Lohan vs. Duff, with an FMG twist.

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    LOHAN vs. DUFF: Final Bout

    Before I start this story off let me tell you a bit as to why I wrote it. First of all I don’t know how it happened but after hearing about Lindsay Lohan and Hillary Duff constantly bickering with each other back and forth I suddenly had the strangest dream of these two finally having an all out brawl. I mean c’mon girls just settle it in a one on one death match! Anyway apparently this random dream of mine led to a nice pleasant surprise, Hillary and Lindsay growing bulging muscles with a lot of clothes ripping muscle expansion action. Of course unlike the regular tales I’m going to add a nice little twist to this bad boy, which I think I have already said too much. Everything here has a reason for existing but I’m going to go over the fight rules for ya anyway.

    Things you should know before you read:

    I’ve fast-forwarded to the 18-age mark.

    No annoying songs.

    No real plot, just mind numbingly senseless fun.

    This is Pre-Lohan before she became a skinny worthless stick and was a red head.

    CLOTHING: Both Lindsay and Hillary are going to be wearing white shirts; Lindsay will have one that is long sleeved and button down blouse no skin showing at all. Hillary will have a t-shirt with short sleeves with the torso still covered but you can see her neck.

    Lindsay is wearing a black skirt (pantyhose too) while Hillary is wearing blue jeans, no low riders or anything sexy like that.

    Lindsay will be wearing black strappies; basically the high heels with straps while Hillary will be wearing white tennis shoes.

    As for how the girls appear, well use what you know from magazines, photos, TV, and pick whatever visual image you want and you’ll be set. Just please try to avoid hearing the songs.

    What underwear are they wearing? Well you’ll have to wait and see.

    There is no back-story as to why they grow, they just do!

    ARENAS: Hillary’s house, we’ll say it’s a mansion. Then later an abandoned parking lot with a lot of city buildings in the back. It’s a private match so civilization is GONE!

    Let the match behind!

    CHAPTER 1,2,3,4,5,etc. Beginning, middle, and End all in one shot! Let’s just get ON with it!

    Lindsay Lohan the teenage pop queen along with rival Hillary Duff were enjoying a rather peaceful ceasefire. The girls had broken off contact with each other and have decided not to call each other names or purposely wreck the others parties just for the sake of being spiteful. In fact, Lindsay Lohan went as far as appearing on TRL saying “I love you Hillary Duff” to which Hillary clearly said, “Aww, I love you too Lindsay Lohan!” But all that changed the day Lindsay went to the diet store to pick up the latest diet supplement pills. As she was arriving at the cashier counter with her black purse in hand she looked at the magazine rack and decided to flip through the pages. Once she reached the center page inside the latest People magazine Lindsay saw something that re ignited her hatred towards Hillary Duff. The quote read, “I think Lindsay Lohan is a really mean and spiteful person and shouldn’t treat people badly when they treat her like a princess.” That’s all it read, it wasn’t a 50 page long article or something that could even fill up an entire page. It was just a tiny little quote that you had to look for with Hawkeye vision.

    Lindsay was furious at these ludicrous accusations! How could Hillary Duff say something so mean and hurtful about her in a magazine that everyone reads? Why did she have to hurt Lindsay’s feelings so much! Instead of writing to another magazine column Lindsay decided enough was enough and said to herself, “That’s it I’m going to beat the sh** out of that prude!” She quickly hopped into the vehicle she stole for that new remake of a garbage movie Herbie or whatever and sped off to Hillary’s rather large and luxurious home up in the Hollywood hills. As Lindsay pulled up into the driveway Hillary quickly spotted her from her bedroom window and said, “Oh my God! I knew I shouldn’t have said something so horrible in that magazine! I hope she doesn’t do anything stupid!” Hillary ran downstairs to the rapid knocking on her wood oak door and saw a furious Lindsay Lohan just waiting for her outside. Hillary opened the door and said, “Hi Lindsay” to which Lindsay furiously replied, “Listen bi**h! Why the hell did you have to start sh** up again! I thought it was over between the two of us?”

    Hillary placed her fingers near her teeth and sheepishly replied, “It is, I just… the magazine asked me what I thought of you and that was what I could think of at the moment.” Lindsay’s eyes widened as her eyebrows pointed downward in an angry stare and said, “That was SO mean!” Hillary tried to stop Lindsay and said, “I know! I know! I’m SO sorry! How can I make it up to you?” Lindsay pushed her tongue into her left cheek and then said, “You could start by bleeding this time bi**h! No more second chances!” Hillary pleaded and said, “Lindsay wait! Don’t do anything you’re going to regret!” Lindsay cocked her fist and replied, “Oh I won’t regret this at all.” Lindsay threw her purse on the floor and quickly smacked Hillary with her left hand. Hillary took the hit and then quickly looked back at Lindsay completely in shock to the fact that Lindsay had struck her! She held her mouth open and placed her left hand on her fist almost as if she were ready to cry and then smacked Lindsay with her right hand. Lindsay too fell into shock and held her cheek completely flabbergasted that Hillary actually hit her back!

