Images…Artwork needed for My Stories…please help!

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    i have 208MB of storage left plus 1500 mb monthly bandwith on my website

    If anyone needs storage i will gladly host my images there in exchange for some pics of mary stacey and veronica….

    now i dont have any cash to offer for drawings…but image space is the next best thing i can offer…i have a website a premium account and my own domain….with password protection…i can offer options there


    If anyone has time or would like to contribute some art work already finished that would fit the storyline of Hormonal Springs in the FMG section…


    [email protected]

    NOTE: IT CAN BE PAINTSHOP IMAGE OF REAL GIRLS WHO FIT THE PROFILES OF MARY STACEY AND VERONICA…OR DRAWN…AND IT CAN BE ANY WORK FROM CURRENT TO THE PAST…JUST ALLOW ME TO USE IT IN THE would be nice if someone would draw the girls as they change…before and after sketches would be nice…take a gander at the story if you have time and let me know…

    I would be most happy and thankful

    i can’t draw…but i can write so id like to hook up with someone who can draw the 3 girls in the story as they begin to transform…and perhaps have them in the caves at ainsworth hot springs….

    I have done some photoshop picture collages to help tell the story…but as far as drawing the girls…thats beyond my scope

    If you have some finished work from the past that would fit…i would like that too…i can host the images on my website…i have Monthly Allowance: 1.5 Gb of picture hosting bandwith available to me currently …and Available: 208.2 Mb of actual storage no problems there for hosting your images on my space


    well i found some free art posted by scoundrel….that strangely enough fits the character of stacey….and i found one that fits veronica’s via a google web search in images gallery…and a one kjerimia that posted a image that wondefully represents what mary looks like at episode III

    ……hopefully no one will be mad for me collaging these together….these are the closest pics i could find…that would represent the changes….however as any story goes the artwork

    is to interpretation….so hopefully someone can make artwork for this…but until then i will post the collage of the images so people have a refrence point…

    Mary of Kappa Fi Sorority

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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