Half Again Better Than the Rest

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    Many thanks to SteveZ for helping me out with this story. Hope everyone enjoys it.



    Half Again Better Than the Rest

    By Max

    Edited by SteveZ

    "…and this, ladies and gentlemen, is my latest invention," said

    the most eminent scientist in the world as he indicated a metal

    device protected by a bulletproof glass container and two strong guards.

    "Some people said it was impossible, but I was able to create a

    device that is capable of duplicating any inorganic item that

    exists," the scientist announced proudly, and all those in attendance

    at the presentation clapped enthusiastically.

    The auditorium was extremely crowded. People of the most high levels

    of society as well as various geniuses in diverse fields were present.

    There was only one person that didn’t fit in with the profile of the

    guests. Her name was Ingrid.

    Ingrid was the person in charge of the organization of the

    presentation. She had to move from one place to another to be

    sure that everything was okay. Her 4’8" height made her almost

    invisible to other people.

    She was checking her palm computer to see if everything was in order

    when a strange message popped up.

    "Congratulations, Ingrid. You have been selected to test our new

    software called ‘Better Than the Rest’. Please wait while the software

    is loading."

    "What is this?" said the annoyed small woman. "Oh, great! A virus just

    now," sighed Ingrid as she assumed her information was lost.

    "The software is ready. Initiating phase one: Recognition of the

    user." appeared on the palm screen.

    Ingrid felt a brief tingle in her whole body. Then, she gasped, as on

    her palm screen appeared a perfect, and nude, representation of her.

    At its side were different stats, some of the ones Ingrid recognized

    were her height, breast size, waist size and some of the percentages

    she could understand were fat storage and muscle development.

    "Initiating phase two: Recognition of values traits available."

    appeared on the palm screen.

    Ingrid was fascinated by how detailed the image of herself appeared.

    But as she was watching it, she was surprised to see her image

    growing bigger. She checked the stats again and they were being


    Her height, breast size and muscle development were increasing as her

    waist size and fat storage were reducing. When the image finally

    ended its transformation, Ingrid was staring at the most perfect woman

    she had ever seen.

    "Phase one and two completed. Please push the ‘OK’ button to proceed

    to phase three, or choose ‘About Better Than the Rest’ to learn more

    about our program." appeared on the screen.

    Of course, Ingrid chose the second option.

    "Better Than the Rest is a program created to allow the user to

    acquire the best traits of the people around her/him in order to

    improve her/his body to their levels. It’s recommended to use the

    program in environments where large groups of people are present.

    That way, the traits transferred to the user will be taken equally

    from all the resources available, preventing any real harm to other

    people." appeared on the screen.

    ‘So, if I understand this program, these stats are those of the best

    person in this auditorium. Like the height. There must a person who

    is 6′ 5" tall, and definitely a woman with a pair of F-cup breasts,’

    smiled Ingrid to herself as she understood the power she had in her


    By pressing the ‘OK’ button, she would turn into the woman displayed

    on the screen. ‘Since there are at least five hundred people in the

    auditorium, nobody will lose very much,’ she thought, trying to

    convince herself that she wasn’t hurting ‘much’ of the people.

    Being so small and plain really made it easy for Ingrid to make up

    her mind, and she hit the ‘OK’ button.

    "Initiating phase three: Transference of the traits." appeared on

    the screen.

    Ingrid was already imagining herself in her new body when a new

    message popped up.

    "New software is available. Phase three is on hold while the

    software is upgraded."

    Raising an eyebrow, Ingrid watched as the upgrading bar was


    "Upgrade completed. Initiating new program." showed on the

    screen. "Congratulations, Ingrid. You have been selected to

    test our new software called ‘Half Again Better Than the Rest’.

    Please wait while phase two is modified."

    "No way!!" gasped Ingrid as she watched the image of her improved

    self getting more even more improvement. She checked the stats

    and watched as they improved to become 50% more. "There is no

    way I could end up this way!" laughed Ingrid at the body. A few

    people around her looked in her direction upon hearing this, and

    Ingrid just pointed toward her palm and said, "Sorry. Stupid

    message coming in." She’d have to remember to keep it quiet for

    the time being. She also moved next to a wall to reduce the

    number of people in hearing distance, just in case.

    "Phase two modified. Phase three can continue. Initiating phase

    three: Transference of the traits." showed on the screen.

    ‘No! Wait!! That is too much!!’ Ingrid yelled softly to her palm.

    Suddenly she felt like her body was hit by a lightning bolt. Every

    cell in her body tingled as it was beginning to accept the infusion

    of the other people’s traits.

    "I feel so good," moaned Ingrid under her breath as she felt an

    incredible energy filling her very being. Soon, she felt the first

    problem of her transformation. Her shoes were getting uncomfortable.

    Her attention was rising as she felt her hips and rear expanding.

    The stretching sounds coming from her protesting skirt were

    overshadowing the ripping ones of her nylons. "What a pair of legs!!"

    Ingrid exclaimed softly as her legs were not only turning more

    shapely and longer. Slowly, toned muscles were appearing on them.

    "This feeling is unbelievable!" yelled Ingrid softly as she felt

    how tight her blouse was becoming. Her sleeves were tearing apart

    as hard biceps were bulging on her arms. Her buttons were flying

    away as her growing breasts were fighting to destroy the small

    bra that was containing them.

    Ingrid started to enjoy another changes passing through her body.

    Her senses were getting extremely tuned. She was able to distinguish

    the heart beats of every single person in the room.

    She looked around and noticed that all the eyes were on her. She

    wasn’t a little woman anymore. She was now reaching a standard

    height, and she knew that it was only a matter of time before she

    outgrew that.

