feedback loop built into her physiology. Scientists had estimated that the human body can grow to twelve feet before the bones become too thin for their length to support the body, but with the amounts of muscle Mitch now possessed that might not be an issue. We were both staring at the doctor with our mouths hanging open. Had he just suggested she might grow taller than twelve feet, more than twice her current height? We were dumbfounded and that night she actually broke down crying at the prospect of becoming a giantess. I told her that she had already surpassed everyone on the planet in strength and muscle, why not pass everyone with height as well. Surrounded by her warm, rock hard body, because the thought of me holding her was now ludicrous, I smiled at her and she knew then that I would love her no matter what her body was like.

    The current growth spurt put her at 6’4" but it took her muscles some time to take advantage of all the opportunities her new skeleton offered it. It took about three months for her to grow her muscles to the point where it seemed that no more muscles would grow without another change in her height. This put her at 435 pounds but it took another nine months before her body kicked into another growth spurt.

    The first indication that she was growing again came when her now larger shoes didn’t fit because her feet were growing. About a week later she began sprouting like a bean. I had become used to being eye level with her nose, not to mention being dwarfed by her ginormous muscles that could shoulder press an SUV with one arm, and curl that same SUV with both. But now I found that every day I was getting a little bit shorter. First I was eye level with her mouth, then her chin, then her neck, then the top of her staggering pecs. She went from 6’4" to 7’1" in about a month. She had growing pains but found it was much easier to move now that her muscles had a larger frame with more room to stretch, but of course she knew that was only temporary as her muscles would turn on the growth within a couple weeks.

    It had now been about two and a half years after her treatment, and about two years since her body began demanding media attention. At this point a subtle shift began to happen between the male and female sex. Many women had also undergone the treatment so there were several hundred thousand muscle women as big or bigger than male bodybuilders. These enhanced woman along with my Michelle had inspired many young girls to change their perception of beauty and do something about it. Record numbers of junior high and high school girls were body building and within two years many girls were beating the guys at their own games. Guys and Men tried to keep pace with their newly inspired girls and women, but the men lacked the disciple and dedication and slowly fell behind. Sociologists predicted that in five years the majority of young women would be stronger and more muscular than their male counterparts and that at least 60% of older women would also take up bodybuilding, not only to compete with the younger girls, but also because they had changed their own perceptions of beauty. The prediction was that in a generation women would go from the shorter, less muscular sex to the still shorter but much stronger and much more muscular sex. Women would like being in this position of strength and influence and would begin to subtly, slowly and steadily change the way of the world.

    As for my Mitch, she began to grow muscle on top of muscle on her now much larger skeleton. It’s hard to describe the magnitude of the size of her but we did have to find a different place to live. Mitch now had to duck under the doorframes and her legs and shoulders were so wide that she actually broke one of the doorframes when she forgot to turn sideways as she went through. Actually we decided to have a house built especially for what we anticipated would be her final height. We consulted an Architect friend of ours and she designed a house for us. It had eighteen foot ceilings and fifteen foot doors that were ten feet wide, had a basement and a second story, and was reinforced so that it would accommodate at least 5000 pound loads. We had it built on a fifteen acre piece of land we purchased specifically for this house.

    While the house was being built another thing happened, we discovered we were pregnant. Again we consulted our doctor and he agreed to advise us on our pregnancy, although he also told us to find a doctor more specialized to pre-natal care and birth. He told us that, more than likely our child will be born normal because the gene therapy is such that it would not be transferred genetically from one generation to the next. Mitch was somewhat disappointed at this because if we have a daughter she wanted her to have the same feeling of strength and power that her soon to be mother has. It took about three months for the house to be built and by that time her body had changed a bit. The growth seemed to be on hold and she was actually softening up a bit, especially in the tummy and abdominals, presumably to accommodate our daughter. At four months she was showing a bit.

    When we moved into the house I felt like a midget. Just the size of the doors alone was enough to intimidate me, actually the place felt a bit like a medieval castle from Europe. Mitch actually felt really good because for once in her recent life there was something around her that was bigger than her. She actually looked short when standing in the door frames, and when she sat in the furniture we had specially designed for a person fourteen feet tall she looked like an enormously muscular doll in a dollhouse. We took a lot of pictures of her and the massive furniture she’d be using in the next few years, but when I was in the frame she became her usual gigantic self again. It was actually a lot of fun and would give us some time to acclimatize ourselves to our future.

