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    Greetings everyone,
    I’m looking for a series of stories on DevianArt about eledrly women from different parts of the world becoming musclebound superheroes. One story was about an Hawaiian grandmother/aunt being empowerdby a god, transforming in a musclebound goddes in front of her granddaughter/niece. Another story in the series is about a French grandmother visiting her granddaughter in the USA, on her way she gets hit by a meteor and is also transformed in a musclebound superwoman. She then suprises her grandaugther and shows of her new physique and power. The third story is about a Japanese lady who transforms when she is with her husband. The stories where interconnected, and where supposed to lead to all the superwomen meeting and forming a team. I know I saw these stories on Deviantart, but I can’t find them anymore. Does anyone know where I can find them? Or who the author is and what the titles of the stories were? Many thanks.

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