Intentions – Chapter 1

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    Here is a story I am currently working on. Will begin working on new chapters soon. Any thoughts or requests are more than welcome. Thanks, hope everyone enjoys, Loner.


    By lonerforhire

    “Caroline Andrews… what more is there to say? She is the perfect representation of what a girl, my mistake, a woman should be.” Glenn explained to his fellow colleagues.

    “Well compared to the mass amount of women worldwide, I would say she falls in the average category, but I could agree to your statement if you limit it to just the area of Clayton Valley.” Matthew replies to his friend‘s praise towards their current object of affection.

    “Guys, we’re just trying to hook up with the hottest girl at school.” Dustin says while smiling and playing with the idea.

    “Dustin, please! We’re plotting here, it goes against the whole idea when you speak in such a unprofessional manner, plus you’re spoiling the mood dude.” Glenn says rather seriously as he paces around his parent’s basement. “Caroline is the most attractive girl at school by far, but she will have nothing to do with us. We spent all of our junior year trying to get up enough courage to finally approach her and ask her out, and each attempt failed, which I might add deeply hurt and scarred Matthew seeing as he already had a terrible fear of rejection.” Glenn continues as he glances at Matthew who appeared to get rather uncomfortable after that statement. “So what must we do? We must go and make her notice us. No more will we be overlooked in the eyes Caroline Andrews, or any women for that matter. We will be noticed. Women will flock to us. They will desire us. We will finally use our skills in Dark Arts to do what we want when we want!” Glenn exclaimed.

    “Please don’t use the term Dark Arts, it’s not like we’re doing anything too wrong…just altering our appearance…” Matthew states to Glenn before reviewing their final plan.

    Dustin adds, “I always liked to refer to ourselves as Warlocks… maybe even Wizards, yeah…Wizar…”

    “ENOUGH! I get the point. Gosh, We don’t need to get sidetracked now. Okay, let’s just review the plan again, time is against us here.” Glenn stresses as he begins his speech and pointing to his dry erase board explaining in detail various blueprints and schematics for such a small review.

    “Gentlemen, here are our intentions. As we all know Caroline has a Study Hall during 3rd period, in which that time she usually helps out Mrs. Merchant and Nicole Jennings with the school newspaper. During a majority of that time she is alone in the classroom working on her articles for the paper while the other two run errands. Cue us. We all skip our regular classes during this time segment and regroup in the supply room across the hall. At that time Dustin will cast the spell and enable us to shape shift. And with that great ace up our sleeve we will be able to morph ourselves into the most handsome, muscular, heartthrob hunks that any typical conformed high school girl lusts for. And this my friends is just a taste of what is to come.” Glenn finished with a smirk on his face.

    “Why don’t we just transform here and then go to class?” Matthew asked.

    “Why not just make it simple and use a love charm making her our willing love slave?” Dustin added.

    “Don’t you guys watch T.V.? There’s always a risk with love spells or charms, I mean your identity is still revealed, she could snap out of it, someone could see you plus I think that charms are childish and underneath our style…”

    Both Matthew and Dustin stare awkwardly at Glenn as he rambles on before noticing odd stares aimed towards him.

    “Anyway… as for doing the spell here and now. The translation for the spell is pretty rough to make out completely but it states the effects of the transformation aren’t permanent. I don’t know how long the effects will last so we need to be nearby when we perform it to save time when we approach her, obviously. If this trail goes successfully we will begin plans for a counter spell to enable us to transform as we please. ” Glenn explained as he gathered his things from the table packing them into his bag.

    “Okay, I think everything is set, I think we’ve got everything packed up.” Matthew states as he is double-checking his supplies.

    “Wow…this is really it, we’re like superheroes, or would we be super-villains?” Dustin asked out loud.