    Lindsay pushed Hillary into her house and slammed the door shut as she attempted to punch Hillary in the face. But Hillary reacted too quickly for Lindsay and ducked out of the way while flailing her arms in the air as she quickly stepped out of Lindsay’s way. As Lindsay’s miniscule body weight pushed her aside Hillary turned around and hit Lindsay’s stomach with her knee causing Lindsay to keel over in pain. Lindsay let out a loud groan as Hillary punched Lindsay across the face forcing Lindsay to take several steps backwards. Lindsay was starting to get pissed off and shoved Hillary back while grabbing her shirt. Lindsay pushed Hillary down to the ground and started smacking her face around while pulling her hair and screaming loudly. Hillary tried to fight back by clawing at Lindsay’s face but the scratch marks only made Lindsay even more determined to hurt Hillary. Hillary then bit Lindsay’s arm, which caused Lindsay to scream out, “Ow! Ow! Aaaah! You bi**h!” Hillary let go of Lindsay’s arm with her teeth and kicked Lindsay off of her body into a nearby stairwell banister.

    As Hillary tried to approach Lindsay with a hand flailing in the air Lindsay jutted out her leg forward trying to kick Hillary so that she wouldn’t get too close. Eventually one of Lindsay’s kicks landed and sent Hillary stumbling backwards onto the wall as she clutched her stomach in pain, frustrated and angry at the little red headed teen pop icon. As Lindsay approached Hillary like a charging bull, Hillary grabbed a nearby vase and smashed the vase into Lindsay’s head. The vase exploded, shattering into a million pieces causing Hillary to stumble backwards into the dining room landing on her back, blood began to drip from where Hillary had hit her and Lindsay was now getting ready to give up the fight. As Hillary began approaching Lindsay to see if she was all right Lindsay began letting out small almost unintelligible sounds, Lindsay would say “Ow… oh… uhnn… mmm…” as she squirmed about on the floor. Hillary went up to Lindsay and said, “Are you okay?” Lindsay angrily yelled at her and said, “GET AWAY FROM ME!” Lindsay kicked Hillary so hard that Hillary had slammed into the wall behind her with her back making her dizzy and unable to stand for a little while.

    As Hillary sat on the floor looking at Lindsay she noticed that Lindsay was still squirming in pain on the floor as blood began to stain the carpet. Even though Hillary’s vision was blurry she noticed that there was something off about Lindsay. Then as her vision blurred in and out something happened which caught Hillary’s interest. Lindsay started groaning with sounds like “Oooh… Aah! UHN! AUGH! UUHHHHNN!” She saw Lindsay spread her arms out across the floor while also placing her feet onto the floor so that her knees would jut out to the ceiling and even allow Lindsay to arc her back as she felt sudden jolts of stinging pain. Suddenly Hillary’s eyes gaped wide open and she even let out a soft, “Lindsay?” as she saw Lindsay’s legs begin to lengthen and thicken. The black skirt which was down to Lindsay’s thighs began slowly scrunching upward revealing more and more of Lindsay’s legs. The skirt continued to shrink and shrink until suddenly you could see Lindsay’s curvaceous butt begin to appear as it squished itself on the carpeted floor from the side. Hillary however was looking at Lindsay from the front meaning that with Lindsay’s legs spread open Hillary could see Lindsay’s underwear slowly tightening and shrinking as if Lindsay’s vagina was trying to devour her light pink panties with embroidered flowers. Lindsay began to write in a sexual motion of ups and downs with her legs waving left and right as if she were getting hot or a sexual orgasm was passing through her.

    Lindsay moaned again and clenched her teeth as another surge of pain began to pulse through her body. This time Lindsay’s torso began to lengthen which caused her white button down blouse to slip out from the skirts waistline and even Lindsay’s arms began to jut out from the blouse sleeve cuffs not yet long enough to pop open the buttons. Lindsay was feeling strange and awkward, remembering that Hillary was watching she said, “Hillary… I’m not feeling good.” Lindsay started getting up and was almost completely on her feet when an even more painful shock reverberated this time throughout her entire body! The force of the pain caused Lindsay to scream and knocked her down into the crouch position with her skirt stretching across to hide the panties but yet at the same time revealing her growing legs. As Lindsay remained in the crouch position Hillary yelled out, “Oh my God!” as she saw Lindsay begin growing again, as Lindsay’s skirt shrank further and further you could see her light pink panties begin appearing between her legs even though they were still covered by the almost transparent dark brown colored panty hose. As Lindsay’s legs continued to expand further runs began appearing on the panty hose, first as tiny lines with small ladders in them or railroad tracks, then as time progressed the lines began to rip wider and wider. Lindsay’s lengthened legs started changing, inflating, and as the legs inflated thick bulbous portions of muscle began growing out of her pantyhose.

