Has "Magic Crayons" melted into history?

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    I tried getting to the website but I'm getting nothing. Does anyone have any idea if it still exists?


    This is from Eegore's Blog:

    "I'm not one to bury the lead, so:
    The Magic Crayons site will be shut down this week. I won't give an exact day and time because I'm not up to the speed on the vagaries of my hosting account, how much time I've already paid for, etc.

    So, if you had considered copying images from the galleries and had yet to do so, now's the time.

    I had a great time bringing my old She Hulk story back from the almost-dead. The process was a joy, especially the part in which numerous artists stepped in to help tell the tale. That was, and is, humbling. Thanks again, all.

    The site is — was — an extension of a small facet of my life. I'm not taking it down because of money woes or some wrenching, awful event. Rather, Magic Crayons was, in the end, a page, and I'm turning it. File it under the general heading of Moving On.

    Again, thank you all for the interest, for the feedback, and for fiddling with the Google ads to the point that the site paid for itself ;-)"


    Dang.  And I never got to see any of  it because the page keeps timing out here in China.  😥

    Will someone show me some of the stuff if he or she gets the time?


    Undoubtedly Eegore will be back with something new and exciting one day…. I hope.

    I was fotunate enough to be asked to contribute to "Magic crayons" and here are the 2 picture that I drew and Eegore colourfor the Sheila Huckaby story….Sorry, but that is all I have from the site


    Thanks very kindly. 🙂

    Very nice pics!

    David C. Matthews

    Well, I was going to let Eegore's site be the exclusive site for my "She Hulk of Earth 2" picture; I hadn't anticipated him shutting down the site so soon. So, I'll be adding that pic to the gallery on my site soon; for now, you can see it full-size by clicking on that there pic below:


    Seriously cool pictures from Pete and DCM.


    I did a few also.

    bigger b/w versions



    I'd just like to pay tribute to Eegore, if this really is his swansong. He wrote a great story and drew a mean picture. He is amongst the large number of people who inspired me to start writing stories and I'm going to miss him.

    Thanks, man. 🙁


    Hey, what's with the "swansong" stuff?! Eegore said his site is a page being turned – I'm sure he'll be back when he's good and ready, don't bury the guy just yet 😀

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