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    to: Marilyn Knewsome ([email protected])

    From: Sue23

    Dear Ms. Knewsome;

    My friend David wrote to you a while ago. I’ve been read your letters and like how your trying to be compationat with the guys. I just want to tell how I think of these changes. I hate it! I HATE HOW ALL US GIRLS ARE BECOMING SUCH BRUTS! And we all seem to be blaming it on the way boys or men treated us.

    My mother always physically and verbally adbused my father even before this change. Once the cops where called when my mother was beating my dad really badly and when they came did they arrest my mom? NO. My mom turned around and lied saying my dad hit her. so they took him away insted. Soon my father couldn’t take it any more an took his own life.

    That was about a year ago. I’ve been seeing the counciler ever sence. Now with this change I see girls around pushing belittling and even talking of raping guys. I hear it so much I wish that this change never happend. Now with the death of that one boy and the kidnapping of the other I’m affraid for my good friend David’s life. I don’t want him to fear me because for these other girls. And I don’t want the boy to have to suffer the same fate of my father or my other friend Mary (She’s the one that got raped).

    I talked with my counciler about this and she suggested the some of us girls start a ‘Big’ Sister program. Where we could try to help some of the boys with that girlcot thing they are planning and escort the ones that are not participating from class to class. As well as try to set down some rules for women to now fallow with dealing with men who are the wearer sex. David said he’ll try to help by telling me some of the rules that men where taught to follow.

    Ms. Knewsome if you can think of any rules for use to add please post them that could be a big help making the transition a little easier for all of us.



    To: Marilyn Knewsome

    From: Andrew

    Thought I’d write back, given the latest developments. First a comment to the girl holding Anthony. If you’re reading this, for the love of god at least let he himself say that he’s okay. All we got is your word. Regardless of that, you need to turn yourself in. You committed murder, if you indeed did kill the poor bastard that was found. You said you’re stronger than all the police. Um…the local PD has a pretty decent percentage of female officers. Women who haven’t let these changes turn them into sociopaths. And women who undoubtedly could take you in a hand to hand fight. But since you’ve apparently committed murder and you have a hostage, it won’t come to hand to hand.

    In this sort of situation, lethal force would probably be an option. And given your physical capabilities, they wouldn’t screw around. We’re talking SWAT, dogs, sharpshooters…the works. Despite what you might be deluding yourself into thinking, the Change hasn’t made you anywhere near being bulletproof. A slug to the head, and you’d be just as dead as a post-Change man.

    So please, if you are reading this, let Anthony go and turn yourself in. We don’t need two more deaths.

    And apologies to everyone for the frankness of that. I don’t advocate violence against anyone. Just pointing out what might happen to that girl.

    Anyway, the graveyard shift’s going fairly well. Corporate’s made the decision to actually double the available hours of that shift, meaning two people working at a time. In this case, I’m "partnered up" with a female co-worker my age with whom I shared a friendly raport with before the change. Gotta admit that her being there in the middle of the night adds a sense of security. Doesn’t hurt that each of her biceps is just about the size of my head.

    As for the police department, heard a rumor that there will be some changes in terms of recruitment. After you’re hired by a PD, but before you enter the police academy, you’re required to take a series of exams. Among these is physical fitness. How fast you can run a specified distance, how many push ups and sit ups you can do, et cetera. Word is that they’ll be lowering the minimum for men and raising it slightly for women, so as to make things more fairly. Evidently, local and state departments will have discretion on that. Organizations like the FBI and DEA will be set by DC. Obviously, given Dubya’s recent speech, nothing’s changing on that end. Shame.

    Mark Newman

    Dear Sue:

    Congratulations for taking such a responsible approach! Your attitude is just the sort of thing that makes me proud of being a woman. You must know, yourself, what kind of behavior you valued in boys when girls were the weaker sex. Boys will want much the same now.

    *Develop a "sixth sense" for when boys need help with things that are too difficult for them now, like lifting or carrying things, but don’t overwhelm them with offers or baby them. Even though they are weaker, they have not become children and most don’t like it when their weakness is highlighted. In time this will probably change. Boys born after the changes will not carry the same memories and will think it natural that they are weaker. These boys may even enjoy it, as some girls used to, when stronger girls show that they notice a boy by helping them with their superior strength. But for now, this attitude is a minority.

