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    Amy confidently walked the short distance down the hallway to the bathroom, not even concerned with the fact that she was naked. After all, what in the world did she have to be ashamed of? Absolutely nothing.

    Then she stopped at the bathroom door, pausing just long enough to take a deep breath, feeling a faint surge of nervousness which she quickly pushed away before going inside. Amy stopped in front of the mirror and took everything in at once.

    "Impressive," Amy calmly stated.

    There had already been no doubt in her mind that her figure had improved again, but to see it was still something else. Amy already knew that she had grown taller as she had already measured herself a few minutes earlier and found that she was now 5 foot 11. But her breasts had also grown larger, to what Amy guessed was a small D cup, and her muscles…

    "I’m ripped," Amy stated in mild surprise.

    Of course, Amy had already known that her muscles were getting larger and stronger along with the rest of her body, but the size and definition had increased to a point where she was visibly quite athletic. In fact, she was more muscular than any girl that she knew.

    "I wonder," she mused to herself, then shook her head, deciding to return to that line of thought later on…after she had finished bathing and getting dressed.

    Amy pushed back the temptation to rush through her bath, making sure to go slow and easy instead. She smiled faintly as she thought about just how hot she looked, and how great she felt. She felt stronger, healthier and more confident than she had ever felt before in her life.

    Of course, Amy reminded herself, there was the rest of her family. She frowned slightly as she thought of them, and how her own improvements seemed to somehow be coming from them.

    Once Amy had finished with her bath, she returned to her room and got dressed in the clothes that she had bought the day before. She smiled faintly as she wondered if her mom’s shoes would even fit her anymore. As it was, she seriously doubted that even Aunt Cheryl’s most oversized clothing gifts would fit her anymore.

    When Amy went down to the kitchen, she noticed the cereal bowls in the sink which indicated that everyone else had already eaten. But that was just fine with her.

    "Hey mom," Amy called to her, "Can you fix me an omelet for breakfast?"

    Then as Amy had expected, her mom smiled and responded with, "Sure thing," already moving to do what she had been asked.

    Amy smiled at that, then stared at her mom for a moment, noticing that her mom’s breasts were definitely smaller than before. As were Lisa’s when Amy looked over at her. She couldn’t resist glancing down and then thoughtfully staring at her own breasts for a moment.

    It was only then that Amy turned her attention to her dad, blinking faintly as she realized that she was now taller than him. She was taller than her own dad by about an inch.

    And after staring at her dad for a moment, Amy looked at Jeff. He was still taller than she was, but not by much. There was less than an inch difference in their heights now. The very thought that she was nearly as tall as Jeff brought a faint smile to her lips. Her eyes wandered over her brother’s body, taking in his loose clothes and the fact that his muscles noticeably smaller than they used to be. He still looked pretty athletic, but not nearly as much as before.

    "I wonder…" Amy mused as she looked at her own arms and flexed them, then stared at the resulting muscles.

    Amy wasted little time in eating her breakfast and then rushing down to the basement where Jeff’s gym had been set up. At first, Amy just stood there and looked over the weights, feeling a tiny apprehensive, but then easily shrugging that away. She wanted to know just what she was now capable of.

    Though Amy had no idea what weight she should start at, or even what weight she would have been lifting before her changes, she quickly went to work at the bench press, putting a little bit of weight on at first and slowly adding to it when it wasn’t enough. And when Amy reached the maximum weight that she could comfortably handle with the bench, she smiled, knowing that she never would have been able to lift that much before.

    "I feel so strong," she told herself, turning her attention next to the hand weights and curles.

    After Amy had worked out for a little longer, discovering the limits of her new strength, she was left feeling even more impressed. She had never imagined that SHE could be that strong before, or lift that much weight. Of course, it was still nothing compared to what Jeff normally lifted…

    "Incredible," Amy whispered, thinking that she could almost feel herself getting even stronger as she lifted those weights. She wasn’t sure how much of that was her imagination and how much was actual fact. At the rate she had been growing though, she suspected that it was more the former than the latter, though she couldn’t be certain.

    With a somewhat satisfied smile, Amy took one more look around the gym, deciding that she was going to have to start coming down there more often. That brief workout had been exhilarating, and she rather enjoyed finding out just how strong she had become. Now she couldn’t help wondering just how much stronger she might become before it all ended.

    When Amy returned to the living room a minute later, she saw her dad sitting on the couch, scratching his chin as he worked on a crossword puzzle. There was a look of concentration on his face as he struggled through it.

    "Having some trouble?" Amy asked him.

    "A bit," he admitted with a shrug, "For some reason I just can’t seem to concentrate on it as well as normal…"

    "Let’s see," Amy looked it over. "The answer for the question on 7 down is pyramid," Amy pointed it out, "And 8 down is equine…"

    "Oh," her dad blinked, then quickly wrote them down. "What about 3 across?"

    "Mozart," Amy answered without hesitation.

    "Thanks," her dad told her, "I’ve been kind of stuck."

    "No problem," Amy smiled gently, quite aware that this was another sign of the change…whatever that was. Normally her dad had no problems with crossword puzzles, and she had little doubt that she would normally be the one struggling over those clues.

    With a sigh, Amy turned and went up to her room, deciding that at the moment, she wanted a bit of privacy. It was strange being near her family when she could almost see them changing right in front of her.

    At first, Amy just sat on her bed, thinking about all that had been happening. And she couldn’t help thinking about Chris’ comments about the Madsen place…her new home being haunted. It appeared that there just might be something to those rumors.

