Is the woman always cruel to the man in these stories?

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    First of all, hello to everyone, i’m new here…

    Secondly, although i LOOOOVE this genre, i hate these sad endings where the girl is totally mean to the man. Why cant she have a dominant relationship with him?

    Making him into a slave ins’t what i’m talking about here. I’m more talking about this sort of thing:

    How come stories about strong girls arent like that very often?

    I’m just writing this thread to answer the question "Am I just getting bad luck, or is my taste in stories really that different from most of you?"

    Thank you for your time.



    Every author has his own style and likes, and while only a few can actually surprise you, most of them stick to the same types of characters and endings.

    Given the chareteristics of the story you linked, which was heavy D/S, but with a somewhat "loving" angle to it, you might want to read the works of Valerafon, Uplifted, Plowjack, Puppetman and a few others in Diana The Valkyrie library.


    Thank you ! These are some of the best stories i’ve ever read! I really really ejoyed them!

    Thank you a thouand times!


    i prefer girls who start off normal and transform into a muscle girl by some thing


    Good evening folks, just ran across your site,

    Jared86 it seems that the tastes of most writers is in the s/m area. The few stories I actually enjoy are the ones where there is a normal relationship, just that the woman is stronger, and both partners accept that. You might try Rabbits stories on the Valkyrie, they usually end up with the woman learning to be a bit more gentle (dare I say "human") in the end.


    Just a suggestion, but . . . 8)

    Although he normally focused upon GTS type growth stories, you might want to try out the stories by Hi-Standard, who also had an interest in FMG as a part of the transformation process, especially "Boomfood" and "The Inheritors" (these two are also concidered Gigantic Couples stories). Several of his works are preserved over on in the story archive section.

    Another (and seeming forgotten with the passage of time) classic of FMG of Amazonian proportions would have been the story (in truth, it’s novella/novel length) "The Necklace" by Silent One who was a long time contributor / poster of materials on ZZZ’s two forums.

    And of course there are the Gentle GTS works by Kate (aka GTSKate of She-Grew) who I’ve previous mentioned in other threads pertaining to women writers of the transformation genre.

    “I like a good story well told. That is the reason I am sometimes forced to tell them myself.”
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    Althou I don’t put myself in the class of the authours mentioned above you can check out my humble stories if your looking for non-violent amazons. Ok except Mandy in The Blue Necklase she’s getting a bit violent at the moment but she is the exception.

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