How Many of YOU Are Muscular?

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    Many of you have mentioned to me that you're doughy, some said that you currently lift.

    So, I'm wondering: how many of you are buff? Since I can't make polls anymore, just write: Buff, Normal, Fat, Skinny.


    Not Buff, not skinny, some where in the middle, Toned prehaps, I do get an extreem amout of exersize so im pretty fit…



    I wish I had a less sedentary job, it makes things difficult for me.  That being said, I keep in pretty good shape for firefighting, scuba, softball, and skiing.  I’m being coerced into running a 5K with my fiancée.  We’ll see how that pans out…


    I am what the bodybuilding and fitness community technically term as a big fat tub o' goo. 

    I make no excuses.  I like eating junk food more than exercising (though I'm trying to do more of the latter, now that I got the time on summer break).

    Though I still have some holdout muscles when I belonged to a fitness center back in the States (and worked loading heavy boxes for a living).


    I'm not very built, but I do have a very strong frame.

    In fact, I can usually bench equally with people who have been training for several years; I never train or anything.

    I probably would be able to build up a muscular frame if I had a decent training partner.

    Matthew Lim

    Moderatly in between normal and buff with a little bit of fall off in the mid section. I'm trying to get back on track with some exercise so I can get rid of the exess fat.


    Currently overweight but working out to remedy it.

    a b

    normal, but just because "abnormal" isn't on there.  i'm actually on the road to being fit, though.  i joined a gym a year ago, and have since proceeded to lose ZERO lbs.  now, normally that would worry me, but i do look alot different than i used to, which is good.


    I'm with Jimmy Dimples on this one, I am fat, although not as fat as I was 7 months ago, I lost about 18 pounds since then, but I am a long way off from being even normal, much less buff. I'm alright with it, though, I get exercise every day, but I just eat a lot of fattening food, so it evens out, and I don't lose. No willpower, I guess, I couldn't imagine going a day without food, but if I had to, I could probably fast a day.  🙄 😉 :mrgreen:


    Natural bodybuilder here, been consistently working at it since High School.  Not blocky/bulky huge, but impressively large – but then I'm also tall, so that only adds into the matrix.  😎

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Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 86 total)
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