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    Hey there people. Here's a storie that I wrote and had posted on DtV. Unfortunately I'm not as good a writer as I am an artist but I had just made a character for an RPG and wanted to write a storie for her since I was never going to get to play the game. The storie has some fighting and friendly muscle worship. In any case here's the storie


    Ian sat in the shade under his favorite palm tree at his favorite stretch of
    beach. At he moment Ian was so engrosed in his studies that he didn't notice
    the group of high school jocks that were throwing a football around, but now
    paying more attention to the fact that there was a "werido" sitting on Their
    beach under Their tree. They walked over and loomed over him. At first Ian
    didn't bother looking up. He just figured it was a cloud or something and the
    four bullies in front of him were getting pissed

    "Hay… dork, what are you doing on our beach"

    Ian looked up startled. All of a sudden he was in a very unplessent and
    familier situation. "High guys. What's up". Ian had his biggest please don't
    hit me and break my glasses smile. He has always been a bookish kind of guy,
    which ment there's a permanent kick me bullseye on his back.

    Brad, the biggest of the four bullies at 6' 7", ripped the book out of Ian's
    hand and tossed it over his shoulder. Ian was then grabbed by his shirt and
    yanked to his feet. "We don't like it when a fucking dork comes onto our beach
    and takes up our space."

    "Oh don't worry I was just about…" Ian started to say but was cut off as he
    was thrown by Brad towords two of his cronies who held him tightly. Brad then
    struck Ian in his face bloodying his nose and knocking his glasses off.
    "Aawww… What did you wanna go and do that for", Ian said as the blood flowed
    down his face some of wich got on to Brad's shorts,"You FUCK. Look what YOU
    did to my trunks". He then started to go to work on Ian, pounding him

    A little ways down the beach a young Incarnate ( godling ) was tanning. Her
    parents were of the nortic panthian. Jessica was her human name and she
    inherited some special treats of her lineage. Her father was Uller, the god of
    hunting archery and winter ( and son of thor ), and her mother was a frost
    giant goddes of earth and mountains named Skadi. Jessica had an unussual
    appearence due to the giantish blood that flowed threw her viens. Her eyes are
    a bright baby blue, and her hair is a midnight blue and cut short in a punk
    style with shaved sides and long hanging bangs. Jessica's lips are blue as
    well the entire inside of her mouth. She looks like a young goth chick with
    one exception. With the build of a Asgardian god to say that she was muscular
    is a extreemly huge understatement. Any female and many male bodybuilders
    would kill to have her size and level of muscular detail. Jessica is of
    average female Asgardian height wich makes her around six feet tall but her
    muscularity was actually suppearior to most Asgardians with the exception of
    Thor and Magni who are physicaly the two strongest of the Asgarians. She
    appeared to weigh around 220Lbs. of huge rippling muscle, but in reality
    weighs around twice that. Asgardian muscle has more density

    Jessica was just laying there minding her own buisiness when she realized a
    shadow was cast over her. When she opened her eyes she saw the faces of two
    small grinning childeren. Jessica had always liked youths so she smiled back
    at them. One of them was a boy and the other one a girl both around three to
    four years of age and were odviously bother and sister.

    "Your pretty," the little boy said looking at Jessica's face.

    "Look at her muscles Jake, their GIMUNGES," the girl was making up her own
    words the way that kids do. "Will you make a muscle for us"? Both of the
    chileren started jumping up and down while both saying make a muscle

    Jessica just laughed "calm down young ones, and I'll show you my muscles".
    After a few more seconds of the kids jumping up and down they calmed. Jessica
    then sat up to a kneeling position and slowly did a double bicep's pose

    "Woooh," the childeren said in unison as they started to poke, push, and pull
    on Jessica's arms as if to test and see if they were real. "Theise muscles are
    a million times bigger than dad's," the little girl said.

    "Na ah Katie. They might be a hundred times but nobody has arms a million
    times bigger, it's impossible," Jake said.

    Jessica let out a good laugh at the funny arguement of the two sibblings.
    "Speaking of your parents, were are your mommy and daddy," she said as she
    poked them both in the belly. They both giggled and turned and pointed to a
    couple that was sitting underneith a big umbrella. They appeared to be in
    there early thirties. The man was just resting while the woman was reading a
    novel. Jessica stood picking up Katie and took Jake's hand in hers, "Lets go
    and talk with them shall we".

    As Jessica walked towards the couple the woman, Karen, looked up. "Uh… Ted,
    I think you should take a look at this," she said looking up at the muscle
    bound woman clad in a skimpy light blue bikini carring her children.

    "Take a look at what," Ted asked without looking.