    *Don’t tease boys about being weaker. Many of them are very sensitive about it. They feel they have lost their identity, their masculinity, by being weaker than you. It doesn’t make a girl more of a woman to make a boy feel unmasculine!

    *Respect boys for what they can do.

    *Don’t make comments about their bodies. They are VERY self-conscious now about being small and weak.

    *Talk with your girlfriends about how to behave with boys.

    Good luck!


    Mark Newman

    Dear Andrew:

    Thanks for your comments. They are frank and constructive.

    There has been no official comment on Anthony. I won’t repeat the rumors I’ve heard and I hope others won’t either. The police are doing all they can.


    To: Marilyn Knewsome

    From: Pizza Pi <[email protected]>

    Been awhile since I was paranoid enough to use this account, but I have it on good authority it’s still good.

    I need help. This isn’t about me, but I need to give some context.

    Three years ago, before I was in college, I was raped, what was then called date-raped before people around here took it more seriously. The boys family was upper-class and had enough money to make the problem go ‘away’ – before it was over even my parents had pretty much disavowed me. The settlement said I couldn’t even talk to people about it. I had a lot of people turn on me that I trusted.

    My little brother wasn’t one of them – he stood by me through it all, made Dad and Mom get counseling for me by basically making their lives a living hell till they got the couseling together, and mine a hell till I took it. Got me enrolled in self-defense classes – I’m several degrees past a black belt now. Frankly, even the fact that I’m still on speaking terms with my parents is due to him.

    But I’ve been through it, and that’s why I trust my instincts when I look at the changes in his personality in the last three days – even though the changes he was chipper, happy . . . till he went out with a girl he had a crush on two days ago . . . wouldn’t tell me who. But since he came back that night he’s . . . broken inside. he’s faking it well enough, but there’s something wrong. He has bruises where they won’t show easily. Whoever did this knew exactly what they were doing.

    I tried talking to my counselar about it, and she’s blunt – she say’s it’s impossible that a women could rape a man, even now. She flat dismissed the studies that show that before the changes female on male abuse was 40% of cases – almost threw me out of her office for bringing it up. I was shocked as hell.

    He won’t talk to me about it at all either. I don’t know what to do about this. I can’t force him to go to the police, and I honestly don’t expect our parents to be of any help – they didn’t believe me even after the counselors did, I can’t imagine they’ll believe him.

    I’m furious. You couldn’t imagine someone that had this ‘coming’ less than he. I don’t know how to help him, but honest to god, if I find the girl that did this before the police do, I could kill her.

    And if you’re reading this on the list, believe me when I say I could kill you.


    Mark Newman

    Dear PP:

    You haven’t asked for my help. Perhaps because you already know what I would say.

    YES, we must get out the message that it is NOT acceptable for girls to abuse, dominate, bully or even rape boys.

    YES, it IS possible for a girl to rape a boy. And if some lawyer wants to argue it’s not rape, then it’s sexual abuse. Same thing.

    But NO, more violence will not solve the problem. And it will hurt you, PP, hurt your soul and your whole outlook on life.

    Your relationship with your brother sounds wonderful. He’s very lucky to have you. Keep giving him support. I’ll send you some phone numbers of counselors who will be sympathetic. Your caring for him will do more good than revenge on this girl.

    And if I haven’t persuaded you, just think what will happen to him if YOU should be arrested for assault or worse.

    He needs you by his side. Be there.



    To: Marilyn Knewsome ([email protected])

    From: Bennett Maple

    Re: I AM Dealing With it.

    Marilyn (and whoever else gives a rat’s rosy red):

    No point in hiding my name, thanks to Mr. Anonymous. Whoever you are, traitor, remember what I said about fingers. Unlike Jill, though, I can mask my IP address, thanks to Mr. H4X0R. And he’s eleven steps ahead of Mr. Norton and Mr. McAfee. So if you want to fry your hard drive or motherboard searching for me, that’s no skin off my nose.

    I won’t be in school tomorrow, for obvious reasons. But I’d better set the record straight here.

