MAD Magazine #287 June 1989 "Female Bodybuilders Comic Strip"

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    I went to L.A this weekend to pick up a bunch of my stuff….
    Including a lot of my old Female Bodybuilder Artwork and Magazines

    And I stumbled across this gem.

    A Sergio Aragones Art Strip for a Section called….
    "A Mad Look at Female Bodybuilders", great stuff there.

    I scanned one of the better strips and posted it on Imageshack…
    what do you folks think?

    Kinda cute, should I post more? here is the link.

    Amazon Lover

    Though I've been mad at Mad (No pun intended) ever since I was little and they made fun of my favorite childhood cartoon (They crossed a Ninja Turtle with a female singer.  The result?  "Madonnatello".), I'll make an exception in this case.  I'd like to see more of this!

    The Muffin man

    Yeah! Post more! 😛 I remember a couple from some Mad rip-off magazine, but I lost that ages ago.


    Nice find Fbbfan.

    And yes, Post more. I remember that it was a two page spread with a lot of little strips. brong them on.

    No matter how hard I loked for that issue, I could never get hold of it.


    Cute pic!  Thanks for sharing.

    Trent Harlow

    That's scary I was just wondering what happened to my copy of that issue yesterday.  Great memories…


    Thanks folks…I am happy that some still remember this issue.
    The issue # is in the subject heading, and on the cover is
    Roseanne Barr w/ Alfred E.Newman.

    I am glad some folks like them.

    Sergio Aragones would draw buff chicks at times, does anybody have
    the issue of Groo the Wanderer where Chakal gets muscular?

    I thought I saw that somewhere on the net a few years back.

    Anyways, by popular request.. Here is another…


    I am posting some good ones now….I will post two this time…
    should I post more?


    Great finds. If you have more keep them coming.


    That second to last one makes me wonder why enjoying any other part of a muscle womans anatomy is not taboo, I suppose some things must be earned or granted permission, and who better to grant permission than a woman who can pick you up with one arm….

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 20 total)
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