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    Three stories, to be specific: GTS, The Perfume, and In The Field. If anybody has any of these, could you please post them here? Thank you.



    I’m not sure if this is the story you are looking for. I’ve seen several use the same title, and the author’s name was not included in the copy I have saved. I hope this was what you were looking for.

    The Perfume [Part 1]

    By Solomon?

    Jimmy, 17, locked his bedroom door and closed his Venetian blinds. He was not going to be disturbed today. Not now. Not with what he had inside his coat.

    He unzipped the coat and the magazine fell out onto the floor. Hands trembling with guilty anticipation, Jimmy reread the cover — Tall Hard Bodies — and almost drooled over the picture: a statuesque, elegantly muscled blonde wearing daisy dukes and a ridiculously-tight black halter top which bunched her artificial but still lovely cleavage up close to her neck. Jimmy ripped the magazine from its plastic shell and immediately began to flip through it, eagerly perusing each picture. Tall, strong and naked women. Some flexing. Some…relaxing. Oddly, a part of Jimmy wished that they were still wearing a little clothing, or at least shreds of clothing they had ‘outgrown.’ But he still enjoyed the magazine. Much. The pages of the magazine were perfumed, as usual, but it was an uncanny aroma, and left Jimmy a little lightheaded. But still very…able.

    About a half-hour later, there was a knock at the door. Jimmy hid the incriminating magazine and opened the door. And there were Julie, his 15 year-old sister, and her friend Cindy. Her gorgeous friend Cindy. Dark hair. Blue eyes. Cindy was wearing a white blouse and jeans, which Jimmy took ample view of — discreetly, of course.

    ‘Can we borrow your Collective Soul c.d.?’ Julie droned. Jimmy complied and they left to his sister’s room. Jimmy was still picturing Cindy in his still slightly dazed mind when he returned to his picture book. God, he thought, she would look great like this. And if she wanted me…

    There was another knock at the door. Grunting, Jimmy hid away the magazine again and opened it. It was Cindy again.

    ‘Hi,’ he said.

    She had a peculiar expression. Very content. Almost…stoned, although Jimmy knew she couldn’t be. Cindy was not that type of girl. And that perfume she was

    wearing…it smelled so familiar…

    ‘Hi,’ she whispered and entered the room. And closed the door behind her.

    ‘What’s up?’ asked Jimmy.

    ‘Your sister’s downstairs helping your mom out with some things and…I thought we could be alone.’

    Jimmy’s heart raced. What was this? Was this for real? Was he dreaming?!

    ‘Do you find me attractive?’ she asked.

    Jimmy nodded. He could not speak.

    ‘I knew you did. I want to make you happy, Jimmy.’

    And she tilted her head back and let out a huge breath.

    Something seemed different about her suddenly. She seemed…bigger somehow. She had been about six inches shorter than Jimmy, but now she had to be at most three. And sure enough, her clothes look tighter on her body. Her breasts — what breasts! — were closely outlined by her white blouse. Her legs, long, were defined in the tight jeans, which now only ran down to a little below her knees. And there seemed to be muscles there, across her legs, strong and hard muscles that couldn’t have been there before.

    ‘Touch me, Jimmy.’

    And she grabbed his hands and pressed them against her soft breasts. He could feel her nipples playfully poking at his palms through her blouse. And then she ran his hands up across her shoulders. Were those muscles? His hands traveled further, down her arms. Her hard biceps. He squeezed them and shuddered. They were powerful! Since when did Cindy…

    Her growth had drawn her blouse out of her jeans, and Jimmy could now see her hardening, incredible stomach muscles. He reached forward and ran his fingers across their stony hills. She was now a few inches taller than Jimmy, and still growing. Her breasts, which must have swelled at least one cup size, were putting tremendous strain on the front of her blouse. And her rounding, strong shoulders were threatening the same to the sleeve seams. Gaps appeared between the taut-drawn buttons of her blouse, and Jimmy could see glimpses of wonderful breasts, confined within a white lace bra matching her underpants.