    But after a few minutes, Amy got bored and started to look at the intricate wood carvings on the borders of her bedroom. The carvings seemed to mostly be of leaves, acorns and the like, though she couldn’t be completely certain. They were quite impressive though, especially as she was sure they had been hand carved about a hundred years earlier.

    Suddenly, Amy noticed that one section of the carving moved slightly as she ran her hand over it. She paused, gently pushing on it and feeling it move inward until there was a slight clicking sound. That was followed by a section of the wall in that spot it sliding away from her.

    "Wow," Amy exclaimed in surprise and curiosity. It was a secret passage…and she had just stumbled across it. "Talk about a stereotype…"

    For a moment, Amy just stared at the barely opened doorway, then she carefully pushed it the rest of the way open, revealing a dark narrow hallway which cut off to the lift. On the wall immediately across from the opening was a small empty bookshelf, perfect for placing things that one would prefer to hide. However, it was not the empty bookshelf which drew Amy’s attention, but the dark passage…

    It took several minutes for Amy to find her flashlight, but as soon as she had it firmly in hand, she stepped into the dark narrow passage and took several steps forward. She could see several small niches in the walls, obviously meant to hold candles or lamps to see by. And after making a mental note to get some candles or other light source for those niches, she continued down the passage.

    Amy had gone past the length of her own room and halfway down the length of the next one, the one that Lisa was had claimed, when she noticed something on the side facing the room. It was a small metal plate with a hole in it, and a faint bit of light coming from the hole. Amy hadn’t even been certain about that light until she turned off her flashlight for just a moment.

    "Interesting," she mused as looked through the hole and saw the inside of her sister’s room.

    It was obviously a peep hole build into some of her room’s border carvings, letting anyone inside of the secret hallway spy on her. She couldn’t help thinking that it was almost a pity that she couldn’t spy on Jeff the same way, but Jeff’s room was on the other side of the hall from her own room, along with the spare, so obviously not part of that same passage.

    Amy turned and moved a little further down the passage, noticing a metal plate with a knob in the middle of the passage floor. And when she carefully lifted it up, she discovered another peep hole, this one looking down into the living room below. She could even hear her mom and dad talking…

    "That might be useful," Amy commented, closing that plate and going to yet another plate in the wall, this one spying down on the stairway and would give a good view of anyone coming up them.

    Finally, Amy turned her attention to the end of the passage, or at least where the passage ended in steps going down. They were so steep that Amy wasn’t sure whether it was more accurate to call them stairs or a ladder. Either way, she carefully made her way down them.

    When Amy came to the end of the steps, she found herself in a small room that was little bigger than a closet. However, it was obviously only as a brief stop as there was another peep hole in the wall, as well as more steps going even further down. But there was something else on the wall by that peep hole, some sort of latch. And when Amy pushed it, there was a faint click as the wall came loose.

    "Interesting," Amy smiled as she opened the panel and stepped into the den. She made sure to find the hidden latch that would open the panel from within the den, then went back into the secret passage and closed it up behind her. After all, that knowledge might come in useful, or at the very least, it would satisfy her curiosity.

    Amy continued down the rest of the steps until she reached the area at the bottom. She stopped for a moment, realizing that she was now at the basement level and that the brick wall on one side was probably shared with the regular basement.

    "This thing runs through the whole damn house," Amy commented, feeling somewhat impressed by that fact.

    As Amy looked around, she saw that the hallway was nearly three times as wide as it had been throughout the rest of the house, but that was not surprising as she realized that being under the main house, the builders wouldn’t have to worry as much conserving space to keep it from being noticed. It went down a ways on one side, ending in another staircase which went up…to a trap door on the ceiling which was barred shut. And after a moment of consideration, Amy decided that it opened up somewhere in the garden behind the house, and was likely even buried under some dirt or plants. That would make it a great escape route in an emergency.

    However, Amy only gave the emergency exit a quick looking over before turning her attention to what she suspected was the real prize. Because right in front of her was a wooden door which looked every bit as old and fancy as several other ones in the house. She had no idea what could be behind it, but was dying to find out.

    Amy carefully opened the door and gasped in surprise as the light suddenly came on. A half dozen oil lamps around the room had suddenly lit all on their own. At any other time, Amy would have turned and rushed away from such a strange occurance, but now she just stood there, taking a look around and confidently daring anything to jump out at her. And when nothing did, she took a closer look around the room.

    The room was just a little bit larger than Amy’s bedroom, and nearly as fancy, having some of the same kinds of wooden carvings around it though they were a little more sparse. But unlike her room, there was a fireplace in one corner, with Amy guessing that the chimney connected with that of the fireplace on the main floor at some point. The room itself looked to be a cross between a den, a bedroom and a storage room. There was a small one person bed tucked into one corner, several bookshelves around the side, an antique desk and chair sitting in the middle of the room as well as assorted odds and ends scattered about.

    "Someone was well prepared," Amy commented as she looked at several knives, pistols and rifles which were set on a small table beside the door.

    Then she looked at the rack which held more than a dozen bottles of wine, as well as several bottles of scotch and whisky. And each of them had to have been there for decades.

    It was only then that Amy realized something. She took another quick look around the room, realizing that there didn’t seem to be a speck of dust anywhere. Somehow, she was sure that no one had been down into that room in decades at least, but it looked just as clean as if someone had scrubbed it from top to bottom just the day before.

