Here’s a question for all of you- who’s the forum favourite?

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    Now we know we have artists on here who all have unique characters…
    So.. concerning characters of the artists who are members of this forum… who's your favourite of the girls?

    Remember, I mean the characters belonging to artists (and writers, too, I suppose) on here, so, characters like She-Hulk don't count.
    I'm guessing top runners might be Dave's lovely Tetsuko, Chris' supersized Sheeri, or one of Tigersan's amazing rendered babes…
    And artists? You can't vote for your own! (We're all bound to like our own creations..)

    But it's an open question! So I'm not making this a poll.

    Personally my favourite? Andrah with her mohawk… heh. But I love hair like that… and 'exotic' skin colours…

    o_O; uhm. Yeah. So tell away!


    @_@; Kinda hard for me to say…I guess for me it'd be between Tetsuko and "Long hair" Lu…I mean, each of the respective artists has their own folder for all the work I like on my hard-drive! (So does Red Silver…and Atariboy…and Dr. Otto…and Higalack…and Rex…etc.)

    Huge Sheeri is great! But there's not enough of her for me to make her a -favorite- lol! She'd have to be as publicized in that form as the two above characters are.

    I'm gonna put the above two in a randomizer, let's see what comes out! The one that does is my "favorite"…gonna click the "randomize" button 5 times…

    Alright! straight off the randomizer…my favorite is Lu! ^_^ She may have gray skin and purple hair, but I'm not the type to care about that! the boobs and muscles distract me too much @_@;

    Not only that, but Lu has her "sexy" moments, then her "sadistic" moments…she's a really well fleshed out character overall! (not that any of the other artist's aren't, but this is my official "favorite" so I'm ranting, ok?)

    And just thought I'd say…Just because the topic creator happens to be the artist of my favorite, that in no way affected my decision! It was random, remember?  😉


    This is a toughie. I like a lot of the stuff I see here (including my own :evil:). Still, I've got a top three:

    1. Tetsuko. I mean come on, that's just so much buff blonde goodness! And I like the anime/real style.

    2. Andrah. I like mohawks too. (Rampage where are you?)

    3. Satin Steele. I like the realness of the character and her world.

    See? I couldn't name just one!



    I'd really don't have one. I like the work, I like the artist's ability to draw them, but as actual characters none particularly float my boat. That's not to say I don't enjoy seeing/ reading about them, I just really don't put one above the other.

    Muscle Growth Nut

    Sheeri, Tetsuko, and Lu are my top three. Sheeri and Tet have that irresistible cuteness about them (even NegaSheeri's cute in a deranged sort of fashion) and Lu has a certain je-ne-sai-quoi (or however it's spelled) that I can't put my finger on.


    or however it's spelled

    je ne sais quoi, for future refference 😉 Heh, not far off.

    And just thought I'd say…Just because the topic creator happens to be the artist of my favorite, that in no way affected my decision! It was random, remember?

    If you say so…

    Tommy Dreamer

    My favorite would probably have to be Tigersan's "Rei" and Lonnie Gaylor's "Andromeda".  I was a real big fan of Iczer's interpretation of Sailor Mercury too, but that's not an original character.  So.  Rei and Andromeda.


    Here are some of my favourites. They are not in order of preference, but in alphabetic order:

    Buff Sheeri
    Kulli's recent green-skinned commission

    I'd love to include some of Kinsyo's, but those aren't from this forum so I guess they don't count. I'm also probably forgetting some of my forum favourites. Mostly because some of my favourites probably don't have names or were one-offs that made them harder to remember. Notice that the only one-off on my list (Kulli's commish) is also the most recent one-off that I read about 😛


    I have to flip my coin between Lu and Tetsuko. It's a damn difficult choice!

    Increasingly, I'm enjoying the adventures of Dr. Sonya Gannon as well… 😎

    Edit: Dagnabbit! I missed the bit about artists. Well, my top three are DCM, Kulli and Iczerman. All very different but all very, very brilliant.

    Actually, everyone who draws is brilliant. I would love to have that kind of skill. 😎


    None are favoured, none are despised.
    All are appriciated.
    That is good enough for I.
    The Pimp NeonBlack

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