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    Having babies

    By Max

    It was a Friday night, when Leopold and his wife Carol were talking about the decision they made about having babies in the bedroom of their house.

    “I don’t know Leopold. I’m having second thoughts and I don’t think I’m ready for it yet” said worried Carol.

    “Don’t say that Carol. We both know that you are a healthy woman and all the test showed that you are very fertile” said Leopold

    “That is exactly the problem. You know that with my level of fertilization I could…” was saying Carol when Leopold placed a finger on her lips.

    “Don’t think about that. Not now. We have attended together at the proper courses that will help us to conceived very healthy children. Besides, I have already done all the paperwork necessary in my office. I presume you did the same in your office?”.

    “Yes” smiled a bit Carol. “The girls prepared me a nice party to celebrate this special day. They even gave me gifts that I could after my pregnancy”.

    “See. Your friends think that you are more than ready. They would have tell you otherwise” said Leopold.

    “That’s because they are mothers too and want me that I look like them” said Carol and then she started to laugh Carol. “You should see their face as I was signing my quit papers. They expected that I will returned to my office after my pregnancy, but with new mouths to feed we will need all the money we can get” said Carol.

    “I like you think that way. Now…” said Leopold getting closer to Carol “…maybe we must start to get more comfortable to…”

    “I haven’t say that I’m ready now. I was telling you what happen in my office today” said Carol moving away from Leopold. “Why it’s so hard for you to understand. Having babies is a very important step in our relationship”.

    “I can feel that you are scared about it and but why don’t you think about me for a minute?. You don’t want that I will be too old to take care of our children, right?” said Leopold.

    “You will never be too old for that” smiled Carol as she gently kissed at her husband getting closer again.

    Leopold embraced at Carol in his arms and pressed her against his body. The feeling of her modest breasts against his chest was something he always enjoyed.

    Carol was getting comfortable in Leopold’s hug, when she broke it suddenly. “I don’t want to get pregnant. I will miss so many things. You know the ramifications of this decision will take in our lives. I don’t want that nothing change between us” said Carol.

    “Nothing will happen between us Carol. I will love you forever” said Leopold.

    “And I will love you too Leo, but I don’t want to end like those couples that break out after the woman get pregnant. I don’t want to lose you”.

    “If you think that I will be interested in other women, ceased those worries right now. I don’t want other woman that is not you. I want to be with you for the rest of my life”

    “You swear it?. No matter what could happened” said Carol at the verge of tears.

    “No matter what” said Leopold as he hugged at Carol again. She broke in tears.

    “You are so nice with me. Another man will be scared, but not you. You really love me and want to have babies with me” sobbed Carol.

    “Sure I love you Carol. I will put my life on your hands any time you want” said Leopold very positive.

    “In that case. Maybe that time is closer than you think” grinned sexily Carol as she started to kiss passionately at Leopold.

    Leopold’s smile got bigger at the aggressive approach of Carol. He didn’t hesitate and began to kiss her back.

    As their lips got locked into each other, Carol began to undress at her husband. Slowly she removed his shirt allowing her to feel the hard muscles Leopold has acquired in his job in the construction company.

    Carol pushed gently at Leopold over the bed and kissed him in his bare chest as she undone his pants. “Don’t worry honey. Let me take care of everything” said sexily Carol.

    Once she could leave at Leopold completely naked, she began to undress herself. She opened the buttons of her blouse very slowly. The results of her teasing act gave quick results as Leopold’s manhood was reacting the way she expected.

    She unhook her bra exposing her B-cup breasts to the man she loves. “Do you like them honey?” she teased swinging them a bit. “Better suck them baby. This will be the last time you can enjoy them this way. You know how the woman’s breasts change during pregnancy” smiled Carol.

    “Yes, I know. They got bigger” grinned Leopold as he sucked greedily his wife nipple. “I can’t wait for that”

    “Neither do I” moaned louder Carol as she took out her skirt and panties. “Are you ready?” she said with a little fear in her voice.

    “Ready than ever” smiled confidently Leopold.

    “Please, tell me if I…” Carol blushed. “… you know”.

    “I promise to tell you” said Leopold crossing his heart.

    Carol smiled and she descended gently over his husband more-than-ready manhood. Neither of them has previous sexual experience, for that reason both moaned of the pleasure of joining their bodies in a perfect way.

    Feeling at Leopold filling her was arousing at Carol. She had never felt something similar. She perfectly knew how it would feel having a man get in touch with her inner being. She had heard hundreds of times the marvelous sensations produced by the union. Now that Carol was finally experiencing first hand what it feels to have a man inside her, she knew that her friends weren’t even close at what she was feeling.

