Magic or science?

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    In fictions where women enlarge very fast, which do you prefer starting the growth?

    Which do you prefer to read about? Or write?


    well, I don’t tink that this is a thing of how she grows. A good writen "slow grow" story could be as good a good writen "fast growing" story. Even an AP story combinatet with a FMG story could be interestung, so i can’t give you an answer from my pint of view.

    Mark Newman

    I like them both. Psuedo science can end up being a lot like magic, and magic spells where kinks in the wording end up having unintended consequences can be a lot like science …. and for that matter a lot like poetry or law.

    For me what makes it fun is how the changes fit into the situation and the characters’ lives and feelings. The change agent is more of a plot device for me, and not one to be abused.

    Hunter S Creek

    I guess that I never appreciated much of a difference between pseudoscience and magic. Things that occur beyond the understanding of a given person appear to be magical.

    Having said that — I enjoy it when a nerd tries to intervene on behalf of an undertall, underdeveloped, underappreciated underdog nerdette friend. Of course she is unaware of his attempts and he doesn’t get things quite right. The result is that the female in question grows to become much bigger than he had planned.


    I agee with Marknew. In fact one of my favorite stories of all time was his Spell series. I thought that it was great!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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