    "This is getting weird," Amy muttered, then chuckled faintly as she realized that it had gone way beyond weird some time back.

    Amy frowned slightly as she slowly moved around the room, staring at everything. Then she settled down on the edge of the bed, continuing to scan the room with her eyes. It seemed like a rather nice room…and it would be the perfect place to hide things that you didn’t want other people to find, including yourself should the need arise.

    After several minutes, Amy got up and went to the desk, noticing the thin leather bound book which sat right in the middle of it. There was no title or any sort of indication as to what might be inside, so she opened it up, blinking as she saw that it seemed to be some sort of journal.

    However, the book started, "My name is Vincent Madsen, and let me tell you of how I began…"

    Amy carefully read through the half dozen pages which made up the book, becoming more and more enraptured with each paragraph. Vincent started off by describing himself as a shorter than average, scrawny man who stuttered and lacked any social skills, who then turned to the study of sorcery in an attempt to find something that he could excel at. And then Vincent explained how he had decided to create his ideal home, investing nearly every bit of his sorcerous power into the house itself during the design and construction…

    Vincent went on to describe some of the ‘special features’ of the house, such as that no vermin could enter it, how no weeds would grow in the garden, how the windows would never need cleaning and or that no dust would settle inside, which explained just how clean the secret passage and hidden room had been. There were several other things as well, mostly small things which kept the house in good condition and made things just a little more convenient for those living within.

    But then Amy reached the part which described the main ‘special features’ of the house, the ones that the whole house had been designed around. She let out a gasp as she read the line, "Whomever has claim upon the master bedroom shall be recognized by the house and all those who dwell within as the master of the house."

    That simple line would have seemed harmless if Amy hadn’t realized that it meant master of the house in more than just title. In fact, it even went on to explain that the master of the house would be the master in all ways. The house would ensure that transferring some of the confidence, willpower and dominance from each of those within to the master…marking them as the one true authority.

    "That’s why they’re all acting different," Amy whispered as she thought of how nice her family had been to her, and how willing to please her they were starting to become. And of course, it would explain her newfound confidence.

    Of course, to be master in all ways, the master of the house would also have to be bigger, stronger, smarter and better than anyone else under their roof. The house would even transfer these traits, which was obviously what had been causing her changes over the last few days.

    "The house only recognizes the original master bedroom," Amy stated what was now obvious to her. As far as the house was concerned, her room was and would always remain the master bedroom, regardless of any additions that were built onto the house.

    Amy stared down at herself, feeling just a little bit shaken by those revelations. It appeared that the house would take any good traits that people who lived in the house possessed, and transfer them to the master of the house until they possessed more of them than anyone else. And from what Amy saw in the book, it wasn’t just until the master possessed just a little bit more…but a noticeable amount more.

    There was also a section at the end where Vincent explained how thanks to the new live in servants that he had hired, he had become taller, stronger and much more confident, losing the stutter entirely. By this time it was obvious that the whole house had been created as a way for Vincent to deal with and overcome his inferiority complex.

    "Oh shit," Amy whispered, looking down at herself again and paling just slightly.

    Now she realized exactly what was happening to her… The house was giving Amy the various strengths from her family… And from what she understood of the book, she would become not only as tall and strong as Jeff…but even more so. She would become even smarter than her dad, and as she looked at her larger breasts, she realized that she was already on her way to becoming even larger than her mom.

    Amy felt just a little feint as she thought about this, but also realized that she now knew exactly how to stop the changes. If she renounced her claims as master of the house and left her bedroom, moving into the spare, then the changes would all stop. Her family would not get back what they had lost, but they would stop losing more.

    But then Amy quickly realized a small problem with that idea. The old master bedroom was too nice of a room to just be left vacant, and she knew that the moment she moved out, Jeff and Lisa would scramble to take it for themselves. And that would mean that one of them would become the new master of the house, and that she would begin to shrink like they were. She would start becoming subservient to one of them… There was absolutely no way that Amy was about to let something like that happen to her.

    And then of course, there was also the fact that Amy liked what was happening to her. She liked being taller, stronger and smarter, as well as having her entire family be so much nicer and more accommodating. She took a deep breath, realizing just how intoxicating all of the improvements to her and her life were. And with a faint surge of guilt, she realized there was no way in the world that she was going to give that up either.

    "It’s not as if they’ll mind anyway," Amy smirked to herself as she thought of her family. The changes to themselves and their relationships didn’t seem to bother the rest of her family one little bit, which made it easier for Amy to push the guilt away.

    Amy took a deep breath, then slowly looked around the room again, feeling confident and even a bit smug as she knew that it was all hers. It was her own secret place, which was hers and hers alone. Then again, so was everything else in the house.

    "I am the master of the house," Amy stated proudly, then corrected herself, "Mistress of the house."

    Then as Amy closed the journal and stepped back, she noticed the small wooden chest that was sitting on the floor beside the desk. It was only a little bit larger than a shoe box, but still, it immediately drew her attention.

    When Amy opened the chest, her eyes immediately went wide at the sight. A faint gasp of surprise and awe even slipped from her mouth. It was filled with treasure, like the contents of an old pirates chest. For all Amy knew, it might very well have been a pirates treasure. There were gold coins, silver coins, as well as a good supply of VERY expensive looking jewelry. Jewels sparkled from where they were set into rings and necklaces, and Amy had no doubt that each and every one of them was real.

    "Impressive," she whispered, unable to take her eyes from the treasure. However, she couldn’t resist smiling as she realized that this would likely take care of any and all financial needs that she had for a VERY long time to come.

