my first FMG story (warning 18+)

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    Erika calhoun

    OOC: here goes, part 1, please forgive the spelling mistakes

    IC: Lucy, checked the results again, in green letters on the monitor it said "POSITIVE" but why? she thought, she had tested the muscle growth formula in hundreds of simulations, what was the trigger, she had tried every chemical in the books. She yawned, and looked at the big clock on the wall, "no way" she said out loud, it was 1AM. She hung up her baggy lab coat, and put her coat on that hid her physique, well, if she had a physique, she wasnt fat, or fit, or busty (save for her B cup boobs), she was just slim, 'Slim Jones' as she was known at the labs, the only thing that made her stand out, save for her bisexuality. she sighed, annoyed with the lack of progress, it was a friday, and the labs werent open until monday. She took a test tube of the latest sample, put a bung in it  "if only" she thought. She then made her way to the main door whilst putting the test tube in her bag, not realising the cleaners had washed the floor, she slipped, dropping the test tube and falling backwards, she landed next to it, and watched the liquid turn to smoke, which she breathed in, no harm, she thought, it wasnt poisenous, and it had no growth trigger.


    Lucy opened the door to her flat and walked in, she hung her coat up and sat down on the sofa, she wasnt tired surprisingly, she turned on the t.v. and flicked through the channels, it came up to some cheap porn movie, a busty girl with a shaven crotch was moving slowly up the bed towards a younger yet incredibly curvy girl, who looked aprhensive "this is my first time with another woman"
    "dont worry, ill make you feel at home" the acting was terrble, but the images werent, they began massaging each others breasts, before the curvy one moved down the other's body with her tounge. Lucy smiled, and begun to feel a little warm in her underwear, she undid her trousers, and her hand moved down towards her pussy, which was warm and getting warmer, turned on by these incredible images, she forgot competly about the muscle growth chemical. She was fingering herself faster and faster, harder and harder, this was amazing. hang on, she looked to her boobs, they looked a little bigger, they were a little bigger, slightly bouncier. and  her arm, it was bigger, when she bent it she could see the muscle bulger, she stood up and walked over to the mirror, her legs were bigger as well, more defined, and thicker her abs were visible, and yes her boobs were now D cups. what the "NO WAY" Lucy explaimed, the muscle potion, it, she, she was dizzy with exitment. One of the pleasure chemicals must be the trigger, she took her clothes off, she was well toned, not extremely muscly or busty, yet.

    It was at that point, Lucy's flatmate Nicole, coming back from a party, walked in.


    Pretty goo, so far. It's going pretty fast, but I see a lot of potential here.

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