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    Mistress of the House

    By Morpheus

    Amy took a deep breath as she stepped out of her parents car and looked up at the house which was to be her new home. She wanted to snort in disdain, though she was more than a little impressed in spite of herself.

    "It’s a mansion," Lisa, Amy’s 13 year old little sister exclaimed in amazement.

    "Not quite," their dad responded with a chuckle. "Our new house is big, but not THAT big."

    For a moment, Amy just stood where she was, staring at the large two story house. It was at least twice the size of their old house, and a lot more impressive looking. There was more to it than the size though… The house looked sort of old…old and fancy.

    Then Amy glanced at the rest of her family to see their reactions to the new house. Her dad looked rather proud as he showed the house off to most of them for the first time. But that was no surprise. After some of his investments had taken off and made money, he had decided to buy his dream house, even though it meant moving his family to a whole new city.

    Amy’s mom stood by looking rather pleased as well, though just a little more nervous about the move. She was a very attractive woman of 39 who could still pass for some years younger.

    Lisa was a slender girl though had just hit a growth spurt and showed great promise of one day become quite a beauty. At the moment, she just stood there being a bit excited as she stared at the new house, though a little nervous as well. She had been quite popular at her old school and obviously feared starting over in a new one, though relished the excitement as well.

    Then there was Jeff, Amy’s 17 year old big brother, who just stood there with a scowl on his face, hating the fact that they had to move. This was something that he had made quite clear as he had frequently complained about it until finally settling down into a silent sulk. Jeff had been a popular athlete in his old school, as well as quite popular among the girls thanks to his being 6 foot 2, good looking and ripping with muscle that he worked on every morning.

    Amy herself was 16 and the middle child, often feeling somewhat ignored because of that. She was 5 foot 6, with brown hair which she usually kept in a pony tail, and what she had always felt was average looks, though her mom liked to tell her that she was pretty. It didn’t help her confidence that both of her siblings had been in the popular crowd, while she had been just another face in it.

    After a moment, Amy let out a sigh, thinking that at least she was lucky that they had moved in the middle of the summer, where at least she wouldn’t have to start a new school in the middle of the school year. And this way, she would not only be able to start along with everyone else, but she would have a little time to get used to things…and perhaps even make a few friends before then.

    "Oh joy," Amy sighed to herself.

    "Well guys," Amy’s dad exclaimed, "Let’s go check it out…"

    As soon as they had stepped inside, Amy took one look around and gasped, "Wow…"

    The first glance inside the door made Amy feel as though maybe she had stepped into a mansion, though it was far too small for that. It was a hardwood floor with walls that had fancy carvings and decorations in them. Everything was just so fancy that Amy couldn’t help thinking that it looked as though it did belong in the mansion.

    "This house was built over a hundred years ago," Amy’s dad proudly exclaimed. "It has two stories, not including the basement and attic, five…count them FIVE bedrooms, a den, a living room, family room, dining room…"

    A minute later, Amy’s dad began to lead the rest the family around the house on a tour, proudly showing them each room on the lower floor and then the small basement.

    "This would be a good place to put your workout equipment," Amy’s dad told Jeff, who actually looked rather pleased for the first time.

    "My own gym," Jeff grinned as he looked around the basement, obviously trying to decide where to put everything.

    While Jeff was distracted, the rest of the family continued with the tour of their new house, leaving him to catch up as they were just getting to the second floor.

    Amy just stood there for a moment, staring down the hallway and thinking that even the second floor looked like it could have come from a mansion. Whoever had built the house might not have made the size of a mansion, but they had obviously liked that kind of fancy style.

    "Shouldn’t the movers be here soon?" Amy’s mom asked.

    After glancing at his watch, Amy’s dad nodded, then announced, "Okay kids, go grab yourselves a bedroom…"

    Jeff just snorted and went into the first bedroom, the one right across from the bathroom. Amy however made her way further down the hall, glancing into each room until she came to the one at the end. Her eyes went wide as she stepped inside. Like the rest of the house, the room looked old fashioned and stylish, with carved wood trimming. It was also a bit larger than the other bedrooms that she’d walked past.

    "Wow," Amy exclaimed as she looked around the room.

    "I see that you found one you like," her dad chuckled from the door.

    "It’s…interesting," Amy commented neutrally.

    "This was originally the master bedroom when the house was first built," her dad told her with a smile.

    "Really?" Amy asked, her curiosity piqued a little.

    "When the previous owners bought the house in the early eighties, they remodeled it, putting in a new larger master bedroom with a built in bath." Then as an afterthought, her dad added, "That’s when they built the garage…"

    "Cool," Amy smiled as she looked around the room. It was a little strange, but she decided that she rather liked it. Besides, it was bigger than any bedroom except the one her parents had, so she knew that both Jeff and Lisa would both be jealous that she had been the one to grab it first.

