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    Here is a more traditional muscle growth story, where the character grows taller as well. If you didn’t like my second one, this one is described a little bit better and more, but still some people don’t like my writing, so if you don’t like it, explain to me why, just don’t say it sucks, say why you don’t like it and where I can improve. Thanks for Fasola for inspiring me to post here.

    Hulk 2: Hulk meets a Super Amazon

    By Jeremy Wilson [email protected]

    Hulk finds an opponent that gives him trouble

    Dr. David Banner was working in his lab, the famous scientist, whom

    unbeknownst to but only a few became the Incredible Hulk whenever he became

    angry, was trying to find an antidote to his condition. David was tired of

    this happening to him and also wanted to prevent his special condition from

    spreading, so he felt it was upon him to find a way of destroying the monster

    that he became. Alyson Albright was his main assistant in his chemistry lab,

    nicknamed by some former co-workers as Double A, both because of her initials

    and the fact that it was also her bra size, Alyson was a Junior at New

    Hampshire college and a major in chemistry and physiology. She is 5’6 and

    weighs 110 pounds, pretty average looks, wears glasses and has yet to have her

    first boyfriend even though she is 22 years old. She is a self-confessed nerd

    who could care less what others think of her, but deep down she had always

    wanted to be a jock, someone people would admire, she wanted to be respected

    for her athletic prowess. Unfortunately for her, weightlifting did nothing to

    her body, she had been in the weight room for many hours but gained almost no

    strength or muscle to be seen. That’s when she saw an advertisement for lab

    assistants in her college’s newspaper, and she accepted right away, figuring

    that she could come up with a formula that would help her achieve her dream of

    athletic superiority.

    David was finally through mixing a formula that might cure him of his

    incredible green malady. In his experiments he used lab mice, one of which had

    grown to twice its size and turned green, showing signs of muscle growth and

    increased strength. This was the animal that he gave the same treatment as he

    himself had, the memory of his first transformation formed in his mind, the

    pain still searing his senses, he shook his head and filled the syringe with

    his new formula. He shot the Hulk-mouse, which had been sedated heavily

    before, with the formula and waited, seconds passed like minutes, and then

    like hours, nothing happened. Finally, the mouse let out a shriek of pain, and

    started jerking left and right, up and down, slowly the green of the rodent’s

    fur receded until there was no noticeable green at all. Banner scanned the

    rodents body with an infrared device that allowed him to see gamma radiation.

    What he saw excited him greatly, there was no sign of radiation left in the

    mouse’s body, he was completely rid of the gamma radiation that transformed

    him! David suddenly felt a surge of adrenaline, this was it, he thought to

    himself, this will finally cure me. He also felt a head rush that made him

    feel a little nauseous, and had to sit down for a while to relieve himself of

    that feeling. "Now I have to calculate for body size difference, muscle

    density and strength difference, that could take days, I can’t rightly take

    the serum right now, I don’t know if there are any side affects, I am going to

    have to study this more." So he locked the formula up, or thought he had,

    tightly, and locked the lab door, not knowing that his assistant was still in

    the building.

    Alyson was still working on a hypothesis for her super strength potion when

    all of the sudden she heard a door lock and a car start. "Son of a bitch, the

    doc locked me in, I knew I should have checked in with him when I had the

    chance, oh well, gives me more time to work on this formula to turn me into an

    Amazon." Then she remembered that the doc had an extra set of keys in his

    office, so she went over to see if she could find them. She had found that all

    the doors weren’t locked, just the one’s going to the outside, that made her

    happier, she could basically do anything in this big building that she wanted,

    until the doc came back in the morning. She opened the door to his private lab

    and looked around, what she saw was astounding, there was a strange light

    coming from the other side of the room, an unearthly illumination like none

    she had ever seen before. She approached to find a flask full of this

    luminescent liquid. The label read XGH-2, could this be the formula that Dr.

    Banner had been working the past 3 years on, the one he thought would solve a

    lot of the world’s food problems (that’s what he told her, not even Alyson

    knew his secret). She thought to herself, maybe its a supplement, or a liquid

    that could grow plants twice the size they normally would. She jimmied the

    door open using her barrette and grabbed the container gently and carefully.

    She marveled at it, it actually seemed to radiate some sort of other worldly

    power, what had he made it with? She didn’t know why, but she was compelled to

    taste it, like it was calling for her to sample it for herself. She stuck a

    finger in the tube to scoop some out, it wasn’t poisonous or hazardous to her

    skin, she figured, might as well taste it. She stuck her finger in her mouth

    "Uh, yuck, this stuff is terrible, I wouldn’t wish this taste on my worst

    enemy." She put the flask back in the cabinet and closed the door, still

    wondering what the purpose of this mystery fluid was.

    Suddenly she felt really weak, dropping down to her hands and knees, coughing

    and wretching violently, her muscles all seemed to tighten up incredibly,

    almost to the point of cramping, but not quite. "What is happening to me, oh

    god, I feel so strange, ahhh, ahhhhh, ugh." She was screaming in pain now, the

    liquid was changing her internally, making her bones longer and stronger than

    before, her heart rate was rising erratically, it hurt so much that she passed

    out in eight seconds. Her body was still writhing in pain, changing her body

    in all kinds of ways, her muscles grew huge, she grew much taller, and she

    gained strength well beyond that of a hundred normal men, her dream had come

    true, she was now the strongest thing on the Earth, and more muscular than any

    Ms. Olympia contender. She awoke, feeling better than she had ever felt in her

    life, her body felt so light, so healthy, she got up off the floor and looked

    down at herself. She was amazed to find a body that belonged on the biggest of

    female bodybuilders, with huge breasts that were much bigger than her own

    head, she also found that her view of the world was much different than it was

    before. Her height was now 6’8", and her clothes were ripped to shreds, except

    her panties, though they were hanging only by a thread on each side. "My god,

    my body, is this real, I gotta be the biggest woman in the world, my muscles

    are huge, and my breasts are ginormous, this has always been my dream, to be

    admired for my muscles, to be much stronger than anyone I knew, and now its

    all mine and more, hahahahaha." She decided to see how strong she was, there

    was a large chunk of lead that weighed about ten pounds on the counter, she

    picked it up and held it in front of her, it was completely weightless to her.