    As her outfit was losing the battle against her expanding frame,

    Ingrid realized she wasn’t embarrassed from being naked in front

    of other people. She knew that her new body had nothing to be

    ashamed of, but also she realized that her confidence had been

    improved as well.

    "Sorry about this, ladies and gentleman. My transformation will

    only take a minute," called out Ingrid in a sensual but strong

    voice. "And by the way, thank you so much for giving a small part

    of yourselves to me. It won’t be a great loss for you, but for me

    it means a lot!" she confidently said.

    "Arrgh!! So much strength my body is receiving," she groaned.

    Ingrid flexed her arms and arched her back. Her blouse didn’t

    stand a chance. Her bra split in two and the final buttons flew

    away to open the way for her momentarily E-cup breasts, while her

    impressive muscles finished the job and ripped apart the fabric.

    Her rear was growing incredibly firm and dense. The fabric of

    the skirt was so tight to the point of becoming transparent. The

    opposite effect was happening up at her waist as she felt and saw

    it turning very tiny.

    Her heels broke as they couldn’t stand the increasing size of

    Ingrid’s feet. Her feet, even they were growing in size, still

    kept a feminine look, which of course was also improving at the

    same time to become more and more ultra feminine.

    Ingrid smiled as she found out that she looking down at all the

    people. "I’m an amazon," she purred with a sultry voice. Her

    naked torso exposed her hard abs and muscled arms. Her muscular

    pecs helped to firmly hold her otherwise now unrestrained

    outstanding breasts.

    "I think it’s time to get out of this skirt," smiled Ingrid, and with

    a swing of her rear, the fabric tore apart.

    Now completely naked, Ingrid kept growing taller than everybody

    else, more well endowed than everybody else, stronger than

    everybody else. She looked at her palm computer and gasped as she

    now understood what the other stats meant.

    Besides the already visible results, Ingrid found out that she

    was now smarter than everyone else, her metabolism worked better

    than everybody else, her senses were more sharper than everybody

    else, her confidence and will power were better than everybody else.

    "Half again better than everybody else," smiled Ingrid.

    Finally, Ingrid stopped growing as she reached the mini giantess

    height of almost 9′ 8" tall. Her hourglass figure was perfect, and

    even her curves were beyond normal standards, they didn’t look

    grotesque or cartoonish.

    Her muscles were big enough to put any bodybuilder to shame, while

    her new intelligence plus the 50% more of knowledge than any

    genius present turned her into the smartest person on the planet.

    "Please, let me pass," said Ingrid with her final voice. It was so

    soft that it sounded like music, but at the same time it was very

    commanding and couldn’t be ignored.

    People stepped aside as she walked toward the pedestal where the

    device was. The guards doubted if they should even try to stop


    "Please," said Ingrid as she flexed her arms. The guards’ eyes

    almost popped out of their heads as they saw the size of her

    biceps. They quietly stepped aside, too.

    "Thanks," smiled Ingrid as she stood next to the glass box. She

    embraced the strong material between her arms and applied all

    her strength. It was difficult but after a moment, the glass

    started to crack and finally it broke apart.

    Ingrid was happy to know that her skin was more resistant than

    usual. She didn’t have any cuts, even where the glass pieces hit


    Taking the device in her hand, Ingrid turned to the audience and

    spotted a young woman attired in a sexy dress and high heeled knee

    high black boots. "Please, you, the one in the blue dress. Step

    forward." The woman complied.

    "Well, everyone is here to see how this new device works,"

    said Ingrid as she used her strong nails to open the device and

    make a few changes. "Now, you will see how it is able to copy the

    dress of this lady and create a copy of it on a much larger scale

    with different specifications."

    Ingrid fired the device against the lady and then she fired it

    against herself. A blue dress almost identical to the one of the

    other lady materialized on Ingrid. Just that this one matched

    Ingrid’s new body. It was a few sizes bigger and perfectly

    accentuated her voluptuous curves. She also found her line of sight

    rising a good bit higher as the boots that now appeared on her

    gorgeous legs had proportionately the same heels, in Ingrid’s case

    being well over six inches high on her much larger feet.

    "Now that the demonstration has been a success, please walk with me

    to the next room where you can enjoy a great buffet," Ingrid

    announced, following her role as organizer.

    She walked to the door, and Ingrid had to bend to pass under the

    door frame. She looked behind and noticed the astonished faces on

    all the people. She enjoyed the lust filled stares of the men and

    the envious look of the women.

    As the people entered the reception salon, Ingrid stared at the

    palm computer again.

    "Phase three completed. Do you want to initiate the program

    again?" showed on the screen.

    "Maybe it would be wise to save this program for later use," smiled

    Ingrid as she turned off her palm.

    The End


    It’s a nice story. 😀

    I like the description of the growth they are very exciting.


    Thanks. I’m glad you enjoy the story.



    I liked how the main character was careful not to cripple her "donors".


    Glad you like the story. I really like the several donors approach. That way, the donors don’t lose to much of themselves and the results in the receving are just more than amazing.



    can you have her grow somemore hieght, muscles,and boobs.


    Due her actual stats, that could be very difficult,… but not impossible 😉



    Great story – really enjoyed it!  Thanks for posting!


    hey Max this is a message for the other Max (aka you can see my handle over there :P) I enjoyed you story. she didn't get too buff nice breast growth and I like minigts's any ways. I'm glad she did missuse the now found powers there are way too meny stories like that. Thanks for posting it.


    Thanks Random101 and Max  😛 I'm glad that you enjoy the story. Btw Max, I enjoy MiniGTS too.


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