    Glenn looked back at the board making sure everything was ready before they would leave for school. “That’s it, we’re set and everything is going as planned, but we’ve got to hurry now or we’ll miss the bus…”


    Clayton Valley High School was a rather large high school for such an average town. School had just started back from summer vacation two weeks ago and the excitement that was present before had reverted back to the old familiar depressing mood from the students and staff as well. As students entered the front doors and flooded the halls in hopes to make it to class on time, one of many school buses approached the main entrance to the school. The bus stops movement as students exit one by one followed by three obviously older looking students…

    “God, I wish my mom would let me put my driver’s license to good use and actually drive a car.” Glenn whines to his two friends as they exit the bus.

    “Yeah, all of our parents are way too over protective. Riding with all these junior high kids really hurts our reputation as seniors here.” Matthew replies as they approach and sit at one of tables near the school’s front doors.

    “Okay, as soon as you two get out of 2nd period meet me in the supply room across from Mrs. Merchant’s room. I mean it guys, we can’t waste any time. I’ll be there first since I will have to pick the lock and then we need to get underway ASAP… guys please pay attention, this is very important to our…plan…” Just as Glenn uttered the word ‘plan’ he noticed that his partners weren’t paying any attention to him, they were instead starring Caroline Andrews. Glenn almost froze as the head cheerleader walked towards the school. Her movement, so smooth and soft, smiling with every step, she was so beautiful. Her long blonde hair flowed in the wind as she was walking with such grace. Her legs seemed so toned, so full, as her creamy thighs brushed against her skirt with every passing step. She had such a toned body. Her chest seemed to inflate with each breath. Her bellybutton also being slightly exposed as her cheerleading top rose with every breath she took.

    This sight alone was too much for the three of them as they sat and stared in awe at her as she passed by and entered the building. The three of them regained themselves and took a moment before starting the conversation again. Matthew was about to ask Glenn what he was saying before, but then he just noticed Nicole Jennings walking towards the building. He again fell into a trance as he stared at Nicole tying her short black hair up while walking towards Mrs. Merchant. She was wearing a snug purple t-shirt and a pair of blue jean shorts. He examined her from her sandals exposing her cute toes all the way up to her dark brown eyes hidden behind a pair of black glasses. Nicole was the editor for the school newspaper. She was an honor student, not hugely popular but well known. In Matthew’s eyes Nicole was mildly cute, nowhere near the level of Caroline though. He imagined her as someone he could open up to from the opposite sex, someone he could relate to. He thought of various ideas about the notion of finally having a girlfriend, finally being able to have anyone he desired, all risk free. His thoughts were interrupted as the 1st period bell rang.

    Glenn reminded the two to be on time during 3rd period as they each rose from the table and headed towards their morning classes.


    Time passed rather slowly as students waited anxiously for the 3rd period bell to ring. As soon as it did students rose rather quickly from their seats and rushed towards the door. Students exited their rooms and entered the halls as Glenn nervously walked towards Mrs. Merchant’s room. Beads of sweat began forming on his brow as his mind quickly filled with thoughts of paranoia. He finally reached the supply room and waited for students to clear the halls. As the hallways started to become empty, Glenn reached inside his backpack and grabbed his lock pick. He quickly applies it to the keyhole and opens the door. He takes one brief look over his shoulder as before rushing into the room. In less than five minutes Matthew and Dustin joined Glenn. Dustin confirmed that Caroline was in Mrs. Merchants room working on her school spirit article for the newspaper. The three of them arranged their belongings on the floor and prepared to perform the spell.

    “Ok, this is it… Let’s see if this will actually work. Dustin, you ready?” Glenn eagerly asked his friend as he turned off the room’s lights.

    “Yeah I’m set, let me just review the pronunciation one more time.” Dustin nervously replies as his eyes overlook the wording one final time. He places the spell book down and reaches in his book bag and pulls out a cloak that he ties around his neck.

    Glenn and Mathew both stare at the cloak and then each other before laughing aloud. Dustin has an angered look on his face as his friends are in laughter on his behalf.

    “Nice cape…” Glenn mutters while he continues to laugh.