    Her legs grew larger and larger causing Lindsay to groan in pain, the pantyhose couldn’t expand any further and suddenly the dining room was filled with small distant sounds of “Rip! Rip! Riip! Riiiiiiiip!” The runs down her legs split open further like an earthquake and began opening faster and larger with loud tears being heard throughout. Hillary watched as Lindsay’s panties slinked inside her crotch completely blocked from vision as her legs transformed into thick powerful slabs of muscle. Lindsay’s head began to shake violently as if some monster was starting to come out of her body and the straps on her heels began to snap one by one flailing about in the air before coming to a rest on the floor. As the straps popped off like purse strings Lindsay’s foot began to swell inside her high heel pumps. Originally her foot was completely covered by black leather, but as her feet began to grow and expand you could begin to see the individual toes appear from the back of the black leather and you could see the black leather painfully digging into Lindsay’s skin as her epidermis expanded outward like bread dough being pushed by a knife. Lindsay let out a few guttural growls going “Ah… Aaah… Argh!” As her toes burst out of her right shoe first and then her left one almost as if her body were growing out of sync with the other!

    Hillary felt her heart sink as she saw Lindsay’s painted toenails appear from outside of her own shoes and felt fear jab at her heart as Lindsay’s feet continued to grow, Grow, GROW, and EXPAND outwards causing the shoes to split asunder as her feet completely overwhelmed the leather encasings. Lindsay’s weight began to increase as more muscle continued to grow on her legs causing the heels on the feet to break first off the right foot and then off the left foot causing Lindsay’s to stumble backwards onto her back. Hillary watched as Lindsay’s pantyhose ripped apart and watched in horror as Lindsay’s muscles began to swell as she were having an allergic reaction to a bee sting. With every breath Lindsay’s took her stomach would get stuck at the maximum breath intake until finally her last breath caused the black skirt to rip open on the sides showing a small strap of pink on her thigh and completely ripping apart the black skirt leaving only a loincloth of remnants behind. Lindsay screamed in pain as her stomach began popping like popcorn placed into a microwave and felt her once non existent abdominal muscles begin to burst out one by one until her stomach completely transformed into a rock hard super enlarged six pack of raw power. The buttons on Lindsay’s blouse began to pop off one by one, as her stomach grew the buttons would pop off from the bottom revealing more and more muscles with each popped off button. Lindsay yelled, “Aaaaaaahhh” as her legs grew outwards again going as far as to reaching the right side of Hillary’s arm, her feet pressed up again the wall which caused the wall to create a moaning sound of wood being bent.

    Her left food then pressed up again Hillary which started crushing her like an old fashioned stone press from the days of the Crucible causing air to leave Hillary’s lungs as Lindsay’s painted toes and foot pushed Hillary into the wall. But Lindsay couldn’t feel it for her body was burning and exploding with an uncontrollable power that she had never felt before! Her arms began to swell into huge proportions causing the button on the cuff of her sleeve to pop off revealing a huge vein on her forearms! The sleeve began to rip down the center as her forearms began to explode out! Lindsay’s biceps shreds open the seams as orange skin could be seen from where the holes began to form! Her biceps grew, thicker, larger, until they looked like mini boulders and caused the tears on the seams to completely erupt open revealing a tall peak of pure muscle and pulsating thick veins. Lindsay’s blouse popped open to the fullest but her breasts had not changed in size, instead her chest had developed muscular pec muscles turning Lindsay Lohan into a walking, hulking machine. In a loud surge of strength Lindsay roared loudly and slammed her fists to the floor on her sides as they began to expand into huge proportions. Lindsay’s legs grew even longer to the point that her feet broke through the wall while pushing Hillary through into the other side leaving a cloud of dust. Lindsay took her feet off of Hillary and once she felt the pain subside she stood up and banged her head on the ceiling knocking down the chandelier that was right next to her.

    Lindsay looked at her body and gasped in amazement as she saw her biceps thicken with every flexed, she touched her body and felt her lip quiver at the smoothness and hardness of her new grown muscles. She looked back at Hillary who was lying on the floor whimpering in fear and smirked to herself. She stepped through the wall rubble crushing the debris beneath her feet and picked Hillary up by the collar of her shirt lifting Hillary up to her face. The black remnants of the skirt fell of Lindsay’s body revealing overstretched light pink flower panties and super engorged legs of muscle with literally exploding calves. Lindsay looked at Hillary and said, “It’s payback time now bi**h!” Hillary started screaming, “No! No! Please don’t do this Hillary! Please I’m sorry!” But Lindsay didn’t care, Lindsay reeled the arm holding Lindsay back behind her and then threw her through the glass window which was at least 15 feet in height causing Hillary to fly through the air landing face first onto a nearby parking lot near all the city buildings. Lindsay decided to start trashing Hillary’s house before she would start looking for Hillary again. Lindsay’s began busting her fist through walls and bent steel bars with her bare hands, if she were feeling lazy she’d merely charge through the walls like a bull dozer looking like an incredible she-hulk after the dust had settle with the tatters of her stretched white blouse and pink bra still intact.

