Halloween Tricks or… By, M. Knight

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    A little holiday treat for all of you to enjoy. Please keep in mind while reading it I really had no idea as to where I was going with this story, other then the fact I wanted to write something about a woman who outgrows her costume.  Enjoy…
    _M. Knight

     Halloween Tricks or Giantess Treats

    By, Magnus Knight

    The following story is Fiction MA for mature adults 18+.  Any similarities based on living people are pure coincidence.

    Music was blaring off in the back round as the ladies were dancing the night away with the guys.  The speakers were positioned all around the room to get the optimal sound for everyone there.  At the one corner of the room was a sixty-four inch flat screen panel HDTV showing off a series of horror movies from the DVD player it was hooked into.  Right now the feature was Jaws and being the classic it was a somewhat moderate crowd gathered around it.  Over in the opposite corner was a large tin tub filled with apples, only instead of floating in water it was filled with cheap Vodka.  Next to that was the bar which was well stocked for a private collection.  People lined up in front of the tub to bob for their apple, or at the very least get a quick buzz.  Then over in the other direction there was a pool table and dart board with some very tipsy people trying to play at the moment.  Opposite that were some tables and booths which were being occupied by young couples trying to make out in a drunken haze with one exception, Edgar, who just sat there minding his own business while trying to not look too disappointed that he was alone at another holiday office party.  Halloween night with a full moon in the night sky was a special night for the people here to celebrate and revel having a wicked good time.  

    Edgar was a geeky scrawny type of guy that for the most part went through his life being on everyone’s ignore list of who not to be seen with.  It wasn’t his fault really, more that of a society that prized looks and popularity above brains and intellect.  There he was though, alone and miserable at his company’s Halloween party just keeping to himself and his thoughts.  He dressed in his usual mad scientist get up, white lab coat, white haired wig, and thick glasses, well actually, the glasses were his.   Just looking into his drink of cranberry juice and vodka (a sea breeze) he drank himself into a stupor.  He was never the center of attention, not like those K twins.  Now they were the party in their own right.  Edgar tried from time to time to crane his head and get a view of the two but they always had a crowd around them as they danced on the rental hall’s dance floor.  

    It was almost impossible for poor Edgar to get a view of them, but he knew already what they were doing.  Probably the two there gyrating against each other getting all the office men hot and then choosing the real nice looking ones for a little bump and grind on the floor.   They seemed to Edgar at least as the type of women who because of their looks never really had to work all that hard.  That plus the fact that though only there for a measly four years were already two levels above him despite his eight long years of work with the company.  He both hated and adored them at the same time.  

    Edgar has had a crush on them for quit some time, and as he sat there drinking he was hoping that at some point this evening he would build up enough courage to just be capable of walking over to one of them to say hello, instead of his usual mutterings to himself when they needed him to do something at work.  In reality though he knew he never would, and that even if he did knowing their personality and penchant for belittling those lower on the popularity charts it would just cause him embarrassment and to loose a rung on that very same social ladder.  But a guy could dream, couldn’t he?  

    After what seemed like an eternity the crowd thinned a bit there in the dance area and Edgar was finally able to catch a glimpse of the objects of his affection.  First there was Kathie, who was dressed in such a hot revealing costume he couldn’t help but feel a bit stiff as he saw her dancing there.  Kathie was wearing her long blond hair in pigtails that danced off her shoulders tied at the tops in red bows.  Then she wore that white button down short sleeve blouse, only instead of being buttoned she had it open plunging down to the bottom of her C cup breasts where it was tied just below.  Then after a good deal of mid riff she wore a plaid skirt, or tartan, that barley got to her mid-thighs.  About an inch below that her thigh high white nylons started and went all the way down her long sexy legs to hide inside her Mary Jane strap style pumps with tow inch heels that encased her dainty feet.   At five seven she was about as hot as one could get being in a sexy private school girl costume.  

