Growth spurts: something of a new concept. Offer some ideas.

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    drumsstick master

    Ok, here's an idea i had. Basically, you guys put up some ideas for FMG stories you want to see(Protagonist, cause, reaction, location and so on), and then i try and write about it. I will mix and match from different posts to try and please all of you (Hah!). I fully realise that this has the potential to fall flat on its ass, but i also think it could be kind of cool. So lets get started.


    How about breast growth and clothes rips after the muscle growth, with a mix of magic and science as the cause?

    Boyfriend and girlfriend just after college.

    In a suburban environment where sex and mind games are daily events.

    The girl is having problem finding a job so she takes up working-out. -> The boy is hard at work at a job. -> He notes changes in girl but believes it is normal growth. -> Something happens to girl. -> She stops working out but continues to develop (at a slower than work-out pace but at a consistent rate). -> Boy thinks that she is still working out but slacking when in fact she is not working-out, just abnormally growing. -> Boy suggests that girl workout harder, so she starts working-out again. -> Girl develops rapidly and likes it. -> Some end.

    I think that would make an fair base for a story.


    OK, I'll play. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I'd like to see growth caused by a weird meteorite crashing to Earth. The girl would be a mousy reporter: short, brown hair, very slender but no muscles. When she gets close to investigate, the meteorite's weird green glow changes her into a hulking amazon. It feels like it's got to be in a small town in the US. ๐Ÿ™„

    Good luck with this project, it sounds like it's going to be fun for you! ๐Ÿ™‚


    Honestly, I would rather write my own stories, but you have piqued my curiosity. I'm wondering where you will take the idea that are given to you.

    My ideal story involves two people, one male and one female). They love each other, either secretly or out in the open. A chemical of some kind changes the girl (she gets drenched in it, noxious fumes, imbibes it, etc.). She does not transform until she is alone with her love. The transformation happens rapidly, growing in height, musculature, and breast size. Her basic beuaty is enchanced as well. The change is extremely pleasurable for her, and the two of them have the most amazing sex that they have ever experienced (bet you didn't see that coming :roll:).

    Anyway, I'm just firing off an idea. Whether you do it or not, I'm going to be doing one regardless. I actually already have two, although the first turned out much better than the second.

    Erika calhoun

    um, im not quite sure

    How about college girl, hard working, biology student, does experiment, accidently imbibes potion, which causes height, muscle and breast growth, but only when pleasure is experience, and when she finds this out, she goes searching for it (insert evil laugh here)


    how about an older brother and younger sister. The sister is sweet and kind. Some sort of random genetic mutation that make girls grow bigger and stronger. So the sis becomes protective of her older bro. Sorry I can't really come up with any more.

    Deadly Pixxxie

    I don't care how it's done…..or what the plot is…. as long as it has good clothes/shoe ripping.

    Hunter S Creek

    I have always liked the idea of the physical and sexual empowerment of a previously underdeveloped, underappreciated, scrawny, female as she grows taller, leggier, bustier, and becomes muscled to at least an "athletic" degree.
    Clothes ripping as she grows (whether slow or fast) is always appreciated.ย  It adds to the effect and symbolizes the character breaking out of her shell.
    I don't appreciate violent revenge but implied comeuppance and teasing can be great if well written.
    The growth seems to be better; and lends itself to a nicer personality adjustment, if it is not caused by the female character herself.
    In keeping with the underdog theme, it can be cool if the transformed female character eventually hooks-up with a male character with whom she was friends prior to her transformation.ย  Such a male character may or may not have been the one to have caused the heroine's transformation.

    Of course, anyone who has read any of my stories may already know all of thisย  ย ๐Ÿ˜€



    Well, to quote Aesop's moral from "The Farmer, His Son, and the Donkey," you try to please everybody, and you end up pleasing nobody.  Pick the one(s) you feel is(are) best.

    But if you want to please ME…  ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Something happens to hulk up the womenfolk of an area.  Global, nationwide, one town, a school, you make the call.  And it turns out the change is less for the better than the worse.  Much bullying and oppression, and guys getting dumped on.  Some may be twits that deserved it, but many more aren't.

    But in this core, there's one guy who won't sit down and take it.  He's being a pal to the oppressed, and striving to keep the guys' dignity and respect.  (And it's catching the attention of the ogresses, and maybe one or two potential Uber-babe romantic interests who have been wondering why boys aren't exciting or much fun anymore.)

