Letter from Jill

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    Mark Newman

    Patrick, is so funny

    Anthony tried to turn away an ignor me

    it didnt work

    then Anthony tired to say he did not want meto touch him

    but now he loves me to touch him

    Anthony tried laffing at me just one time

    now he wurships me!!! Even wen I laff at him

    Anthony thought owr love wasnt strong enough

    but I am strong enough for both of us!

    and still gettng stronger an strongger ha ha

    no girlcot or rules will ever seperatte a girl from her true luv!

    watch out for yoor ‘escorts’ Patrick, or they may just fall in luv and

    deciede to take you somewheres pryvate like me and little Anthony


    From: Sue

    Jill I have to say that I think your crazy. He more than likely is acting like that just to advoid getting hurt or killed. It saddens me to think that some twist of fate is giving women a chance to do things right and we are becoming the very men that we hated. The adbusers, rapists, and bullies.

    There was once a wise man that said "If you truely loved some one. You love them enough to let them go." Jill hurmer me and look into his eyes I doubt you’ll see love in them you’ll more that likely see fear. Dose he get startled when every you call his name? Dose he hesitate when you call him over? My dad did that when ever my mom was around before the change he feared her. I’ve seen the look of fear in his eyes, and the fear he shows when she calls him.

    I beg you release Antony and turn your self in we women don’t need to be like this.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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