    Our daughter arrived healthy and without incident. Right away though, we noticed something nobody expected, she had little muscles of her own. The Chinese doctor told us that the chances of this happening were virtually none, but again nature has figured out a way around it and apparently the hypermuscularity had become genetic. Actually he told us that about 20% of the women he’s enhanced have borne genetically muscular daughters. Look out society here come the muscular women of the next generation, the implications were huge, no pun intended, but very much enjoyed, especially considering that the good doctor had just performed his treatment on over two-million women worldwide, and would reach five million within another year. The growing snowball that is my wife had started an avalanche. Our little girl was the usual size but weighed almost twice as much as usual because of the extra muscle she was already carrying. I could already feel the strength in her and knew that in a couple years I wouldn’t be able to handle her, egad a hyper-muscular two year old, that’s a scary thought.

    Now that she had carried her daughter, my wife’s body changed drastically again, her breasts grew, filling with milk for our little one, but considering her current size they were each bigger than my head and we thoroughly enjoyed them while they lasted. Her muscles also went back to their usual hardness of warm marble and within a month she was growing again. Right now she stood at 7’1" and a strapping 500 pounds, but it was obvious, from previous growth spurts, that her muscles didn’t even begin to fill out her new height to it’s full potential, so we knew that by the time she was done growing my Honda would end up as a small metal ball on the coffee table.

    We knew this because one day we went to a junkyard and she lifted an engine block out of a car and began to squeeze. As always her muscles exploded with size definition and raw power, and then the unthinkable happened, the metal began to give way. I was watching her hand slowly squeeze into the block, compressing it, first from one side, then another until she had shaped it into a ball that for her current height was the size of a soccer ball, but of course pure metal and weighing about 500 pounds. She said that it was for Maya, our daughter, when she grows bigger, and since Mitch was able to lift over 2500 pounds the little ball felt like nothing to her. Actually our little toddler, at a year and a half was of course, walking, and carrying me around, and generally strong enough to do what came into her mind until her mother set her right. The fact that she would need a 500 pound soccer ball brought home to me the fact that my wife and daughter would always live in separate worlds from me.

    Mitch finally topped out at 630 pounds. Adding 130 pounds of muscle made her indescribable. I would stand next to one of her legs and, well it was about the same size as my entire body. We estimated that each leg weighed 150 pounds, each of her arms 100 pounds and her torso a mere 130 pounds. Just over four of me would be able to fit into the same space that my Michelle now occupies. Four of me! and as far as we knew she was still going to get bigger.

    Speaking of which, when Maya reached about two years old, and was three feet tall and could bench press a car, Michelle began growing again. Maya got a little worried about mommy being the evil giant from Jacqueline and The Bean Stalk, I told you things began changing in a hurry. But we re-assured her that this was just who mommy was and that she would probably get much bigger too. Her eyes lit up when we told her that she would probably become as big as mommy too, maybe bigger, but not ’till she was much older, she’d have to be patient and wait. At which point she skulked off and pouted about being so much smaller than mommy. Meanwhile, Mommy, as I began to call her because I knew it irritated her coming from me, was growing by the minute. We actually stood eye to gigantic chest and watched her grow three inches in an hour. Those spurts were spaced over about a week and she had three of them, actually the last one seemed to last a bit longer, but in a week I had gone from eye level with the top of her perfectly sculpted chest to eye level with the bottom of her warm marble muscle where they met her climbing wall sized abdominals. I actually tried climbing her body starting at her knees and using her muscles as hand and foot holds. I climbed up to perch on her shoulders where four of me would have been comfortable. I even used the cleavage between her pectorals as a hand crack, I would put my hand in and she would flex her muscle and securely hold my hand. That was an awesome experience I hope to repeat when she grows even taller. I couldn’t wait and neither could she because she got such a thrill out of feeling me, her lizard boy she now calls me, climbing all over her soon to be mountainous muscles as if I were as dexterous and light as a lizard. After Maya went to sleep I climbed all over her while worshiping and pleasuring every part of her, she stood enraptured and soon climaxed by this new dimension to her body, also I became a really good climber. So good in fact that I began rock climbing outdoors regularly and even winning competitions at the local gym.