    As soon as Amy’s dad had left the room, she went over to the window and looked out, smiling at the view. She had a clear view of the back yard and garden. It was probably the best view out of the 5 bedrooms in the house.

    "Wow," Amy mused as she looked around the room…her room. "This is so cool… The master bedroom, and it’s all MINE."

    Just then, Amy felt a strange tingle run through her body, almost like static electricity. But it passed after only a moment, leaving Amy to wonder if the strangeness of the house and the excitement might have caused her to imagine it.

    However, Amy’s thoughts were cut short as she heard her mom yelling, "The movers are here," from down the hall.

    "All right," Amy rolled her eyes. "I guess it’s time to get moved in…"


    When Amy awoke in the morning, slowly looked around her new bedroom with a mixture of nervousness, excitement and pride. It was those very emotions which had kept her from being able to fall asleep until quite late the night before and left her still feeling a bit tired.

    "I wonder if I’ll ever get used to this house," Amy muttered to herself.

    Everything was so different than before, to which she felt a little regret. Still, she was determined to at least give it a chance, rather than complaining right off like Jeff had been doing.

    After a few minutes, Amy grabbed her bath robe and crept down the hall to the bathroom. The house had three of them in it, one for her parent’s room, one for the down stairs and one for the upstairs, which she would have to share with her brother and sister. Amy let out a sigh, wondering that with three bathrooms, why the three of them would have to share the one.

    "Because we don’t want to go downstairs," Amy reminded herself with rolled eyes. "I wish my room had a private bath like mom and dad’s…"

    Then again, Amy told herself silently, if that room had been built with a private bath, then they probably never would have built that replacement master bedroom. And if that one had never been built, her parents would have taken the old master bedroom…her room, and she would have been without her own bathroom anyway.

    Amy was thankful that the bathroom was empty and that she wouldn’t have to argue with Lisa and Jeff over who got to use it next. However, she had no doubts that this wouldn’t always be the case.

    Once Amy was finished with her morning bath and returned to her bedroom to get dressed, she was startled to notice that her bra was too tight. She tugged on it, but there was no doubt. Either her bra had shrunk, or her breasts had grown.

    "All right," Amy whispered with a bit of a smile.

    Though Amy was not flat chested with her small B cups, she had sometimes felt as though she was and feared that she would not grow any larger. Her mother was a nice DD cup, and to Amy’s frustration and envy, her little sister Lisa seemed to be following their mother. At 13, she was already the same size as Amy.

    Then with a smile, Amy continued to get dressed, pausing again after she put her pants on. They were tight as well. However, instead of the delight that the tighter bra brought her, this brought a feeling of revulsion instead.

    "I’m getting fat," Amy whined to herself. "That’s why my bra’s tight…" She cringed at the thought, knowing that Lisa was going to laugh at her. "Now I’m going to have to go on a diet…"

    Amy took a deep breath and decided to skip breakfast as she slipped on her shoes. But to her confusion, even her shoes were too tight.

    "What’s wrong with this?" Amy grumbled, feeling more confused than anything else. "Everything fit fine yesterday…" Yet somehow, everything had gotten smaller on her overnight. There was no way that all of her clothes would shrink like that, but no reason that she would grow that much overnight either.

    After thinking about it for a minute, Amy just grimaced and left her room, deciding to worry about it later. After all, she was probably just having some sort of sudden growth spurt. And for the rest of the morning, Amy forgot about her tight clothes, or at least tried not to think about them as she went through the new house, exploring it and helping to put everything away.

    It was early afternoon when Amy decided to take a break and go check out her new neighborhood. She was curious about where she now lived and wanted to get a better feel for the area.

    "Nice place," Amy commented as she walked down the street, looking at all the nice houses. It seemed to be a fairly quiet neighborhood, with a lot of older houses, though she didn’t know if any of them were as old as her new one.

    Amy had gone about a block from her own house when she saw a boy about her own age sitting in a driveway and working on a motorcycle. It was one of those dirt bikes, and from the dried mud that was splattered on it, it had obviously been used for it’s intended purpose.

    The boy himself looked to be about 16 or 17, possibly even 18 though Amy didn’t think so. However, she did think that he was rather cute, even with his dark hair being a bit messy and with him having grease on his hands.

    Though Amy normally would be to shy to say anything, for some reason she felt a little bit more confident than normal. "Excuse me," she called to the boy, blushing a bit, "Is there a mall or video store near here?"

    Without a word, the boy looked up at her, then wiped his hands off with a rag. Then he stood up and started towards her, "Yeah," he finally said once he was just a few feet from Amy, "There’s a video store down the street a couple blocks," he gestured in the direction that she had already been walking.

    "Great," Amy smiled, thankful that she wouldn’t have to go too far to get videos. After all, she certainly couldn’t count on her parents either taking her whenever she wanted to rent something or lending her the car. They barely ever even let Jeff borrow the car.