    Of course, she didn’t think her friends had lied to her. She knew that with her high level of fertility, the experience will be much better. What she didn’t imagine was how much?

    Hearing at Carol moaning in utter pleasure gave at Leopold a truly feel of pride. He was enjoying how much Carol was losing her inhibitions. ‘She is really giving everything on her to complete the task ahead’ he thought. Leopold smiled knowing that his thought should be applied to him instead of her.

    Leopold watched fascinated as Carol’s body began to change. He could feel the opposite change coursing in his own body. His hard muscles didn’t appear so by now, and he knew that it was just a matter of time before he lost all of them.

    Meantime Carol was enraptured as more and more of Leopold was becoming part of her. At the beginning was a faint sensation, but now she could sense a flow of energy coming from Leopold and spreading from her under regions to the rest of her body.

    Carol gasped as she felt her body getting firmer. She closed her eyes as she was afraid that if she looked at Leopold getting thinner and weaker under her, she will stop and they will have to try it all over again, in a few years.

    Leopold smiled as he witnessed how Carol’s plain abdomen was showing a six pack definition. ‘The bulges of muscles forming in her arms and legs looked more than half the size of what I had. It won’t take too long before…urg!’ thought Leopold sensing that Carol had definitely change the balance of strength toward her.

    “This is incredible. I can feel every cell in my body in fire. I haven’t feel this good since ever. I’m getting so strong. So, so strong” moaned Carol completely intoxicating with the experience.

    Suddenly, she opened her eyes as she felt a cold hand touching her own. Carol gasped as Leopold looked very closed to the muscle complexion of a normal woman. Horrified, Carol stopped moving on him. “I’m so sorry Leopold. I must be hurting you” cried Carol as she tried to get up from him.

    Using all the strength his body still have, Leopold successfully avoid that Carol got away from him. “Everything is alright honey. The reason why I interrupted you was because you soon will become too heavy for me to carry. Remember that you wanted to tell you” said Leopold.

    A faint smile appeared in Carol’s lips. “Are you sure that you are alright?”

    Leopold nodded. “There is nothing to worry about. Now, lets change places so I can continue pumping you up”. He smiled at his own joke.

    Carol was smiling widely now and with a very smooth movement, the couple changed places without breaking the connection they had.

    Now on top, Leopold continued sending his strength to his wife as he played with her breasts. He couldn’t believe that those breasts were the same ones he played a few minutes early. They were 2 cups bigger at least, and from the sloshing sound they produced, he knew that she was already lactating.

    Her breasts felt much more denser than the last time. Even her erect nipples felt as hard as his thumb. Leopold knew that since he was getting weaker as Carol getting stronger, the change wasn’t that radical.

    Even, he felt extremely aroused at the idea of having at Carol stronger than him, as a man, he passed through a fear phase that all men experience. “I know that I must not feel this way, but I’m frightened Carol. I’m afraid that this has gone to far. My instincts are telling me to stop. Please Carol help me” begged Leopold.

    Carol was prepared for that kind of situation and she was trainer to deal with that successfully. “There is nothing that you must feel scare honey” she said guiding Leo’s head toward her chest and placing his ear on her left breast. “Can you hear my heartbeat Leopold?. Do you hear how strong and steady is becoming? That is because are sacrificing part of you for out mutual joy”

    “Please continue talking to me” begged Leopold as his strength was living him. He felt weak and alone, but Carol’s words did calmed him down.

    “That’s right Leo. You are helping me to be a strong woman. You are preparing me to carry out offspring. You are giving me your love and I’m giving you mine in response. Can you feel it now Leopold?” said Carol embracing at him. As she do it she felt her arms pulsing with the strength she was receiving. “Can you feel how much do I love you?”

    “Yes” gasped Leopold as the fear phase was passing through. “I do feel your love. I feel its warmness surrounding me. I haven’t feel so much protected in my live” said Leopold.

    “That is because I love you. I love you very much” said Carol playing with his hair.

    As Leo rest peacefully on his wife’s bust as the transference continued, Carol began to check out the changes going in her body. The first she noticed were her arms. Being a slender girl all her life, she was used to have thin arms. Now, she clearly could see how her biceps were expanding and growing with each passing second.

    She slowly moved one of her legs and gasped at how muscular it looked like. She had seen the muscular definition of other mothers in the pass, but she was sure she was beyond the average definition by now.

    Another thing that called her attention was the incredible energy that was filling her. It had almost let her feel invulnerable, but Carol knew that it was the euphoria of the moment.