    She danced away barely breaking a sweat as the guys crowded around her.  She really relished all the attention, and despised anyone else who would dare to steal it.  That is except for her twin sister Kate.  She was dressed just as sexy as her sister in a gothic princess style costume.  Her hair was let out to appear messy and wavy as it dipped to just below her shoulders.  Her costume was a pull over type with grey and black striped padded shoulders that just covered a little of the top of her arms just below the shoulders.  They were stitched to a maroon bodice style top that had black lacing all up the front to the top that plunged to where her cleavage started.  From there it went into a grey on top followed by black dress that meant to look ragged and frayed all along it especially at the bottom.  Closed on one side completely it had a slit on the other that went almost all the way to the top of her thigh.  From that perspective one could see her dark nylon covered legs that she also wore loosely woven fishnets over.  On her feet she wore a pair of black slide heals that left most of her feet exposed save for a thick leather strap the covered from where her toes started back an inch.  They had a thick platform bottom in front and a clear five inch stiletto heel behind.  On both her arms were sheer lace open gloves so her fingers could be seen with their dark purple nail polish and these gloves went up her arms to just above her elbows.  Kate was making her way from the dance floor to the tub with the vodka and apples with a sly grin that beckoned all to approach if they dared as she walked over in a very sultry fashion.    

    As Kate made her way towards and eventually past Edgar he sighed to himself in disappointment as he knew he lacked the confidence to do otherwise.  As he took another sip of his drink and returned the glass to the table and as he went to gaze off again something obstructed his view.  No not a something, but someone who he hadn’t noticed before.  There standing directly in front of him was this woman who was dressed as some kind of witch.  Her hair was a disheveled mess and she had eyes black as the night sky.  The nose she wore was long and contorted as were her frail hands as she reached to pull up a chair next to Edgar.  He tried to ignore her but her features were so grotesque he couldn’t help but turn to ask her where she had bought such an incredibly detailed costume.  

    “Oh, this old thing, why I’ve had it for ages.” she replied with breath so acrid it could of killed a house plant.  Edgar went on about her horrific features, but instead of a compliment she seemed to take all this as an insult.  After carrying on like this for a few minutes the woman asked him to be quite and now wanted to know why he was alone during such a fun party.  Edgar told her about his troubles, and because of al the alcohol he had ingested went on about his crush on the twins.  

    “Female trouble, eh?” she said in a voice frail but still louder then Edgar wanted the others around to hear, but for some odd reason none of them seemed to notice.  She laughed and when he asked her what department she worked in she changed the subject.  The woman then told Edgar about how she could help him with his problems, if he only asks.  He took a moment to stare at her with a grin and disbelief before responding, “You grant wishes right?” in a sarcastic tone.  She said yes and all he need do was make one.  

    Before he responded looked past the old woman to see one of the twins on her tip toes trying to reach for a glass one of her co workers was dangling above her head playfully.  Absent mindly he looked back to the old woman and said, “right now she needs the wish to make herself taller.”  The old woman wanted to then know to which one he referred to, and he said why not both since they were twins.  “Granted.” She said and a puff of smoke appeared in front of Edgar, and when it cleared the old woman was gone.  Edgar asked the people next to him if they had seen what he had and also if they knew the woman.  They responded that not only had they not seen the smoke, but thought Edgar had been talking to himself for the past few minutes.    

    Poor Edgar just looked down into his glass and saw that it was empty and so he stood up to head on over to the bar and order himself another round.  As he stood there waiting in his alcohol induced fog he noticed one of the twins, Kathie, was just a few steps away being teased by Chuck, the big man in the office.  He thought if he should go help her, but while he debated this in his head she was able to finally grab the drink, and then proceeded to toss it into Chucks face while laughing.  As Kathie walked away with her finger in her mouth like some the naughty school girl she was dressed as he heard Chuck remark to one of his nearby companions how her heels must have been taller then he thought.  Edgar too noticed how Kathie seemed to be taking bigger strides as she walked past him.  

    In the meantime Kate emerged with a splash from the vodka tub with an apple triumphantly held with in her mouth.  She then pulled it free, and playfully licked it while the men around her just gawked.  She then took a bite and tossed it to one of the men nearby as she turned to walk away while drying off.  The man held it up like some type of trophy and then made a snide remark that with a bite like that she must be able to fit the whole thing into her mouth.  Edgar craned his head up to see in fact the bite she took was rather impressive for some one of her size.  

