Maria Sharapova getting bigger?

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    Mr Burroughs

    You’re probably all familiar with the Russian tennis star Maria Sharapova. She was something of a prodigy and started playing seriously when she was 13 and 5’3”. The next year she had a growth spurt that put her at 5’7” – the next year, 5’11”. Now she’s 18 and slightly over 6 feet tall.

    As long as she was growing, Sharapova had a beanpole figure. But she’s finally started to put on muscle, most of it in her lower body. Here’s a picture from late 2003.

    Still, I think it’s worth watching Sharapova – she’s just grown into her body, and it’s startling to think what she’d look like with a Capriati-esque workout regimen.


    Sharapova rules. She didn´t have to prove anything to anybody. She is the world number one tennis player, and a beauty to match.

    How can a site, suposed to suport athletic woman, put her down, calling her "bag of bones"?

    Here i left my protest.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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