Maryanne’s Wish

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    Thanks for another excellent story Marknew!

    With regards to JimmyDimple’s comments, I can see why he could interpret the characters that way, but I’d like to point out the personality ‘flaws’ of characters like Michael and Maryanne is precisely what has always given Marknew’s stories that extra bit of realism over so many others. Along the same vein, having power go to the heroine’s head seems a very natural human reaction, making it the story seem more plausible. I think we can all recognize this as a big part of Marknew’s signature style.

    Kuddos again Marknew. Keep the stories coming. 😀

    Mark Newman

    I guess even my nice guys aren’t angels. But it was the program that trashed Michael’s computer, not Maryanne, and the manual had warned it might happen. Why, oh why do my characters never read the fu, er, friggin’ manual!

    Rhianna WAS a shrew. At least that’s what Maryanne (the real Maryanne) told me. On that bit I was just following orders.

    As for Maryanne’s love, well, Jimmy has a point there. At this point he’s certainly under her spell, his mind befogged with desire rather than selfless love. Maryanne, the real Maryanne, probably would have behaved differently toward him without her wishing power. (She can tell us, if she’s reading this.) But when we want someone really badly, and he doesn’t want us, and we can do something about it to ‘make’ him love us, it sure is hard not to. And what did she do to Michael that was so awful? After all, she didn’t use mind control. She didn’t coerce him. She just made herself famous, attractive and super. What’s wrong with that? Now he sees her as desirable and wants a date with her. How things develop from there is up to the two of them.

    Perhaps the real Maryanne can tell us how it’s going.

    Astro, another story, very much in my ‘signature style,’ is less than 10 days away. I’ll put up a link here when it’s posted on the Superwomenmania Forum and will post the story itself here when the voting period for the Superwomenmania Forum Competition is over.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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