    The two twin sisters were talking amongst themselves giggling and chatting away when Kate commented to Kathie, “And why did you hike up your skirt honey?” Kathie looked puzzled for a moment and then asked Kate what she meant while looking down at her self.  Sure enough her skirt was a bit higher then it should have been, or was it her thigh high white hosiery was lower then it should have been.  She went to adjust them but found neither her tartan skirt nor thigh highs had any room to give for adjustment.  She also thought her breasts seemed fuller and more pronounced but was soon distracted by Kate’s fidgeting to comment.  

    “What’s wrong sis?” Kathie asked her sister Kate.  “It’s my shoes, I’m having trouble keeping my balance in them.” she replied.  Kathie glanced down at her sister’s foot wear and noticed they seemed snugger. She saw Kate trying to adjust her feet in them but didn’t seem to have room to do so.  Kate looked down too now puzzled to find her shoes seemed to fit her wrong.  When she first slid into them her heels had shoe space behind them and her toes had space in front of them.  Now though her feet seemed to be taking up the entire space of the souls.  She was going to bend over to adjust them herself, but on the way was interrupted by her sister calling out hottie alert.  

    Kate rose up to find Brad in front of her with his Hercules costume on and bulging muscles which soon made both girls forget their problems.  As the three of them yakked it up Brad noticed how the ladies breast seemed to be swelling inside their costumes.  “Nice effects ladies.” he commented to which the sisters seemed confused by his comment.  Then they followed his eye line down to see he was staring at their chests.  Kate noticed how fuller she looked and how tight the bodice front seemed to be becoming on her.  Kathie too looked fuller, and as she wiggled a bit her breasts popped out of her skimpy top of her naughty school girl costume.  She blushed and let out a small shriek that the people around her heard including Edgar.  

    Seeing what had just happened Edgar rushed over and through his lab coat part of his costume over Kathie and pushed her trying to escort her out of the gazing eyes of her fellow coworkers.  As the two made their way away Kate followed, though she seemed to be walking with a limp.  As the trio made their way to a secluded spot in the back of the room Kathie was able to adjust her top and with some work get her firm breasts back into position safely tucked behind her top.  

    Kate and Kathie thanked Edgar for his assistance and Edgar couldn’t believe that he was no actually talking to the two of them at once.  Taking a deep breath he opened his mouth to barley squeak out a welcome.  Then he went silent and just stared for a moment at the two.  So slender, so blond, so tall; so tall? Wait a minute he thought, that wasn’t right.  He knew they were bigger then most other women, but as tall as him?

    Kate was getting bored with Edgar and was about to mutter something to him when her sister Kathie began hobbling about.  She asked what the problem was and Kathie pointed down towards her Mary Jane’s pumps saying they were pinching her feet something terrible.  Before Kate responded she too felt a sudden pinch from her footwear and began to hobble as well.  Edgar had no idea what either one was doing but began to think it involved making fun of him somehow.  He turned to walk away when two audible gasps made him swivel back around to see the two sisters standing there staring at each other pointing.  He wondered what this was about but after letting the sight before him sink in he knew.  Both their costumes seemed tighter around their bodies, extremely formfitting.  

    Kathie’s costume seemed very ill fitting.  The space between where her thigh high white nylons ended and her tartan began seemed bigger.  More of her bare midriff was exposed, and her pigtails seemed messier and longer.  Kate’s Goth princess outfit seemed very tight, and standing straight up the slit along the one side for her leg was exposing the side of her fishnet and nylon sheathed leg when it should have been covering it completely in that pose.  He could have sworn as well her fingerless opera lace gloves were lower now closer to her elbows, and her fingers were sticking out of the fronts more.  The three stood silent for a moment, with the two women staring at each other with Edgar staring at them.  The music stopped for a brief moment and the three of them heard a distinct and unwelcome sound.  That of her leather and fabric stretching and groaning as if some kind of unseen pressure was being exerted upon it.  