    “Don’t make fun of my magic cloak! It’s imperative to the spell.” Dustin explains while lighting several candles and arranged around himself.

    “Sure it is, just like those magic candles, heh” Glenn remarks. “But are we ready?”

    “Indeed. Here goes nothing.” Dustin says as he picks up the spell book. He clears his throat and takes a deep breath. At that moment the door opens and Caroline enters the room. She flicks the light switch and notices three guys sitting in the floor surrounded by candles and one of them is wearing a cape.

    “What are you doing in here?” Glenn nervously asked while Matthew blows out the candles and Dustin is frozen in fear.

    “I’m getting a new ink cartridge for the printer. What exactly were you guys doing and why are you wearing a cape?” Caroline curiously asks while trying not to laugh at this situation.

    “Umm, we were just…mmm, studying.” Glenn awkwardly states.

    “I see.” Caroline replies while smirking and walking to nearby cabinet and taking an ink cartridge. “Don’t worry about it guys, I know you already have it bad enough, I won’t tell anyone.” She laughs then exits the room.

    “She knew we existed. She actually remembered us…whoa.” Dustin says with a surprised look on his face.

    “Shut up. Damn it, she knows now. She could suspect something or tell someone.” Matthew

    “She isn’t going to suspect anything. Don’t overact, we’re moving along as planned. She won’t even recognize me in a few minutes. Dustin lets continue. Go ahead and transform me.” Glenn eagerly commanded.

    “What? Why do you get to go first?” Matthew asks.

    “Yeah, why you? I’m the one doing this, I should go first. I want to finally be the jock for once.” Dustin added.

    “What? You two are insane, I’m the one who formed our group; I’m the one who masterminded this entire plan. I’m going first.” Glenn exclaimed.

    “Not before I do it to myself first.” Dustin replied as he once again cleared his throat and picked up the book.

    “Give me the damn book, I’ll do it myself!” Glenn shouted as he lunged at Dustin attempting to steal the book. Matthew watched as they began to roll around the floor. He attempted to break them apart.

    “Come on guys, don’t fight! Stop it! We’ll just let Dustin perform the spell on himself and then he’ll transform us afterwards.” Matthew pleaded.

    Matthew continued to try and separate the two but was to no luck. Glenn appeared to get more and more angry by the moment as he had Dustin pinned on the ground trying to release the spell book from Dustin’s tight grip. Matthew grabbed Glenn and tried to get him off of Dustin, but in response Glenn elbowed Matthew in the face and knocked him down several feet away. Matthew was dazed by this blow and reached up to rub his jaw but quickly switched his focus to the door as the handle turned and the door slowly opened again. Nicole entered the room holding the ink cartridge that Caroline had previous taken. Nicole was startled as she saw Glenn and Dustin brawling on the floor. At that exact moment, Dustin positioned the open pages of the book towards himself and shouted the words,” Vincrie, Tego, Excudo!” As soon as he began saying the spell aloud, the words from the pages started to glow. He almost finished pronouncing the words with the book aimed upright at his chest, but Glenn forcefully tried to aim the book towards himself at the last minute. Glenn used all of his strength as he screamed and finally grabbed the book from Dustin’s vice grip. The force used made Glenn fall backwards and throw the book across the room as the word ‘Excudo’ exited Dustin’s mouth. The spell book landed in front of Nicole’s feet as the glowing text released a large bright bolt of energy that struck Nicole violently knocking her to the floor and tossing the ink cartridge across the room.


    Glenn and Dustin slowly got up not knowing what had just happened. They debated and argued at each other before Dustin noticed Matthew lying across the room staring at the door. They then both noticed Nicole lying on the floor. They looked at her then looked at each other and then quickly fled the room. Matthew watched as they ran out the door leaving all of their belongings and him behind. He quickly rose to his feet and walked towards Nicole. He kicked the spell book to the side hoping she wouldn’t see it as he leaned down beside her.