    She giggled as she threw it up and down with no problem, "this used to be so

    heavy to me, but now it feels as light as a feather, I wonder how much

    stronger I am." With that she clamped down on it with about 60 percent of her

    total strength, the result was incredible, the metal shrieked audibly and her

    fingers sunk through the lead like a hot knife through butter. "God, that was

    easy, I could have done that easily using 25 percent of my power! I must be a

    thousand times stronger than I was, maybe more! Oh I have got to test this

    some more!" Luckily she had the keys to the school gym, where she worked out 3

    times a week and supervised while the high school kids worked out. "Well, no

    better place to test my power than a weight room, now, how should I get out of

    here, hmmm, another chance to use my power I would say!" She went to the front

    door and ripped both the doors off the hinges with only a little bit of her

    total strength, then she thought, nah, that’s not creative enough, how about

    this. She lifted the 450 pound desk in her office above her head easily and

    threw it so hard and fast that it left a huge hole in the wall that the Hulk

    himself could walk through. Now, she thought, off to really test my strength,

    walking away from the destruction she had just created.

    Alyson had decided after her destruction of the lab, she couldn’t go back, but

    she didn’t care, she had fulfilled her dreams of being a muscular amazon and

    wanted to do whatever she wanted from now on. The gym was empty, as was usual

    at 1 in the morning, which made it all the better, she didn’t need gawking

    little nerds and nerdettes trying to sneak a peak at the new her. She went to

    the office and found an XXL t-shirt and size 16 jogging pants. The shirt was a

    little tight, especially around her amazing mams and shoulders, but it held.

    The pants were tight in the butt and thighs but they were comfortable enough

    to work out in. She went over to the universal machine first and set the bench

    press at its max, 450 pounds, just what her desk was, and she had overhead

    pressed it easily. She didn’t want to do a max right away though, she wanted

    to see how many reps she could do. It went very easy for her, she didn’t even

    breathe for the 200 reps she did, and the last rep was as steady as the first,

    she just stopped because she was bored. She went over to a free weight bench

    and put 705 pounds on the 45 pound bar, 750 pounds was the school record set

    by a 350 pound senior lineman 12 years before and no one had come close since

    then. She smirked at the thought as she lifted the bar of the rests and

    brought it easily down to her impressive bust, and then steadily and easily

    lifted again. "Hmmm, I don’t see what the problem is, this weight is so light

    I can hardly feel it at all." Alyson thought she was strong, but this was

    unreal, she did 200 reps again, she was without doubt, the strongest human

    being on Earth, and she loved it. She walked back over to the Universal

    machine and checked around to see if there was any information on how much it

    weighed in total. "Oh, there is, 3,500 pounds total, hmmm, could be enough to

    challenge little old me." She took a firm grip with both hands on the middle

    of the structure and experimentally lifted the bottom of the huge machine off

    of the floor. It came up easily, hovering over the floor by two inches, Alyson

    was holding it straight, not even feeling the colossal weight pull at her arms

    at all! "God, this is nothing, I could hold this all day!" She took one hand

    off, the weight still wasn’t noticeable, then she took all fingers off but her

    pinky, and still managed to hold it like it was nothing but air. 3,500 pounds,

    1 and 3/4 tons and it was as light as a feather to her pinky!

    Alyson went out into the parking lot of the gym to see only one car there, an

    H2 Humvee, the biggest and heaviest SUV currently on the market. Her smile

    widened considerably, this could be a suitable test, 20 feet long 9600 pounds

    of the hardest steel possible. She was 200 feet away from it, and started to

    jog over to it, her unreal muscle power got her there in 2 seconds. Alyson

    reached down with two hands and tilted the H2 on two wheels, it was easy for

    her, and she walked her hands to the balance point. When she found it she

    lifted all four wheels off the ground and lifted it completely over her head

    not long after. "Boy, this isn’t challenging at all, I thought this was the

    heaviest commercial automobile ever, but it feels just about as light as that

    barbell in the gym was." She didn’t even wait to go to just one hand, that

    would be too easy as well, she took all fingers off but her left index finger,

    and held it overhead just as easily. She pumped her finger up and down, again

    and again, the truck going up and down with the greatest of ease. 4 tons plus

    was nothing to her index finger! She stopped when she got bored and then got

    an awesome idea, this was supposed to be the toughest car in the whole wide

    world, how hard would it be to crush it? She got as good a grip as she could,

    causing her fingers to dig into the dense metal like it was nothing but Jell-O

    and started bending the H2 in half. The steel screeched in horror as it

    encountered something much stronger than it was. It was easy, she folded it

    like it was nothing more than paper. Again and again, length wise, width wise,

    the steel was that was supposed to be able to take any kind of ballistic

    damage possible was powerless to stop Alyson from doing whatever she wanted

    to. "Hahahaha, this is unreal, I am not just strong, I am super strong, I must

    be millions of times stronger than I was, possibly many more times than that!

    I am not just an amazon, I am a Super Amazon." The power was taking over her

    mind, making her crazy, making her want to take over the world. "Now, there is

    but one thing to do, destroy that damn Hulk!" End of Part 1. To be continued.


    Good job iceman, keep on truckin’ dude!

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