    "And there’s a mall a few miles away," the boy shrugged, "But it’s kind of hard to explain how to get there…"

    "Oh," Amy sighed in disappointment before responding, "Thanks."

    "No problem," the boy shrugged again. "I’m Chris by the way."

    "Amy," she responded with a blush. She wasn’t used to talking to boys like that and was a little surprised at herself. Maybe moving into a new neighborhood would be good for her. "I just moved in…"

    "Yeah?" Chris asked, "Where at?"

    "Well," Amy started, pointing in the direction she had just come from, "It’s down there…"

    After Amy had finished explaining which house she had moved into, Chris stared at her in surprise, "Shit. You’re living in the old Madsen place…"

    "What?" Amy blinked in confusion.

    "Everyone says it’s haunted or something," Chris grinned. "But no one really believes it or anything. You know how it is… Every neighborhood has to have a haunted house, and you’re living in ours…"

    "Oh joy," Amy muttered with a sigh, knowing that Jeff would just love that piece of information, while Sarah would probably bitch and complain about it. "At least I haven’t seen any ghosts or anything…"

    "There was an old couple with no kids or anything who’ve lived there as long as I can remember," Chris shrugged, "And they never seemed to have had any problems either."

    "That’s good to know," Amy grinned at him.

    They talked for several more minutes before Amy excused herself to get home. She wanted to see the rest of the neighborhood before she returned home. However, she definitely hoped that she ran into Chris again. Though she had only known him for a few minutes, she kind of liked him.

    When Amy arrived home a little later, she was met in the living room by Lisa, who glared at her and complained, "It’s not fair that you got the biggest room…"

    "The squirt’s right," Jeff added as he came towards her, "I’m the oldest, so I should get the biggest."

    Amy grimaced, and though she normally would have backed down from Jeff, this time she told him, "First come, first serve. Besides," she added, "You had your chance and just grabbed the first room you came across… If you’d bothered to look at the others you might have gotten it instead…"

    "I’m telling mom," Lisa complained.

    That was a threat that made Amy grimace even more. She knew Lisa, and knew that if her little sister kept nagging their parents, then sooner or later they would give in and probably kick Amy out of it, turning it into a storage room or guest bedroom and making her take the remaining bedroom. She didn’t like that idea but wasn’t sure about what to do about it just yet.

    "Go ahead," Amy spat back in annoyance.

    And with that, Amy quickly turned and hurried upstairs and to her room. She was feeling far too uncomfortable at the moment to waste time arguing with Lisa and Jeff. Her already tight clothes had been pinching her more and more, and her shoes were killing her. If she didn’t know better, she would have sworn that they were a size too small.

    "Oh, finally," Amy gasped as she tore her shoes off and dropped them onto the floor.

    Almost immediately afterwards, Amy struggled to pull off her pants, rubbing at her hips once she had done so. And with a grimace, she removed her shirt and took off her bra, which seemed to be even tighter than when she’d put it on that morning.

    "Let’s see," she sighed, turning to her closet and the boxes of clothes which sat in the corner as yet unpacked. "I guess I’ll have to find something else…"

    Amy quickly went through the boxes, finding that the rest of her clothes were just as tight on her as the ones that she had just been wearing. Fortunately, she did have some clothes that had always been a bit big and loose on her, largely in thanks to her Aunt Cheryl, who liked giving clothes for Christmas but always insisted on giving them large enough to ‘grow into’, even if that person happened to already be fully grown.

    "I’ve got the clothes," Amy sighed, "Now I need some shoes…" She had little doubt that if her normal shoes were too tight, nothing else she had was likely to fit either. Fortunately, she knew that her mother had larger feet than she did, and after sneaking into her mother’s closet, found a pair of sneakers that fit her, and were even just a little loose.

    Once Amy was satisfied that she was indeed fully dressed again, she went down to help her family finish unpacking. The movers had taken care of the furniture and most of the large stuff, but there were still a lot of things that needed to have places found for them and to be put away.

    By the time that dinner came, Amy felt as though she were starving. She gulped down her normal meal, and then asked for seconds. That surprised even her as she never ate seconds.

    "You’re gonna get fat eating like that," Lisa teased her.

    Amy glared at her little sister, feeling a bit self-conscious because of her tight clothes. But she bit her tongue, deciding not to start something at the table.

    Just a minute later, their mom asked, "Can you start getting the table cleared off for the dishwasher Lisa?"

    "But it’s Amy’s turn to clean up," Lisa protested weakly.

    Amy just blinked in surprise, and annoyance. As much as she didn’t like it, Lisa was right. It was her turn to clean up the kitchen, and their mom should know that. She never forgot who’s turn it was.

    "But I asked you to do it," their mother responded, looking at Lisa.