    Amy fought back the urge to take a few pieces of jewelry with her as she closed the chest, deciding that it would be best not to do anything that could attract attention to her treasure or it’s very existence just yet. She was going to have go keep it a closely guarded secret until she knew exactly what she was going to do with it, even if some of the pieces would have looked exquisite around her throat or decorating her fingers.

    After looking around the room for just another few minutes in the hopes of finding something else as useful as the journal or treasure, Amy decided that it was time to leave. She calmly looked her secret place over and smiled.

    As she stepped out the door and turned her flashlight back on, she calmly stated, "Lights off…" And with that command, every oil lamp in the room turned off at once, the same way that they had turned on upon her entry.

    It took Amy several minutes to make her way back through the hidden passage and into her room, and then to close the entrance behind her. Then she just stared at the wall for a moment with a knowing smile, her mind racing as she considered all the possibilities of what she had discovered.

    About an hour later, Amy’s mom came knocking on her door, calling to her through it, "Your friend is here…"

    "Friend?" Amy muttered, then smiled. There was only one person whom it could be. "Chris…"

    Amy took her time as she went downstairs, smiling when she saw Chris standing in the living room, looking around nervously. She thought that was so cute…

    "Hello," Amy greeted her visitor.

    "Hey," he nodded, "You said we should finish the tour, so here I am…"

    "Great idea," Amy told him. Then she turned to her dad, "Can I have the car keys?"

    It was more of a statement than a question as she knew he would give them to her. In fact, she thought that she probably could have just told him to give them to her and he would. However, she realized that his conscious mind probably hadn’t realized what his unconscious mind already knew… That she was now the one in charge.

    Once Amy had the keys, she told Chris, "Let’s go…"

    Chris seemed just a little surprised by her, and as they stepped out the front door, he commented, "I didn’t realize that you were so tall…"

    Amy paused at that, then smiled, realizing that Chris was only a little taller than she was now. Quite a bit different from when she had first met him about 5 inches or so back.

    "I’m not," Amy responded with a shrug, "Or at least I wasn’t…" She frowned, trying to consider how best to explain her increased size without giving anything away. "It’s the Madsen house," she started, deciding to play innocent, "I don’t know how it’s doing this to me…how it’s giving me some kind of growth spurt and making me taller… But you were right… Weird things do happen in that house…"

    Chris let out a gasp at that and took a step back, staring at her with even more attention, obviously taking in the other differences as well. His eyes seemed to go to her arms, probably noticing her new athleticism and muscle definition, and then to her breasts where they remained locked for a moment.

    "Oh shit," he whispered, glancing nervously at the house.

    "I don’t think it’ll mess with you," Amy told him, fighting back the urge to laugh at his discomfort. "I’m pretty sure that it’s only for those who live there…"

    "Really?" Chris asked, sounding uncertain.

    Amy didn’t want to tell him that she was positive, so instead shrugged, "I think that there might be some kind of poltergeist or something… I don’t think it’s dangerous…only mischievious."

    "Really?" Chris repeated, this time looking a little surprised.

    With a sigh, Amy decided to change the topic as she didn’t want Chris to dwell on what was causing her changes. So she grabbed his arm and told him, "Come on… I want to see this town…"

    A minute later, Amy was behind the wheel of her dad’s car and driving down the street while Chris gave directions. He seemed just a little annoyed that she was the one driving rather than him, but that didn’t bother Amy in the least.

    They drove around the town for well over an hour, with Chris pointing out the various local stores, parks and hangouts. He even pointed out the school which Amy was going to have to start in the fall, though she didn’t give it much more than a cursory glance. At the moment, school was the least of her concerns.

    Eventually though, they ended up stopping at a local burger place and then going to a park beside it in order to eat. Apparently, the restaurant and park were both rather popular places for kids their age to hang out.

    While they sat there eating, Amy tugged on her bra just a little, smiling faintly as she noticed that it fit her rather well. It had been just a little bit loose when she had first put it on that morning, but that was obviously still changing.

    "Well, you’ve seen my house," Amy told Chris as they were getting ready to go, "I think it’s only fair that you show me yours…"

    "You’ve seen my house," he pointed out with a bit of a grin, but only until Amy reminded him that she’d only see the front of it from the driveway.

    It wasn’t long before they were at Chris’ house and he told her, "My folks aren’t home from work yet…"

    "That’s not a problem," Amy told him with a smile. "How about that tour.."

    "Right this way," Chris grinned as he began showing her around.

    The house wasn’t as large as the one that Amy now lived in, and in no way as impressive. It wasn’t nearly as old or fancy, but it was quite comparable to the house that she had just moved out of a few days earlier. And in a way, it felt a little more comfortable because of that.

    "And here’s my room," Chris told her as he threw open the door.

    Amy took a quick glance across the room and smirked faintly. It was definitely a boys room and looked quite a bit like Jeff’s. There were a few posters of beautiful women on the walls beside ones of motorcycles, some dirty clothes in the corner and a bed that was only half made. She could even see the video game system sitting out, set up and ready to play.

    "Um…nice," Amy told him, rolling her eyes slightly.

    After Chris had offered Amy a soda, then went to retrieve it, he sat down and began playing his favorite video game in order to show off his skills. He had of course offered one game controller to Amy, but she had waved it off, telling him that she would prefer to watch. They talked while Chris played, but after awhile, Amy decided that it was time for something else.