    After checking the changes on her, she watched at her sleeping husband. His muscles were deflating in front of her eyes, melting back into his arms and legs. She knew that in any time the conception will take place, since Leopold didn’t have much left to offer. Carol only hope that it will happen soon.

    It didn’t past long before Leopold’s body lost any definition of muscle he had, but he continue attached to Carol’s womanhood. The next moments, Carol watched as Leopold body started to compact by itself.

    “Oh no Leopold!! What I feared is already happening. You are losing too much!! We need to break our conjunction!!” said Carol.

    “No!!” said weakly Leopold. “It won’t take too long Carol. I can feel it”.

    With little muscle remaining in Leopold, Carol’s body pulled in calcium from his bones too. Carol felt her frame spreading over the bed as she was becoming taller. That only meant that she was compacting Leopold whole skeleton!

    “I’m sucking you dried. My high levels of fertility have absorbed until the last shred of muscle tissue you have in your body and now your bone density is decreasing. You won’t be able to even walk” cried in despair Carol as she watched at Leo slipping down her bust.

    “That… won’t… happen” said Leopold taking deep breaths now. “Please… don’t interrupt… the process… Everything… will be… fine” said Leopold as he fainted out at the level of Carol’s abs.

    “No!!” screamed horrified Carol. She tried to get up and unplugged at Leopold from her when suddenly she felt a powerful and hot essence filling her inner regions as it moved toward her womb.

    Carol fell over the bed as a mixture of emotions was blinding her judgment. In that moment, Carol knew that the process was over. She was now pregnant.

    When Carol tried to caress her abdomen to feel at the new life that was forming inside her, the fact that she touched the unconscious head of Leopold zapped her out of her shock.

    Quickly, Carol detached gently at Leopold from her. “Oh my..” gasped Carol as Leopold look like a scrawny little preteen rather than the tall man he was.

    Remembering her classes, Carol stimulated her engorged nipple and a shot of hot milk sprouted out of it. “Please Leopold, if you hear me, drink my milk. It’s the only way I can help you” said softly Carol guiding his mouth to her nipple..

    Soon, Carol moaned as she felt his lips closing over her nipple and began to suck slowly. Carrying at Leopold like he was a baby in her arms, Carol noticed how much bigger they looked like. Her muscles were bigger than her husband had been and sensing the he almost was weightless to her, she knew she was pretty strong too.

    As more breasts milk Leopold consumed, Carol felt relieved to feel that his sucking were getting stronger and more persistent. “It’s alright my dear husband. Feed from me. Let me restore part of the strength you willing have given to me” talked softly Carol.

    Carol smiled, as Leopold didn’t look so scrawny anymore. She learned in her classes, that during lovemaking, the lost of muscle tissue and strength in a man is according to the level of fertility of a woman. That is to help her to manage the great burden that having a baby meant.

    Also, Carol knew that as her body gets empowered, also every system in her body is improved. She felt healthier and sharper, besides smarter and stronger. She also knew that as result of the lovemaking, her breasts started to produce breast milk to feed at the baby born, but since the milk is rich in nutrients easy to assimilate, it has very useful to help at the man to recover from the extenuating labor.

    With her degree of strength, Carol knew her milk should be very nutritious, and by the way Leopold began to move his hands to enclosed her breasts, she knew he was just fine.

    Some minutes later, Leopold was walking on his own feet without problem. He had ended a bit skinny, but he didn’t mind as he was happy that his wife was pregnant and that she looks so strong.

    “How do you feel Leo?” asked concerned Carol. “You have lost a lot of muscle and I’m worry that are too weak”

    “Don’t worry Carol. I’m just fine” said Leopold jumping on his feet. “See. I’m still able to do this” smiled Leopold.

    Carol couldn’t avoid her laughs. “Alright, I believe you” she laughed.

    “What about you? Do you feel fine?” this was Leopold time to ask.

    “Better than ever” said Carol standing up from the bed.

    Leopold’s eyes were wide opened as he cracked his neck up to follow the raising of his lovely wife. For being 6’ 2” feet tall, he was not used to see someone so big.

    For a moment the couple stood there silently, slowly assimilating the changes that they had passed through. “You were tall for a woman before, but now you are a truly amazon” was the only thing Leopold managed to said.

    “This is so unrealistic” gasped Carol. “I didn’t know that things will end like this” Carol tried to apologize.

    “Most of the woman don’t take height from their husbands, and even if they do, the amount was minimal. But here I am witnessing the exception to the rule. A wonderful exception is I could add” smiled Leopold.

    “You always know what do say to make me feel better” smiled Carol. “But how much height to you have lost?”

