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    😉 Hello, my name is Mangus Knight and I am a giantess author of many stories such as Erin’s Growth and The Obsession. I have always had a giantess fetish, especially for the aspects of it where the woman grows right out of her clothes, destroying them in the process. And though the number of giantess sights and boards has grown since I discovered my first on “The Process”, I feel the content has become somewhat stale. That is not to say that no one is doing anything, just that the number of sights and boards seems to be growing faster than the content that fills it. This is why I am sponsoring Magnus’s Mighty Grow-Off, first giantess writing contest.

    The goal of the contest is to increase the amount of giantess material out on the net, while also coxing those shy fans to finally contribute something and stop being a “lurker” as I once was, but a true “member” of the community. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with sitting back and enjoying the fine work of such greats as Hi-standard and ZZZ, but every now and then they need a break and someone else to pick up the pen. I used to check the net constantly going, “Why won’t any of these guys post something new?” Until one day I realized, what did I do? That is when I started writing. It’s not easy, but once you get that first reply, “nice job” or someone else new writes one it’s all worth it.

    Now the part you all want to see, the prizes:

    -First prize: Seven giantess pics. Including some rare ones that I believe you can’t even find anymore. One story written by me about the celebrity of your choice growing into a giantess. You can email me the name of your celebrity or a pic of the star in the outfit you want her to burst from.

    -Second prize: Five giantess pics from my collection featuring women bursting from their clothes.

    -Third prize: There is no third place. I’m not even sure about two, but what the hell. You only live once.

    -Fourth prize: a pet monkey. Please note monkey may be DOA.

    Not sure how to get started or what to write about? No problem. All entries must center around or be written based on the following little story ideas I have, but don’t have time to get to right now because of the stories I’m currently working on. They are:

    1.) Fanfic. The WB’s “Charmed”: Oh no, one of their spells backfired. Now one or all of the witches in the trio are growing into giantesses and bursting from their nice clothes. If not careful they could grow too big and destroy their house. Or maybe they need to grow to stop a demon giantess rampaging through the city. Only Leo knows for sure.

    2.) Curse of the WEREGIANTESS: A woman is driving through the outskirts of some backwoods town when her car falls into a giant pot hole. When she comes to she looks around and realizes it’s really a giant footprint. She starts walking when up the road she finds a naked woman by the roadside. When she investigates the woman bites her. Thirty days later she bursts from her clothes to become a giantess during the full moon. Will she now infect others? Is there a cure? You tell me.

    3.) On the couch: A woman keeps having these strange reoccurring nightmares of being a giantess and destroying her city. To get to the bottom of this her therapist places her in a deep trance to find the cause. Instead it triggers something inside her that causes her to grow into a giantess, ruin her clothes and the doctor’s office. Now fifty feet tall will she wreck the city like in her dream? Or will she do something more useful for society?

    4.) The bride of giants: A beautiful bride on her wedding day, but for some reason she’s more nervous than she expected. Wedding starts and she begins her march down the aisle. As she marches, her anxiety grows, and so does she. Why, up to you. Clothes, a wedding gown silly, but not to puffy, loose but formfitting. Total clothes destruction of everything. Shoes, gown, hose, panties, ring etc.

    5.) Giant rave: A Goth rave where some one spiked the punch. The girl or girls there grow. Exotic outfits of leather, fishnets, colored tights, boots, heels. Whatever. Just destroy it all. Detail of how tattoos or piercing affected too. Or not. Whatever.

    6.) Fan Fic. Giantess in the city: Take one, two, or all four girls from HBO’s Sex in the City and have them grow right out of their designer suits and shoes and run amok in the city. Each one in a different styled outfit. Ex. one in a suit, another in a gown, one in a dress, another in jeans. It’s all up to you.

    When your story is completed email your entry to me at [email protected]

    Or post it in the folder labeled Magnus’s Mighty Grow-Off at ,or post it at one of the message boards where I post this detailed entry form. Just make sure you put your subject as magnus grow off entry and before the story place an email address to reach you at so you know I read it. Please note though if you post it on a board keep it together. Do not post part one, than in a new topic a week later part two. This may confuse me and I may not properly score the story. Keep all posts together for each story. You may enter more than once, but must use a new topic from above for each entry. You may email me the story as is, or as an attachment in .doc format only. Please do a virus check first so you don’t accidentally have a virus piggy backing on your attachment.

    Now the fun part. Below will be how the stories are scored. This should also give you some idea with what I’m looking for in each story. Spelling and grammar will not count as long as I understand what I’m reading. There is no sex in the champagne room. My advice to you. Now the breakdown:

    • 50 points to the first four entries received. Odds are better if you email me the entry to receive the points as I may not check the boards each day.

    • 30 points if the story is at least three pages.

    • 12 points per article of clothing you describe on the woman, or women, before their growth.

    • 18 points per every article of clothing lost or destroyed during the growth. Some items will only be counted as one. i.e.: shoes.

    • 25 points for describing her physical attributes before the growth. Help me visualize her.

    • 35 points writing about her reaction to the growth. What she’s feeling, how her clothes feel, is it a turn on, a surprise, is she angry about etc.?

    • 20 points for writing how they feel after their done growing. Is she embarrassed? Horny? Confused?

    • 40 points for every well written giantess in the story.

    • 7 points each per onlookers’ reactions. (limit 28 points)

    • 45 points for attention to details. Settings, outfits, locations, names, times, dates.

    • 60 points added to lowest score and 30 points to highest if you submit more than one story.

    • 20 points to staying within the story ideas listed above.

    • 70 points if the growth process is one to two pages in length.

    Now the bad news. There are some penalties for “padding” the story.

    • -5 points for every page over 12. I need to be able to complete and score a story quickly. Keep in mind I’m also busy with my own.

    • -11 points for adding unnecessary articles of clothing just to gain points. For example she’s wearing too coats because it’s really cold. Shoes, socks, tights, legwarmers, ankle braclets on both legs and ten toe rings are overkill.

    • -15 points over emphasis on her reaction to the growth on every little detail just so you can make it longer.

    • – 30 points for adding too many poorly written giantesses just to get points for that.

    • -20 Growth process is more than three pages. I’d get so caught up in the growth I’d lose the plot.

    • -90 points Use of anyone under the age of 18 as a giantess or in a sexual situation.

    • -30 overkill of clothes bursting. Ex: Three paragraphs or two pages about a foot growing out of a shoe is too much.

    The deadline for all entries will be no later than November 26th, 2004.

    Good luck and happy writing.

    Remember, the growth is out there…

    All entries received after 11/26/04 will be given 20 point deductions. Judging will begin 11/2/04. Winners will be notified via email by 12/23/05. Email will be sent to all who entered listing points received. If you want a rescoring email Magnus Knight no later than 12/30/05 along with a reason why. Prizes will be given out by 2/28/05. Pics may or may not already be available for download elsewhere and are not made by Magnus Knight. Pics will be sent to first and second place winners within two weeks of decision by email. Original story by Magnus Knight may take longer. No requests will be honored for a story featuring anyone under 18 yaers of age by 12/31/04. No requests for male stories will be taken. No stories with male giants accepted. Any stories with shrinking men will not be accepted. A special prize will be sent out to anyone who can complete all six story ideas by 12/24/04. Beer tastes better cold. Remember to feed your fish and have your dog checked for fleas. Good luck and happy writing. All entries received by 9/27/04 will also get 50 point bonus. This will benefit us all in the long run. Top four stories will be posted on the ripping zone group, zzz’s message board, and the process board. No, this is not porn, it is erotic art for macro minded individual.



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