    Then to Amy’s surprise, Lisa just nodded, not putting up the argument that she would have expected. She glanced at Amy before turning to clear the table, but it wasn’t a look of resentment.

    "Weird," Amy muttered as she turned to go back to her room. Of course, the whole day had been weird, which was why she wanted to get back to the safety of her own room before anything else strange could happen.

    It was only when Amy got back to her room and saw the clothing on the floor where she had left it that she remembered the problems she had faced that morning with them being too tight. She had meant to bring that subject up with her mom, or at least the subject of getting some new clothes. But with a shrug, Amy decided to do that later.

    "Damn," Amy muttered, kicking at the clothes. "How can they be so tight?"

    After a minute, Amy had a thought… It was strange… It was not at all likely, but then again neither was outgrowing her clothes like that in a single day. So with a scowl and a grown curiosity, Amy went to find a tape measure.

    "Let’s see," Amy mused as she carefully measured her height. Then her eyes went wide as she saw the results, "No way…" Amy shook her head in disbelief, "Impossible…"

    But as impossible as it was, the tape measure said that she was 5 foot 8, two full inches taller than she should have been. Somehow, as unbelievable as it was, she had actually grown two inches.

    "No way," Amy whispered.

    She closed her eyes to think about it and realized that Lisa had looked just a tiny bit shorter than normal. But Amy wasn’t completely sure that this wasn’t just in her imagination.

    Amy took a deep breath and shook her head in confusion. It didn’t make sense. Not in the least. And after a few minutes, she decided to sleep on it and see if she hadn’t been dreaming it in the morning.


    The next morning, Amy stood in the bathroom, silently staring at herself in the mirror in stunned disbelief. Somehow, she felt almost calm as she did so, in spite of the fact that her own reflection had been changed.

    "Unbelievable," Amy whispered to herself.

    Though Amy had thought that the changes to herself might have worn off during the night or have been revealed as some sort of dream, that was obviously no longer the case. In fact, the changes had continued, becoming more noticeable.

    Amy took a deep breath, thinking that she had already measured herself again with the measuring tape, almost immediately upon waking up. And to her near surprise, it said that she was now 5 foot 9…or at least just a hair under it. She had grown yet another inch during the night, though that was not all.

    As her hands went to her breasts, Amy couldn’t help noticing that they were indeed bigger…rounder and firmer. She estimated them to be a small C cup, a cup larger than what she had normally been. That would help explain her tightening bra from the day before, a fact which was quite relevant as she no longer had one that would fit her.

    Then Amy’s hands went to her stomach, to her abs which were now flat and firm. In fact, all of her muscles seemed to be firm and well toned, showing the beginnings of good definition. Amy was amazed by this change to her body, thinking that she may have seen hints of this the day before, though she could not be sure.

    Finally, Amy turned her attention to her face. Her face seemed unchanged, except for that her skin looked smoother…clearer. It was hard for Amy to place exactly what it was, except that there was not even a trace of acne. Even her hair seemed a little more smooth and wavy, though that could very well have been her imagination.

    "Incredible," Amy whispered, smiling as she did so. She had no idea what was going on with her, but she had to admit that she liked the results.

    A short time later, Amy had bathed and dressed, being thankful that she still had more of the clothes that Aunt Cheryl had given her, and that her mom’s sneakers still fit, though not quite as loosely as the night before.

    "Good morning," Amy greeted everyone when she went down for breakfast.

    Jeff just grunted, as was his normal morning greeting, but Lisa responded with, "Morning," not adding her customary insults or attempts to get a reaction. Amy blinked in surprise, but quickly shrugged it off as Lisa just being a bit shaken by the new surroundings.

    Then Amy turned her attention to her dad, smiling faintly as she saw that he already had the computer desk set up in the den and was on it. Of course, that was no surprise to her, and she knew that she could expect that sight quite often. The only real surprise was that he hadn’t put a lock on the den to keep anyone from interrupting her.

    Up until fairly recently, Amy’s dad had been a bit of a workaholic, doing a lot of work and making a rather large paycheck. And he had been smart enough to invest a good part of it, and invest it wisely as it had begun paying off quite well. Amy wouldn’t say that they were rich, and they certainly couldn’t afford to buy mansions or fancy sports cars, but the investments had paid off enough for them to not only buy that house, but for her dad to effectively retire as well.

    "Having fun?" Amy teased her dad from the door.

    "Loads of it," he sighed, "Just going over some numbers…" Then he shook his head, "But something just doesn’t add up…"

    Amy frowned in curiosity and moved closer for a closer look, though she didn’t know what she could do. After all, her dad was the expert in numbers and stuff, and if he couldn’t figure it out, there was no way she could. But as she glanced at the page, something seemed to jump out at her.

