Journal of SFC Jason N. White

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    Mr. Stone

    13 April 2005

    I felt this would be a good way to think through things and also keep those who are concerned in the loop about what’s going on as far as the military is concerned. It might be helpful to Marilynn also.

    No word on any new recruits coming in yet. My guess is that changes have to be made at the OSUT (One Station Unit Training) level before they make their way here. The women may be stronger, but untrained is untrained. I have 15 years of shoot, move, and communicate ingrained in my head, they don’t. I guess that’s a big advantage for me. It’s the only thing I’m counting on to garner respect. Experience and know-how will give me that much at least.

    It’s good to know that the military will still maintain it’s standards and it’s Code of Conduct. The women spoken of earlier are in the process of a Dishonorable discharge under conduct unbecoming. After that morning, the rest of the day was much the same problems. I’m astounded at the strength they have though. The gap between us and them is much more vast than it was when men were the stronger sex. I imagine that the fact they were already physically fit -one was a bodybuilder- that it only accelerated whatever chanages may have occured. It’s a shame that they will be leaving. I never knew they held so much resentment to their command. Unfortunately, not all of the ranking individuals in this man’s military are who should be, leaders. I’ll stop there on that subject.

    The females soldiers don’t seem to mind what’s happening to them. I just hope they fair better on the outside. It’s not an easy transition.

    I, personally, have never had any problems with women warriors. My duty is to my country and the people who live there. If these women can help see to it’s well-being, than I welcome the opportunity to fight with them. Besides, I get paid all the same. I’m only concerned about the other side. Our enemies our going through the same thing.

    On a personal note, my wife and daughter have been doing well. My wife is as beautiful as ever. I don’t think any change will ever change that. She seems to be adapting well. She says it’s been heplful at work and around the house. My daughter, at 16, is up and down. It was bad enough her hormones were going crazy in the first place. She still has aspirations stepping into her daddy’s shoes though. The wonderful thing about that is, it’s actually possible now. She’s already more physically capable now than I was before the changes. She’s taken to pushing my pick-up around the neighborhood for exercise. She has me steer for her. It’s all in good fun. I love them both.

    Mr. Stone

    It’s been awhile since my last entry. Things have been hectic to say the least. I guess I can talk about our newest recruit. She arrived two days after the four beligerents were chaptered. Everyone was happy to see them leave. Of course, they couldn’t go quitely. One didn’t bother opening the door before blasting through it. The others just started turning over cars in the parking lot. We would have called the MP’s, but that would mean they would still be around. Better to see them go.

    This new sergeant is a breath of fresh air. Professional, resourceful, and helpful. She even agrees that the PT test is now unfair. We talked about it after her intial test. 180 push-ups in 2 min, one arm. More sit-ups in 2 mins. 8:30 2 mile run. Of course, we all have failed ours under the old standards. She expects that the new standards will be out within the year.

    She is our new supply sergeant. As of right now, there aren’t any combat recruits incoming. Only a matter of time. All promotions and deployments have been put on hold. They are also offering a large cash bonus for those that wish to extend. Apparently, there have been a large amount of male soldiers leavng the military under various circumstances. Why fight it? Doesn’t matter. Nature will take it’s course.

    On the homefront. My wife is the most beautiful woman in the world. Despite the physical switch around, she still allows me my manly duties. My God I love her. My daughter is taking a different turn, however. She seems more domineering to the guys she brings over. I’m not sure how much I like this. I’d hate to accuse her of anything right away, but she’s definately not being her usual self. Her strength is also growing astoundingly fast. I really wish some infortmation would get out there. people need some answers.

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