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    GTA San Andreas?

    I’m asking this, because i’ve been reading some info about the game, and read that you can go to the gym and make the character all buffed up and stuff.

    so, why ask? simple.

    I played GTA3 and vice city, and noticed that you could use a code and change your character to a female NPC (non played character, or somthing like that) in the game, and if in San Andreas you could do that too, well, imagine what we might have in our hands.

    Even if that’s not possible, maybe there are some nice tonned ladies in the gym, and maybe you coul pick up a fight with them.

    i don’t know, i’m going to play it anyway, but if something like this could happend, i’ll be forever in debt with the guys at rockstar.


    Erhm… that’s a big nope. There are no ladies in the gym, there is a strip club there are no buff ladies. The only character model that can get buff or fat is the main character CJ. You would need a modified model altogether if you were to make any of the female models buff and that would require 3d modelling programs.

    Matthew Lim

    Collector is very correct. GTA San Andreas has a specific engine that ties different character models with the statistics of your character. If you wanted a female character, youd have to model several different "builds" for the character and figure out how to rewrite the game’s program to tie those models into the game. A little too complex for such a simple concept really.


    I remember downloading skins and models of girls for my GTA3 and puching the lights out anyone on my path 😀

    And I hacked the game to have unlimited energy and addrenalin (not like I’m a cheater, I did that just for fun) 😀

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