How much time you spend on a picture?

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    I dont know if this question has been asked yet or not, but I was wondering how much time you guys spend on a picture – by picture I mean Sketch + Ink + Color.

    I know It depends on lots of factors, but take a guess  😎

    I, myself, take about 4 or 5 hrs to finish the whole process.  You see, I dont have a scanner :cry:, so  I do it all by computer — and I have a impression that Im wasting time working this way… I dont know for shure.

    Please post your comments.

    P.s. Sorry my bad english.  😀

    David C. Matthews

    Actually, I think you're saving time by not scanning a drawing on paper (and then having to go through tonal adjustments to get rid of smudges, etc.). I'm pretty sure I am by dispensing with paper.

    You've got a great method, judging by the results!

    But you were asking about us…

    As for me, it could take anywhere from one or two hours for a "quickie" sketch where I don't mind a few rough edges in the line work and/or am satisfied with simple solid colors (like this two-panel sequence you may remember from another topic), to over ten hours (spread out over two or three days) for something more elaborate.

    Matthew Lim

    Quickies for me take around an hour but sometimes push three if I'm really distracted.

    For fully finished images like the Roguernaut image can take around 12 to a massive 30 hours depending on how many big mistakes I make. Regime is pushing the boundries currently at 24 hours where I've put about 2 to 3 hours a day over the span of almost two weeks. I lost a few days worth of work last week when my image somehow became corrupted and I was left with a really weird pixelated image.

    It's really great to compare artistic stats with eachother. I think the forums could really benefit from a "Tricks of the Trade" board, like Wreck's old board had. But for now I think we could make the general board the subject's temporary home.


    Cant really answer. Not really good enough to prperly answer this. lol. Sorry.


    Days. I have a job, so I tend to work in the evenings (when my energies are at their lowest) and rarely on the weekends ('cause I'm usually doing something else). So it goes something like this.
    DAY1: Penciing (probably an hour or two depending on how many times I "do over") DAY2: Going over the pencils in ink (Depending on how elaborate, I'd say an hour). Then Scan the artwork and clean it up (This can take awhile, if I've made too many erasures and smudges). DAY3: Colors. This for me is still a laborious process. I don't know all the photoshop shorcuts yet, and if I want to add more rendering, shadows, glares etc. That  could easily go into another day.
    So the overall process is 3-5 days. Sometimes I stop drawing and don't come back  to it days and weeks later. Face it, I'm SLOOOOOWWWW! :mrgreen:



    Anywhere from just a couple of minuets for a quickie sketch to as long as a week (working 3 to 5 hours a day) for difficult images.

    Harry Braff

    I generally spend about 5 or 6 hours to do the whole processing.
    Everything is done on computer and generally I'm not really satisfied with the result. That's why I don't post often and use to keep my work on my hard disk.

    However I don't think it's a matter of time, my poor technique (and my incapacity to improve it) is clearly what makes me spend a limited time on a pic. Spending more time would only change details and would be a waste of time.

    drumsstick master

    generall an hour. however, i dont use ink or colour, so thats just a sketch.


    Depends. I'm quick, very quick.

    Normally from sketch to ink to colour (speaking traditionally, pencil crayons and all) it can take me about 30 mins. If I really work at it it can take upto 6 hours.

    CGing traditional linework can take upto eight hours but can be a quick 10 minute job!

    And I RARELY draw right onto photoshop. If I do I don't often finish.


    Interesting question. Honestly, the buttload of drawings I did recently for "She Hulk of Earth 2" streamlined things a bit. A single-figure drawing, from pencil to color, consumes four to five hours. Most of that time is spent in the pencil and color stages. I don't devote a lot of time to inking, figuring the color render will provide most of the textures. I use Paint Shop Pro, not PS, but have been using it for so many years that I've got the shortcuts down pat.

    A growth sequence, natcherly, requires more time, especially in the coloring dept. Those can eat up 8 to 10 hours or more.

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