Harvest Moon (DC villianess)

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    I am trying to find a picture of Harvest Moon.

    I only remember her in two comics,(Batman I think) along with 2 other sisters.  One was New Moon and the other I can't remember.

    Anyway Harvest Moon could grow 4 times her regular size. One pic was great. She had wrapped up Batman in a giant sized bear hug.

    Anyway does anyone remember this?


    I first checked with Tom Morrow's DC Who's Who site, (since he has pictures to go along with the stats) and then when I found nothing there about Harvest Moon I used the search engine at the Unofficial Guide to the DC Universe, which only has text entries – much to my surprise there is no entry there for Harvest Moon (too obscure to have been entered yet?)   😕

    My best suggestion is to try Google w/ the search set to  "Harvest Moon", Batman  – it came up with more entries then I have time to search.   😎


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    Darn, I was hoping someone else might have some info on this.

    Each time I put in Harvest Moon I get stuff about a video game.

    I will do some deep based searching and see if I can find something.


    I remember her.  She appeared in at least two issues of World's Finest in the 1981-1984 time frame.  I'll find it – give me 5 minutes.


    OK, World's Finest #295, September 1983.

    Here's the description from a World's Finest fan index:
    WF-295 SEP Daughters of the Moon. By L.B. Kellog / Jerome Moore & Frank McLaughlin.

    And here's the cover from #295 at Mile High Comics.  I think the "Daughters of the Moon" also appeared at the tail-end of #294, but I'm not 100% sure of it.

    And here's the story description from another index:

    World’s Finest Comics No. 295
    September 1983
    Cover: Moondancers and Superman and Batman among moons //Ed Hannigan / Klaus Janson (signed)
    Story: “Daughters of the Moon” (23 pages)
    Editor: Roger Slifer
    Plotter: L. B. Kellog
    Scripter: David Anthony Kraft
    Penciller; Jerome Moore
    Inker: Frank McLaughlin
    Letterer: John Costanza
    Colorist: Carl Gafford
    Feature Characters: Superman (last appearance in JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #217; next appears in DC COMICS PRESENTS #62), Batman (last appearance in BATMAN AND THE OUTSIDERS #3; next appears in BRAVE AND THE BOLD #200 (Batman and the Outsiders story)
    Supporting Character: Commissioner Gordon (last appearance in BATMAN #362; next appears in BRAVE AND THE BOLD #200 (Batman and the Outsiders story))
    Intro: Dr. Karl Hagen, Gen. Armstrong
    Cameo appearances: The Joker, Lex Luthor
    Villains: The Moondancers (Harvest Moon, New Moon, Crescent Moon), Prof. Nakamura, Sid, Bernie, and other crooks (first and only appearance for all)
    Synopsis: Batman is near death thanks to a virus weapon used against him by the Moondancers, a trio of super-villainesses who seek to halt nuclear expansion in space, and Superman must find a way to save his friend.

    Update: Here's more, including this description: "Harvest Moon: muscular redhead with the power to grow to ten feet."  I don't remember her being particularly muscular,  but she wasn't skinny, either.  "Solid", I'd call her.

    There was a trio of super-powered badgirls in Superboy a few years back who reminded me of the Moondancers.  I'll check up on that, too.


    The DNAngels.  They were three girls who shared some of Superboy's powers and had some different ones, too, like the ability to transform themselves somewhat.  Their powers were the same but did not seem to be equally distributed, I recall.  One of them could grow quite large, and I believe she was also the strongest.  All three had some degree of superspeed, but one was particularly fast.


    Thanks Lingster for the info.

    I used to have that book, but lost it when my roof caved during a bad rain. I sure forgot how long ago it was. The art work was really good for way back in the 80's.

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