Just a webcomic, but this girl is bulking up!

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    Amazon Lover

    She’s not a main character, but go to http://www.krakowstudios.com and backtrack several strips. You’ll see a video store girl that’s gotten into bodybuilding lately, and is a bit bulkier than she was seen earlier in the series. Sadly, she’s not as big as the girls we see here. Worse yet, the guy she’s seeing is about to break up with her cuz she’s too dominant. Perhaps she could meet a nice guy on this forum… heh heh!

    It’s also a pretty funny comic, if occaisionally disturbing.


    So she went from looking like this, then we saw this and then this


    Whoa. That’s a pretty cool rendition of a budding bodybuilder lass. She’s still portrayed as feminine and her obsession for exercise certainly explains her muscles. Not a single "She must be scarfing steriods" lame joke so far. That and the comic strip’s resident demonic sex object has some hilarious observations "Her arm is as big as my thigh, and her thighs are as big as my torso!".

    Amazon Lover thank you very much for the cool link.

    Lingster the early pics really show the dramatic, albeit gradual and plausible, transformation of the video store honey.


    got lost there for a second thanks lingster i understood the post. man i was lost.


    I love the attention to Kia’s musculature (unimpressive though it is in itself) in this picture.


    She's baaaaaack…

    …well, only sort of back. The most recent strip was done by a guest artist, and is really more of a fan pic than a strip at all. But still, probably worth mentioning here.


    i get an error 404 whenever i try to advance the comic, anyone else getting this? Im using Firefox btw.


    yea me 2  😕

    David C. Matthews

    i get an error 404 whenever i try to advance the comic, anyone else getting this? Im using Firefox btw.

    If the picture you're seeing is the one with the big title "Krakow Studios presents Tom And the Cute Video Store Girl", (with CVSG hoisting Tom over her head), that's the latest strip. Trying to advance will get you the "404" page until the new strip is posted (which I'm guessing will be Tuesday).


    What is the title of the section of the comics that shows the video girl bulking up over time? All I 'am seeing is the fan art of the videogirl hoisting tom overhead and the comic that follws has nothing to do with the girl bulking up and neither does the comic titled "cute video store girl" show any reference to the video girl bulking up. Someone help I'd really like to read that particular comic.

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