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    Okay, I decided to give you a small update on how I'm doing XD
    Kinda obviously, I don't have any visable changes… however, as you may/may not know, I do have quite the amount of body fat so I'm probably not going to SEE visable changes for a long long time.
    Thus, no photos.
    But. I've noticed a few things;

    I used to get tired and too hot pretty quick, but that's not happening anymore. I'm getting used to this 😀
    Although my asthma was pretty bad yesterday, but it was pretty humid…

    Arms feel a little more solid (again, I can't show you. Closest thing I could do would be to let you poke
    Example, my brother felt my bicep the other day and noticed that, hey, I'm not as puny as he thought I was XD
    Also, yesterday my friend John asked to feel my left arm- and as I tensed it he was kind of impressed, my arms are more solid than I thought! (but that is.. under some fat XD you have to feel it to believe it ^^; )

    Also, my legs feel more solid, but I love working on them ^^; and I can do a LOT more with them than my arms… like, I was using I think.. 79lbs yesterday on the leg press, and that's stepped up from 60lbs that I was using last week.

    I FEEL stronger in myself, like, I can do more for longer on the machines, only a little more, but still it's something.

    I think if you think positively about what you're doing, changes in things make you happier and you get more of a buzz out of it. I'm not huge, but I feel great that I feel stronger and feel like I'm really doing some good.

    And also! As Mike knows.. heh, I have been trying to get my hands on some weights of my own, so that when I don't go to the gym I can still do some good.
    Had problems with Mum on that subject 🙄 because I asked her to buy me some because of some exam results that were good… but I've told her, she has one more chance to try and find me some cheap ones (she's tried two times already and nothing..) or she can forget it, and I'll be going on ebay to buy MY weights, with MY money, using MY card, however much she HATES internet buying. I have enough money to do it, and trust me, I will.
    Because she has to realise I'm really determined about this.

    So yeah~ 😀


    Thank you for this little update, dear Kulli, but next time you could you please let us know a little about your training routine (even the tiniest fraction of it) as though not to violate the rules set forth.
    But 'tis good to hear that you feel as though you are progressing.
    And do not fret over your arms. Due to your natural build and habits, as well as your sex, your legs are always going to be far stronger than your arms. Though in time your arms shall achieve their own greatness.
    As for weights: be very careful when buying such things from off of e-Bay or like venues. Best to find a gym equipment shop (many of them in London) that either do mail or internet orders. Far safer and they can always recommend what is best to use for waht exercise.
    And, as always my's dear brave child, best of luck to thee.
    The Pimp NeonBlack


    Superior strength in the lower body is a norm for the species.    The legs support the entirely of the body and substatiate stability.  Also they are longer. 

        Congratulations, Kulli.  What's your favorite load/reps ratio for weights?


    Arms feel a little more solid (again, I can't show you. Closest thing I could do would be to let you poke

    *poke* *poke* *poke* 😎

    and I'll be going on ebay to buy MY weights, with MY money, using MY card, however much she HATES internet buying. I have enough money to do it, and trust me, I will.

    Mhh, pretty impatient, I would bet you are a dragon, better yet, cease the opportunity and get some supplements as well as the weights. Of course these is only a suggestion 😀


    Sounds wonderful Kuli, keep up the good work and be patient!! above all be patient…


    Hey Kulli – keep motivated!

    I would STRONGLY urge you to get two workout buddies.  The reason for this has to do with "team mentality."  If any one of you feels blah, the other two are there to pick them up and get their butts into the gym.  The other reason is because you feel more accountable.  If you don't show up, you know that you will be letting two friends down.  That's a hard pill for a lot of people to swallow and, again, keeps you motivated to hit the gym on a regular basis.

    I would also suggest that you not bother with the weights at home just yet.  The gym environment is FAR more motivational.  When the weights are lying around the house, they have a tendency to become nothing more than heavy clutter!

    Finally, how are you monitoring your diet [especially caloric intake]?  It may be worth your while to check a weight watchers or even go online to and look around.  It’s amazing how much difference something like portion control [1 can isn’t always 1 serving!] makes a difference…

    Anyway, I hope some of this helps.  Nothing made me happier than to see a formerly overweight friend show up to my 10 year reunion 150lbs lighter and looking great!


    Yates, as I'd mentioned in the past, I don't want to loose loads of body fat…
    I LIKE being heavy, I just want to be powerful aswell.

    As for the workout buddy thing.. well. It was hard enough getting one. I've tried asking friends (and even my brother!) to come with me too, but there's always some reason why they can't, or just plain won't.
    So if they can't motivate themselves, I'm not going to waste MY time trying. I'd rather save that for me.

    Too late for the home equiptment though, I got some already. But I love them, I really do, because I prefer using my own! (I have OCD, so I can't help being a bit of a clean freak, especially when it comes to touching things with my hands.) And the ones at the gym are always overcrowded.
    Plus my half-brother (who is only 13 ^^; ) likes having a go at them, too, and he's a terror (he's ADHD and we never do stuff together), so honestly that's motivation enough!


    Congratulations on your progress so far.

    Now forget about it.

    It might seem like odd advice, but in my experience, you can get obsessed by the progress, or lack of it, that you're making. Try not to get caught up in that whole mindset for a little while at least. Otherwise you start to worry when you achieve less one week than the previous, or a muscle group that felt quite pronounced seems to have shrunk. This leads to trying all kinds of crazy programmes that may or may not be suitable for you at that point in your progress.

    You've made the most important step, of going to the gym in the first place, and hopefully by now you see that any fears you may have had were largely unfounded. Now that your comfortable there, learn to enjoy it for its own sake and make it part of your life. Results will come, and progress will be made if you stick with it.

    None of this may apply to you, but it did to me, so I thought that I'd share.

    Amazon Lover

    Congrats on your workouts working out (heh heh!).  You're trying to have both muscle and fat, eh?  I'm reminded of the women in those "World's Strongest Women" competition; most people would expect such girls to look like SUPER-FBB's, but in actuality they have an appearance that seems fat, yet solid, in a sort of balance.  Is this the physique you're trying to achieve, or do you want a little more visible muscle than that?


    Hmm.. I want to be quite solid but I'm not really concerned about loads of definition. I mean, I want to look big, because I don't have the physique to be small and thin anyway!
    As I said, main reason I'm doing this is because I want to be powerful. I do want big muscles, but I'm not doing it so I can be like a bodybuilder and show them off to everyone, you know?

    P.S Who smote me?

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