IF you could be Dr. Frankenstein

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    All right guys, as the title says, let's put those brain cells into action, and play a litle.

    rules are simple:

    just chose the body parts of any FBB and put them all together to make your prfect match.

    Mine is:

    Christine Envall's Back,
    Kim Kliper's Arms,
    Collette Nelson's Chest
    Heather Policly's legs,

    And Cindy Phgillips' face.

    Meke your creations gentlemen…..

    (and ladies too, if you want.)

    Amazon Lover

    I'd also use Cindy Phillips' head (Let's face it; she's one of the hottest FBB's facially; if I'm not allowed to repeat names,, then Kim Kilper's a close second), Denise Horshor's arms, Elena Seiple's legs, and  Melissa Detwiller's abs and breasts (Though I'd probably wanna stray from FBB's for breasts… maybe Chelsea Charms' breasts would be better… hee hee hee…!)


    i would use jennifer mcvicars face, marja lehtonens arms, christine moores legs, autimn rabys abs, and johanna thomas breasts.  perfect!  jennifers eyes alone melt you away.  marjas arms or huge, christines legs in contest shape are amazing and ripped, autumn is as hard as they come, and johanna has mighty big breasts.


    I'd use Denise Masino's Torso, Becky Rampey's Legs, and Michelle Marolodo's Arms. As for the Head, I would use a female tiger.


    I'm grabbing from everywhere. Some super science DNA rewriting. Bwah ha ha haaaaaa….

    Basic frame with just a touch of adjustments to bring her height up to 6' and give her the room for extra size –
    Juliette Bergmann

    Head – Natasha Yi (sexy) (perky) (sultry)
    Chest & traps – Annie Rivieccio  Butt too!
    Back – Paula Suzuki
    Shoulders and forearms – Cornelia Brandt – Look how wide she is in the photo on the right.
    Biceps – Juliette Bergmann again. Great shape.
    Triceps – Athena Annis – they just pop right out.
    Legs – Heather Policky
    Thickness and calves – Tina Lockwood – No one was thicker or looks like she could be a lot thicker.

    Ok now on to the superfluous additions round – Breasts – Either Francine Dee for that Pam Anderson look or Angel Eyes for a more natural look. Natural? 😮


    for me i probably have th body like friggin huge.  if you have seen monstermuscles group than you'll know what i'm talking about  i would choose a nice thin waist and exaggerated hourglass figure.  in terms of breast size i probably choose beachball sized ones  and in terms of face i might choose Tifa Lockhart's.

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