    "What about that?" Amy asked, feeling quite unsure of herself, even though a part of her insisted that there was something wrong with those numbers. "I think decimal point is wrong…"

    Her dad frowned and glanced at it, then stared at it with a look of thoughtful concentration. "I’ll be," he muttered, "There’s the problem…" He shook his head, "I don’t know how I missed that…"

    Amy smirked, feeling rather proud of herself as she turned away. She even made a mental note to bring this up the next time she wanted to ask for a raise in her allowance.

    Then after wandering around the new house for a few minutes, still trying to familiarize herself with everything, Amy paused at the door to the basement, hearing something from within. She smiled faintly, recognizing the sounds of Jeff working out, as he always did in the morning.

    "Maybe I should start exercising," Amy suddenly thought to herself. It didn’t really seem like that bad an idea. But as she put her hand against her stomach, remembering her improved muscle tone from that morning, she couldn’t resist adding, "Then again, not working out seems to be doing pretty good for me…"

    After grinning to herself, Amy went down into the basement, then stood at the bottom of the stairs and silently watched Jeff work out. He was doing a bench press at the moment, and grimacing with intense effort as he struggled to lift the weight, finally getting it up and dropping into the rack.

    "Fuck," Jeff spat out as he sat up, looking somewhat pale.

    "You all right?" Amy asked. She’d never seen Jeff look quite like that while working out.

    "None of your…," Jeff started, then turned to look at her. His expression softened a bit and he sighed, "Just a bad workout." He stood up, glaring at the weights on the bar as he did so. "I must be coming down with something… I don’t know…" Then he took a deep breath, shaking his head in disbelief. "A couple days ago, I was doing three sets of twelve with ten pounds more than this. Now I can’t even finish a single set with this…"

    "Oh," Amy responded in surprise, "That’s kind of…"

    "I must be getting sick or something," Jeff repeated, then shrugged and added, "Oh well," as though it wasn’t all that important.

    Amy frowned for a moment, then nodded, "Well I hope you get better…" And as Jeff began lowering the weight for another attempt, she made her way back up the stairs and out of the basement.

    After giving one more glance towards the basement, Amy returned to her bedroom where she immediately went to work putting her things away. She hadn’t unpacked most of her clothes or other items, and thought that it was time that she should go ahead and do that.

    About an hour after Amy had started putting her things away, she decided that she was mostly finished, or at least finished enough for the moment. Then giving her room a brief smile, thinking that it was now a little more comfortable, she decided to head back downstairs.

    When Amy had made it about halfway down the stairs, she paused, hearing her parents talking. She remained silent, feeling just a little guilty for eavesdropping, though that quickly passed as she listened in.

    "It’s strange," Amy’s mom was saying, "My bra has been loose all morning…"

    "Mine too," Lisa’s voice added.

    "I guess it’s going around," Amy’s dad chuckled, "My shoes have been a little loose… " Then he laughed again, "But on the plus side, I’m losing weight. My pants are a little looser as well…"

    "I guess it’s nothing to worry about," Amy’s mom commented, as if shrugging it all off as not important. And to Amy’s surprise, her dad and sister didn’t really seem bothered by it either.

    "Just like Jeff," Amy muttered to herself, thinking about how easily Jeff had just shrugged off his lower bench press.

    Then as Amy thought about it, she paled a little, realizing that she wasn’t the only one being affected by whatever was happening to her. It was obvious that the rest of her family was being messed with as well, though in their cases it seemed to be the reverse of what was happening to her. And with a thoughtful scowl, Amy became decided pay a little more attention to her family and see if she could notice their changes.

    "If they’re as obvious as mine," she told herself, "they should be easy to spot…"

    Amy waited a few seconds more, just to make it look as though she hadn’t overheard them, before she went the rest of the way down. However, she thought that it probably wouldn’t have mattered as everyone had already begun to go their own directions.

    "Hey mom," Amy greeted her mom as she walked past.

    Her mom paused for a moment and looked at her with an expression of vague curiosity before finally saying, "Boy you’re getting tall…"

    Amy froze at that, her eyes going wide as she stared at her mom. She had known that she’d grown taller, but this was the first time that it really hit her. She was looking down a little to meet her mom’s eyes, when normally she had to look up a bit. Her mom, at 5 foot 8, was now shorter than she was.

    "I guess I’m growing," Amy grinned, feeling strangely confident. She grinned even more as she realized that she’d normally be blushing like crazy if anyone mentioned something like that. "I guess I’m growing up…"

    For a moment, her mom just looked up at her, then shrugged, as if it wasn’t really all that important. That was a little surprising to Amy as her growth was definitely noticeable and she figured that her mom wouldn’t have been able to miss just how much she’d grown in the last two days. But her mom was acting as though it wasn’t anything really all that odd at all.

    "I wonder how Lisa will react," Amy mused thoughtfully, deciding to go find her sister and find out.

    When Amy found Lisa in the next room a moment later, she stopped and grinned, "Do you notice anything different about me?"