    “Without a measure tape, we can’t be sure. But judging that I’m now under your breasts level, I guess that you must gain a foot of height from me?”.

    “You mean that I’m near 7 feet tall!!” gasped Carol. “Where I’m going to find clothes that fit me!!” she said a bit worried.

    “I guess I can boy some boy stuff. It’s easier to buy clothes for a 5 feet tall man” said Leopold sarcastically.

    “Oh I’m sorry Leopold” said Carol feeling guilty. “I should say that. I didn’t mean that you import me less. I was just too shock” said Carol blushing of the embarrassment.

    “That’s alright dear. I know that you must be pretty excited about this. What do you say if we look in the mirror to see first hand our changes” suggested Leopold.

    The couple walked to the full-body mirror they had in the dressing room and gasped at their reflections. First was Leopold as he looked like a boy rather than a man, and then Carol as she wasn’t able to see her full frame on it. She had to step back to let the mirror reflect the full length of her body.

    “I didn’t expect that” said Leopold, looking her body. “It seems like every trace of my puberty has being completely disappeared”.

    “Not disappear. Gone” corrected Carol “And I have a clear idea where your puberty development went to” said Carol as she watched that her back had expanded to accommodate all the muscles she know had.

    She flexed her arms making at Leopold gulped hard at the size of her biceps. “I think I took too much strength from you. Will you forgive me?” said Carol again concerned.

    Leopold smiled at her saying “Don’t worry baby. That is why I have being training so hard. I knew that a woman like you will required a very strong man to be able to have babies. I’m glad I was that man”.

    “You still are silly” said Carol picking at her husband in her arms. “And thanks for such wonderful gift. I knew that you worked a lot to obtain these muscles and I will good take care of them” said Carol.

    “That should be easy since you must have absorb my muscle building ability”. Then sighing, he added. “I will miss my daily routine. Now it won’t do any good to me”.

    “You don’t need to forget it. You can be my personal trainer” smiled Carol. “I will need that you teach me everything”.

    “That will be great” said Leopold.

    “That reminds me…” said Carol. “Early I was worry that we would break up after I got pregnant. Some women left at their husbands when they get bored about how weak they are. Please be honest with me, aren’t you afraid I might someday be unhappy and leave you? I mean, look at me. I’m all muscle now. I’m far stronger that you ever be” said Carol flexing her arms.

    “And?” asked Leopold raising an eyebrow.

    “And?! Don’t you think that maybe I will like to be with a man that can resist that I play rough with him?” asked Carol.

    “I must admit that the idea crossed my mind” said Leopold. “As it also crossed my mind the idea of leaving you for not tolerating the lost of my muscles”.

    The shock face of Carol revealed that he just hit the spot. “That’s right Carol. I knew since a long time that you fear about getting pregnant was related to the idea that you will take from me too much and I will dislike that and leave you. But don’t worry honey, I love you too much and I’m pleased with the way things has ended now” said Leopold.

    Carol cried of happiness as she hugged gently at her husband. “You are so gentleman. Giving everything on you to please me and to raise a family together” said Carol. “You know that I won’t leave you ever, don’t you? I will play the nice and gentle amazon for by brave small man” she teased kissing him in his mouth.

    “That’s the kind of treat I was hoping from you” blushed Leopold.

    “So, don’t you mind to have the strongest wife of the neighborhood?” blinked Carol.

    “Of course not. Besides, you will need all the extra muscle you build to handle my job. I will be fine doing yours. Fortunately we have all our paperwork done. Ah! I forgot to mention that when I said goodbye to my buddies in the construction site, the girls were looking forward to meet at my replacement. They are always wanting to have more girls with big muscles in the team”.

    “And, I’m sure I will impressed them” said Carol proud of her new body. “By the way, all the girls in my office will be nice with you and teach you everything you need to know about the office. They know that for strong man is difficult to be weak suddenly”.

    “Yes. Most of the man prefers to have less physical jobs, like office desk works. That way the transition is minimum”.

    “Yes. There are a lot of men in my office. They got so fragile after getting pregnant their wives” said Carol.

    “Don’t worry about that. I will be fine. Besides switching jobs will assure we have the same income every month” smiled Leopold.

    “Not to mentioned the opportunity to experience each other shoes” teased Carol.

    “Funny. Very funny” laughed sarcastically Leopold. “And now that I remember, where are those gifts that you friends gave you”.

    “Oh! They are still in the car. They were very heavy for me to carry, so they just put them in the car. I guess they give me some dumbbells. Now, I feel I can lift them easily. Want to join me to the garage and see how your strong wife manages to carry those boxes” said Carol.