    Cindy flexed her arms and watched her forearm muscles burst open the cuffs of her blouse. ‘Oh yes,’ she muttered, gently rocking in ecstasy. Jimmy looked up at her. She had to be almost seven feet tall now, and showed no signs of slowing. She was more beautiful than any of the women in the magazine!

    The magazine…?

    Her jeans screamed as the side seams split open along her ballooning thighs and calves. Two buttons from her blouse tumbled forward at Jimmy as her chest increased ever more in width and…depth. The fabric across her back and shoulders split open on her massive muscles. She was crossing the eight foot mark now. Her blouse fell off her body and travelled the growing distance to Jimmy’s carpeted floor. Cindy flexed out her arms and inhaled deeply and her chest filled up and pressed against her weakening brassiere. The shoulder straps and front both ripped open at the same time, and it too fell away, revealing to Jimmy a pair of amazing, large, firm breasts, and an incredible chest. Her jeans had also fallen away, and her underpants were fraying along her thick, wonderful legs.

    ‘Oh, Jimmy!’ She was less than a foot from his ceiling. She flexed again and grabbed…

    Jimmy and squeezed him into her substantial, bare bosom. Jimmy came again, automatically.

    ‘Save some of that for me!’ Cindy cried, and reached down and tore open the front of his jeans as if it were tissue paper and, lifting him like he was a doll, brought his erect penis into her now naked, wet vagina. Jimmy trembled in sweaty paradise.

    And then, the inevitable knock at his door.

    ‘Hey, Cindy? You in there?’ It was Jimmy’s sister, Julie!

    Jimmy fell to the floor and looked up at Cindy. Her brow furrowed; she looked confused. Suddenly, she shrank. Rapidly. Her size and massive strength just vanished as she quickly returned to her normal 5’6” height. She looked down at Jimmy with a look of utter bafflement, as if she had total amnesia and was absolutely lost. Then she looked down at her pile of clothes.

    ‘Cindy?’ Julie called again.

    Cindy picked up her bra and tried to put it on, to absolutely no avail. She looked to Jimmy for help. Jimmy immediately got up and ran to his closet and took out the first t-shirt and jeans he could find. They would be big on her, but they were better than what she was wearing now! He tossed them to her and she put them on. He also found an old pair of sneakers that she were only a little big on her.

    Finally, after kicking her shredded clothes under the bed, and putting on a new pair of jeans, Jimmy opened the door.

    ‘Cindy, what’s going on?’

    ‘Julie, I can explain…’ Jimmy began.

    ‘It’s a long story,’ Cindy replied. ‘And it’s definitely not what it looks like. Definitely.’

    ‘Definitely,’ Jimmy repeated.

    ‘Okay…’ Julie said, and she and Cindy left. Jimmy closed the door and sat on his bed and picked up the…


    It was a mystery. Jimmy knew it had happened. He had Cindy’s ripped clothes underneath his bed. Her white blouse, most of its buttons missing from when her breasts had proven too much for them to contain, its shoulder seams split from massive steel globes of muscle, the back fabric torn from her glorious widening back; her jeans, reduced to denim streamers by her thick, oh-so-long legs; her socks and sneakers, now little more than assorted puzzle pieces of leather and cotton; her bra and underpants, now strips of tattered lace. But how had it happened? And why? He knew not to look a gift horse in the mouth, especially one as magnificent as this, but still…his curiosity was overwhelming.

    Cindy had long since gone home. He had not seen her since she left his room — he wasn’t even sure she remembered any of it. Maybe that was for the best. But Jimmy had to find the answers to his questions. He could picture Cindy, a statuesque nine feet tall goddess of muscle and hormones, and he knew the perfume from the magazine was connected…somehow. He flipped open the magazine and glanced through its paper gallery of naked models and bodybuilders. 52 pictures in all. Already the photographs had become familiar to him; already he had his favorites and his not-so-favorites. He flipped past page 44, page 49, page 50…


    There, on page 50. There it was. There was no denying it. But *it* was not the jungle setting and the buxom brunette straddled across a tree stump that he remembered. *It* was his room, and a 9-ft tall Cindy standing there, in a sweat-glistening erotic pose — biceps erect, chest out, legs spread apart with their muscles tensed…

    It was impossible. Jimmy flipped back to the table of contents. What was the buxom brunette’s name? Marilda Hosser? Yes, that was it. Marilda Hosser… Marilda Hosser…



    But there it was. In print. That was Cindy.