    So I guess this is the point where she had become mountainous, actually she didn’t achieve mountainous until her muscles had grown into her larger frame of almost eight feet tall, an inch shy actually. One month later, right on cue her muscles started growing again and in a year she truly became mountainous. One Sunday morning she was laying on her side on the floor of our new house with her head propped on her hand, inadvertently displaying her arms. I came up to her and with a kiss sat down leaning against the muscle of her arm. I was startled when I realized that it was taller than I was when I sat down, and she wasn’t even flexing it. She noticed this and proceeded to flex her biceps and triceps, I sat there and watched this mountain of muscle that was her one arm grow taller and larger and was instantly hard for her and her body. She had me stand up next to her arm which now came up to my waist and she proceeded to pump up her arms. With each pump, blood rushed into her arms swelling them as she worked harder, very quickly her arms were up to my chest height and when she was done I leaned my miniscule body over her pumped up arm and asked her, "So what are you doing tonight beautiful?" as if I were trying to pick her up at a bar, not literally of course. She laughed at that and totally and completely surrounded me with her warm mountainous muscles. We spent the entire morning huddled together like that and I marveled, and not for the first time, at how a beautiful creature such as my wife, with the unearthly amounts of strength and power she posses, my Honda is an interpretive sculpture in the yard by the way, can be so gentle with me. I know that she could swat me as easily as I swat a mosquito, and that had me a bit worried, even though I trust her completely.

    Wonders never cease and life just gets better and better. When our daughter reached four years old, and was almost four feet tall, three feet and eleven and a quarter inches if you ask her, and about 110 pounds of muscle I might add, Michelle had another growth spurt. Just like the previous time she had three spurts in a week, each of which added at least four inches to her height. One growth happened while we were in the shower as I was climbing all over her and we both noticed that the shower head had changed it’s position relative to us. We didn’t realize what had really happened until I stood on the ground next to her and was suddenly starting at the middle of her stomach instead of the top where her chest ended. I looked up at my towering Amazonian goddess in awe and adoration. By the time she was done growing she was so tall that when she was sitting on the ground I would come up and stand behind her and be eye level with the top of her head. She could quickly flex her perfect glutes and raise herself to my height, while sitting on the floor. The oversized house we had built was starting to look normal when she was in it, her nine feet and one inches began to fill the space nicely.

    We threw a little party for our friends and family when Mitch crossed the 1000 pound mark. Her muscles were in the middle of a vigorous growth so that by the end of the party, a time span of about five hours, she had added about 60 pounds of muscle. She would entertain us by lifting everyone at the party at the same time with one arm and even juggled the more daring party goers, myself included. Watching a 9’1" tall 1050 pound muscle woman juggle three full grown people was a sight I never thought I’d see. Also watching my wife eat three full sized turkeys and a ten pound hamburger with her meal was something most of our friends had never experienced. I knew our food bill so it was nothing new, and would change drastically when we would have a teenager in the house, I feared the day.

    That night, after everything was cleaned up, i went into our bedroom and saw her standing there in front of the full length mirror flexing her ginormous body. When she saw me, she turned and walked up to me. At her new height her holiest of hollies was just at my chin level and her intent was obvious. I not only climbed all over her as she stood at her full height, i stood at my full height and gave her the most intense orgasm yet, fuelled by the thought that she was now so tall that this was possible. It was incredible, not only did she take me inside her, she used her chest and arm muscles to repay me for the pleasure she was still experiencing. Apparently her vagina was now so large and strong in her new body that it remained aroused for a much longer amount of time and hence gave her that much more satisfaction. And as always, even though she could powderize rocks with her hands, she was as gentle as a feather.

    In the morning, after sleeing in longer than usual, i asked her about her gentleness. she wasn’t sure how she knew but it seems she still has a muscle memory from 20 years of being a normal woman, so she knows how much of her diamond creating strength to use. we roasted some more turkeys from our turkey farm on the far side of the property in the grill we had made to fit three birds and aftewards Mitch grabbed a fairly cool coal, still glowing a bit but all carbon, i could smell her skin getting burned a bit, but then she poured on the power. i climbed up onto her arm and sat on her bicep and felt her forearms as they swelled with muscle, i could actually feel the inhuman amounts of strength just her forearm contained as she used all of her power to try to do the impossible. then she felt a shift in the coal she was holding and opened her hand, sitting in her giant hand was a pea sized lump that looked vaguely like quartz, but we both knew that she may have just created a diamond in five minutes with her incredibly sexy and enormous muscles.

