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    I was looking through the diana the valyrie library, and i decided to look into a author by the name of Mole, i read his sequel to a story called "Female juggurnaut." The story takes place in the world of X-Man, in which case a woman named lucy, living in america but originaly hailing form england, finds the ruby of cyttorak and absorbs its power, becoming a 10" tall brickhouse of muscle and power, I'd really like to read this story but couldn't find it anywhere, if sum1 could post a link to it it would be greatly appreciated.


    I know the story you mean, have had a quick look but cant see it 🙁

    Zespara Alathar

    "The Female Juggernaut" was written by Eddie Delaney, Jr. some time ago.  The file name on Diana's site is jugger.txt but I'm not sure which miscellaneous directory it's in.  You can do a search from the story page or go to Google.  The sequel to his very fine story was written by someone else with another character called Lightning Bug or somesuch.  It was a vastly inferior tale IMHO and did not pick up on the subplots that Mr. Delaney laid out.  🙁


    Michael Pouliot

    FROM                      THE AMAZONS ARENA BBS    702-243-7723

    The Female Juggernaut!

        Lucy Wagner looked out the window of the police station.
    The past week had seen the most bizarre set of circumstances
    in the history of the small town she lived in. The superhero
    team "The X-Men", had been in town trying to stop the ramp-
    age of the villian known as the Juggernaut. After much damage
    to the town and quite a few casualties, they had finally man-
    aged to stop his murderous rampage. In fact, they were able
    to take away his powers completely by having the woman named
    Rogue absorb his powers. After they wore off of her, the po-
    wers evidentily returned to their source, something they
    referred to as the Ruby of Cytorrak.
        With a normal Marco Cain in police custody, Storm had
    stayed behind in order to watch for the return of the Ruby.
    The X-Men were worried that it would return to the Earth's
    atmosphere, that it might have a symbiotic relationship with
    Cain. However, with a week of no sign of the ruby, Storm was
    set to leave. Within the hour Marco Cain was being sent to a
    special federal holding pen and would no longer be the con-
    cern of the small town. As a police-dispatcher in a small
    town, this was the most excitement Lucy was likely to see in
    her lifetime.
        At least, she thought it would be.

        As she looked out the window, she saw the van pull into
    the station. It was here for Marco. A whole squad of special
    team forces paraded into the police station. Even though
    Marco had turned into a normal human, they would not take any
    chances with him. As they led him out to the van, Lucy saw
    that he was really not that big at all. When she saw him last
    week, when he was the Juggernaut, he was 10 feet tall with
    muscles all over the place. He was still a lot bigger than
    she was, so she was glad for all of the extra security. If
    something got out of hand, physical restraint was not one of
    her strong suits. She wondered what it must have been like
    for him when he was so big, and so powerful. And now, he had
    been reduced to a mere mortal.
        They loaded him into the van, and the squadron leader
    signaled to Storm. She would fly overhead to watch over the
    drive to the federal pen. As they pulled away Lucy sighed a
    breath of relief, the whole ordeal was over. Life would
    return to normal as the town would pick up the pieces from
    the Juggernauts' wake of destruction.

        7:00 P.M.  rolled around, finally it was time to go
    home. Lucy got her belongings together and headed out the

        "Hey Lucy, make sure you head right over to the gym,"
    Pete cried out to her. He always gave her a hard time.

        "Only if you'll meet me there," she joked back to him.