    It took Jimmy a couple minutes to return from his state of shock, but he had seen enough ‘Twilight Zone’ episodes to know what was what. Somehow, with this magazine and its exotic perfume, he could do what he did with Cindy…apparently 51 more times. Finally, Jimmy began to smile.


    ‘Jimmy,’ his mother yawped, ‘phone call!’

    It was a few hours later, almost midnight, and Jimmy had not been able to concentrate on anything. Well, almost anything. He picked up his phone.


    ‘Hi,’ the voice was soft, and timid, and definitely Cindy’s.

    ‘Cindy! Hi.’ Jimmy swallowed his heartbeats. ‘How are you?’

    ‘I want to talk to you about what happened earlier.’

    Jimmy glanced down at the pile of her clothing, and the magazine laying beside it. ‘Um, sure? What do you mean?’

    ‘I remember what happened, Jimmy. Julie went downstairs and I was doing my homework and I…’


    ‘I don’t know,’ Cindy said. ‘I just became so…overwhelmed. Like I needed to go to you. I had never felt anything like it before. It was…compelling. Uncontrollable. And, I mean, well…kind of *good*. And I went into your room and I just knew what I was there for, and what you wanted, and I felt amazing doing it and part of me is embarassed, but another part of me…wants it to happen again.’

    ‘Now?’ Jimmy’s voice practically climbed three octaves.

    ‘Well, I mean, I can’t now. I’m in my room. I’m in my pajamas.’

    Jimmy glanced down at the magazine and picked it up and turned to page 50. There she still was, in her beauty. And there was mysterious sweet scent.


    ‘What?’ He almost dropped the phone. ‘What’s wrong?’

    Cindy gasped. ‘What are you doing? It’s…happening again…ooooh!’

    Jimmy couldn’t help himself. ‘What’s happening?’

    ‘Ohhh…my body is getting so strong! I can feel my muscles hardening…are you hardening, Jimmy?’

    Truth be told, he was. And he nodded. Then, remembering he was on the phone, he told her, ‘Yes.’

    ‘Ooh. I like that…free yourself…’

    Jimmy unzipped his pants.

    ‘Oh, yes…’ she cried, ‘I can see my body growing! My pajamas are getting so tight on my body! My nipples are getting so hard! Ohhh…I’m getting taller! I’ve got to be almost seven feet tall now! Everything in my room looks so small. My pajamas bottoms only go down to my knees now, and they’re so tight across my thighs. I wonder if…oops! I flexed my thighs and the pajama bottoms just split open. Oh well. And my top…it barely can keep in my breasts and muscles! I wonder if I inhale…there they go! Oh, my breasts look so incredible! I’m over eight feet tall! I’m naked, Jimmy. Can you picture me?’


    ‘Ohhh…thank you…ohhhh…OHHHHHH….’

    Just then, the connection died.

    ‘Cindy? Cindy?’


    Jimmy tried calling Cindy’s house several times that night, but the line was busy. He wanted to tell someone — what could’ve happened to her? — but he knew that a) no one would believe him and b) he would lose many sanity points in the eyes of his family and friends. So he spent the night awake and alone, stewing. The magazine before him. Cindy’s impossible picture on page 50. And that scent.

    What really were his options? He had bought the magazine at a gas station. The last copy. The only copy he had ever seen of this issue. Of course. And whenever his mind resisted the facts of what had happened, despite the magazine and the picture and everything else, he would reach under his bed and take out a piece of Cindy’s torn clothing. Physical evidence. Undeniable.

    Jimmy could see the rising sun slowly brighten his room as

    six o’clock approached. He should have been tired, but the

    events of the past twelve hours had rattled him so much,

    he didn’t know if he would ever sleep again. He practiced

    his morning routine — shower, brush teeth, etc. — and

    dressed for school and went downstairs.

    ‘Something on your mind, son?’ his father asked him.

