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    Ave. There are literal moments before I's have to board my's plane to England and have commendeered a terminal in order to combat the boredom of waiting.
    It is known that several members of this beloved Forum have their own Live Journals and Blogs, so this would be the ideal place to post the links and locations of them (if so desired) in order to extend our community further.
    Here is the address of my's Journal, which Shadow was so gracious to set up for I in order for our friends to keep track of I:
    Here is also a Live Journal community that I's stumbled upon whilst inputting my's interests: and is designed so supporters of Female Bodybuilders and women who seek to become or like can share ideas, methods and enjoyment. Have not had the chance to peruse the backlog, but there does appear to seem that there are many lovely members.
    I's look forward to seeing if anyone will be so bold as to post their Journal or blog address here.
    See ya'll upon the Returning.
    The Pimp NeonBlack

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