    Lisa looked up at her and blinked, "Not really… Why?"

    "Don’t I look a little taller to you?" Amy asked her, then cupped her breasts, "And a little bigger up here?"

    "I guess," Lisa shrugged, not seeming all that impressed.

    "What?" Amy blinked.

    Amy decided that this was definitely getting strange. Lisa was just an inch shorter than her…or at least an inch shorter than she had been. This was something that Lisa had been quite aware of as she frequently liked to tease Amy she was soon going to be even taller than her big sister. Lisa should have noticed those several extra inches in height difference almost immediately.

    And then, Amy noticed the large pimple in the middle of Lisa’s forehead, which was strange in itself due to the fact that Lisa had always had a great complexion. Amy didn’t think that her younger sister ever got pimples, and wondered if this might be her first.

    "This is getting weird," Amy muttered to herself. "Very weird…"

    However, Amy knew that the word ‘weird’ was a serious understatement. Things were changing in ways that they shouldn’t, and without any apparent reason. And just as weird was the fact that the rest of her family didn’t seem very concerned about it at all.

    After a moment, Amy shook her head and went to find her dad, wanting to see his reactions to her changes…and if he acted the same as Lisa and her mom. But when Amy located her dad, she could only stop and stare at him for a moment.

    "Wow," Amy whispered to herself in surprise.

    Amy looked her dad in the eyes, hardly able to believe that he was only a tiny bit taller than her. He was 6 feet tall, so she was used to looking up to meet his eyes. But now, now he was about an inch and a half taller than her.

    But as Amy continued staring at her dad, she realized that something didn’t quite add up. If she was now 5 foot 9 and he was 6 feet tall, he should still be 3 inches taller than her, but he wasn’t. Then she remembered his earlier comments about his shoes and pants being loose, and gulped. While she was getting taller, he was getting shorter.

    "So," Amy started carefully, "Do you notice anything different about me today?" Amy asked her dad. There was no way he should be able to miss the fact that she was so close to his own height.

    "Not really," he shrugged, then looked at her again. Then there was a look of realization, "I didn’t realize that you were getting so tall honey…" He chuckled, "Before long you might be just as tall as your old man…"

    "Um…yeah," Amy smiled weakly. Then she let out a sigh, "Now to check on Jeff…"

    Jeff was in their large new living room, watching TV. Amy stared at him for a moment, noticing that his shirt, one which was normally quite tight against his muscular body, now looked a bit loose.

    "Hey Jeff," Amy started, not sure how to ask but going ahead anyway, "Can you please stand up for a moment…"

    "Um…okay," Jeff responded, surprising Amy by doing as she asked. She had been more than half expecting him to give some sort of snide remark, or at the very least ask about it.

    As Amy stared at Jeff, she couldn’t help thinking that he looked a little bit shorter as well. It was hard for her to be certain though as her own increased height had altered her perspective. And Amy couldn’t be certain if her brother was actually shrinking as well, or if it was a trick of her new height and overactive imagination.

    "Are your shoes looser than normal?" Amy asked after a moment, glancing down to her brother’s feet.

    "Yeah," Jeff shrugged, "I guess I must have stretched them out…" Then he frowned slightly, "And my clothes too…" However, he didn’t really seem all that concerned with it.

    "Thanks," Amy told him as she turned around with a sigh.

    There was absolutely no denying it now. Not only was something strange happening to all of their bodies, but the rest of her family just didn’t seem to notice or really care. It made no sense, but then again, neither did anything else about it.

    Amy let out a long sigh as she found a place to sit down so that she could think things through, or at least try to. She still had no idea as to what was actually causing all the weirdness, much less how to stop it.

    Finally, Amy decided that if she couldn’t do anything about stopping all the weirdness, she could at least deal with it. And with that, she turned her mind to something more practical, such as her clothes. Her mom’s shoes were already beginning to get a little tight on her, and she knew that before long, they would be just as useless as her own shoes.

    "Time to go shopping," Amy muttered.

    Of course, she realized, that left the question of how she was going to afford a new wardrobe. She was going to need more than just a few new pieces of clothing, and she was pretty sure that her allowance wouldn’t cover more than a new pair of shoes, if that.

    "Time to visit the ATM," Amy announced, quoting one of Lisa’s favorite sayings. She just hoped that her dad was feeling generous…

    Amy took a deep breath, then went to find her dad. She stood at the door to the study for a moment, smirking slightly as she thought about how she’d helped her dad out with his numbers just a little bit earlier that morning. He owed her for that…

    "Hey dad," Amy announced, "I have a problem…"

    "Oh?" he turned to look at her.