    “Sure thing!!” said Leopold excited.

    By Sunday night, Carol was birthing at two babies. A girl and a boy. Most of the couples only have one baby, but the combination of the high degrees of fertility and strength from the couple made possible for Carol to conceived two babies.

    The couple watched happily as their infants were healthy and nursing from Carol’s round firm breasts. “Look at them Leo. Aren’t they the most precious babies you have ever see?” said softly Carol as she breastfeed her babies.

    “Yes, they are” smiled Leopold giving a kiss to her wife.

    “Why are you smiling?” asked intrigued Carol.

    “Oh! It’s just the fact that you aren’t even tired from the birth process or even from the 2 days gestation she passed through. You are amazing” said Leopold.

    “That is because the muscles density and strength I gained from you really helped me to pass those days without problem. You are the amazing one” said Carol returning the kiss.

    “We are very lucky. Since due the muscle transfer, couples are restrain to one baby. Since we, the men, can’t rebuild our muscles, it’s impossible for us to conceive again another child. But we have the joy of having a wonderful couple” sighed happily Leopold.

    “Indeed we are very lucky. I only feel sorry for the couples that can’t have another baby. Unless they get divorce and the woman gets married again” sighed Carol.

    “I know what you mean. One of the top female workers in my old job has passed through 3 divorces. You can’t imagine how buff she looked. Fortunately, she find a man that really loves her for what she is and guess what?” said Leopold.

    “Don’t tell me she is planning to have a kid with him?” asked Carol.

    “Yep. She has 3 daughters. Who knows, maybe this time she can conceived a son. I only hope her husband will able to manage the woman he is going to enforce” sighed Leopold.

    “It’s a shame that nature formed us this way. I’m not sure if it’s the man that need to lose all his muscles, or if it’s the woman responsibility to absorb it, but what I know is that without muscle transfer, there is no way a couple can conceive” said Carol.

    “I know that a woman need to take all the muscle the man can provided to tolerate the tension and hard work of rising a baby in only two days, but after having the first baby, the woman ended strong enough to carry another baby, but without muscle to take from the man, that is impossible” sighed Carol.

    “If men were able to rebuild muscle, with the kind of conditions to get pregnant I can see women trying to get pregnant as often as they can” laughed Leopold.

    “I guess you are right” giggled Carol. “There is a thing I want to ask you from a long time. I have always wondered why young men used to have sex without protection? They don’t realized that the ones that lost muscles are they?” asked Carol

    “Wise question. I never had that particular itch when I was young, but I must say that the hormones play an important role in our decision. Boys know that having sex with a girl will lead to lose part of their strength, but when they are in love, they succumb at the requires of a girl to have sex without protection. Phrases like ‘You don’t love me. Otherwise you will share your strength with me’ were classic to break a boys will in the so called ‘love test’.” said Leopold.

    “I never had sex with a man before you, but I recognized that my friends motivated me to have some. They were always telling me how wonderful they felt after a brief ‘suck’ of strength” said Carol.

    “That is why most girls are open mind to have sex rather than boys” said Leopold.

    “It’s funny how couples remained truly to each other once they are married. I guess that if you found at your husband coming home smaller and skinnier, a woman will know what happened” grinned Carol.

    “That’s no fair. The opposite is just awful for the man. Sometimes, women like to have sex out of the marriage to being able to dominate at their husband and maybe even raped him to steal their strength” said Leopold.

    “Unfortunately that is true” sighed Carol as she delicate placed the babies in their cradle. “But you little mister…” she said raising at her husband to carry him in her arms. “… don’t have anything to worry about. I love you and I will be yours forever”

    “And ever” completed Leopold kissing at his wife.

    By now, the reader should be thinking that this not the reality we actually live in, but I don’t want to worry people by letting them think that this is our future. So, let’s say that this is just a parallel universe. By now…

    The End.


    Quite innovative and very enjoyable Max, thank you.


    I’m glad you enjoyed it. Thank you for letting me know.



    An interesting physiological alternative.


    Thank you for your comment and I’m glad that you enjoy it.



    *clap* *clap*

    Hehe, cool story.. 🙂

    I’m abit worried tough.. :-/

    With only one baby pr. couple, as a standard in this paralell-universe, there would slowly become fewer and fewer people, and when you’re on the last chapter if you’re going to continue it, the last love-scene would end up as a masturbation story.. *grin*


    Interesting point… since this story takes place in the future, we can say that we won’t have problems about population control 😉

    Thanks for pointing out your idea and I’m glad that you enjoy the story.


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