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    Trent Harlow

    Does anyone here remember marknew’s Give & Take? Well I just was cleaning out my computer and found this wonderful old treasure. The scene at the end is my favorite where Marie starts draining her football player ex of all his muscle. However it takes an odd twist at the end and the girl ends up getting the muscle taken away by her roommate. Almost instantly after she gets it. Just my opinion by I wish she had more time to enjoy it, maybe even drain some other guys (or girls). But I like the concept. I wouldn’t mind reading another story about that magic wish-granting ring. If you don’t know the story I highly recommend it.

    Mark Newman

    Nomdreserv deserves joint credit for that story. We wrote it together.

    And there are echoes of that magic ring in many of my stories. Like Pendant Changes.

    I do love strength/muscle draining and transfer stories. I wish I could spend all day reading them. I wish everyone would write them. I wish …. Hmmm.

    Speakling of wishes, "Wednesday" is coming ….

    It’s nearly done, and is nearly half as long as the other five days put together, but I may not be able to post it until April 10th or so due to my intense travel schedule in March and possible dodgy internet connections on the road. We’ll see.


    OLD story? Heck, I think of "Give & Take" as one of the newer ones.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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