    The music was starting up again and the song must have been popular as the area around them began to grow crowded.  Neither of the three was sure as to what was happening but decided it might be best to get the ladies some place a more private and quickly thinking went to push them into the empty room nearby that was a private VIP area that was not in use for this event.  As he maneuvered Kate in the crowd quickly surged and Kathie ended up getting pushed away into the far end of the dance floor.  Edgar was about to go after her but the same crowd knocked him into the room with Kate.  The door slammed shut and locked leaving Edgar and Kate stuck inside with Kathie on the outside.  He tried to open the door, but felt compelled to stop trying when he heard Kate start whimpering behind him.  He turned around to find she now seemed to be an inch taller then him in a very snug costume, holding her stomach.  

    At the other end of the door being pushed away by the crowd was Kathie who was being carried away at the moment.  She wanted to follow her sister but the song that came on sent the people there into frenzy and as they rushed to the dance floor the two were separated.  As she was being shoved around those sensations paled in comparison with what she was feeling at the moment.  Her whole costume was tightening on her frame.  She could feel the tops sleeves slowly climb and push against her upper arm.  The waist of her tartan skirt tightened and she could also feel the plaid short mini climb up her long slender legs while getting snug around her upper thighs.  Speaking of her thighs her opaque colored thigh highs tickled her legs as they grew more constricting and at the same time tried to slink down her legs.  Her feet on the other hand were bearing the brunt of this assault.  The Mary Jane style pumps she wore being made of well constructed leather caused her feet some pain as her toes pushed into the fronts and her heels into the backs.  All these sensations were driving her wild with curiosity as to what was happening to her.  

    As the crowd finally found where it wanted to be the shoving stopped and Kathie found her in front of the big screen.  She took a moment to get her feet firmly planted on the floor and patted her skirt, though there were no wrinkles in it.  As she stood there trying to get her wits about her some one asked her to kindly move since she was blocking the screen.  She turned to see a group of guys gathered around as if they were seeing the best movie ever made.  She spun on her heel to see what all the hub-bub was about to find they were glued to the original fifties version of Attack of The 50ft Woman.  

    The odd feelings she had, the tightening costume all seemed to click for her all of the sudden.  As she watched the woman on the TV clad in her torn clothes she immediately began to put two and two together and realize that she could soon end up the same way.  Now Kathie knew her sister Kate was not as big an exhibitionist as she was, in fact that’s why she wore the costume to begin with because she always felt the need to be the center of attention.  Her sister didn’t feel that way and never did in the past either.  She began to formulate something naughty in her blond head, and with a wry grin walked in a very sultry fashion towards the center of the dance floor, and forced her way to its center.  There she cleared an area for just herself and began to dance as erotically as possible.  If what she thought was happening to her was she knew that in a matter of time she would reach her goal of both being the center of attention, and the biggest party girl of all time.

    Back in the other room Edgar was trying to console Kate as she was doubled over with her hands wrapped around waist moaning as her costume began to tighten around her frame.  “Uhh, Oh, Mmmm.” she let out through her parted lips as stretching and groaning sounds cane from her shrinking costume.  The leather straps of the tied bodice in the front creaked and strained as her cleavage began to push out and expand into the top part of her gothic princess costume.  The sides of the costume at her shoulders where the pads poofed them out they fabric of the outfit shifted and moved as her shoulders widened and this with the action in front slowly smoothed out the wrinkles on the costumes backside.  

    Below her waist where the costume had to looks of shredded cloth the strips that draped her one leg flayed out and shook as her legs lengthen.  On her other leg where there was a slit Edgar could see her thighs and calves seem to pulsate with raw power as they expanded out, her legs already so long and feminine that the slit was forced open as that side of the costume could no longer cover her leg. She tightly weaved fishnets, the wholes began to widen and strain as her legs thickened and grew.  The dark nylons that encased her legs completely began to lighten a bit as the pressure being exerted upon them forced them to stretch to hold back her skin.  

    Kate’s feet swelled in her clear stiletto slide on heels.  Before her feet had plenty of sole behind and in front of her toes, but now her feet took up the whole of the shoes.  As her feet crept towards the limits of the fronts and back the leather strap the went over the balls of her toes back to mid-foot groaned as it was pushed up and the seams that kept it attached to the rest of her footwear squealed as she grew.  