    Without any warning, Amy reached over, yanked the video game controller from Chris’ hands and planted a kiss on his lips. He was surprised, but quickly responded.

    "Nice," Chris said with a grin as they pulled apart, "But what was that for?"

    "Because I wanted to," she responded with a satisfied smirk.

    Amy stared at Chris for a moment, amused by the expression on his face. He wanted her, of that she had no doubt. But he was being a perfect ‘gentleman’ about it. But more than that, she realized that she was the one in control of their relationship, and that she had been for awhile. Then Amy smiled, deciding that she rather liked it that way.

    "Now let’s try that again," Amy suggested as she reached for Chris.

    As they made out on the bed, Amy was growing more and more excited. She’d never made it that far with a boy before, and was loving every moment of it. And knowing that Chris wanted her so much made her feel incredibly sexy…

    However, when the sound of a door slamming came from another room, Chris bolted up and gasped, "My folks are back…"

    Amy looked at him, scowling as she adjusted her shirt and hair. "Damn." She had been thinking that she might go all the way, but it looked like it wasn’t to be. At least not at that time. "Another time," she mused to herself, smiling as she realized that she could choose a much better time and place for it.

    "I guess I should introduce you to my parents," Chris said, looking just a little bit embarrassed.

    For a moment, Amy just looked at him and chuckled. He didn’t seem nearly as confident and tough as he had when she’d first seen him working on his motorcycle. But then again, she thought that this softer side of him was certainly rather cute.

    "Maybe later," Amy shrugged, "I should get going…" Then she put her hand on Chris’ cheek, adding, "Just don’t tell anyone about my recent growth spurt. I wouldn’t want anyone thinking that I’m some sort of freak…"

    "Of course not," Chris nodded his agreement, "I think you’re anything but…"

    Amy just smiled at that, responding, "That’s so sweet," then giving Chris a kiss on the cheek. "I’ll see you later," she purred as she left his room and slipped out of the house without his parents even seeing her.

    When Amy returned home, feeling rather pleased at how her time with Chris had gone, at least until the interruption, she walked right past Jeff but then paused. She took another look at him and a slow smile started to form on her lips as she realized that they were now eye level. She was now the same height as the brother who used to tower over her.


    Amy grunted as she lifted the weight, more weight than she had ever lifted before in her life. She could feel her new, stronger muscles struggling to hold it and delighted in that sensation as well as the strength.

    Then as Amy set the weight back down, she let out a sigh, sitting up and feeling her muscles. She smiled as she felt them, thinking about how big and strong they now were. They had continued to grow, just as the rest of her body had, until now they were even a bit bigger than Jeff’s currently were.

    "Not bad," Amy smiled as she flexed her arm, noticing the solid bulge that was her bicep.

    Her hands slipped to her waist and she felt her flat stomach, now covered with firm muscles that were clearly defined. She had already started going past the level of washboard stomach into that of a full six pack. But that was just like the rest of her body, becoming quite lean, hard and ripped.

    Amy smiled again as she looked down at herself, knowing that she was now 6 foot 1, and the tallest person in the house. She was now even taller than Jeff, who was now closer to 5 foot 11. Not all of her new height had come from him though. She was sure that some of it was coming from both her mom and Lisa, though not nearly as much as from her father and brother. But that was probably because they had been the two tallest people in the house.

    Then Amy carefully cupped her breasts, smirking at the sight of them. They were glorious…magnificent. She only felt sorry that she owed their size to her mother and sister. They had both continued to get flatter, though of course they didn’t seem to mind at all.

    And then there was her supposedly increased intelligence. That was of course not nearly as visible, but Amy had seen enough bits of evidence to know that she had become smarter. And that she seemed to be gaining some of her father’s college education as well. But at the same time, she was sure that her father wasn’t the only donor. She was sure that she must be taking some of that from her mother as well, and possibly even Jeff, though it might be hard to tell.

    "I wonder just how much longer I’ll continue to change," Amy mused thoughtfully.

    She was already the tallest and strongest person in the house, so she knew that it could stop at any moment. A part of her hoped that it did, yet another part was eager for her to gain more…to BECOME more.

    Amy smiled proudly as she looked down at herself, at what she had already become. She felt so strong and powerful… She felt so confident and in control. However, she couldn’t help wondering how much of her newfound confidence was due to her increased size and strength, and how much had been taken from her family. In the end, she decided that it was a mixture of the two, not that it really mattered.

    Once Amy had left the basement and returned to the living room, she told her mom, "I’m feeling pretty hungry… Can you make me breakfast? Perhaps some waffles…"

    "Of course honey," her mom responded with a smile, looking quite happy to do as Amy had asked. But that was no surprise as each of her family seemed to be more and more happy to do as she asked.

    Then as Amy licked her lips at the thought of breakfast, she decided that it was probably a good idea to wait to eat until after working out. Now that she’d built up her appetite a bit, she would enjoy it even more.

    Amy looked over at her breakfast as it slowly came together, smiling in anticipation. "Perhaps from now on, you might want to start making it before I finish working out…" She knew that she was definitely going to make working out a normal part of her schedule. After all, with just how much she loved trying out her new strength, how could she not… "That way I won’t have to wait as long…"

    "That sounds like a good idea," her mom agreed.

    However, that also brought something else to mind. Amy glanced over at Lisa, then said, "I’d like to take a bath as soon as I’m done eating… Do you think that you could get it ready for me?"

