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    a montagne

    Notes from the author (me) :P.

    I've been wanting to write a story for a while, and ever once in a while I'll jot down a note or two about it. Then I finally got around to writing it :). This is my first story, so I hope you like it!

    Also, this story is, of course, fiction. There will be no set time between entries (both in when I post them and the date in the story). Also, this story will not include any female domination, malicious violence, HUGE breasts, giantesses, magic, little brothers, or instantaneous growth. I plan on the story being fairly realistic (though not too much so) with the character growing through natural means (lifting weights) and chronicling her progress as well as the impact it has on her life. Any feedback is appreciated!


    Entry 1: July 20 (age 15)
      I suppose first journal entries are always the hardest. One of the things that make it hard is putting who I am in words. I've always been one to not be content with something until it meets a certain personal standard; unfortunately for me, I have high standards. I suppose some people view that as a positive attribute, as it means always striving to better oneself through studies and experience rather than just doing the required minimum; however, my standards are always rising and it takes great effort to keep up.

      You may ask how this applies to something as simple and informal as a journal entry. My answer is that, as I said before, whenever I encounter something new, I invest a lot of effort into it. In the case of this entry, that means planning out the structure before I write it, the wording, what things to discuss, planning for future entries, I could go on… Fortunately, I expect with time that my entries will become easier to write as well as more "naturally" written.

      I'm sure you've had enough of the writing talk, so I'll start by introducing myself. My name is Kara. I'm so glad my parents named me Kara instead of something like Tiffany or Britney. Those kinds of names make me cringe. I am currently only 2 days away from my 16th birthday (this journal is an early birthday gift from my best friend, Amber).

      Speaking (or writing) of Amber, she is roughly the same age as me (she is only 2 weeks older). We met back when I was 6 and my parents enrolled me in my first gymnastics class. Don't tell my parents, but I've never really enjoyed gymnastics. The only reasons I am still in it are so I can be with my friend and to appease my parents. Looking back, I suspect they enrolled me in order to teach me focus and self discipline, and in that regard it has succeeded. When I set my mind on something, I don't let anything distract me. While I have never really been that good in gymnastics, the lessons in determination I've learned have spilled over into other areas of my life, like my studies.

      All my life I have had private tutors. I've found these tutors to be very expensive, so my education must be very important to my parents. Luckily for me, they haven't pushed me to go to college early like many of their other students. I want to enjoy my childhood and take my time, not be forced in college before I'm ready. In fact, lately I've been pushing to go to a nearby high school. I feel like I'm missing out on a big aspect of life: social interaction. I wouldn't say I've been confined or anything, but I rarely interact with people my own age other than Amber and a few other friends. In fact, Amber is the one who brought about the idea. She talked her parents into letting her enroll. My parents are still thinking the idea over, but I'm pretty confident they'll let me go.

      All this and I haven't described my parents! My mom was born in Japan and moved to the United States when she was about my age. My dad is originally from Spain and came to the US a few years later. Is it weird to have parents who are from different countries? Anyway, they met in their senior year at MIT (they are roughly the same age). My mom got her masters in nutrition while my dad went to medical school and became a doctor. My parents work very hard and love me very much, but I know that their work keeps them very busy. They go out of town very often, many times leaving me alone. I spend most of my time studying up and planning for what will be the biggest undertaking of my life.

      I have kept this a secret from my parents and friends for years. Only Amber's brother Eric and I know about it. It all started when I was 10. Back then Eric was in his junior year in college (he is 10 years older than me). He had always been an athletic person, I remember him being on the soccer team in high school. While he was off at college, he became interested in bodybuilding. He was about 2 years into the training when I saw him at Amber's birthday party. He was in town to visit and celebrate her birthday. We all went swimming together and that's when it happened. He was shirtless in his swimming shorts and everyone could tell those years of training were paying off. All of the girls at the party (including their moms) couldn't keep their eyes off him. I thought then that he must be the perfect man, and all because of his bodybuilding.

      Over the next few months I couldn't stop thinking about him and my attraction to him. Then one day it hit me, I wanted to get the same kind of attraction from men. I felt physical development enhanced attractiveness, so I was determined to start working out. Eric came down for another visit a few months later and I had decided I would approach him and ask him how to get started. I remember that conversation very well. We discussed what I wanted (with me hiding my most inner desires of course). I wanted muscles, and ones that looked good. However, he told me I was not ready yet! Since I was only 10 getting into a serious weight training program may hamper my development. He said it was better for me to wait, but that he would help me when I was ready.

      Over the next few years we talked often about bodybuilding and I learned a lot from him (he went on to become a personal trainer). I learned that it was more than simply lifting weights, but also how you lift the weights and how other things like diet and other exercises effect development. Since then I've been maintaining a very strict diet. About 8 months ago he moved back to town and worked in one of the local gyms. Since then our discussions became more frequent, and we decided that my 16th birthday would be the best time to start training, which is the day after tomorrow!

      In addition to using this journal as a log of the events in my life, I also plan on using it to track my physical development. Since this is the first entry, I'll describe myself as I am now. I am currently about 5'8 (which I hear is tall for my age). Overall, I'm what you could describe as lean (due to my gymnastics training), but I've made sure with my diet to not get too thin and to not over-exert myself. This morning when I weighed myself I came in at 112lbs. I'll try to include a more detailed description in my next entry, but I've ran out of time for this one! I'll write again soon!

    Mark Newman

    This is a very good start.  I'm looking forward to seeing where you go with it.



    Realistic story… what'll they think of next?

    So far, so good.  Keep it up. 🙂


    it would be funny if you were to update a real blog with this too one of those free journals like bolgspot or something

    Mark Newman
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