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    Keymaster is launching a new, third publishing category for Kindle, called “Vella”. Vella will be a serialized story format.  Here’s how it works.

    The first three episodes of any serial story will be free to read, as required by Amazon, and then additional episodes can be read for one Vella token per one hundred words – with Vella tokens costing about one US penny each (depending on how many tokens the reader buys at a time, with discounts for bulk purchases).

    So a thousand word episode will cost about 10¢, or less if the reader buys tokens in bulk. 

    I’ve already uploaded nine chapters of a female muscle growth novel I started before COVID but didn’t finish – each chapter as a separate Vella “episode”. The minimum episode length is 600 words and I had about 8000 words completed in the novel, so thus far they average a little under 900 words each. If people read the story episodes and like them, then I’ll write more.

    Vella doesn’t use regular book covers, it wants a square, so I used the base image I was planning to use for the cover and removed the title and author name. See below for what I’m using instead. The title is Stronger Than Anyone.

    The fun part is that Vella hasn’t been launched for readers, yet. So I’ll link to the story when Amazon launches Vella, probably sometime in the next month. 

    ​​​​​​​If you’re an author, you might want to look into Vella.

    FMG OG | Growth Comics | Amaz0ns founder


    ^ That is a really great image.. the shredded-up top, the musculature, fair complexion, her slight smile. I like it. And thanks for sharing the info on Vella.
    I illustrate and write (site address is in my signature). I’ll have to check Vella out.


    Stronger than Anyone has been released. New chapters coming soon!

    FMG OG | Growth Comics | Amaz0ns founder

    Jayne Greye

    interesting concept – I’ll take a look

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