    The pressure on her costume was mounting and building second by second.  The seams creaked and cried out as she kept slowly and deliberately expanding forcing it to struggle and contain her power as is emerged.  The opera gloves she wore snuck slowly down her upper arms to her elbows where the joints swelled trapping them.    Her fingers elongated sticking out of the holes there, keeping their nice shapes, but getting longer.  To cloth that went from her wrist out over her middle finger dug into her skin a bit there and at her thumb causing her to bring her hands to her front and stare at them with a look of longing and curiosity.  She noticed how her dark black finger nail polish began to crack and flake as the nails grew along with the rest of her.  Underneath her costume she could feel her bra tighten and the shoulder straps begin to dig in.  Her panties shifted and tickled her most delicate of parts and began to turn her fear and pain into a simmering arousal.

    magnus knight

    Outside at the center of the dance floor Kathie gyrated in as sensual a manner as possible to draw onlookers and horny coworkers around her as she enacted her plan to make sure no one would ever forget this party or who the number one party girl was on this special Halloween night.  People gathered around her and began to whisper amongst them as she tried to pick up the pace with her gyrations.  She wondered what they were commenting on more.  The fact she wasn’t wearing a bra and as her breast swelled the light pink tits began to become more and more visible.  Maybe it was if she was wearing a wig as her hair was becoming a long blond mess, and the two bands that kept her pigtails tugged painfully at her hair.  She hoped it didn’t cause her any split ends.

    She thought they could have been whispering about her skirt.  It was digging into her waist.  The tartan styled mini was also gradually creeping up her sweaty thighs, showing off more and more as if it was doing a slow striptease.  Her thong underwear was practically flossing her ass, while rubbing her in the front in all the right ways.  It was almost better then any men she had eat her out in the copy room before.  No actually she giggled as they slid into a rather sensitive spot, it was better. 

    Her thigh high opaque nylons slid seductively down her thighs, but seemed to become stuck just above her knees.  There she could feel their elastic bands begin to dig into lower thighs, straining to withhold her calves and thighs as they grew longer and sexier by the minute.  Her Mary Jane heels were very painful for her to keep on, but at the same time it was a combination of both pleasure and pain as the top leather strap bulged but held its place.  Her toes pushed into the rounded fronts and curled as five little indentations formed in the fronts of each shoe.  She could swear she heard the back stitches sequel and groan as her feet pushed back hard. 

    The side room began to fill with the sounds of feminine moans and the noises of straining stitches as she grew larger adding inches slowly to her frame.  Kate didn’t want to give in to the sensations but also knew her costume wouldn’t last much longer.  The tightly woven fishnet stockings dog into her legs and she shook and flexed them to try and alleviate some of the discomfort.  At the same time her nylons underneath itched something fierce and her shoes ached.  She also had trouble seeing as her hair was growing longer and causing her problems with seeing what was happening to her.  Through some strands of blond she was able to see her toes begin to slowly creep past the edges of her heels.  She could feel as the leather strap pinched her feet as they forced it wider so her toes could emerge.  She felt like at any minute her nylons and fishnets could snap and she could tear right through them. 
    Her breasts continued to heave at the material and her bodice lace which was already showing ample amounts of cleavage.  It was becoming more difficult for her to breathe as her outfit tightened and she swelled.  She knew Edgar was there watching her and felt awkward for doing this but despite these feelings reached out to try and touch him for some form of comfort.  As she reached out she saw how her nail polish was ruined on her fingers flaking off as they extended out to keep pace with the rest of her growth. 

    “Snap” took her a bit by surprise as she could see the weaving that went over her opera style gloves was snapping on her outstretched arm.  “Snap, snap, pop,” the lacey covering over the fingerless glove snapped and tore as she reached out for him.  “Rip, shrip” the material the glove was made out of itself also began to tear as she began to shed a tear form the pain and feeling of growing uselessness over her predicament.  Small tears popped open at the forearm of the glove.  As it peeled like a banana from there up it ripped more as her arms grew.  The holes at the hand where her fingers jutted out pinched as her digits swelled.  Soon rips formed there as well.  At her elbow where the glove could climb down her arm no more the material expanded with her until “shrip” it tore and frayed along the edges.  She could feel as the last of it tore off her arm and whimpered as she knew this only singled the beginning of what could become a very embarrassing situation.  Just at the last moment a warm hand took her into its grasp.  She could feel how small and sweaty it was, but it provided her some comfort to know she wasn’t alone.  She straightened her stance “shrip” sounded as she did and she looked to find the source.