        Ever since she joined the force, she had put on a little
    extra weight. At 5'5", she weighed about 145 pounds. Not too
    bad, but it was a soft 145. Since she sat at a desk all day,
    she had to start to exercise. Unfortunately it was not as
    easy to take off as it was to put on.
        She thought about her plans for the upcoming weekend.
    Her sister and herself were going to do Christmas shopping in
    Manhatten. This year Christmas wouldn't be the same without
    her boyfriend Jimmy in her life. Ever since he gained strange
    water powers and dubbed himself "Hydro-Man" and left her for
    a life of being a superhero, Lucy had been in a funk. Perhaps
    this is why I've let myself go, she thought.
        As she neared her driveway she saw a strange red glow at
    the base of her house. At first, she thought that her house
    was on fire. But upon closer rewiew she saw that it was not
    spreading. As she got out of her car she ran towards the
    source. It was a ruby of some sort. It was THE ruby! A
    million thoughts ran through her head, it might be dangerous,
    or maybe even radioactive.
        It glowed so brightly, her entire body was aglow in its
    rays. She knelt down to get a closer look, and was careful
    not to touch it. The ruby was beautiful in shape and design,
    it drew her nearer and nearer. Finally, she decided to pick
    it up. What was the worst that could happen, she thought?
        As she lifted it up a red glow washed over her body
    that began at her hand and slowly spread throughout her
    entire body. It was at this time she felt her clothing feel
    too tight and a powerful energy surged through her. She heard
    her belt being stretched out and realized that she was grow-
    ing!  Her entire body was slowly being transformed by the
    magical ruby. She gasped as she looked down and saw the size
    of her arms. Her once small and weak arms were being filled
    up with inches and inches of muscle. Her sleeves were
    stretched out completely, wrapped around her now massive
    arms.  She squeezed her biceps and ripped apart her over-
    stretched sleeves. The rest of her police uniform stretched
    tight around her growing breasts.  Finally, with one deep
    breath her uniform burst apart instantaneously.
        The front of her shoes ripped apart as her toes tore
    through the front of them. Her thighs, once soft and flabby,
    had stretched her slacks out to ridiculous porportions as her
    monsterous thighs kept on growing and growing. Slow tears
    formed around the seams, and slowly got larger and larger as
    her legs continued to increase in size.  She squeezed her
    thighs and this shredded the rest of her pants.  She looked
    down at her exposed legs and could not believe the size of
    her muscles.  She ran her hands down her thighs, as large as
    her hands had grown, they still looked small compared to her
    massive quads. They had grown rock-hard as well, in fact,
    they probably could crush rocks between them. Her calves were
    unreal as well, they looked bigger than her waist used to be!
    She was being turned into a female Juggernaut!
        An incredible feeling of strength and power filled every
    fiber or her being. It felt as if her strength was limitless.
    She grew anxious to test her new power. First though, she let
    her body continue to grow larger and larger. She had grown in
    height as well as she noticed that she was actually able to
    look down at the roof of her house. She must have grown to be
    close to 10 feet tall, she thought, and wondered where she
    would ever be able to find clothes that would fit her.
        Suddenly, she felt some type of armor form around her
    immense body. As she looked down she saw a brown costume of
    some type, and immediately thought about redesigning it, if
    not getting rid of it completely. A helmet of some type
    appeared around her head, and her brown curly hair flowed out
    from underneath it. She stood there and flexed every muscle
    on her incredible new body. It felt as if she could lift up
    her entire house. It was time to test her new muscles.

        She walked over to the large pine tree in her backyard.
    As she placed her hands around its trunk, she squeezed them
    ever so slightly. Splinters and shards of bark fell onto her
    hands. Her hands were even powerful, she thought. She looked
    the tree over and a crazy thought came to her. She lyed down
    on her back and wrapped her enormously thick llegs around the
    trunk. Slowly she squeezed her legs together. Her muscles be-
    came engorged with blood, and bulged even greater. The tree
    cracked in half as she applied very little effort at all. She
    got extremely excited as she ralized that her thighs had just
    felled a 100 foot tall tree, and she barely used any of her
    vast new power!
        She stood up and wiped off the pieces of tree, and
    flexed her unreal legs. They were absolutely huge! If she
    could crush a tree between her legs, what would happen if a
    man was caught between them? She walked over to her neigh-
    bor's  yard. He had a farm, and a lot of things that she
    could test her strength out on. She went up to the barn, it
    was locked, no problem. As she gripped the lock in her hands
    she gently tugged on it, and it popped right open. Her head
    reached the 10 foot high entranceway of the barn, so she knew
    that she had indeed grown to 10 feet in height. She saw the
    tractor and smiled, it would probably be too easy to lift,
    but the what the hell. She gripped it with one hand and
    lifted it up effortlessly. She began doing presses with it
    and got bored once she had done 15 reps. Next, she took the
    pitchfork and pressed it against her chest. The prongs bent
    against her powerful pectorals like they were made of
    aluminum foil. There seemingly was nothing that could either
    test her strength or her invulnerability. As she walked back
    to her house, she thought about how this would change her
    life. Would she still be a cop, or would she be a superhero?
        She grew anxious to share her amazing change with some-
    one, and decided the first person would be Pete. Having grown
    so large, she was unable to fit inside of her house without
    doing damage to her doorway. So she reached in and grabbed
    her portable phone from its holder. As she dialed his
    phonenumber she wondered how he would react.
        "Hello?" he answered his phone.
        "Uh….hi Pete. It's me Lucy," her voice sounded extreme
    ly nervous.

        "Lucy, are you alright? You sound strange," he asked
    her, as he got a little worried that something might be

        She stammered a little bit, "N-nothing's wrong, don't
    worry. I was just wondering if you could stop over to my
    place. I have something incredible to show you."

        He became intrigued, this was very unlike Lucy. They
    always flirted a work, but she had never taken him up on his
    advances before. Now out of the blue, she calls at 9:00 at
        "Sure, I'll be right over. But what is it that you have
    to show me?"

        "I'm not telling you, it would ruin the surprise. Don't
    worry though, you'll see for your own eyes soon enough.

