I’m back with some new stuff :D

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    Hi everyone,

    I’m back with a new picture that I’m really, really happy with. Here is the URL http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/18346160/ .

    I think its a bit better then most of my previous work. Hope you like it 🙂



    Another steller work there, great stuff. Kinda surprising I haven’t seen this particular subject before but I probably don’t know where to look. Right I’ll go back to lurking now.


    Excellent pic Bass!!! Very evil looking indeed, I’d like and hope to see that fanfic here in the future as well. Great work.

    Cheers, Lonebeatle.


    In a couple of the Street Fighter games, the character evil Sakura appeared. Basically she got a tan, and her moves changed slightly. She was also able to do the Shun Goku Satsu. Well, a couple of days ago I had an idea for a fanfic, where Sakura gets annoyed with constantly been turned down to be trained by Ryu, and starts to give into the Satsui No Hadou (Surge of the Intent to Murder). The hatred brews up in her, and she managed to convince Akuma in training her. To cut a long story short, she loses control of herself and the raw power the Satsui No Hadou gives her, which leads to this picture.

    Excellent picture 😆

    And btw, do you happen to have that fanfic? I would love to read it 😀

    Deadly Pixxxie

    That is one evil looking Sakura.

    Amazon Lover

    Okay, just three things to say, BassAsh:

    First, very cool pix. That’s quite an amazing job you did, making them seem so hugely muscular; not too many people can make that much definition look realistic (Or at least so that they girls look muscular and not just lumpy).

    Second, is the "Bass" in your name pronounced like the instrument or the fish?

    Third, I see your profile says you’re a fan of digimon, eh…? Any chance that we could see a super-muscled Kazemon (Or as she’s called in Japan, Fairymon)?


    Thanks everyone 😀

    And to answer all questions, in the order of been asked:

    1.) No, I don’t have anything yet. It’s something I’ve been thinking of working on just recently. I’m pretty busy with Uni work right now and I’ll hopefully be able to start on something next week.

    2.) Its Bass as in the muscial instrument, not the fish.

    3.) Good suggestion 😀 That one is now in the queue (don’t worry, it’s a pretty short queue).


    Strangely enough I’ve been thinking about doing a similar thing in a fic for a while, though in my case it’s got more of a hulk vibe (changes when she gets mad enough) and it’s just one thing going on among many just though I’d mention that, your idea sounds just as interesting.


    😯 You mean I’ve been calling you a fish all this time?

    😕 Man…this is worse then we I learned that I was pronouncing Ryu wrong for over 15 years…


    pronouncing Ryu wrong

    Well, if we’re going to go down THAT road,

    I have always wondered if JUNIK is pronounced



    as in FUN

    JUN–IK !!!! 😀

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