    Kathie was almost in a trance like state, the sensations she found such a turn on as her clothes hugged her tighter then anything ever before.  She wanted the sensations to last forever but knew that something was about to happen.  Over the loud music she heard distinct sound of leather and cloth stretching and groaning to contain her.  It drove her wild knowing that at any moment she could burst from her costume.  She especially liked the delicate dance her thong and her private parts were having under the rising tartan skirt. 

    She shook her head from side to side and cried out drawing more people’s attention as she could feel the tightness of her clothes and the eyes upon her bringing her to the brink of orgasm.  As her head twirled her hair was pulled and teased by the red bands with bows on them she had on to keep her pigtails in place.  “Uh, Oh yes.” she moaned while doing this, pleasure and pain merging as her hair was pulled tighter and tighter by the bands.  She seemed to giggle as snapping sounds occurred and the bands that held her hair snapped off and shot across the dance floor like rubber bands.  Her hair was now free and she shook her head harder as if pleased with the results letting out a very loud, “Oh god yes!” which brought the music to a stop.  She ceased her movement to see all eyes now on her, glaring at her body in its tight skimpy school girl outfit.  She never felt so aroused before in her life.

    All this attention was more then Kathie could have ever hoped for and she wasn’t about to waist any of it at this moment.  She decided now would be the perfect time to strike some type of sexy pose and see who she could drive wild.  Kathie slowly brought her arm up and her hand towards her mouth, while at the same time placing one growing leg in front of the other.  She then pouted with her face and proceeded to place her right hand in front of her face, then stuck the index finger into her mouth and made a sucking sound and gesture.  For added sensuality she flexed and stuck her rear out.  All this motion and posing would prove to be too much for her costume.

    As she put pressure on the balls of her feet and attempted to crouch down loud snapping sounds came from her feet.  As she glanced down she removed the finger from her mouth to find she had snapped one of the leather straps on her shoes, the left Mary Jane.  As she went down further to get a better look her right foot seemed to swell, and the top of the foot rose a bit and snapped the other strap too.  Her feet continued to grow in size and really dig into the Mary Jane’s’ leather stitching.  Some of the people gathered closest to her also heard the sounds.  As she started to rise and stand up once more popping and tearing sounds came from her feet.  “Pop, snap, shrip!” all eyes focused on her cute growing feet to see white material pop out of the rounded fronts.  As more of the shoe’s stitching tore and ruptured her feet continued their assault on the fronts.  She squealed in delight as the feet tore the front whole wider.  Then the sides began to split and crack.  “Rip, pop” and the back at the heel split and yawned open to release her expanding feet.  Soon the tops of the shoes was bursting when “crack, crack, plop” she lost her balance for a minute as the heels snapped off and as her feet plopped down the shoes, or rather what was left of them exploded from her feet leaving her in thigh highs that were stretched so tightly everyone could see her toes through them.

    “Oh yes, I’m so big now my poor shoe’s just couldn’t hold my sexy feet in them, mmhhh, yes.” Kathie playfully cooed out as she stood to her new height which made the onlookers crane their heads upwards to see.  She pulled at her long blond hair and said, “Oh I’m so horny and so big now, who could help me?” she asked while staring down at a group of drooling men.  “Pop, pop, pop,” all eyes went to her chest, “Now look, the thought got me so excited I’ve popped my buttons.” she stated playfully as the three buttons that held her top flew into the crowd.  Then without a bra her breasts began to heave out and tear through the front of her shirt.  She moaned in ecstasy as her light pink tits fully erect poked through the top.  She just reach off and tore the shirt off her while massaging her breasts and moaning out loud, trembling as she brought herself closer to the edge.