    Over at the parking lot Hillary had scrapes and bruises over her arm and was feeling pain all over her body thinking that Lindsay had probably broken every bone in her body. But this was not to be as Hillary suddenly looked at her hands and noticed that they looked abnormally bigger than usual. She though maybe she had hit her head hard and was merely imagining things but then she started feeling the non existent muscles on her body begin to ache in a dreadfully painful matter. Her little T-Shirt began to feel tight around her skin and it felt like there were bumps on her back and arms. She felt that her feet were feeling a little squished in her shoes and she could feel the button on her jeans pushing into the bottom portion of her stomach like a sharp disc. Hillary then thought to herself “Oh no… am I going to…? Am I going to grow like Lindsay?” She started groaning and moaning like Lindsay did but then she thought, “If this does happen I’ll be able to fight back! I need to get bigger than her!” Hillary heard the sounds of her own skin begin to stretch like a balloon rubbing up against a hard surface and almost began enjoying her sudden pains as if they were giving her sexual satisfaction. She kept imagining her body with huge muscles bigger than Lindsay’s and started fighting her transformation as if resistance was going to make her grow larger.

    Finally the metamorphosis began to take place and Hillary whimpered in pain but groan as if she were hot and bothered by her clothes tightening quickly around her body. She looked at her arm and saw her once old lady jelly arms start to grow larger, but instead of being flabby they became more muscularly defined. For the first time Hillary actually saw a vein on her arm and actually watched as her biceps began to rocket into mountainous towers of extremely strengthened muscle. She looked at her arm in amazement and also winced as the pain made her bulging biceps begin to get sore like several weeks of workouts nonstop. Hillary’s arm grew to such huge, gigantic proportions that her already tiny sleeve completely ripped open like a Christmas present only to reveal even more muscle groups that she didn’t even know existed! Hillary got down on her knees and flexed her arms in a double bicep pose only to watch them grow into illustrated wreck-shop or scoundrel proportions where biceps literally towered over her head and her triceps sunk down near the middle of her waist. Hillary started to resemble little Annie Ample and began embracing her inhuman muscle growth as a blessing. She groaned and screamed in agony but at the same time smiled as her body began to blissfully blossom into a wrecking machine capable of standing toe to toe with the mighty Lindsay Lohan.

    Hillary’s pants got so tight that the button holding it together began to shake violently meaning that her stomach was shaking violently at the resistance the pants were putting on her body in order to stay intact. Hillary grunted, “Urr… URRRRR…. RAHR!!” As the button blasted off from her pants making the small sound of a button being undone, she moaned “yes!” as she felt the copper zipper of her pants slowly slide down in front of her vagina tickling her fantasies knowing that she was growing so large that even her pants couldn’t hold her inside. Her little petite feet hiding inside the white tennis shoes began to make an appearance on the front of the shoe as indentations of the toes began to appear vividly like a transparent Photoshop layer. Her toes ripped out the front of her tennis shoes at the same time unlike Lindsay and continued to expand outward at a rapid pace causing the shoelaces to become undone forcing the entire shoe to tear itself open to make way for Hillary’s enlarged feet. As the shoe tatters rested on the sides of Hillary’s feet her calves began to unleash their growing fury as the cuffs of her jeans split open revealing muscular rock like calves growing at a hulkish rate. Her legs ballooned into thick legs and shred open the jeans in so many different directions that it literally turned her once ankle length jeans into short shorts.

    After her tree trunk legs finished developing huge pieces of muscle Hillary’s shirt began to lift itself over her stomach, with each inch revealed abs would suddenly swell out of her stomach making her look like she had abs similar to professional female body builders. Her shirt finally stopped just at the bottom of her breasts, which hadn’t swelled out meaning, that all you could see is her muscular lower back and her muscular abdominal muscles. Hillary began to stand up pushing aside the remains of her shoes and flexed in full glory basking in her newfound strength, which will allow her to go up against the incredible Lindsay Lohan she-hulk. She flexed a few more times which caused her muscles to bulge out a little creating very small tears on her over stretched t-shirt but was still not enough to fully rip apart the cotton fabric. Hillary began rubbing her abdominal muscles feeling her fingers glide across her stomach like a jeep going over rocky terrain and she could feel an almost orgasmic sensation tickling near her white panties. But the moment was short lived once the earth began to shake in a rhythmic intentional manner. Hillary looked over to the distance only to see the majestic Lindsay Lohan walking casually towards Hillary’s direction, she wasn’t even intentionally stomping; the earth was simply cracking under her feet with every footstep she took. Hillary looked at Lindsay and saw her bulging muscles still exploding out of her sleeves and white barely intact blouse with even her light pink panties with flowers outstretched and so sucked in by her vagina she might as well not even be wearing panties.

