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    Here's an ass load of new drawings (OK, some of them are a month old).  I was have a hard time figuring out what forum to put some of them in.  I decide to put them all in one topic on the forum that most of them fit into.

    Made with computer:
    Move over, Samus, this bitch has your number.

    Look, its the Million dollar Jasmine!

    When genies get sheet faced, strange things happen, I mean really strange things happen.

    Don't you think that she would be off in the game instead of on the sidelines.

    How would you like the have her for your senior-prom date?

    Ya know, I think that she'd be more appted to put a dent in the road instead of the way around.

    I always wondered where tidal waves came from.

    Sugar, spice and everything nice? I think they forgot the hot sauce.

    Bad girl in black leather, need I say more?

    Ninja, the art of mind, body, and a couple of BIG distraction.

    Body inflation and muscle chicks don't mix, not one damn bit. (old and new pic, just thought that they went well together.)

    Another of my original character, Dark Ange, with a little more mass.

    Black Rose in her evening dress (My character, not the one from .hack 😡 )

    Is it me, or is there something about muscle women that can still sing with a femmine voice?

    Legend of Zelda: 2150

    Made with good ol' pencial and paper:
    Its gotta suck when you have to fight in the middle of having your suit resized.

    Looks like Link is out of a job, Saria has the hardware to take out Gannondorf on her own.

    The nice thing about Jasmine, she looks good in just about anything.  Well, I think so anyways.

    Now for something that is a little different. A collaboration between Dwarfpriest and me.  I did the figure, most all the detail on the body, and the flat colors,  Dwarf drew the face, colored the hair, and the shading.

    "Care to repeat that?"


    Love that last Jasmine, that was extremely well done.  😀




    Very nice. Thanks for sharing these.


    😎 sweet  😎

    Tommy Dreamer

    Now that's one hell of a collection.


    Wow!  A great set of pics, AD!  Thanks for posting them!

    I particularly love the cheerleader and Marilyn Monroe ones – lovely renderings of muscle and beauty.  Thanks for the avalanche of femuscle goodness!


    Wow. This is fantastic work, you should be really proud! 😀


    Thank you for this "mess o pics" as you put it, dear Archangel. I's am particularally fond of the piece entitled adsariame007 (the fifth one displayed). For the beautiful artwork and expression you have worked upon her face.
    The Pimp NeonBlack


    Wowie. Your art skills continue to shine.

    I dunno what's bigger… these ladies, or your generosity.  Thanks!

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 13 total)
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