    we took the lump to a local jeweler and asked him what he thought, after gaping at mitch after she had ducked sideways through the door and her head just shy of the ten foot ceilings he did confirm that this was a diamond, a rather poor quality and obviously very small one, it would be tiny after being cut, but it was indeed a diamond. He asked where it came from and i non-chalantly said that my wife made it. his eyes bugged and his jaw fell open as he looked at her, apraising her, she honored him with a flex that made her grow so large that she dominated the majority of the vacant space in the shop. at her size her muscles had an expansion ratio of about 30%, which meant that after pumping up her muscles with blood she would appear to be one third larger than when she is relaxed, that’s another transformation i never get tired of either. The jewler asked her if she thought she’d be able to withstand using charcoal when it’s at it’s hottest, and using peices as big as his fist, she came up to him and enveloped his entire fist with her hand and gave him a miniscule taste of her strength, she said she’d probably be able to stand the heat, after all women have a much higher pain threshold than men. The jewler said that he’d probably be able to develop a market for Woman Made Diamonds, but first she’d have to show that she was able to produce diamonds equal to or better than natural diamonds.

    for the next year or so, she worked on building calluses to stand the heat, and she worked on her technique in order to shape a fairly round lump instead of a wierd palm shaped lump, and over that year, as her strength naturally increased the diamons became better quality but were still not quite good enough. Now she was getting anxious for her next growth spurt, and to help it along she was fanatical about using the gym we had specially designed for her. her muscles grew incredibly fast, as if they too wanted to make diamonds, when she reached a metric ton, about 2000 pounds of womanly muscle she had filled her frame with more muscle than i ever thought was possible on a human body, she was definitely cartoon like and unfortunately had difficulty moving her full range of motion, whenever i would give her a hard time all i had to do was climb up her back and sit on her shoulders where, because of the size of her deltoids and biceps, she couldn’t reach me, as i taunted her, and it was fun watching her mighty muscles be totally ineffective because of their size.

    she finnally had the growth spurt she was looking for, in a day she grew a foot taller, which was rather painful but the next day she was able to stretch her muscles out a bit more than usual, she was still very cartoonish. a week later she grew another foot taller in a day, again painful but now she was about the size that had triggered the previous growths, which meant there was still more to come. we were not dissapointed, another week later she grew yet another foot in height, making her just over twelve feet tall, and her muscles finally had enough room to make her look like a professional male bodybuilder would look if men were able to grow to twelve feet tall.

    i now was as tall as the middle of her quads, which were each about four times bigger than my entire body, she was able to wrap her one hand around my entire body, as if i were a doll, and when she sat on the floor i was now eye level with her mouth i rememberd a long time ago when she had her first growth spurt in height, i was eye level with her mouth when she was standing on her feet. i would now stand on her knee, and she would raise it up towards her, when i encountered her aricraft carrier sized pecs she was still taller than me because her glutes were flexed and at a now 40% expansion ratio, she was now able to transform herself from a mere mortal muscle woman to a goddess of strength and power, unrivaled in all the universe. the house now looked like a normal house when she was in it, and to test her new size and strength we helped out a buddy of mine with his wrecking yard, his two car crushers had died and parts were on backorder for a week, he wanted to get the cars that were already piling up crushed and out of the way. as he told us his situation a smile slowly grew on her face, this was perfect.

    she walked over to the first car pumping her muscles as she shook the ground, car alarms were going off, as she grew to almost twice her size, she stradled a 67 cadillac, it looked like a scooter for her, and in one fluid motion she dropped her weight onto the car by kneeling and punched her hand through the engine block and into the ground. the impact was earthquake like, piles of metal around us were quivering and swaying, a block down the street a light pole fell down and all the car alarms were going crazy. a sheepish grin came over her face, then she began flexing her legs, and as the metal of the car liquified under her power a scream of pleasure escaped my girl, she then put her hands on the front and rear of the car and without any show of resistance from the car brought the two ends together like aluminum foil. the entire car dissapeared within her flexing quads and when she released it, a chunk of metal about three feet in diameter dropped to the ground. She asked if that was good enough and he said that dinner and drinks were on him tonight.

    we spent the rest of our day balling cars, as she called it, i rode on her shoulder and the only car that actually offered any resistance to her was a humvee, those things are made to withstand war zones and it put up enough of a fight to send her over the brink into an even more powerful orgasm than was possible for her when she was short and puny, as she put it. it also reminded my michelle that humans still posses weapons stronger than her, and as it turned out that was to be her next phase of discovery, but i’ll get to that later. at the moment she was making diamonds, and when the world caught on to the fact that she was able to make diamonds, everyone went crazy and we never had any financial worries ever again, neither did our kids, or our grandchildren, or even our great grand children. as it turned out there were two other women who had grown strong enough to make diamonds as well, but since they only had half of their genetic switch thrown, Michelle’s were better quality and a much higher karat.