    Thank you for telling me. To be honest, this is far beyond my ability to help. The school authorities are now aware of the situation and with the help of the police will take steps to protect students at the school. Obviously weapons cannot be permitted in a school environment.

    "School authorities"? "Help of the police"? Spare me! Have you seen the literal shape of the cops and military lately? And the attitude of those recruits in the military… don’t get me started. The cops couldn’t even keep the guns out the schools BEFORE the Great Muscle Rip-off. And you insult me by saying that a bunch of outnumbered buggy-whips that can barely heft their badges are going to even spook a bunch of monstrosities four times their size?

    I know some boys feel they need guns to protect themselves. Let’s think about this for a few minutes. Males have had bigger muscles for all of history. Suddenly the tables are turned, and only now does it become clear that the weaker sex needs murder weapons to protect themselves? Do any of you see the problem here?

    The original murder weapon started at the shoulder and ended at the fingertips. And here it’s already killed one guy, probably killed another, and sexually abusing a third. And that’s only what’s been written about here.

    And it was the abuse of that murder weapon — by the males in the first place — that inspired Samuel Colt to invent the revolver.

    Before the Rip-Off, if a woman felt she needed a handgun to protect herself, would you have talked HER out of it? If a man did, I’d have called him (or her) either an idiot or a predator. And Marilyn, I’m calling you a hypocrite.

    You were right on the money on head shots, Andrew. But Anthony can’t wait for the cops to get its little mallards in a queue. And there’s not going to be enough SWAT teams against ALL 150 million women in this country.

    The boys have to give up the idea that they are somehow entitled by natural or god-given law to have ultimate power in the battles of the sexes.

    What about my Constitution-given right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? We’re not looking for ultimate power, lady! We’re looking for STAYING ALIVE! I am not a slave driver. In fact, before the Rip-Off, I preferred girls and women as friends because they weren’t the buttheads that guys were. But now they’ve proven themselves worse.

    That is NOT the same as saying they should be victims. They have to learn new strategies to cope with the Changes and hold their own. I’ve been a female for all of my 24 years, and until last week I’ve been the weaker sex. Guys: Believe me, you can be weaker than girls and still survive very well.

    Deal with it!

    Survive, maybe. But it’s no way to live.

    And "Deal with it" sounds a lot like "spread your legs and enjoy it." I don’t think so. Didn’t before, don’t now.

    I hope Anthony is still alive. But the way the world has turned out, I’m wondering if he’s not better off dead.

    PP, I feel for you. I honestly do. Sue, thanks anyway. But you’re too late with too little.

    To the true guys, remember: we won’t make the first strike. But we fragging WILL get the last one.


    To: Marilyn Knewsome ([email protected])

    From: Esmeralda and Peter

    Note: This is the transcription of a voice email.

    — Start of the Message —

    *A background clicking noise*

    Peter: Hello Ms. Knewsome. This is Peter, remember me?

    Esmeralda: *panting* Are you recording the reply

    message without me?

    *a strong noise is heared* CLUNK!

    Peter: Well, you were so busy breaking my lifting

    record, that I didn’t want to bother you.

    Esmeralda: *giggling* Did I hear an envious tone in

    your voice?

    Peter: Don’t envious, flattered. Honestly, seeing that

    you struggled at first to lift the bar with my weight

    mark made me feel proud.

    Esmeralda: *purring* And how my strong man felt when

    my girly muscles could match your mark and then passed


    Peter: *exagerate gulping* a bit frigthning.

    Esmeralda: *gasping* Really?

    Peter: *laughing* Of course not. It was the most

    incredible experience in my life. In just a two hours,

    you were able to do what took me two years to achieve.

    Esmeralda: *giggling* I guess, I’m better than you.

    *a punch is heared*

    Peter: Ouch!! Easy girl. You can break me an arm now.

    *sighing and rubbing noises* That will let me a bruise

    Esmeralda: Sorry Peter. I was just playing a bit. I

    forgot that I’m stronger than I was 2 hours ago.

    *kissing noises* There. Mommy kisses will help you to

    heal faster.

    Peter: Thanks mommy. I feel much better now. What

    about if like a good mommy, you take care of your

    little and weak baby.