    “Are you okay?” Matthew shyly asks. “I was in the hall and saw you…trip, so I wanted to see if you were okay.” He tells her hoping she will buy into his cheesy lie.

    She seemed dazed as she slowly sat up. “I’m…ok… I guess. I really don’t remember what happened. I was coming to get an ink cartridge for the printer since Caroline got the wrong one before and I guess I blacked out there for a second… It’s all kind of a blur… I guess I must have fallen down…” Nicole explained as she slowly rose to her feet. She seemed dizzy at first but regained herself she walked over to the supply cabinet and took the correct cartridge. She looked at Matthew said, “Thanks for your concern and everything.” she added while heading towards the door. “I’m Nicole by the way, Nicole Andrews.” She stated.

    Matthew seemed to start sweating and nervously replied, “I’m Uhm… I’m Matthew Harrison… Nice to meet you Nicole.”

    “Nice to meet you to Matthew.” Nicole said as she smiled back at him.

    Matthew himself smiled a little as his shyness was beginning to ease up. Before either one could say another word a voice was heard from the hallway.

    “Nicole, did you find that ink cartridge?” Caroline asks as she calls out into the hall.

    “I got to get back and help finish this week’s paper. We’re already behind schedule… I guess I’ll see you around.” Nicole said politely as she left the room. Before Matthew can even gather his thoughts he is startled by the sound of fists tapping against the room’s windows. Glenn and Dustin were outside signaling for Matthew to get out of there. He gathered the left over materials and spell book as he opened a window and quickly climbed out. They quickly left campus to find someplace secure to discuss what had just happened…


    Nicole walked down the hallway trying to figure out what could have happened that would cause for her to black out. She was still completely confused as she brainstormed trying to recall what had happened. She was about to walk into Mrs. Merchant’s class when a very odd feeling overtook her. She instantly felt very lightheaded. She stopped in the hall and put her hand against her head as she began to feel even worse. She knew something was wrong as a feeling of nausea took hold so she turned around and headed for the girl’s bathroom. As she walked down the hall she began to feel very warm, like she was having a hot flash. Every step she took became more and more uncomfortable as it felt as if her sandals were digging into her feet. Beads of sweat began forming and slowly falling down her face as she expressed a sign of confusion and illness. Her entire body began to feel tense as her hands slowly started to shake.

    She stopped in the hall and leaned against a set of lockers to try and regain herself. The warm feeling continued as she struggled to move on. For some unknown reason she was now beginning to feel aroused. This made her moan out slightly as sweat continually slid down the side of her face. She was confused and beginning to get scarred. She had no idea what was happening to her. The feelings continued as she began to pant more and more. Her nipples rose and began to press against her shirt due to her erotic behavior. She brushed her hair backward wiping the sweat off her forehead. She noticed her hair seemed slightly longer as she pressed it back. Strains brushed against her lips and neck as hair now seemed to hang below her shoulders, which was coming to a shock for her. She then felt a slight tingling sensation from her feet. She looked down and noticed her once loose and comfortable sandals were now very tight and digging into her skin. Her feet seemed larger as they took up more space within the sandals, as if they were several sizes too small. Another rush of warmth hits her body and she begins to slightly spasm this time. She shook it off but heard a slight ripping noise from below. Her eyes widened as her face filled with fear as she watched one of her sandal straps snap as her feet began flourishing uncontrollably. Her toes were pressing against the edge of the sandals as they began to pulsate and stretch outward. Within seconds they were hanging over the soles and touching the cold tile floor of the hallway. She closed her eyes and started to squeeze the ink cartridge with a tight grip. She opened her eyes only to realize that each strap on each foot was becoming tighter and tighter before they would fall victim to Nicole’s massively growing feet. Within seconds her feet had swelled and destroyed any trace of her sandals. It didn’t stop there, her massive feet, now fully touching the cold floor still grew as her toes ventured forward. Becoming dazed and thinking she was hallucinating; Nicole awoke and realized that this was really happening. She couldn’t believe what had just happened as she began to breathe heavily and panic. The feelings were continuing and only becoming stronger. She dropped the ink cartridge and ran to the girl’s bathroom immediately leaving behind her shredded footwear.