    To Hillary’s disappointment, Lindsay was just as big if not bigger than what Hillary had grown to and she now knew that even though she was also given this muscular super power she will still have to fight Lindsay in a tough grueling battle. As Lindsay drew closer to Hillary, Lindsay noticed that Hillary looked… different and let out a shocked gasped as she noticed that Hillary had too also transformed into a hulking titan with super powerful muscles that could crush boulders between the index and thumb of the hand. She stared, as Hillary’s shirt was tight across her upper body revealing her stacked abdominals while her once lengthy jeans now hung shredded over her swollen quadriceps muscles. Lindsay slammed her fist into the ground and roared loudly causing the windows nearby to shatter and her neck muscles to suddenly bulge and swell into freakishly huge proportions ripping even more portions of the blouse. Hillary responded with a roar of her own slamming her fists into the ground forcing the earth to shake as her own neck muscles expanded into Frankenstein like sizes causing the white top wrapped around her neck to forcefully tear downwards to the size to make room for the newly grown muscles. Lindsay flew into a rage and flexed her muscles fully charging at Hillary full speed like a runaway locomotive to a sitting car. Hillary confident that she could withstand Lindsay’s body preps her body into a football like stance and waits for Lindsay’s approach.

    Lindsay’s approach was coming fast at almost 65 miles an hour and Hillary could feel the earth shake even more violently as the mammoth Lindsay drew closer and closer at top speed, still Hillary felt that her new muscles will be able to stop this force and braced herself for impact. Lindsay crashed into Hillary full force knocking Hillary off her feet sending her flying through the wall of the nearest building. Hillary was stunned and dazed by the attack, completely dumbfounded by the super strength Lindsay truly had. The pain of the attack made Hillary completely furious as she lay on the debris while Lindsay smirked at her assured of her own power. Hillary started freaking out as she smashed her fists into the ground and basically shifted into an uncontrollable temper tantrum causing all of Hillary’s rational thinking to dissipate. With the pain and anger combined Hillary’s muscles grew 2x’s bigger making the tears on all clothes a little wider, which also caused her small muscular breasts to expand and grow into huge voluminous globes. The fabric of her bra could be heard stretching along with the cotton of her shirt as milk began filling her waifish breasts into huge beach balls on steroids. The sudden infusion of milk filling into her chest caused her nipples to also engorge forcing the nipples to protrude onto the shirt fabric without ripping, so you can see white cones popping out of her white shrunken shirt. Hillary stood up and let out a much deeper and more savage guttural roar, which blew Lindsay’s hair around making Lindsay a bit intimidated by Hillary’s sudden mood change.

    Hillary wrapper her fingers around a street light and ripped it off the sidewalk causing bolts of electricity to shoot out from the bottom. She carried the light post around like a baseball bat and ran towards Lindsay who was ready to block her attack with her forearm. Hillary reeled her arms back with her globe like breasts swaying in the air and fully smashed the light post into Lindsay’s forearm causing the entire object to explode in her very hands. Much to the surprise of Lindsay Hillary had become even more powerful than she had possibly imagined and was sent soaring in the air crashing into a nearby bulletin board knocking it over in Hillary’s direction to which Hillary simply reeled her fist back and upon getting close enough, Hillary smashed the bulletin board into oblivion. But Lindsay was not happy; she was not pleased with Hillary being stronger than her and felt the primal fury overwhelming her body as the monster began to take over. Her body shook violently as her already huge muscles grew 2x larger like Hillary’s so that she could match the size and strength of the blonde titan. Her blouse began to rip further as her panties stretched further apart but the growth had not ended for as soon as she roared Lindsay’s breasts started to inflate as if someone has placed a pump on her nipples and tried to fill it with all they’ve got. Her breasts rhythmically expanded in several beats, each one making her once normal sized breasts into bigger, meatier, thicker, enormous planets making what was once a handful into a wheelbarrow full. On the last ‘pump’ her breasts expanded as far as they could and like a helium pump blowing air into a balloon her nipples quickly inflated until they literally pushed Lindsay’s bra outwards.

    Hillary and Lindsay both wanted to put an end to each other and in their rage they dug their hands into the nearest objects they could find, both equaling the same weight. Hillary forced her hands through the pavement beginning to pull up the very earth itself with all of her might, her muscles bulged as she added more resistance yet felt herself growing stronger and stronger the heavier the pavement was. She lifted the pavement up to her chest causing water mains to burst and several electrical wires to crackle with electricity. Lindsay on the other hand dug her hand into a nearby building which was approximately the same weight as the pavement Hillary was lifting and began using all of her might to pull the building off from its foundation. The bricks crumbled and dust clouds bloomed as Lindsay slowly began lifting the building off from its original construct and felt her muscles growing with every second she held onto the building while at the same time trying to ignore that orgasmic sensation begin to moisten her vagina. Both Hillary and Lindsay at the same time ripped the objects from their resting places and placed them over their heads. The strain of their muscles holding something so heavy forced their bodies to grow even further, Lindsay’s back began to spread out broadly tightening around every crevice of muscle she had on her back and neck, while Hillary’s once loose T-Shirt snuggled itself around Hillary’s back so firmly that you could see every single muscle group on Hillary’s began as it expanded horizontally outwards.