    Esmeralda: What about if we finish the message for

    Marilyn first?

    Peter: Sh*t! I forgot about it. It will take me a

    second to delete it and start a new one *keyboard


    Esmeralda: No! Leave it that way. At Ms. Knewsome will

    like to hear how good we are doing now.

    Peter: I bet she will. Well, hello again Ms. Knewsome.

    Sorry for wandering around, but I wan…

    Esmeralda: WE want… *sighing* Men don’t have modals.

    Hello Marilyn. This is Esmeralda. We want to thank you

    for helping us with our relationship.

    Peter: Yes. We do exactly what you tell us to do. We

    opened to each other and everything worked


    Esmeralda: I must say that knowing that Peter didn’t

    hate the way of my body looks was gratifiting, but knowing

    that he likes strong woman was a very interesting


    Peter: I couldn’t be happier. I’m glad that Esmeralda

    didn’t react wrong at my little confession. The true

    is that I love her as whole and not for the size of

    her muscles. Enven they look very impressive now.

    Esmeralda: *pouting* More than my breasts. Let me arch

    my back so you can take a good look of them. See how

    big and round they are. Bigger than the first

    time you see them, right?

    Peter: *gulping hard* Indeed. Would you mind flexing

    your arm to see which is bigger.

    Esmeralda. Suit yourself. *a streching sound is


    Peter: Whoa!! You are going to ripped of your shirt!!.

    Esmeralda: I wasn’t trying, but I like the idea.

    *grunting and streching sounds are heared*

    Peter: This is f*cking amazing!!!

    *an aloud moan and ripping sounds*

    Esmeralda: *gasping* It’s done. Pheeew!! That piece of

    fabric didn’t have a chance agaisnt my hard muscles

    and migthy breasts.

    Peter: *babling incoherent words*

    Esmeralda: *gigling* I will take that as an ‘I like


    Peter: *more babling*

    Esmeralda: *purring* Well baby. Compose yourself that

    mommy want to show you how much she loves you. Are you


    Peter: Ready and able!!!

    Esmeralda: Well Ms. Knewsome, as you have heared,

    Peter and I are very happy now. The reason of why we

    are recording this message is to thank your help.

    After Peter and I talked about ourselves, we also

    confess asking you advices. We embarrased for awhile

    for how silly we should sounded for you, but we

    realized that thanks to you we were honest to each


    Peter: Yes Ms. Knewsome. We know that you should be

    dealing with all kind of comments about the Changes.

    Mostly bad I premuse. We hope that our message bring

    to you the hapiness of knowing that your advices were

    well received and appreciated.

    Peter and Esmeralda: And yes. We won’t forget about

    the birth control!! *laughs*

    — End of the message —


    To: Marilyn Knewsome ([email protected])

    From: Simon

    Dear Ms. Knewsome:

    I need your advise, because I don’t know what to do. Ever since I lost my dad and my sister in a car accident 5 years ago, mom became very protective of me. I became her whole world, and I guess she felt she had to do whatever it took to protect me. She tried to prevent me from doing anything remotely dangerous, such as contact sports, camping, skiing, and would almost never let me go out with friends. That only worked for a while. Eventually, as I grew up, she found it more and more difficult to control me, and resenting her domineering ways, I became more and more rebelious. I even started hanging out with a pretty wild bunch, much to her dispair.

    Until 2 weeks ago, I was just trying to be a normal 16 year old boy. That’s when the changes happened. Lest to say, I became as small as I was when I was 12, and mom, who was already on the tall side and a fitness fanatic, grew into a veritable behemoth. That’s when my troubles started.

    I don’t know what triggered her change in behavior; maybe it was seeing me as small as I was when I was a child, or maybe it was her feeling of empowerment, but something changed drastically for the worse in our relationship.