    As she continued to play with herself for her benefit and all the commotion it was stirring her tartan red and black mini became caught around her upper thighs as they grew so wide the skirt could climb no more.  “Shrip, rip” small tears formed at the sides of it as her thighs tore the skirt apart.  “Rip, rip” the waist of the skirt started to tear as well.  “Snap” she felt the metallic clip at the back snap, and soon it was unzipping on its own in the rear.  Everyone form that angle could see her ass cheeks as they swelled forcing the zipper down in earnest.  The sides tore further and with a little shimmy she did the skirt tore off her completely.  Everyone could now see her in just a very small thong that hugged her every curve while playing with her front, dripping with her juices, and her stalking legs. 

    This attention and mouths agape drooling and just so enamored with her every move made her want to hit that climax at full force.  She took her left hand and reached down with a snap tore her thong off and slowly inserted her growing first two fingers into her moist center.  Then with her other hand she massaged her breasts while moistening her fingers with her tongue.  Some of the female onlookers stared at her in disgust with her display, and this kind of attention sent her over the edge.  “Oh my god yessss!” she screamed out as she shuddered for what felt like an eternity as she came.  While shaking and hissing her thigh highs began to show runs forming up and down as her calves forced themselves out of them.  This made the runs into holes, and the wholes widened fast.  Soon the stretchy elastic cotton material had rips and tears popping up all over the place as she continued to rock and sway in bliss.  As they tore and shredded all that was left were the elastic bands at the tops, with strips of white cloth hanging from them.  Kathie finally stopped shaking long enough to look out at the crowd, just as these bands snapped off and left the blond bombshell naked and standing at eleven feet tall. 

    While all this was happening Edgar was trying to console a growing Kate hoping this insane moment would lead up to that goal of intimacy he had for so long yearned for.  As he tried to maintain his grasp on her hand it proved to be a bit difficult with her hand bigger then his and still growing.  He looked over to see her take her other hand and ball it up into a tight fist. “Rip” the material tore on the glove that covered her hand when she did this. “Shrip” it continued to tear all up her arm, splitting open in slits on its way to the top of the glove.  There at the elbow it tore itself free and ripped off her arm completely.  Edgar took a large gulp as she seemed to cringe at the thought of what was about to happen as the groans and moans of her costume grew in intensity. 
    Blond locks of hair lengthened and covered her blue eyes as the woman grew.  She had sort of a half smile on her face as she could feel her panties begin to stretch and caress her private parts bringing a new sense of ecstasy to her growth.  The strips of fabric that made up the dress of her costume bulged out a bit rose climbing up her calves as the straining weave of her fishnets and paling color of her once deep and dark nylons was visible.  Her toes strained the fishnets to their limits and as they grew past the heels of the shoes, they came close to touching the ground when a loud cracking sound followed by groans from straining leather echoed off the walls.  “Crack, split” both looked down to see the leather strip that covered the top of her foot split open to allow her right foot to expand further.  As her feet pushed out still “split” the leather on the left shoe split at its seams as that foot’s toes hit the floor.  “Crack, crack” and she seemed to fall a few inches in height, but with some stretching sounds.  Shattered clear plastic was strewn on the floor.  Her clear three inch stiletto heels seemed to have broken due to her increasing weight.

    As her toes shifted about they pushed foreword and on both of her expanding feet at once split the weave of her fishnets and her nylon clad toes pushed out ripping and snapping the fishnets.  “Snap, Snap, snap” the nylon weaves went up her feet.  As they split and tore her dark nylons underneath paled and stretched out more and more to keep pace with her growth.  “Split. Shrip” Kate shuddered a bit as the flimsy fabric of her costume split in the back.  The small tear widened and soon her bra clasps were visible through the rip.  As her breasts expanded and swelled more into the font of her costume the strain on the bodice laced front strained and worked hard to keep intact.  Her thighs expanded and pushed out through the shredded fabric of her costume.  Her calves flared out and snapped more of her fishnets.  “Snap, snap, snap” they broke behind her legs at the back of her calves as she grew further still.  “Split, crack, split” the leather that covered the tops of her feet, that stitching slowly broke and cracked to allow her feet continue to rise up.  “Split” the leather itself was now splitting open faster and with a mighty sound her shoes just disintegrated into nothing. 