    Lindsay and Hillary chucked the building and pavement at each other causing both objects to crash into each other like a bomb explosion, which sent Hillary and Lindsay flinging backwards away from each other, knocked off their feet from the huge explosion. After the dust settled the two teen pop icons were on the floor panting from all the strain they put their bodies through, rain clouds began to loom over heard and what started with one droplet of rain quickly led into a torrential downpour of rain. The rain danced over the bodies of Lindsay and Hillary forcing them to wake up from their tired strenuous heavy lifting causing them to remember that they still have not finished with each other. Lindsay and Hillary could both feel from the rain that their bodies were quivering in anticipation of another growth but for some reason nothing was happening, they thought maybe that their bodies had reached the maximum muscle output they could muster but either way, they cast their thoughts aside. Lindsay was the first to stand up and she quickly began walking towards Hillary whom was sitting near the base of a light post with her hands resting on the ground and her butt off course in the front with her legs stretched out. Hillary looked up towards Lindsay who was starting to come at her at full speed when suddenly Lindsay stopped and looked at Hillary. The rain was soaking the girls with so much water that their white clothes were beginning to get saturated and drenched to the point where Lindsay could see Hillary’s overgrown nipples. Even though Lindsay was wearing a light pink bra embroidered with flowers Hillary could also see Lindsay’s nipples hiding behind her stretched to capacity undergarments.

    Lindsay’s blue eyes stared at Hillary’s awesome body while Hillary stared back and found herself getting strangely aroused by Lindsay’s hulked out physique. Lindsay felt that tingling sensation going by her vagina again and she closed her eyes trying to fight back so as not to admit that Hillary’s body was starting to turn her own like a rocket going through ignition. Even though Lindsay wanted to hide it Hillary could see Lindsay’s nipples grow more erect mimicking the male organs, and Hillary touched her own nipples feeling that they too were also becoming stiffer and just as erect as Lindsay’s. Their hair began getting soaked and their nipples started becoming more visible until suddenly Lindsay held her head and started writhing back and forth as if someone was trying to invade her mind. Lindsay turned her back towards Hillary clutching her head tightly as she let out uncontrollable and guttural roars, and with each roar Lindsay’s back would expand and grow into gigantic proportions which caused her once button down blouse to completely “shriiiiip” off her back revealing an overstretched bra that dug its razor sharp edges into her bulging muscles. Her legs grew even thicker than before forcing Lindsay’s butt to balloon up into such a ridiculously huge size that her panties quickly and easily turned into thongs. Hillary felt herself getting super aroused to Lindsay’s growing body and bit her lip tightly while clenching the ground so as not to slip her fingers into her crotch as she felt the urge to release build up inside her body. Lindsay’s muscles grew up to almost 10x’s larger this time and almost ripped off her bra and underwear completely from her body, her breasts expanded as far as the bra would let them go but a bra was no match for Lindsay’s expanding chest if it wanted to go even further. She roared once again as her muscles infused themselves with super human size and quickly turned around towards Hillary, staring at her lustfully with a big smirk on her face.

    Hillary looked at Lindsay’s look and knew instantly that Lindsay now wanted her body, Hillary was ready and she too wanted Lindsay’s body. The overwhelming feeling of arousal made Hillary quiver with each step Lindsay took towards Hillary as Lindsay’s leg muscles shook with every small step she took. Hillary in a moment of near eruption started shaking violently, which caused Lindsay to stop in her tracks making her breasts slightly jiggle with the bra attempting to keep them in place. Lindsay watched Hillary’s body as Hillary’s butt began to explode and saw the panties getting tighter and tighter around Hillary’s vagina, which could be seen due to being, soaked by water. Lindsay watched as small pubic hairs began to grow outward until finally the panties were so tight that the small bushel of pubic hair began forcing itself out of the borders of the panties like vines wrapping a building. Hillary’s legs grew so large that her jean shorts completely tore off from her body showing just Hillary in her completely transparent panties or otherwise sucked up thong. Her vagina had grown so large that almost the entire undergarment was completely devoured by it leaving only small white strings to be visible. Hillary stared at Lindsay and took a deep breath of shock as she felt her breasts ballooning up towards the bottom of her chin. The soaked and almost invisible shirt began ripping from the bottom like a wet piece of tissue paper and spread open like a curtain revealing an overstretched bra trying to hold back Hillary’s breast explosion. Hillary felt the pain of her back muscles beginning to grow and let out a strained “Grrrnnn!” before her back ripped out of her once loose t-shirt and quickly expanded into a massive size mimicking Lindsay’s growth of having her muscles bloom into 10x’s the current size.

    After Hillary felt the pain subside she looked over at Lindsay who looked as though she was fighting back her own orgasmic eruption and Hillary smiled as she rubbed her almost invisible panties in Lindsay’s direction. Lindsay looked at Hillary and smiled in a low guttural growl as she slowly approached Hillary intentionally forcing her breasts to jiggle up and down so as to get the blood pumping even further. Lindsay crawled down next to Hillary putting her face near Hillary face, both eyes locked into each other’s gaze and without even thinking Lindsay placed her lips onto Hillary’s who also did the same and they kissed each other. Once sworn enemies who hated each others guts were now kissing each other in a more than friendly way and it only got more interesting from there. As they began rubbing each other’s breasts the two girls felt their bodies beginning to shake and pulsate again, warning them that another huge thing was going to happen. Lindsay and Hillary quickly pulled away from each other wiping their lips with their forearms, Lindsay stepped back knowing that something else was going to happen and waited. Hillary however was already into her savage sexual drive and wanted Lindsay’s body NOW! Hillary started breathing heavily with her teeth clenched almost as if she was angry and cocked her head back as she felt the sting of muscles growing strike her body was again. Hillary growled through her clenched teeth and placed both of her hands on her virtually invisible bra as her muscles began to grow and grow, larger and larger than ever before! Hillary started pulling her bra apart sideways stretching the garment to unrealistic lengths revealing now her fully erect, pink cone like nipples which were shaking ever so slightly with Hillary’s struggling.