        Her stomach was in knots, she didn't know how he would
    react to the new Lucy. She knew that he liked girls that ex-
    ercised, but she sort of took that look to an extreme now.
    As she looked herself over, she really didn't like her
    costume at all. She took off her helmet and shook out her
    long, curly brown hair. Even her hair had grown as it now
    came down to her mid-back. She took off the rest of her cos-
    tume, and only left on her undergarments and boots. The
    lights from her house glowed across her body, highlighting
    every curve of her musculature.
        A car's headlights lit up her yard as Pete pulled into
    her driveway. She bent down and picked up the ruby, and put
    it inside of her window. She heard Pete get out of his car.
        "Pete, I'm over here, in the back yard," she crouched
    down so her head wouldn't be seen over the roof.
        As Pete rounded the corner Lucy jumped out in front of
    him to surprise him.
        "Surprise!" she extended her arms out to him.

        Pete jumped back, scared as hell by her jumping in front
    of him. As he got his first look at her, his jaw slowly
    dropped open.
        "W-what the hell…..your huge. HUGE!!!" He staggered

        She flexed one of her massive arms, "I know, do you like

        He struggled to get his words out. Little Lucy had grown
    from a tiny little woman into the largest human being he had
    ever seen.
        "I don't know, I mean how did this happen? You left work
    and you were normal, and now, your the biggest fucking
    mountain of muscle I've ever seen."

        She squeezed her enormous breasts together, "I know I am
    But you still haven't answered my question, Do you like it?"

        He gulped hard, "I'd have to feel them before I pass

        She laughed, this was more like the Pete she knew.
    "Go ahead, I'll get a ladder if you need one."

        He walked over to her, his head barely coming up to her
    belly button.
        "Jesus, you're so fucking big! You haven't answered my
    question, how did this happen?"

        "Well, remember why Storm had stayed behind for a week?"

        He looked up at her, "You don't mean to tell me you
    found the ruby?"

        She smiled as she looked down at him, "Yup, and I guess
    you can say that I'm the new Juggernaut."
        She squeezed him up against her body.

        "Yeah, I guess you can say that."

        He felt her iron-hard thighs, his hands looked so tiny
    as he ran them across her legs. They were so hard and so big
    he couldn't believe it.

        "You wouldn't believe some of the things that I can do
    with the body that your enjoying so much right now."

        He kissed her thighs, savoring each one, "I'll bet. Do
    you realize that your stronger than the Thing? Stronger than
    Thor? For christ's sake, you're even stronger than the fuck-
    ing Hulk!"

        She thought about it for a second and smiled, "So what
    you're saying, is that I'm the most powerful person on the

        He laughed as her thought about it, little Lucy Wagner,
    was now the strongest, most powerful person alive.
        "Yeah, I guess you are. So what does that mean, what are
    you going to do now?"

        "I don't know, I haven't given it much thought. I think
    that I'll contact the X-men, and see what they can do for me.
    I need to find out about the extent of my powers, I mean, if
    I'm not careful I could really hurt somebody. You should see
    what I did to a tree with my legs alone!"

        He looked over at the fallen tree in her yard and
    thought about her crunching it apart between her legs. Wow!
        "Normally, I'd say that I'd love to get between your
    legs, but I don't know if that would be such a good idea."

        She really wanted to have sex with him, she was feeling
    so good, so powerful. But she also didn't want to accidentily
    squeeze off his penis.
        "Maybe one day, when I learn how to control my new

        "So what do you want to do?" he asked as he looked up at
    her oversized tits.

        She knelt down beside him, and still she couldn't look
    him in the eye, "I'd really like it if you spent the night."

        He got excited, "I thought you didn't want to…"

        "I don't mean that, just sleep with me. You can sleep on
    top of me. I have two large breats that I'm sure will provide
    you with a comfy pillow. And then tomorrow we can figure out
    what the hell I'm going to do with my life."

        He like the sound of that, "Sure, sounds good to me.
    Just make sure you don't roll over in the middle of the night
    or you'll crush me!"

    To be continued

    FROM                      THE AMAZONS ARENA BBS    702-243-7723

    Matthew Lim

    A woman gaining the powers of the Juggernaut, I swear someone took that idea torch but I can't quite put my finger on it.  😕 😕 😕


    A woman gaining the powers of the Juggernaut, I swear someone took that idea torch but I can't quite put my finger on it.  😕 😕 😕

    Sir Maniac is far too modest to admit to such so . . .  😎

    [move][font=Verdana]**Sir Maniac did it first – accept no substitutes, insist upon genuine KissTheManiac**[/font][/move]

    “I like a good story well told. That is the reason I am sometimes forced to tell them myself.”
    ~ Mark Twain / Samuel Clemens (1907)


    Could u post ur version of the story Maniac?

    Matthew Lim

    http://www.amaz0ns.com/index.php?option=com_smf&Itemid=41&topic=926.0 incomplete. Keep your eyes peeled for future updates.

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