    She made it to the bathroom at the end of the hall as she staggered through the door hoping no one else was present. She walked towards the sink and took her glasses off before washing her face several times. She was hoping she would wake up from a terrible dream any second. Suddenly Nicole shivered as she began to feel hot and flushed again. She became aroused, as her knees grew weak. She leaned upon the sink and looked down to see her massive feet as a reminded of before. What the hell is happening to me she fearfully thought. Her nipples sprouted outward against her now tight shirt as her breasts seemed larger. She cupped her breasts and in fact they were larger. Nicole’s index finger slightly glazed her nipple sending a jolt of electricity racing through Nicole’s body, right down between her legs. She gasped in shock as she could feel her breasts swelling in her hands. With every breath her chests inflated pressing against her now tight shirt. A mixture of fear and sexual excitement raged through her mind. She wet her dry lips as thoughts of ecstasy took hold and flooded her mind. All thoughts of fear, doubt, or worry that was present before was gone. Her vagina was becoming moist in response to these intense feelings. She desperately tried to control her breathing as her hands grazed her maturating bust; she then realized her clothes were shrinking.

    She watched in amazement as her shirt sleeves slowly traveled up her arms. They rose upward passing her now broadening shoulders. She felt spasms tingling at her stomach when she looked down to see her toned waist. Her skintight shirt revealed developing abs pulsating against the fabric. She watched in amazement as her entire body was altering and becoming toned and defined. Then Nicole heard a popping sound followed by the echo of something hitting the floor across the room. She felt a release as she looked down and saw that the button to her shorts had busted. She then lifted up her shirt and gasped as she saw her rippling abs. She placed her hand on her now defined stomach. She felt the muscles throbbing against her hand as she moaned as another sharp jolt rushed through her already heated body. Her shorts were now uncomfortably tight as they tried to expand in response to Nicole’s now widening thighs. She looked down at her legs and watched as they grew in pure mass. Her creamy thighs became toned as her calves became tight and swelled with muscle. Her skin took a darker shade of color as muscle inflated from underneath it. The experience was becoming too much for her to handle. Nicole had never felt anything like this before; the raw sexual energy was too much of a burden. She deeply wanted to masturbate now as her mind was flooded with erotic thoughts. Her thighs thickened to the point where her weak shorts couldn’t contain such a mass amount of muscle. Her ass swelled and pressed tightly against the back of her shorts, tearing the fabric as skin poured out of the exposing holes. As her muscles became too much to contain, her zipper began unzipping itself downward revealing the crotch area of her underwear, which she could feel her clit throbbing as her vagina pressed against her white panties. A ripping sound was heard as the shorts slowly tore down the sides. She slightly flexed her thighs as the shorts bursted at the seams.

    Nicole now had the legs of any professional bodybuilder; the toned massively powerful muscles still trembled, as the only remaining piece of clothing on her lower half was her underwear. Her upper body was soon to follow in this trend. Her breasts were huge now as they squeezed against her dying shirt. Her arms were throbbing with an undeniable power. She watched as veins began to appeared over her arm followed by a tense inflating feeling that was all to familiar now. Her biceps rose into rock hard solid masses of muscle. She bit her lip in delight as she ran her hand over her new veiny muscle. She even began to flex and pump it up to get more fuel that raced through her body into her arm. Her neck and shoulders was tensing up as two solid foundations of muscle began to spilt the collar of her shirt. Her back was very defined as well as she arched her back upward a loud ripping sound was heard as a large gap exposed her incredible backside. Nicole then reached up and grabbed the collar of her shirt and ripped the remaining articles off. Her swelling breasts were suffocating in the restrictive bra so she took the liberty of flexing her pectoral muscles and destroying the bra in one swift motion. She now stood topless rubbing her perky orbs of flesh as she looked in the mirror. The only piece of clothing she had left were her panties, which were fighting a losing battle. The front area that once covered more than enough of her vagina now looked like a string hidden in her moist clit. Finally her ass swelled to the point where her huge slabs of muscle snapped her panties like tissue as they fell to the floor.