    The bra snapped apart and immediately caused the back straps to split apart too leaving Hillary’s upper torso completely naked allowing all of her muscles to grow without any undergarments or clothing to interfere with the growth process making her fully unleash her potential. With her now naked top body Hillary grabbed onto the elastic of her panties and began pulling them upward causing the panties to rip inside of her vagina which made her let out a shivering “Ohhh!” as soon as the panties tore off her vagina, butt, and legs expanded again as her muscles grew to 20x’s its current size. Her new mega growth was finished and she could feel herself on the urge of bursting, but she knew Lindsay was also going to change and she quickly looked down to see that Lindsay was already struggling with her own underwear. Lindsay was writing back and forth with her hands touching all parts of her body as if not knowing what to do next. Her abdominal muscles bulged forward into huge stacks of bricks while her biceps grew so large that even unflexed they could rival the size of her own head. Lindsay felt her legs multiplying in size as the width began to expand so far that it rivaled the with of garbage trucks out on the streets. Lindsay’s panties grew so tight that they snapped on their own starting from her thigh, briefly getting trapped in Lindsay’s butt crevice before finally falling down onto the floor. Lindsay’s vagina however didn’t grow a bushel of pubic hair like Hillary’s did but Hillary was turned on regardless. Lindsay moaned in satisfied pressure as she rubbed her hands against her own nipples covered by the fabric of her bra and squealed in glee the second she felt her bra suddenly “pop” and release all of its resistance off her body. Lindsay allowed the bra to fall off and watched as her own more darker colored nipples shot forward at least 12 inches in length like Hillary’s. Lindsay’s naked body stood before Hillary like a towering statue and Lindsay stared at Hillary’s body, which awaited her for sexual pleasure.

    Lindsay stomped towards Hillary like a lustful fully sexually fueled woman to which Hillary opened her arms and embraced her massive red headed beauty into her lips. Lindsay and Hillary kissed each other passionately as the rain poured down over their heads, Hillary was touching all of the muscles on Lindsay’s bare back while Lindsay was fondling the erect nipples on Hillary’s bare chest. The towering, hulking, Hillary Duff felt her sexual urges click into overdrive while the massive, titanic, Lindsay Lohan embraced Hillary’s body and allowed her own sexual instincts to take over. The women were like primitives simply satisfying each other and went at it like savage animals. Deep breathing and heavy panting were all that could be heard as their huge chests puffed up and down as their legs wrapped together in a sexual motion. Hillary let out a whimpering “Uhh! Uhh! Uhn!” as Lindsay slipped her fingers down into Hillary’s vagina and explored what she had been missing all these years of fighting. Hillary was much more docile than Lindsay but she too wanted to know what this newly formed Lindsay had hiding inside of her, so while Lindsay was fondling her Hillary too jabbed her fingers inside causing Lindsay’s eyes to gape open at the sudden feeling of ecstasy! The emotions they were each causing each other to feel made the two women grunt and moan loudly as they felt their bodies expand one more final time. This time as their toes expanded and feet lengthened they both felt as if they were going to turn into giants among dwarves. Hillary’s foot crashed through the wall of one of the buildings while Lindsay’s toes ripped through the roof of a car and through the glass windows of a dinner knocking over all of the tables and counters in the way. Their legs lengthened from 8ft to 9ft, to 10ft, to 11ft, every minute that passed by. There were growing so large that the length of both of their vaginas increased to 75 ft, the length of a movie theater! While their entire bodies grew past the 200ft mark. Their backs covered city blocks and with each expansion they made more buildings would get knocked over. Lindsay would dig her tongue into Hillary’s vagina while Hillary would dig her tongue into Lindsay’s vagina simultaneously as the two “teen icons” grew into giant she towers of muscle!

    There hair was as thick as Amazon forests while their muscles literally grew to the size of enormous mountains. As they moved their hands and feet around buildings would crumble under their ungodly sexual rampage as entire city blocks were destroyed in a mere matter of seconds, their bodies grew the more they pleasured each other as the sworn rivals became entranced sexual lovers. The said to each other in a muffled voice hidden inside of their vaginas “I love you Lindsay Lohan” and “I love you Hillary Duff.” Until finally their bodies could grow no more! With their feet the size of the largest intersections in the world and their backs spreading across like mountain ranges both Hillary Duff and Lindsay Lohan felt the feeling of ultimate satisfaction that they have been waiting for! Their lower abdomens became swollen as fluids began to fill inside and the rather sudden and abrupt feeling they were both beginning to encounter caused them to stop their love making and roll off each other as they slipped their fingers into their own vaginas awaiting for the coming of their ultimate sensation. They both groaned and screamed loudly which could be heard from continents away as they vaginas expunged and exploded a river of orgasmic fluid onto the streets creating a small flood of women love to encompass the city streets. With that final expulsion of woman hood both Lindsay Lohan and Hillary Duff the two towering hyper muscular giantesses began to shrink down as the rain-washed their expulsion away. Hillary Duff’s pubic hair shrank back into the epidermis while Lindsay Lohan’s ultra engorged nipples began deflating and reverting back to normal 18-year-old size.