    Kate released Edgar’s hand as she soon realized she may crush it in hers as it grew.  Edgar reached for her as she ran out of her ruined shoes, and while moving snapped more of her fishnets until little remained of them below her knees.  “Oh, no, oh, god what’s happening to me?” she moaned as she reached up and clutched her blond hair in her hands while growing more and more.  “Snap” she looked down to see one of the straps on her bodice lace top break and flail about.  “Snap” another broke and twisted about as her breasts took this opportunity to heave outwards.  “Shrip, rip” the stitching of her poofy sleeves began to tear as her shoulders grew.  “Rip, rip” they tore more and separated from the rest of her costume.  As the grey shoulders tore free from her maroon top they tore more and soon ripped off her shoulders now with only a pair of bra straps digging into her reddening shoulder skin.

    “Snap, pop” more straps of her bodice top tore, and finally in one fowl swoop they all snapped completely and her breasts heaved out tearing the front of her costume.  Her fishnets tore as her thighs grew out; her ass swelled and tore a split at the rear of her nylons.  Her head rose up higher, tears streaking all along her costumes upper part.  The maroon material tore itself to pieces.  Soon it looked shredded like her skirt bottom. 
    “Shrip, rip” the waist of her costume tore and split to cause it to separate from the top part of her costume.  She placed her hands over her eyes to hide her tears of despair over her growth, tearing open the back of her costume.  It tore more and her waist strained to keep the dress part of her costume on.  She let out moans of agony and despair as her costume shredded more.  The tearing sounds reached a crescendo and with a loud moan it fell from her body leaving her in just her bra and nylons.

    She crouched down as her head neared the ceiling trying to avoid bursting through it.  As Kate balled herself up in the corner her legs grew out, runs forming in the dark material.  The runs grew and soon appeared throughout her nylons.  Then they began to split and widen into holes.  Her skin was forcing itself through these holes turning them into gashes.  Her toes soon poked and burst through the fading stretchy material. 

    “Snap, snap” her bra straps snap and the white satin straps flail about wildly.  The metallic clasps strained, but soon they too tore and she was left topless as her bra shot across the room nailing Edgar upside his head.  He moved to the side as a giant foot shot past him attached to a long sexy leg flew by and pushed hard into the door.  The large wooden door creaked and soon blew itself apart as her foot flew past it.  He then heard the sounds of screaming and as he approached stepped in something slippery.  He looked down to see it was blood.

    As he slowly stepped outside the door he found Kathie around thirty feet tall had gone through the roof, and was laughing while stepping and squishing all the party goers, his and her coworkers.  Just then a loud crash sounded and he looked up to find Kate was through the roof now as well.  No longer scared, Kate saw her sister, and the two made eye contact.  Then the sound of laughing echoed in the night sky.  The two sisters seemed to have made some type of almost psychic connection, and both of them started to proceed and squash their coworkers. 

    Edgar ran around screaming and yelling about how this was all his fault.  Then something even more disturbing occurred.  His squished, dead coworkers rose, and like mad zombies began to attack the others lefty alive, feasting upon their brains.  All hell was now breaking loose.  Blood pooled all over as the cries of agony rose in number.  Then wolves appeared from nowhere and started to feast on the entrails as they lied all over the place.  People ran about slipping on blood and guts.  Zombies feasting upon the brains of the living.  Two beautiful thirty foot giantess women stomping on everyone. 

    A giant shadow cast over Edgar as he looked up to find a huge beautifully feminine foot coming down on him.  He screamed out “Aieeeeeeeee!”  and….

    Edgar awoke in his bead, sweating profusely.  After taking a minute to gather his surroundings he found he was in his room.  He reached over to his alarm clock to see it was three-thirty in the morning.  Laying back down he took a deep breath and sighed.  “No more Mexican after midnight for me.” He said.  Rolling over he put his arm around his wife Kate, smiled and went back to bed.  Just as he was about to doze off, a rumble sounded outside and a booming voice sounded out, “Um, Kate, it's me Kathie.  I think I have something to show you.”

    Deadly Pixxxie


    You get your Halloween treat tomorrow…. 😉

    Hunter S Creek

    Very cool story, Magnus!

    Thank you for sharing it!


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