    Lisa nodded her understanding, appearing completely happy with doing as Amy had suggested. Of course, Amy smiled to herself, she knew that she didn’t really have to ASK anyone to do anything. But still, it did seem more polite to do so anyway.

    And while Amy was in the middle of eating her breakfast, she couldn’t resist smiling at the sight of Lisa getting up and going up stairs. Lisa was quite happy to do that little ‘favor’ for her big sister, not even realizing just how much more it was than a mere favor. By now, Amy knew that she could get Lisa or anyone else in the house to do almost anything that she asked of them.

    When Amy had finished eating, she stood up and looked at both Jeff and their dad. She smirked as she was once again reminded of the fact that she had become taller than Jeff. However, it was a little strange seeing him from that perspective, and seeing his muscles so much smaller than before. He still looked a bit athletic, but Amy suspected that he might not for much longer.

    "I wonder," she mused thoughtfully, glancing between Jeff and their dad, who’s muscles had also dwindled though not nearly so much.

    "Is something wrong?" Jeff asked with only a hint of curiosity in his voice.

    Amy frowned slightly, glancing between him and her dad before nodding. "I think it might be a good idea for you to start working out a little more." She had noticed that he hadn’t been working out much over the last two days and hadn’t even gone down into the basement gym that morning. And then she turned her attention to their dad, "And you should start working out too… In fact, I think everyone should start exercising a little more…"

    "That’s a good idea," Amy’s dad nodded, "I think I’ll head down to the basement in just awhile…"

    "And I’ll go for a walk later," Amy’s mom added, "Maybe even go buy a treadmill or exercise bike…"

    Then, as her family continued to talk about how they would start exercising more, Amy leaned back and smiled even more. She thought that if she was absorbing some of their strength, then it would certainly do them a lot of good to build it back up. And she suspected that their exercising would help benefit her as well.

    "Your bath’s ready," Lisa said as she stepped into the room.

    "Thank you," Amy smiled down at her sister. Then she gave Lisa the same suggestion as she had given everyone else about exercising.

    "That’s a great idea," Lisa exclaimed with a grin, which seemed to be the normal response to any of Amy’s ‘suggestions’.

    Amy shrugged, then started towards the bath which awaited her. However, she paused and thought that if a little exercise would help her as well as them, then wouldn’t exercising the mind do the same?

    "Hey Lisa," Amy suggested, "You might want to do a little studying… To get ready for when school starts… You too Jeff…"

    Then before she could hear their responses, Amy turned and started up the stairs. She paused about halfway up to call down to them, "If Chris comes over, tell him that I’m not here right now…"

    She smirked as she continued up the stairs, deciding to hold off on letting Chris see her again until after the changes had stopped. She wanted to see the look on his face when he realized just how much more she had changed.

    "I can’t wait," Amy laughed as she stripped off her clothes and slipped into the hot bath water, "I can’t wait…"


    Amy took a deep breath, holding her position for a moment before continuing through her motions. "Ninety-eight, ninety-nine," she counted aloud, "One hundred." And with that, Amy got back to her feet, having just finished her final push-up.

    Shaking her head in amazement, Amy marveled at just how strong she had become. She could do a hundred push-ups without giving it much real effort, and that was AFTER she had already done a fairly strenuous morning workout some hours earlier.

    With that, Amy turned to stand in front of the fairly large full length mirror which she’d had brought into her bedroom the day before. It reflected her whole body in all of it’s naked glory. She hadn’t bothered getting dressed in anything more than a robe after her bath, and that had been hours earlier.

    Amy couldn’t resist smiling as she stared at the virtual goddess which was reflected back at her from the mirror. She was so BIG…so powerful. Everyone in the house now seemed small and weak to her, even Jeff. She nearly towered over him, and at just barely 5 foot 10, he was the second tallest person in the house. Amy thought of this with pride as she stretched out to her full height of 6 foot 4.

    And her muscles… Amy flexed her muscles, smirking as she thought that they were even a little bigger than Jeff’s used to be. Of course, she had not only absorbed most of Jeff’s old muscles, some of her father’s…and quite possibly a tiny amount from her mother and sister as well. That made her without a doubt, not only the tallest person in the house, but the strongest as well.

    "A regular amazon goddess," Amy smirked to herself, absolutely loving what she had become.

    Then of course, there were her breasts. They were enormous, or at least seemed that way compared to what they had once been. They were now a large E cup, larger than her mom’s had ever been, and oh so round and firm. Of course, that size didn’t really seem quite so large when compared to the rest of her body, but she was still quite proud of her new breasts.

    "Too bad about Lisa though," Amy shrugged, feeling a moment of pity for her younger sister.

    Lisa had lost most of her developing curves, leaving her with a small A cup breast size and an appearance that was a little closer to an 11 year old than the 13 year old developing hottie that she had been. However, Amy’s mother had been a little luckier, retaining some of her curves and a cup size of a small B.

    Amy carefully looked herself over in the mirror, silently cataloguing all of the changes that had occurred in her body. Her hair was a little longer and softer, her complexion had improved and she was sure that her senses had become just a little sharper as well. However, those were all minor changes when compared to her new size and assets.

    After another minute of silent study, Amy left the mirror and reached for the tape measure. She stared at it for a moment before taking another measurement of her height.

    "The same," she said without surprise.

    She had been growing at a rate of about 2 inches a day since she had first moved into the house and begun her changes. Yet that morning, she had woken up at the exact same height as she had been when going to bed. And her latest measurement showed no further increase either.