    Jimmy offered his usual reply — ‘Never, Dad’ – and finished his bacon & eggs without a second’s thought. Julie’s boyfriend Rod was driving her to school from now on, so he had the morning ride all to himself. All the better. He packed the magazine in his bookbag, threw the bag onto the passenger seat, and set off to school. Cindy would be there. Maybe she would have some answers. And if not, Jimmy thought with a mental smirk and a horny imagination, well maybe that might be ok too.

    Arriving at school, he set off to his special homeroom — the computer pod. One of the benefits of having a 4.0 — one of the only — was the basic free reign he had at school. He pretty much could go where he wanted when he wanted. This meant homeroom in the computer pod, study hall in the computer pod…Of course, the penalties outweighed the benefits. After all, most of his classmates stayed far away from him, as if he were an alien species or had the plague. He had resigned himself to this sorry facts. Of course, he had resigned himself to many laws of reality before yesterday.

    He didn’t see Cindy on his way to the pod, but he knew he would see her sometime today. Like all high school boys and their crushes, he had her schedule memorized.

    He sat down in front of *his* computer. They were all the same in the pod, but this one was his, the corner one, the red-and-blue one, the one he had nicknamed ‘Gibson.’

    Melissa Caruth sat beside him. As always. Like Jimmy, she was a 4.0 outcast. But at least he didn’t look it. She typified the high school geek — gnarly brown hair, thick glasses, old-fashioned clothing. For example, today she wore a tan turtleneck sweater, and matching polyester slacks. She was brilliant, but cartoonish.

    ‘Morning, Jimmy,’ she squeaked.

    ‘Hi, Melissa.’ Jimmy began to work on his physics lab report. It was due in three hours. About time to get started on it, he decided.

    But as he copied equations from his notes, his mind drifted. To Cindy. To the magazine, right there in his bookbag. Naked muscular giantesses. Sometimes Jimmy’s libido disgusted even himself.

    Homeroom would be over in twenty minutes. He HAD to finish his lab report. Lab report, lab report, lab report, naked women, lab report, lab, naked, naked, tall, tall, muscles…

    ‘Damn it,’ he muttered.

    He glanced over at the clock. Fifteen minutes. This just wasn’t happening. Then he looked over at Melissa. What was she working on? Had she finished the physics lab?

    But something was wrong with Melissa. She was just staring forward blankly at her computer screen, as if she were in a trance.

    ‘Melissa? Hey, Melissa?’ He rubbed her shoulder. ‘Melissa?’

    She turned to him and smiled. ‘Touch me again, Jimmy.’

    Jimmy gasped.

    For one thing, Melissa was perspiring. Much. And for another thing, she was smiling. And Melissa Caruth never smiled. Not even when she answered a teacher’s question in class.

    Jimmy could not help it — his attention was immediately drawn to her breasts. And there they were, slowly inflating within her brown turtleneck sweater above pulsing pectoral muscles.

    ‘Touch me again!’ Melissa demanded, and violently brought his left hand down to the crotch of her brown polyester pants. The tight crotch of her brown polyester pants. The moist crotch of her brown polyester pants. She drove his fingers into her crotch again and again, each time gasping and moaning with delight. Jimmy checked the closed door, and the clock. The sound-proofed walls. Ten minutes until the bell. Usually they weren’t disturbed, and it looked like Marty Allen, stoner genius extraordinaire, wasn’t coming to school, again.

    Oh well.

    The wet fabric across her crotch split open. Whether it was due to her muscle and size growth, or the vigorous rocking of her elongating legs…the fabric was now in two pieces. And Melissa was now massaging Jimmy’s fingers through her tight, very wet underpants and into herself.

    Her glasses snapped apart and Jimmy looked up at her. The rest of her was quickly getting bigger and bigger, too. Massive muscles were clearly outlined through her taut polyester sweater and slacks. Half-dollar sized nipples

    were clearly wanting out, as were incredibly full, heaving breasts. While Jimmy’s left hand had been inside her, his right hand had slipped into his jeans and had done a little of its own action. He made sure to unzip this time,

    as Melissa’s sweater began to rip open, revealing extraordinary flesh, he ejaculated out, landing onto her black boots, which apparently she had, wisely, slid off her feet just in time.