    It all began on one friday night, when me and my friends decided to go to a rave. I was about to go out the door, when she asked me where I was going. I told her I was just going to hang out with friends, but she said she didn’t think it was a good idea, because it was to dangerous for me to go out in my new condition. I said she was being ridiculous, and that I always went out friday nights, but she wouldn’t give in. I told I was going out anyway, and as I was about to head out, she suddenly put herself in front door, which by then was not much bigger then her, and crossed her big arms as if to say "let me see you try". I said "fine! I’m going through the backdoor!", and practically ran towards the kitchen door. But before I could open it, I was grabbed by both arms from behind and swept clean off the floor. I was screaming and kicking for her to let me go, and I might have said some hurtful words then, but before I knew what was happening, I saw myself laying down across her lap, where she proceeded to give me the first spanking I received since I was a child. I don’t know if it was because of the pain, frustration or shame, but for the first time in years I cried my eyes out. When she was done she gathered me in her huge arms and started to cuddle me, kissing and wiping the tears away, saying things one would normally say to a little child, like: "sshhh…it’s ok baby. Mommy is here..". She then carried me like child to my room, where she proceed to rub salve on my sore butt (another very humiliating thing for 16 year old), before kissing me good-night , and telling me to sleep.

    From that night on, things have been getting worse and worse. Even worse then the time after the accident. She practically cut me off from my friends, she doesn’t let me go anywhere alone, and drags me everywhere she goes, like I was some kind of toddler. And there are some really humiliating moments, like the other day, we were at the mall, and I spotted this girl from my class, as soon as I started talking to the girl, mom rudely dragged me away, saying she wasn’t going to let her only son in the hands of skanks like her.

    And that’s not all. She’s been lately entertaining the idea of getting me a home tutor, so she won’t have to worry about all the mean girls at school hurting me. It’s like in her mind, I’m suddenly this little fragile 2 year old baby. She’s even having me sleep in her bed! Can you believe it?! It’s nothing sexual or incestual, don’t worry. I think she just misses the time when me and my sister used to climb in my parents bed at night. It’s been a long time since she’s been having to sleep alone.

    Anyway, I wonder how long I’m going to have to endure it! Things are so ridiculous now. I mean, what’s next? Is she going to give me a pacifier? Is she going to breast feed me? (eewww!)

    I tried talking to her Ms Knewsome, numerous times. I try to explain to her that I’m practically an adult, but everytime, she just dismisses it, looking at me with an affectionate and amused expression one would give to a 5 year old claiming to be an astronaut.

    I need your advice Ms Knewsome. I thought of running away, but not only I have nowhere to go, but I also think it would devastate her. Understand that I love my mom, and the last thing I want to do is hurt her. But I also know she needs help. I need help!



    Mark Newman

    Dear Simon:

    It is of course possible that you do need some reining in. Adolescent rebellions can lead to some risky behavior and you are not so old that your parents aren’t entitled to set a few boundaries.

    That said, it sounds like your mother is going too far. As I’ve said to other boys, and as you yourself have recognized, your change in appearance may have led your mother to treat you as though you are much younger than you are. And that’s unfair to you. What must be even harder to bear is that physically speaking you can do nothing about it. It must be bad enough for you to feel that you look like a 12 year old. But you must feel really humiliated by the ease with which your mother can dominate you physically.

    So what should you do about it?

    1. Try to be a little patient. Give your mother some time to adjust. She may be seeing you as a twelve year old or even younger. But if you act like a 16 year old, or even older, most mothers will recognize this and will come to their senses. (You might even get more freedom than you expect as a result of acting maturely.)

    2. Articulate some clear rational limits on what she is doing — verbally. No spankings. No sleeping in the same bed. No interfering in your normal friendships. Say these things. Don’t scream or whine. Be consistent and low key.

    3. Reach out to other adults in your family and in your community. Make sure they are aware of the problem. They may not be able to help immediately, but if they hear your complaints they may able to speak with your mother or help you take action later on.

    If none of this works, you may be one of those (hopefully) rare cases of an abusive dominating relationship. Your mother may have her own serious problems and in such a case the combination of her physical strength and her inherent authority over you as the parent of a minor child puts you in a very bad position indeed. In the days before the Changes, many girls and even boys lived in fear of powerful, abusive fathers and society was slow to recognize and limit their authority. Unfortunately it will probably take a long time before the possibiilty that mothers can now use their size, authority and muscle-power to act inappropriately is recognized in the same way. But if you find other adult allies and get the word out quickly and in a rational way, you can do a lot to protect yourself.

    Good luck


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