Hi, new here. just dropping off some of my artwork

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    Hey shewgrewforumers just dropping by to say hello and showing some of my artwork.

    Looks like theres a few wreckshop regulars here as well. So the pic below (if this works) is the colored version of the latest pics i was showing on that forum before it went under. Hopefully wreckshop himself is doin ok.

    But heres the cg color vers. i promised, so hope this thign gets linked properly

    So what do u guys think? I’d like to know if anyone prefers the coloring job in the first post to teh ones after? Since i was using a new color technique and would like an opionion about which ones better, as its alot easier and faster to color pics then the old way i was using. Also what do u guys think of the neon sheen look that discovered after fudging around with photoshop? Any thoughts on this would be much appreciated.


    Great arkwork! ^_^


    Nice work! I especially like the last one, good comparison pic.


    Wow, thanks a lot Higalack! I love your style and the muscularity/thickness/cuteness/sexiness/EVERYTHING of all your girls!

    Matthew Lim

    Higalack, your style is really great. I really like the pencil work as well as your color pallete choices.

    What would be really great to see is a more bolder step from light to dark in your shading. The current shading you have for the drawings looks like the light souce is something ambient like the sun. Using darker shadows will give it a more "spotlight" look and makes it a lot more interesting to the eye.

    Also, one comment on the second and third picture. The girl on the left looks off-balance in both pictures. The center of balance in almost all cases is directly beneath the center of the base of the neck. The best way to gauge this is to take a ruler (or a small T-Square if you have one) and go straight down from that "u" created by the sternum and clavicle bones. In the case of your drawing, the center of her left foot should be directly below the sternum. Hope you find these little artist to artist critiques helpful for your future drawings.


    wow, your style is great

    exclent details and good proportions.

    I hope see more 😀


    What do u mean its off balanced?

    *tries out pose* see its fine*wobbles*

    hehe kinda didnt put too much thought about it till now, though i noticed she looked a bit tipsy after i scanned here in heh. Nothing like little golden nuggets of wisdom to break my teeth on. Sometimes I kinda want it since my art teacher used shovel out in good measure.

    Though one question wahts a sternum and clavicle? I’ll probably google it myself to find out but giving me a general location might help me to understand some of the analogies u put forth.

    Anways ye i know the colors a bit too diffused. I tend to be weary of trying new things unless im forced to. But ill look into creating deeper shadows next time around. Hey can i pm u about ur coloring proccess?

    Also thanx for the positive comments everbody, and thanx for the um… enthusiasum debido-san 😆

    Amazon Lover

    Wow! Awesome! Catgirls are pretty awesome, as are muscle-girls. And your art is amazing! Keep up the good work!


    thanx, but jeez hope i dont get branded with a cat girl fetish. 😳

    latest muscle related drawings that made it too the scanner ended up being catgirls and now having to post on a new forum.

    O well


    Well, for one thing, this is the kinda of art that makes me throw away mine -makes paper ball, tosses it- your girls are really cute and sweet looking, totally inocent of the bodies they have; heh and btw you almost did some FMG sequences there!!

    Maybe in the future you could bring some 8)

    Your coloring is really good too and like they said, maybe some more dege between shadows and light would improve it greatly, being as good as it is already.

    Keep the good work and glad to see you here!

    Cheers, Lonebeatle.

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