    Her chair groaned from the stress her much added weight was putting on it. She weighed hundreds of pounds of sheer muscle now, and was quickly surpassing eight feet tall. Her panties popped off, and Jimmy’s fingers were now being sent directly into the source of her wetness. She was still moaning, lost in the ecstasy of it all. Her hands reached forward and gripped her table…and broke it in two, sending her computer crashing to the floor. But she suddenly rose, obliterating what was left of her clothing, and stretched out her arms to their limits, her fingertips touching the computer pod’s notoriously high ceiling. Then, half-aware of her surroundings and half in a blissful daze, she looked down at the destruction she had caused. And laughed. She palmed her 18” monitor and with her other hand crushed it into a plastic frisbee, all the while flexing her layered, ice-hard biceps. Jimmy watched it all from his seat, fly and mouth wide open.

    And then Melissa howled in loud, carnal pleasure.

    So this is sexual repression, he thought.

    They had five minutes until the bell would ring. Thank God this room is sound-proofed, Jimmy thought, as Melissa Caruth — nine feet of raw physical and sexual power — began to approach.

    The door was not locked, though, and just then, stoner genius extraordinaire Marty Allen shambled in.

    ‘Dude, I…FUCKASAURUS REX!’ Marty closed the door behind him and began to drool.

    ‘Uh, hi, Marty,’ Jimmy said.

    ‘Melissa?!’ Marty rubbed his glassy eyes.

    Melissa looked over/down at Marty, smiled, and stepped toward him.

    ‘Holy shit…Melissa?! Is that you?’

    Melissa nodded, and continued toward Marty, her grin stretched longer than Jimmy’s feet. From behind, Jimmy could make out her impeccably taut ass and calf muscles filling and flexing with each step, her rocky back muscles pulsing and bubbling with inhuman strength. Somewhere, in the back of his mind, Jimmy knew something was off — something more than the obvious, of course — but remained

    sitting, and watching. Was she getting even taller?

    ‘Hello, Marty,’ Melissa grunted. Her speaking voice had dropped several octaves and although still feminine, resonated like a mighty baritone. Her two hands wrapped around Marty and she lifted him up as if he were a plastic doll and she muttered, ‘Time to give your goddess head, Marty,’ and Jimmy knew something was very off but had only risen to his feet by the time Melissa had vigorously, and violently, flipped Marty upside-down and brought him, head-first, into her sex and Marty Allen became the first human dildo.

    Melissa was laughing. Marty was not. Each time, she drew his now-soaking head in deeper, and held it there longer, and gyrated her hips, and must have been doing something with her vaginal muscles by the sound of it. Jimmy slowly approached.

    ‘Uh, Melissa…’ he said.

    She was so lost in her own reverie that she didn’t hear him. Or Marty’s soft screams as his head went out and in, out and in, out and in… Her thighs tensed and bulged in preparation for her coming orgasm.


    She howled again, and in orgasm, her vaginal muscles seized and closed. On Marty’s skull.


    Slowly, she turned to Jimmy. Marty fell out of her, his head smashed. She had such an innocent look on her face — naive satisfaction, definitely tinged with a touch of confusion.


    And as before with Cindy, Melissa immediately, and quickly, returned to her normal appearance. Height faded, bones shrank, muscles exhaled. Soon she was geeky Melissa Caruth again, albeit nude. And albeit the lower part of her naked body, wet with her own juices…and Marty’s red ones.

    Fortunately, as she resumed consciousness, and awareness of her surroundings, and herself, mercifully, she immediately passed out.

    ‘What the hell am I going to do now?’ Jimmy thought, and before he could come up with even the semblance of a credible response…the bell rang, and the students began to pour out of their homerooms to their first period classes…seventeen of these students now heading directly for the computer pod.


    Yeah, that’s it! Thanks, astrosmurf!


    I’m happy to read this one again but still unhappy to see it’s not finished…..it was a good brginning, too sad there’s no end…

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