    Hillary Duff’s once cavernous vagina shrank down to the size of an 18 year olds vagina and her once bulging powerful muscles reduced themselves into flabby somewhat out of shape miniature globs of fat. Lindsay Lohan the girl who when fully grown has the largest breasts in the world, felt her body shrink down and her power seep and drain away from her. Her planet shattering breasts shrank down to the size of a “growing up” 18 year old girl as her mountain back and gravity altering butt reduced to the size of a whimpering girl struggling with anorexia. The two She-Giants have returned back into their original body sizes and even despite all the destruction they know they’ve caused both Lindsay Lohan and Hillary Duff wrapped themselves in each others embrace and kissed each other softly as they both drifted asleep in each others arm finally putting an end to the nonsensical rivalry that could only happen in high school.


    (Did I proofread? No I hate doing that sh** someone else can do it if they want but count me out. By the way if you enjoyed this story feel free to post your comments.)

    Matthew Lim

    😯 😯 😯 😯


    Great story Collector!


    Yeah, it was very, very good, much better than I was expecting, since most of the celeb stories I have read was very crappy, this one was excellent, except for the GTS growth, where they grow to 200 feet tall, I like my girls at normal height, thank you. But like I said, the rest was excellent.


    Sorry to double post, but it seems to me that this part of the forum has slowed down to a stand still since I posted, I am wondering why is that, it seems to happen all over the web for me, when I post, the thread dies, I hope that doesn’t happen this time, because I like this story, Lindsay and Hilary were huge, and I loved it, I hope to see more out of you Collector2, all that I ask is to keep the characters at the same height that they started, I guess I might be the last of the muscle growth without height growth fans. Anyway, keep up the great work all authors, I might just post one of my old muscle growth stories here if nothing picks up right away.


    hey, i liked the story very much, it took me a while longer to read it that’s it.

    loved it all, and specially how it ends, very nice. 😆 😆 😆 😆


    Don’t worry you didn’t kill the thread, that’s usually my job. I was waiting for a few replies (Thanks guys) before I posted anything.

    The main goal of this story was to add something for everyone to enjoy in this story. If you had a fancy for foot growth, I made sure to put that in, if you liked back growth, breast growth, I popped it in and described it in as much detail as possible. Of course if I left out the giantess part, then the folks down at the Giantess forums would get left out of the equation.

    Luckily you can always just skip that part and go straight to the end, but I only made them giantess’ in this particular one only because I wanted the story to have a mass audience appeal for everyone. Also I made sure not to make one girl more superior to the other because I didn’t want to start a Hillary Duff vs. Lindsay Lohan war asking who would win. Heh heh heh…

    Most of the stuff I wrote about like the sudden urge to become "lesbians" and the sexual parts are new to me, and this story was definitely an experiment to see just how much I can cram within a few pages.

    Glad you enjoyed it folks, if you have any further comments feel free to chime in.


    Actually the lesbianism is the least implausible aspect of this story, as sexuality seems to be a more fluid construct with females than males.

    magnus knight

    😯 😀 That was a great story. I mean it totally blew me away man. Are you a member of my group yet. If not head over to the gts fiction section of this forum and see my post. I’d love for you to post this story on my group. Great job.


    Well thanks for the replies all, I do have one more entry that I am finishing up here before I could move onto any other projects that I will be posting soon.

    What I’d like to ask though from those who have read or even just recently finished reading, what aspects of the story do you like most that you would not mind seeing repeated?

    I’m doing my own little survey here so that if I do indeed write anymore future stories, I know that I can rely on writing about certain specific things with full reassurance that it will pique the interests of those who enjoy these stories.

    I have noted that not all enjoy GTS, but I also would like to learn what are the "best" parts of the story, that way I can easily dive back in to what I made in this story and write about those particular aspects in even higher detail or just simply include them in future works.

    I would like to also mention that I’m not exactly a full time writer here, so these stories I’ve got here are really being completed while I have the writing ‘bug’ so to speak. I will also like to mention that the comments really boosted my morale to complete stories and I may just have another one ready to go within the next few hours.

    I appreciate your feedback, I hope it helps me to become a better writer in this regard.


    The L vs H story was completed in one day, I have no idea if completing stories at different speeds will change how much people enjoy what’s being written.


    I loved the muscle growth detail you showed, and I loved how they ripped a block and a building out of the ground, I would love to see some more extreme strength feats and muscle growth from you, the breast description was really good as well.

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