    Amy gave him her best smile, though she wasn’t nearly as practiced at trying to charm money from her dad as Lisa was. "Can I get some money for some new clothes? I REALLY need some…"

    Amy’s dad blinked, then slowly responded, "Okay…" And without a word, he reached into his wallet and pulled out a credit card, handing it to her. "Don’t spend too much…"

    "Thanks dad," Amy grinned, feeling rather pleased with herself. Then as she turned and walked away, she couldn’t help thinking muttering, "That was easy…" Almost TOO easy.

    Then as Amy slipped the credit card into her pocket, the doorbell started to ring. She paused for a moment, wondering who it could possibly be. Perhaps it was one of the neighbors trying to welcome them to the neighborhood. And since Amy was already up and closest to the door, she decided to go see for herself.

    "Hello?" Amy asked as she swung the door open, then paused in surprise as she saw Chris, the boy from the day before standing there. "Oh…hi Chris…"

    "Um…hi," Chris responded, looking a little embarrassed. Then he stood up straight, "I figured that since you were new to the neighborhood I’d stop by and say hi… Maybe show you around a little."

    "That sounds great," Amy grinned, just a little surprised at herself for agreeing so easily. Normally she was much to shy about such things. Then she chuckled as she added, "But are you sure that you just didn’t want to take a peak at the haunted old Madsen house?"

    "Oh, you caught me," Chris grinned back.

    "Come on in," Amy gestured.

    Chris hesitated for a moment, then took a step through the doorway, pausing again to take a long look around. His expression made Amy suddenly think of her first impression upon going inside. It was definitely impressive.

    "It’s…interesting," Chris finally said.

    "Something of an understatement," Amy grinned. "It’s a bit messy though since we haven’t put everything away just yet. Come on, I’ll give you the tour…"

    Amy started by showing Chris the living room, but had to pause in order to introduce him to her family. Fortunately, she as able to do that quickly and then get on with the rest of the tour. Chris was just as impressed by the house as she had been…and still was.

    Once they were through with a quick tour, Amy reminded Chris, "You said something about showing me around…"

    "Yeah," he nodded.

    "Good," Amy grinned at him, grabbing his arm and tugging him towards the door, "Show me that mall you mentioned yesterday… I’ve got some shopping to do…" Then she laughed at Chris’ groan.

    Fortunately, Chris had his own car, even if it was nearly twenty years old and had several dents in it. That was more than she had. In fact, as Amy rode to the mall in Chris’ car, she thought that she was old enough to have one herself and decided to have a little talk with her parents about it later on. After her dad had given up the credit car that easily, she was feeling pretty confident about her chances.

    Amy wasn’t especially impressed by the local mall, as it was just like every other mall that she’d ever been in, with all of the same stores. However, that did make it easier on her as she knew exactly where to go to get what she wanted.

    "I apologize for being so stereotypical," Amy told Chris as she looked at some shirts that she thought would fit her new size, "But I just had a major growth spurt don’t really have any clothes that fit me anymore…"

    "Yeah?" Chris grinned.

    "Oh yeah," she nodded back, "I’m definitely a growing girl…" However, she let out a sigh, hoping that she wouldn’t keep growing for much longer. It just wasn’t natural.

    Amy was thankful that Chris didn’t make any kind of a fuss about her shopping and that he was quite willing to humor her. She even felt a little guilty for putting him through her shopping spree since he had been so nice to her, but that quickly passed. There were more important things for her to give her attention…such as new shoes.

    "Am I your tour guide or your pack mule?" Chris muttered as Amy handed him a third bag to carry.

    "How about both?" Amy grinned. Then on an impulse, she gave him a quick kiss on his cheek. She had never been daring enough to do that to a boy before, though found no problem doing so now. "I need just a little more…"

    Then Amy paused, realizing that it might be a waste of effort to buy too many clothes at the moment. If she kept growing, which she hoped she didn’t, then she might outgrow her new clothes. Most of what she’d bought already had been a little loose, with a little extra room to grow, but what if she outgrew those?

    "Let’s see…," she mused to herself, glancing at the bags she’d already purchased, the credit card which she had already done a lot of damage to her dad’s bank account with, and then the nearest store. She was going to have to buy just a little bit more…

    By the time that Amy was finished with her shopping trip, she had bought two pairs of shoes, one pair that was just a little loose and another which left a bit more growing room. She had done the same thing with her clothes and bras, buying them in several larger sizes.

    "Somehow," Amy smirked to Chris, "I don’t think that my dad is going to be pleased with how much I spent…" But at the same time, she wasn’t really worried about it either.

    "Well," Chris said as they drove back home, "I had been planning on showing you a little more…"

    "And I appreciate it," Amy smiled at him, "But this gives us an excuse to do this another time… Like tomorrow."

    "That sounds good to me," Chris grinned back.

    Once they had reached the house and Amy had unloaded all of her bags, she decided that it was time to say good-bye to Chris. She smiled, then surprised him with a passionate kiss on the lips. Amy surprised herself a little as well as she had never kissed a boy before, nor had she ever even imagined that she was capable of doing something so daring.

