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    Anyone got any good hints/tips/guides/tutorials/etc. for someone wanting to try a hand at making some FMG-style alterations to imagery?

    I have PSP 5 if that helps.


    As I was just saying in another topic, I use PSPS 5 also. You can go a little way with the rather well hidden push; dodge; burn; smudge etc tools but I would start your morphs with a program such as Winmorph – this will let you change the shape of your original image far more than you could in PSP alone. Then you can import the warped images back into PSP and copy ‘n’ paste into new layers to modify your original image. Learning how to use the layer tool effectively is a huge plus when doing this.

    A tip I have learned recently – only go to jpg for your final image. Do all editing in psp format (or some other non-lossy format). Never edit in jpg!

    If you have specific questions I would be glad to help via PM.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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