    "It looks like it’s finally stopped," Amy said, letting out a sigh. But whether it was a sigh of relief that her family would lose no more, or a sigh of disappointment in that she would not continue to grow, even she was not completely sure. "It looks like I’ve finally stopped changing…"

    For a moment, Amy just remained where she was, slowly running her hands over her new and improved body with a smile. It was done… This was what she had become, and what she would remain.

    "I am the mistress of the house," Amy reminded herself.

    Then as Amy reached for her clothes, thinking that it was time to finally get dressed, she thought that it was about time to finally pay a visit to Chris. She had been so looking forward to seeing his reaction to her body. But on second thought, she smirked, deciding that it would be better having him come to her…

    Once Amy was fully dressed, she went downstairs and smiled down at her family, or at least those who were currently present. Jeff had gone off to check out the local mall while her mom had gone out grocery shopping. Amy was confident that her mother would come back with a lot of her favorite foods…

    "Dad," Amy said to get his attention, "I think it’s time for me to have my own car. Something nice… And of course, something with a lot of leg room…" She smirked, "Perhaps an SUV…"

    "That’s a great idea," he nodded, rubbing his chin, "You’re old enough to have your own car now…"

    "And big enough," Amy chuckled to herself. Then she told her dad, "Why don’t you go out and start looking for something… Bring me back a list of all the best choices so that I can decide."

    "Sure thing," he responded, already heading towards the door.

    "And why don’t you take Lisa with you?" Amy added, deciding that she might as well get everyone else out of the house at once.

    As soon as everyone was out of the house, Amy made a quick phone call…very quick. It consisted of her telling Chris little more than, "Come right over here…" Then she sat back to wait, knowing that it wouldn’t be long.

    When Chris arrived, Amy let him wait for a minute, and only then went to open the door. She pulled it wide open, then stepped into view, letting Chris get a good look at the new her.

    Chris let out a gasp of surprise as he stared at her breasts, then looked up at her eyes which were now several inches higher than his. For a moment, he looked completely stunned, to stunned to do anything except gurgle…

    "Surprised?" Amy asked with a grin, knowing well that he was. "Come on in…"

    "Um…Chris gulped, "What happened…"

    "That little growth spurt I was telling you about before," Amy shrugged, "But don’t worry. It’s over with now…" And remembering the lie that she had told him before to explain it, she added, "That strange poltergeist that did this to me is finished, and it’s gone back to sleep…"

    All that Chris could say to that was a startled, "Oh…"

    Amy smirked, wondering how he could possibly buy that explanation. Then again, it wasn’t really any stranger than the truth, that the house itself had done that to her.

    "So…," Amy tried her best to look innocent, which wasn’t easy at the moment, "How do I look?"

    "You look incredible," Chris responded, staring at her body, especially her breasts.

    "You don’t think I’m too big?" Amy pushed, pretending that she was afraid that she might be.

    "You look incredible," Chris repeated, as if unable to think of anything else to say. His eyes remained locked on her breasts.

    "And you don’t think my muscles are too big?" Amy grinned, flexing her arm so that he could get a good look at her powerful new muscles.

    Chris stared at her bulging bicep, obviously realizing that she was even stronger than him. Then he took a step back and took in her whole body and all of her newly developed curves.

    "I’ve never seen a girl with muscles that big," Chris admitted, looking a bit embarrassed, "But you still look hot as hell…" He blushed, obviously even more embarrassed by this admission.

    Amy smiled at that, "I’m glad that you think so…"

    And with that, she reached for Chris, pulling him close and giving him a passionate kiss which he returned nervously at first, but then with growing enthusiasm. They remained locked in that position for several minutes before finally pulling apart.

    "Wow," Chris gasped, stepping back a little and staring at her with an expression of desire.

    Amy smirked, then licked her lips as she stared back at him. She was more excited and turned on than she had ever been in her life. And with the way Chris was looking at her, not to mention the bulge in his pants, he obviously felt the same.

    "Come on," Amy told him as she pulled him in the direction of the stairs. The tone of her voice gave no doubt that this was NOT a suggestion.

    As soon as they were within Amy’s room, she pushed Chris back onto her bed, then started to remove her clothes. For a moment, Chris just stared at her as if spellbound before he began to clumsily remove his own.

    "I’m going to be getting me a larger bed soon," Amy commented, not as apology but more as a casual statement. "Until then, this will have to do…"

    Then as soon as Amy had finished undressing, she made her move on Chris, not even waiting for him to finish undressing. She knew exactly what she wanted and went straight for it, nearly tearing the remaining clothes from his body as she did so.

    Some time later, Amy lay back on the wreckage of her bed, her arm clutched possessively around the exhausted and unconscious body of Chris. During their intense session of lovemaking, the bed had been unable to withstand their efforts and the very frame had cracked, causing the bed to collapse, though Amy hadn’t let that slight distraction get in the way.

    Amy stared at her worn out lover with a feeling of intense satisfaction. They had gone for quite some time and would have gone for longer if Amy had been able to have her way, though unfortunately Chris had finally been worn into exhaustion and collapsed. As it was, Amy felt extremely good. Her whole body tingled with the afterglow, making her feel better than she had ever felt in her entire life, or even imagined that she could feel. And she knew without a doubt that she wanted more of it.

    "My poor baby," Amy sighed as she ran a finger over Chris’ chest. He’d brought her such pleasure before passing out. And he would again once he recovered.