    "Um…wow," Chris gasped once they were through.

    Amy giggled a little, feeling a little embarrassed ..but only a little. Though it was her first time, Amy had rather enjoyed the experience and knew that she certainly wouldn’t mind doing it with Chris again. And perhaps even going a little further with him some time.

    "That was nice," Amy said with a bit of a blush, then added, "I’ll see you again tomorrow…"

    After Chris had left, Amy just stood there for a moment and smiled. Then shaking it off, she started inside the house, absently thinking that she might have to take two trips just to get all of her new clothes to her bedroom.

    But just as Amy had gone through the door, Lisa giggled, "He’s cute. Is that your new boyfriend?"

    For a moment, Amy just stood there and looked down at her sister. Then she smirked, "Yeah, he is…" Of course she still had to tell Chris…

    Then as Amy turned to continue upstairs, she paused, glancing at the door to the den. It wasn’t until then that she remembered the credit card that she had borrowed from her dad. For a brief moment, she thought about going to return it to him, but then shrugged, deciding that she might as well hang onto it for a little longer. After all, she still might have a use for it.

    Over the next several hours, Amy was quite aware that things were not quite normal with her family. Her mom had actually asked her opinion about what to cook for dinner, which was unusual enough, but afterwards, Jeff was sent to clean everything up, without even offering any complaint at all about Amy having skipped her cleanup day.

    "Interesting," Amy mused to herself as she glanced at Jeff cleaning the table. But not really any more so than anything else that had been happening. In fact, it wasn’t until just then that she realized that her whole family had been unusually nice towards her over the last day or so. "Very interesting indeed…"

    However, Amy didn’t linger on these thoughts as she soon found herself sitting around the table again, this time playing a game of Scrabble with the rest of her family. Playing Scrabble was nothing unusual as they played about once a month, but the results of the game were.

    Amy’s dad was a smart man and normally won the games without much trouble, though this time was different. This time he didn’t do nearly as well as normal, even missing several opportunities for words and points which Amy had thought were obvious. Instead, she was the one who won, finding the game easier than normal.

    "I guess I’m having a good day," Amy told herself, though she wasn’t sure that she believed that explanation. Not with everything else that was going on.

    Then, Amy turned to Jeff and half jokingly told him, "Hey, why don’t you go and get me a soda…"

    To Amy’s surprise, Jeff responded with a, "Sure," as he got up and left the room. He didn’t refuse with a snide remark or tell her to go get it herself as he normally would have done.

    "Interesting," Amy repeated to herself yet again when Jeff returned with her soda. It hadn’t even been shaken up or anything.

    Amy stared at her family for a moment in thoughtful silence, smiling faintly as she did so. Then, to test a theory, she asked her mom, "Can I have that last piece of cake?"

    The expected answer would be a resounding no. Not only would her mom refuse to let her eat snacks that late in the evening, but she would never let Amy have that piece of there wasn’t enough to share with everyone else. Especially not right in front of them.

    But the response was, "Sure…go ahead." Then her mom smiled at her and asked, "Would you like me to go get it for you?"

    "Thank you," Amy told her.

    And as Amy’s mother got up to go get the cake, Amy stared at her parents and suddenly realized that something had just changed drastically. It was the balance of power. She wasn’t sure exactly what it was, but Amy knew without a doubt that the balance of power in the household had just changed. For some reason, her parents…as well as her siblings, were all looking to her as an authority figure. They might not even have realized it yet, at least not consciously, but Amy could feel it.

    Then, Amy demanded, "Dad…give me your car keys…NOW."

    However, he just blinked, "What? You must be crazy…"

    He was annoyed, but not outraged by Amy’s rude demand. She was a little surprised that he hadn’t obeyed her, as well as just a little annoyed.

    "It appears that there are limits," Amy muttered to herself, then shrugged off a half hearted, "Sorry," which seemed to satisfy her dad.

    When it was time for bed a short while later, Amy went to her room, lost in thought over what had been happening. The changes in her body…in the bodies of her entire family. It was as though they were…dwindling while she was growing. As if she was gaining what they were losing. She wasn’t sure if she could put it into words, even to herself.

    Amy frowned, then decided to check herself out again before going to bed. She stripped off her clothes and carefully looked her body over. Though Amy could not be absolutely certain, she was pretty sure that her breasts had grown more and that her muscles had all become a little larger and more defined as well.

    And then Amy reached for the tape measure. This time, it measured her as just a hair over 5 foot 10. She had grown more than another inch since she had measured herself that morning. For several seconds, Amy just stared at the results, wanting to doubt them but knowing that this wouldn’t do any good. There was no doubt that she had indeed grown even more.

    "Well," Amy sighed to herself, "Time for bed. I just wonder what changes tomorrow will bring…"

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