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    Hey Z0nites, whats up.

    So, i'm writing a FNG fic and it's going pretty good until I get the actual FMG scene.  And I know why…I know nothing of the female muscle physique. I have a few terms that I've gleaned from other stories but i don't know what most of 'em are.

    My question: should I put off writing this thing and dive head first into my mom's old Anotamy coloring book for few months OR should I trudge forward and use dodge words for to fill in for what I don't know ?


    Or you could simply ask for help from other writers. I, for one, would be more than willing to do so. But you have to ask first.  😉

    Silent One

    Not to sweat it man.  The best writing leaves the best parts to the readers imagination.  Endlessly describing minutae has it's place and it's not in FMG (IMO anyway, feel free to disagree.)  For the most part just generally describing the growth of major muscle groups will get you by.  I advise writing while you're inspired.  Inspiration can be fleeting.  A quick crash course of major muscle groups will get you by.  Ready?  Here we go.

    Gluteus Maximus, usually referred to as Glutes.  In short your ass.  The two cheek shaped muscles that join the lower back to the upper thighs.

    Abdominals.  Usually broken down in upper/lower though that's probably more technical that you need for FMG writing though.  Your abs are your stomach muscles.  The proverbial six pack.  Bonus (the obliques are more or less part of the abs, they allow the torso to twist left/right and side to side instead of just up and down.  Obliques run from your hips to your ribcage roughly).  Abs go from your groin to ribcage.

    Calves.  Yes they have a nice latin name to but I can't remember it off the top of  my head.  The muscles on the back of your lower legs.  Nice diamond shaped calves are sexy.  The shins really don't have muscles to speak off, just tendons, so that takes care of your lower legs.

    Quadriceps, or quads.  Muscles for the front of the thighs.  Thick as tree trunks with insane definition or sleek and strong like a dancer, it's hard to go wrong with thighs.

    Hamstring.  The back of your thigh.  This is the muscle most athletes tear up to destroy their careers.  (Look at Roger Clemens in the World Series this year.)  Hams for short. (Once again lacking the technical latin term, sorry.)

    Pectoral or pecs for short.  The large muscles of the chest.  When well developed they dramatically increase your Amazons profile.  Big boobs sitting on a big chest are what this writing is all about  😉

    Deltoids or delts.  Your shoulder muscles.  They are the muscles that make your shoulders appear large and boulder like.  Full round delts are split into three distinctly seperate muscles.  They look so good in a tank top.

    Biceps.  The bis, probably the most famous or at least well know muscle.  The muscle on top of the arm that most people instinctivley flex when they're trying to show off.

    Triceps or tris.  The muscle on the back of the upper arm.  Looks very much like a horseshoe when well developed and adds most of the girth to your arm.

    Trapezius, or traps.  The muscles that connect your shoulders to your neck.  Gives bodybuilders the slightly wedge shape look when well developed.

    umm, forearms.  Sorry I can't be a bigger help here.

    Latimus dorsi or lats.  The back muscles that slope from your sides, bodybuilders can make them look like wings when they're well developed (al la Dorian Yates.)

    umm, upper back muscles, lots of them.  They give you the cut, well defined look and sort of lump together between your shoulders and lower back.  Hard to describe and probably harder to give justice to in a FMG story (for me anyway).

    This quick and dirty anatomy lesson should get you through most transformation scenes provided you're at least familiar enough with the general look of an FBB to visualize it mentally.  Good luck and I look forward to seeing you post your story.


    Well… you could do that as well…  😳

    Still, I believe that it is extremely important to blend words together as you are describing. Saying that something is growing bigger over and over paints the picture rather well, but it gets real old, real fast. In addition to the change itself, I suggest that you focus on one group at a time, not covering every detail, but enough to catch the reader's attention. Another suggestion is to use as many words as possible that are synonymous with a basic word. For example, instead of saying "growing" all the time, you could stick in other words like "swelling", "bulging", "engorging", and other words of that ilk. This doesn't just go for verbs, though. The nouns need to be swapped out as well. For example, while talking about a woman's posterior swelling with muscle, you could say something along the lines of "Her beautiful ass slowly began to bulge outward, swelling into a gorgeous amazonian shape. The striations of her strengthening glutes could be seen as they began to tear through her shorts."

    Again, these are suggestions. The use of metaphores and similes are also recommended, but try not to use them too much. They also get real old, real fast. I hope that this has been helpful, and if you already knew this stuff, then ignore it. I'm just trying to help as best I can. One last thing, before I stop my little speech. I suggest that you look at other stories on this forum and see what it is that other people say and do. From there, you can peice together something that will get you by your first few stories, as you get more comfortable and create your own style.


    Both Gblock and The Silent One habe givem most excellent advice, all that I's can add is thus:
    The use of space, silence and sublty.

    Do not try to fill the page with too many descriptions, adverbs or adjectives. A read does not need to be told repeatedly that the character is growing nor does the character need to reinforce this point through their dialogue ("Oh My God! I'm Growing!" she screamed being an overused case-in-point). Make the reader use and stimulate their own imagination by using less useless description but do not be intentionally vague or skip parts of the process so it becomes confusing.

    Also, try to image the character's own reaction to their growth. Are they scared? Do they enjoy/find it arousing? Are they angry -if so, how and why?
    Think about their motivations and the exact process of their growth -is it gradual, all at one or in varying stages?

    But, most important, write what you want to read and what dwells in your heart.
    If you can do that alone, then you have succeeded.

    Best of luck to thee.

    The Pimp NeonBlack

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