    one day we were walking through the park, well i was riding on her shoulder as always, and she was taking huge ground pounding strides, reminicent of the scene in jurassic park where the t-rex escapes. the train was passing by at it’s usual 25mph through town, i felt a shudder of anticipation go through my michelle and she took off at a run, quickly caught the train and set me on the last car, as she kept pace i unhooked the brake hoses and pulled the connecting pin, as the car began slowing down she sprinted in front of it and began to slow it down. It was fully loaded with coal and it took a tremendous effort on her part to counter it’s momentum with her ungodly strength, her muscles expanded to twice their relaxed state and still it insisted on going forward. finally after at least a mile she stopped it and i spun the manual brake to keep it from going anywhere, i hadn’t used it earlier because i knew she wanted to do it herself and test her strength.

    when she stood up to her full height she was just eye level with the top of the car and once again we had found something that made her look a normal size, until, that is a crowd of people from the park came along to see what the great michelle was up to. there were a half dozen or so women who had grown to seven or eight foot tall muscle goddesses and stopped because of their genetics, but mostly it was six foot tall men and normal women. mitch then went to the center of the car and attempted to lift it. it was the most incredible feat i’d ever seen her attempt, as her twelve foot frame crouched down to reach under the train car, and then her muscles expanding to their fully pumped size, her bicep as big as my whole body, mountains of unimaginable muscle straining and working to lift an impossible weight. as the metal began to creak, the springs were relieved of some of their wieght and then the wheels lifted a little bit off the tracks, long enough for an adventurous kid to sneak a penny in to be squashed by my lady muscle. then she gave in and the car settled back onto the tracks. i could tell she had put all of her strength into that attempt and the fact that she wasn’t successful, i knew, would make her extremeley motivated to grow stronger.

    to my greatest surprise in five minutes time, i saw her muscles growing right before my eyes, i knew she was already fully pumped but she had just grown about 25% more muscle in a minute and a half in front of a now growing crowd of on lookers. she looked at me an said that she’d always wanted to try that but wasn’t sure if it’d work. my gaping expression and hanging jaw told her that it had worked very well indeed. she crouched down and attempted to lift the coal car again, this time the metal creaked and groaned, the springs were releived of their weight and the car lifted off the tracks fairly quickly. but she was only able to dead lift it with her arms locked using her legs, when she tried to heave it up using her arms, she simply wasn’t able to create enough force, so she set the car down lightly and stepped back and concentrated again. this time her muscle growth was obvious, she added another 75% more muscle to her frame, which made her borderline cartoon sized, but left no doubt in our minds that this train car was now going to be lifted easily and held one handed over her head. mitch had double her size in fifteen minutes time and did not dissapoint, she promptly walked over, placed both hands under the frame and in one fluid motion that looked too easy, lifted the entire car over her head, i quickly stepped in front of her massive leg to give the photgraphers a sense of scale as my wife held a train car that was easilly three times her size and had to weigh at least 20 tons, over her head, with one arm that was as long as i am tall and three times my size.

    after the photographs and a round of applause she set the car down on the tracks, lifted me onto her shoulder, much to the envy of many of the guys there and i kissed her as i stood on her ginormous pecs, her mouth overwhelming me with it’s size and power knowing full well i had some climbing to do later to release the pleasure that was building within her after doing the impossible. dizzily i sat on her trap and watched as two of the other enhanced women who were present tried to lift the car. they were’n able to do much to it. then four of them tried and they were able to lighten the springs and get one or two wheels off the track. with six of them they were able to dead lift it, and finally when eight of them worked together they were able to lift it over their heads. after that little comparison everyone had a newfound awe of the enormity of my lady’s strength. the train company also asked us to let them know the next time she was going to do that so they could work it into their train schedule and not freak out when one of their cars goes missing. mitch offered a sheepish apology and told them she would definitely be asking them about a locomotive next time, a stunned silence was all the answer she needed.

    when we got home, after releasing the pent up passion between us, we discovered that she had gone from a mere 1200 pounds to over 2100 pounds in an afternoon, and it seemed that, after dinner and refueling her body, that she was still growing slowly. over the course of the evening, which i spend nestled among her warm marbled muslces watching Finding Nemo, she had converted dinner into another 300 plus pounds of muscle, putting her at almost 2500 pounds. she was now two and a half tons of woman who had lifted ten times that earlier in the day, with muscles that definitely made her look very cartoon like in size, we new that it was only a matter of time before she might have another growth spurt. actually, three months later we consulted the good doctor who told us that she might have, finally, reached her full genetic potential, which, odly enough, somewhat dissapointed her, because she wanted to grow big enough to lift a 747 off the ground. after pouting for a bit she went back to working out and trying to help her muscles to grow bigger, but they seemed to want to stay at their current size, her arm, fully flexed was taller than i am, and no matter how much she worked she stayed the same size. several years later, she was almost resigned to her final size when her body relented and did in fact grow, one last time. our daughter, now fourteen and almost ten feet tall with muscles to match, almost rivaled her mother in strength, which i think is why mitch’s body grew again, to establish complete dominance over our wildly out of control high school girl. maya had reached her full height, it seemed, and was using her body to do whatever her rebelious, hormonal, adventurous personality wanted to do.