    Nicole now stood complete naked, having the body of an Amazon. She was still herself, but this incredible transformation had made her feel so extraordinary. Only thoughts of pleasure entered her mind. She finally reached down and gave into the aggravating sensation. She slowly lowered her hand down her stomach, sliding her fingers past her budging abs and grazing her bellybutton. She then slid her index finger downward inside herself. Nicole closed her eyes and cried out with slight moans and she repeated this process numerous times as she teased her firm nipples and slid in more fingers inside her dripping clit. "Mmm-MMMMMMMM…Oh..Oh..OH.OHHHHHHHHH!!" squealed Nicole. Her eyes shot open as she let out a loud scream as this moment overtook her. She spasmed and twisted as she then started to cum in rapidly succeeding orgasms. Every part of her body tensed up as waves of pleasure rushed through her. Nicole shuddered hard, her heart thundering in her heavy chest. Her knees weakened as the warm waves of pleasure took hold knocking her to the floor. After so much stimulation and no release before, she finally felt pure bliss.

    Nicole now laid on the bathroom floor naked. Before she could regain herself to move she gasped as a strong relief feeling hit her. She moaned out as she felt as if she had been given a massive massage. She felt so relaxed and stress free. She felt so comfortable that she almost feel asleep right then and there. She slowly sat back up and held her head. Her vision was now blurred as she could barely see. She remembered leaving her glasses on the sink so she slowly got up and walked to the sink and put her glasses on. To her surprise she was her regular self again. She frowned as she deeply lusted for that kind of experience again. Something had tapped into her and she desperately wanted to figure out what the hell had just taken place. At the time she heard footsteps draw near from the hallway. Nicole quickly jumped into one of the stalls as she heard the bathroom door open.

    “Nicole…Are you in here?” The voice called out.

    Nicole easily recognized that it was Caroline. She replied, “Caroline, I’m here. I just had… a little accident…”

    “Okay… are you sure everything is okay? You were gone for a while and I saw the ink cartridge lying in the hallway and thought something may have happened… Nothing did happen did it?” Caroline asks Nicole with some concern.

    “No…no, everything is fine. I just need to ask a huge favor of you Caroline. I spilt some ink on my clothes before and it’s stained now. Would you please run to the girl’s locker room and get my spare shirt out of my locker, and my shorts as well…and my running shoes if you don’t mind…” Nicole politely asked while shyly sitting on the toilet naked.

    “Umm… Sure… I’ll be right back.” Caroline says while noticing a pair of bare feet underneath the toilet stall and taking one final look at the ripped clothing laying all around the room…

    To be continued…


    Great work 😀


    Wow! Love the story, Lurking Loner person. Thanks for posting it! Looking forward to seeing how it develops!


    Thanks guys.

    Heh, i knew this name would even appear ‘creepy’ in this realm. Just call me Loner.


    Nice start! Please continue!

    rowan morrison

    Thanks for sharing the beginnings of this cool new story with us 😀


    Thank you Rowan for sharing all of your PMs with us. Some great work, I always know where to look at the beginning of each month 🙂

    I will continue the story, it just might take longer than expected so bare with me.

    Thanks again everyone,



    Loner For Hire,

    Thanks for sharing this story.

    As I’ve said elsewhere this is a cool beginning.

    Especially since the growth into a She-Hunk wasn’t initially the suject’s goal but totally unexpected.

    Hope those Grimore Geeks don’t get their hands on the Cliff Notes version of the Necronomicon 😛


    awsome storie plz continue it


    Dude. Sweet story. Especially loved the tranformation. Very hot! You gotta give us more, we’re dyin’ here, man!

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