    Hmmm… that's another thing… clashing titanesses lovesick over one boy.  That hook would be another story in itself!  ๐Ÿ˜€

    drumsstick master

    Ok, here's the first growth spurt: idea by fonk. i will be writing about the ideas that grab me, so pitch yours as well as you can.
    Anne sighed and stirred her coffee. Here she was, stuck in a dead end town with a job that had almost no hope of breaking her into big time reporting. What did she mean almost? being a freelance reporter had its benefits, like the freedom and the open schedule. but in the backwoods of the US, stories were hard to come by. still, she made a living, which was something. She stirred her coffee, wondering when the next story would show up. she glanced into the night sky out of her window, when a bright white blurr shot out of the sky and struck into the forest. she put down her coffee, picked up her bag and walked out of the door.

    her hardwearing boots trod across the dry ground towards the meteor. she took a crumpled pack of ciggarettes out of the back pocket of her jeans, extracted one, and put it into her mouth. she patted her pockets for matches, and came up with nothing. she rubbed the shoulder, clad in a white t-shirt, that bore the strap of her bag. the night was warm, so she had not taken a jacket. she didn't look like a go getting repoter, with her mousy looks and plain neck length brown hair. And she wasn't. she was pretty meek, which, she supposed, was one of the reasons she hadn't done that well in her chosen proffesion. still, she could make some notes on the meteor, take some pictures. maybe she could take a couple of samples and send them off for analasys. she had done a couple of articles for amateur astronomical journals, and she had a contact in nasa. a myterious glow attracted her attention, and she headed off towards it. it had to be the meteor. as she approached the unearthly light, her body began to tingle. she shrugged it off, and pressed on.

    The meteor sat in a satisfactorally deep crater, giving off its vibrant green glow. Anne took her ciggarette from her mouth, and pressed it to the meteor. the end sprang into flames. her arm tingled more, but she put it down to the sheer weirdness of the rock. ciggarette back in lips, and smoke flowing from the end, she popped out her notebook and pencil. she put the graphite to the paper, and winced. the pencils tip snapped against the paper, and both fell to the ground. she clutched her chest. the meteors glow was now a bright light. she could feel the energy entering her body, flowing through her system. she cluched her chest tighter, and her eyes widened in shock. it was fuller than she remembered. a lot fuller. she slowly bent her neck. the white t shirt now hugged her breasts like a second skin. the shirt also tightened around her shoulders. the sleeves were straining…
    SHRRRIP! Her shoulders shredded the fabric covering them. her huge, broad, muscular shoulders. she glanced down at her arms. Her biceps were big. No, they were huge. and they were growing. her stomach suddenly clenched, she could feel her abs split and grow. still her body greedily drunk in the energy. her jeans were suddenly tight and, with a loud pop, the tough fabric around her thighs vanished. Her heavily muscled legs rippled as she twisted to examine them. calves bulged in diamond shape and toughness. her shoes had tears down the backs, so she slid out her feet. her t shirt now covered just her front, only streching to the top of her deeply cut abs. the meteor had stopped glowing, and she stopped growing. astoundingly, her ciggarette was still in her mouth. she took it out and blew a plume of smoke. she flexed a bicep, placing the cig back between her lips with her other hand. she pumped up the huge muscle a couple of times, as she had seen competitors at bodybuilding contests do. "Damn, i'm huge." she flexed her other bicep. "Really huge. I wonder if this is all show?" she spotted a log, thinking she might be able to lift one end off the forest floor. she walked up to the log, her impromptu denim hot pants accentuating her huge, rock solid buttocks. squatting at one end of the log, she placed both her hands under it. she rose, and the log came clean away from the ground. she was astounded. "i must be stronger than i think. lets see now…" dropping the log with a resounding bang, she walked up to one of the colossal trees that made up the forest. placing her right palm against the ancient wood, she closed her fist. the tree splintered and cracked around her fingers. she smiled around her ciggy, and lifted. with a loud, terrible creak, the tree was torn from the ground. she quickly shifted the tree to two hands. it felt heavy, she probably couldn't lift much more. she pressed the tree over her head a couple of times, and then put it on the ground. "Time for a change of career, i think."

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