    it happened while they were having an argument, mitch was looking maya, in two foot heels, in the eyes telling her to be home at midnight while maya whined petulantly as only high school girls who want to stay out later than their curfew only because they have a curfew, when suddenly Mitch grew taller. within thirty seconds she was a foot taller, not noticing maya contined on and mitch grew another foot and a half, this time maya noticed and stopped in mid word, mitch noticed what was going on and closed her eyes to concentrate, she shot up like a bean stalk and grew almost two feet taller, and now dwarfed maya who looked very worried about her chances of even going out tonight. Mitch looked at her and asked her when she was going to be home? A sullen midnight came out as she headed for the door.

    after the door closed she sighed and then brought her attention to her new body size. i got up off my chair where i had been watching and as i walked up to her she became bigger and bigger and bigger, or i became smaller and smaller from her point of view. i was now eye level with the bottom of her knee cap and she seemed like a skyscraper to me, i climbed onto her ankle and her calf muscle, now that it had room to stretch was about twice my size, and as i stroked it a shudder of pleasure tore through her entire body as i knew it would immediately after her transformations. i worked my way up her one leg and down the other, then speed climbed up both legs and gave her labia a preview of what was to come as i climbed up her abs to her breasts, she was beside herself as i proceeded to climb all over her, leaving waves of pleasure wherever i went, finally rocking the foundations of the world as she experienced an orgasm that could crush a tank. we actually received a call from a local earthquake monitoring station that next morning congratulating us on the 4.6 on the richter scale.

    that next morning, we didn’t even notice if maya came home at midnight or not, although i think she did, mitch had me measure her, she now looked as muscular as a professional fitness compeditor, but at 16 feet 7 and 3/4 inches she now had to duck to get under the 15′ doors we had built into the house, she was still shy of the 18′ ceilings, but only just. Her added height put her weight at 2800 pounds give or take 50 pounds, and we looked up on the internet the dimensions of a 747 because now she looked more like a figure compeditor adding four and a half feet of height changed her proportions so much that we knew now that her body was capable of even more strength, that made it almost imagineable that she’d be able to lift a jumbo jet. Going from a 16 foot fitness compeditor to a 16 foot cartoon sized muscle woman would make the train car she lifted earlier seem like a toothpick.

    as usual, her muscles gleefully took advantage of her expanded frame and grew to monumental proportions, her arms became so huge that they dwarfed me by a good foot and a half, if you’ve ever seen a seven and a half foot tall bicep and tricep on the arm of a sixteen foot plus tall giantess, it’s enough to make you instantly orgasm and pass out, i woke up and found myself sleeping on her forearm, a forearm big enough for two of me to sleep confortably on, surrounded by her gargantuan biceps on one side and her impossible chest on the other. when she realized i was awake she leaned down towards me, a process that seemed to take hours because she was so huge, and kissed me, her mouth overwhelming mine as she held me in her one hand, her head had grown a little along with the rest of her, but her skull was definitely out of proportion with the rest of her skeleton, which simply over emphasised her giantness, her lips and tongue were still overwhelming me but i cared not, because i was in heaven, being kissed by an impossibly muscular, impossibly tall woman of my dreams


    Great story, Ratlaf! I love the descriptions of growth and Michelle’s power. Thanks for writing it and posting!


    This is a nicely detailed story. I really like the Woman Made Diamonds.

    A subtle altering of the male/female power position in society without the need for armageddon. CRAZY 😛

    Thank you for sharing ratlaf



    Hehe, and I thought i was the only person who’d ever heard of that word. :p

    Lee Waara

    Ratlaf, thanks for your story. Your description of how titanic Michelle becomes reminded me of an old AOS drawing.

    Looking forward to further stuff from you.



    RevTekkX you hit the nail on the head, actually most of AOS’s art work, without the violence, would describe the enormity of Michelle…

    there is more coming….

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