    And then Amy let out a deep sigh and smiled as she thought about what they had done. There was no doubt that she had been the dominant one during their lovemaking…during their raw passionate sex. It had been her hungers…her desires which had driven things. She was only several inches taller than Chris, but she was much stronger. She was just as much in control of the physical part of their relationship as she was everything else, and she would have no it other way.

    "My little lover," Amy smiled as she looked at Chris, knowing that he hadn’t been all that little where it counted. "My little pet…"

    Chris was now completely wrapped around her finger… Amy had no doubt of this, especially as she had seen the look of absolute delight before he had finally passed out. Of course, he wasn’t nearly as much under control as her family…at least not yet.

    With a smile, Amy thought about just how much life had changed for her, all because she had moved into a new house and happened to have chosen that particular bedroom. She was taller, stronger, smarter and sexier than she had ever imagined she could be. She felt so confident…so in control…of everything. But of course, that was no certainly no exaggeration within the house. Her entire family now went out of their way to please her…

    "This is the life," Amy purred, rubbing at her lover’s stomach. She doubted that she’d even have him if it hadn’t been for the changes that the house had made in her, and certainly not like this.

    Then Amy’s thoughts drifted to life beyond her immediate surroundings. She could imagine the looks that she would get when she went out in public, towering over all the other women and most men with her magnificent body. From now on, she would always been the center of attention, a fact which Amy found quite agreeable.

    "And school," she whispered, remembering that she was still supposed to go back in the fall.

    For a moment, Amy considered just getting her GED and skipping it, sure that the increased knowledge and intelligence she had gained would help her to do this without much problem. However, that would mean she would miss the expressions on everyone’s faces at school… She could just imagine the looks on the teachers faces, much less all of the students. It would be worth going back just for that alone.

    Of course, if she was planning for the future, she couldn’t help but consider the financial situation. The family was still well set at the moment thanks to her father’s investments, and with the treasure trove in the hidden room, which could also be invested quite well, she had no doubt that money was not something that she was going to have to worry about. Not in the near future, and probably not ever.

    After a few more minutes, Amy carefully climbed out of bed and went to look at herself in the mirror again, smiling broadly as she did so. She absolutely loved that reflection and was delighted by the fact that it was now hers to keep. This WAS HER.

    But then Amy paused, staring at her reflection thoughtfully as an idea occurred to her. Her smile slowly broadened as she considered the possibilities… The exciting possibilities.

    Amy smirked as she considered the nature of the house itself, of how it would ensure that the master…or mistress would remain the most dominant force in every way. Of course it would do this by transferring the most impressive traits to her…which she had already experienced firsthand. But what if she added a new person to the household?

    It was with a bit of a chuckle that Amy thought of her cousin Laurie, her Aunt Cheryl’s daughter. Laurie definitely took after that side of the family with her large breasts, which were about the same size as Amy’s. In fact, Laurie was so sexy that if she hadn’t been only 19 and too young, she could have worked in a strip club to earn money for college.

    "I think I’ll invite Laurie to move into the spare bedroom," Amy smirked to herself as she licked her lips in anticipation. After all, with Laurie trying to save up money to go to college, how could she resist moving into a place where she would have free rent while working?

    Then Amy looked back to Chris, smiling as she saw that he was beginning to stir. It wouldn’t be much longer until he was up and ready again. Or at least, she thought, he had better be up and ready again if he knew what was good for him.

    "Yes, life good," Amy smugly announced as she looked down at her magnificent body, and then around the master bedroom… At her bedroom… The center of her domain. "And why shouldn’t it be? After all…I am mistress of the house…"



    This is very, very good.


    Outstanding. Thank you very much.


    Very good storie. Have you thought of adding another part though? Since she has the treasure she could hire some very large muscular live in servents? Just an idea.


    Excellent! Very wicked. I felt specially bad for Lisa.

    I like transfer stories in which the corruption of the character is not so obvious. I really don’t care for the one’s where the characters are 100% evil. They don’t feel so real.

    You could continue this. Having her bring other people to the house, such as her busty cousin, and some tall muscular men. It would be nice seeing her lording her huge body over her family, specially poor little Lisa, who would become her tiny little maid. Hehe…ok, I’ll stop fantasizing.

    Anyway…great work! 🙂



    I can now list "Evil Magic House" as an associate turn on in regards to FMG.

    You evil fella you.

    Thanks for sharing this delightfully demented tale of domicile domination.

    Some of the sweet built in madness you have in this tale that I absolutely love.

    -Amy’s siblings are still growing. While they’re smaller than Amy their progress will add to her own.

    -The fitness regimen for Amy’s familial unit will be another small trickle of potential power.

    -The hot to trot Laurie’s possible appearance and subsequential decline. 😈

    -Interesting conflicts between Chris’s family and the Mistress Amy’s possible sebsequent "Kidnapping" of him 😉

    Plenty of opportunities for a continuation but still works great with what you’ve given us.


    An interesting, well written, story with the main character well defined.

    Lots of possible sequels:

    Amy gets bored with Chris and finds a new lover.

    Amy goes to school.

    Amy hires smarter/stronger/sexier servants.


    Thanks for posting.


    Great story , I think you Marknew and a few others are really raising the bar for Muscle Growth Fiction.


    very good story. you should ad the parts about the cousin and shit but maybe make her find out how to do magic herself so should could alert the house too.


    This story is awesome, but it begs the question.

    If this house is the key to real ultimate power, why did its previous owner’s leave? There has to be a catch somewhere 🙂

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