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    Hey, gang! 

    I'm off on me hols for a week, so I thought I'd leave you with a few morphs in the meantime.

    Here's one of Bianca Beauchamp first, since she looks so good in PVC:

    Heh… THAT'S what was missing.  Heh, now she really is the girl with everything…

    On a different note…
    Having had a break of a few months I can see why I ended up spending 2 hours on a morph that now would take me an hour tops.  Looking at my WIP folder from back then, it's full of abandoned half-finished morphs where the original person and the muscles I've pasted in just don't match at all!  Sometimes I don't know what I was thinking – pasting a black bodybuilder's elbow onto an anorexic white model with radically different lighting and pose, and then trying to extrapolate it into a working morph… let this be a warning to other morphers out there who are pasting muscles over their original subjects… spending an extra five minutes at the start making sure the two pics match in colour, lighting and pose as much as poss can save a lot of heartache later on!


    Some nice work there mate, like the first one espesialy. If ya feel like clearing out ur Wips folder feel free send me some of ur no hopers, i like a chalange. If ya wanna pm me for my mail address.

    But good work on the morphs.

    Matthew Lim

    Great morphs random.  😀

    I especially love the Bianca Beauchamp image. PVC definitly compliments muscles well.  :mrgreen:


    😎 very very nice  😎


    excellente. does anyone know that dark girl? i want her e-mail address or phone number or something.


    Thanks for the kind words, guys.  Yeah, PVC and muscles are up there with lingerie + suspenders and muscles for me too!

    Rick – Thanks too for the offer.  I would have been very interested to see what you'd come up with, but I deleted just about everything in WIP after making the post because I felt that they were too difficult for me (or at least that getting them right would take too long to be worthwhile).  If I find something hidden in a niche somewhere I'll pass it on, though.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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