    "At the giant muscle woman that's carring our childeren this way," Karen said
    while she hit him lightly on his shouler with her book to get his attention.
    His head jerked up in suprise. When Jessica got closer both of the parents
    stood up with a frightened look on their face and Karen spoke, "We're sorry if
    our childerren where bothering you. We'll be sure to watch them more closely,"
    she said appologedakly.

    Jessica just laugh, "oh they were no bother at all. Just child like curiousity
    at it's best."

    The relief that flowed threw the shaken parents was visible. As Jessica handed
    Katie to Karen, the little girl spoke up, "look at her muscles mommy there
    HUGE". the little girl then turned and spoke at Jessica. "Will you make a
    muscle for my mommy and daddy to."

    Jessica just smile. "Sure thing squirt," she said as she flex her inhumanly
    muscular arms.

    The two adults were floored by the sight before them. "Feel them mommy. Their
    super hard," Katie said to her mother. Karen stepped closer and placed her
    hand on top of the massive muscle that buldged before her

    "Oh my god! It's like Granite," she exclaimed. She then put down her little
    girl and started to inspect the muscle with both hands "Ted you've got to feel
    this, it's kind of sexy". with that Ted started to feel the other bicep. "What
    do you think ted, would I look good with muscles like these," Karen asked with
    a michivouse gin on her face.

    "You're sexy no mater what Karen. You know I would support anything you do,"
    Ted staited as he released Jessica's arm and lovingly pulled Karen towards

    "I could help train you if you would like? I am an accomplished weightlifter
    and strength trainer," Jessica said handing Karen her buisiness card. Then a
    noise got everyones attention. They saw a lone individual getting ruffed up by
    a goup of four large bullies. "Excuse me," Jessica said as she walked
    purposely in that direction. She stopped around ten feet from them she spoke,
    "ok that's enough. Put him down and beat it.

    The four jocks turned and froze. They just stood there and stared
    open-mouthed. Jesica stood before them in an skimpy light blue string bikini,
    but that wasn't what they were staring at. What they were staring at was her
    body. It was unlike anything they had ever seen.

    Ian was now blinded without his glasses but when heard the voice of a teenage
    girl and instantly feared for her." Oh don't worry about me maam. I was just
    having a conversation with my freinds and we were discussing wich cafe' to go
    have a cup of joe at," Ian said as the blood flowed from his battered face.

    "Shut up," Brad yelled as he punched Ian in his stumich. He then turned twards
    Jesica "Get the FUCK out of my face you blue haired steroid freak bitch, or
    you'll be taking this punk's place". Brad then promply walked over to her and
    threw his best punch at Jesica's mid-section. There was a thud and a loud
    crunch as his hand bounced off ineffectively. "AAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!" Brad cried
    out in pain while he was craidling his damaged hand.

    Jesica gave a little chuckle, " If that's the best you got then you're in some
    serious trouble".

    Brad threw another punch at Jesica's face but she caught hi fist in her hand
    and started to squeeze. He went to one knee and tried to pull his hand free.
    Jesica smirked at his failling attepts to free his hand as she started to
    increase the pressure. The crunching sounds of the big bully's hand being
    crushed was heard by everyone but Jesica didn't stop there. Brad started to
    screem and yell as the pain became to much for him to handle. Blood gushed
    from Jesica's fingers as she pulped his hand. She then grabbed Brad by his
    neck and lifted him off the ground holding him there a couple of seconds. With
    little more than a flick of her wrist Jesica tossed Brad about forty-five feet
    and into the water. She than walked over twards one of the "do not walk on the
    dune" signs, grabbed it with her right hand and pulled it from the ground with
    vurtually no signs of strain what so ever. Jesica then held it in front of her
    "I said…" the metal groaned as it tried to resist her wile she bent it to a
    pretzal shape "Get LOST"! After seeing Jesica's demonstration the three
    remaining bullies were falling over each other to get as far away from her as

    Jesica tossed the mangled peice of metal to the side as she neeled next to
    Ian. "Are you going to be ok," all Ian responded with was a mone. "Ok, lets
    get you back into the shade." She then went back to her belongings and got her
    firstaid kit. It is always good to have one handy. "Mortals are so frail. "
    she thought to herself as she cleaned the blood off Ian's face and her hand.
    She then checked him for any broken bones. Thats when Jesica realized that
    without the blood all over his face he was kind of cute, in a dorky bookworm
    sort of way.

    That's when Ian started to come to "oh man, my head. What happened"?

    "You were getting your butt stomped in,"

    Ian got a puzzled look on hi face, "were did the guys who were doing the
    stomping go"?

    Jesica smiled. "I told them to go away".

    "Oookaay". Ian then started feeling around the ground for his glasses. After a
    couple of seconds he found them an put then on. As he looked up to see who
    saved him the left lens was broken, the right one fell out, and they broke in
    half. Jesica couldn't help but let out a little giggle. "Great, how am I going
    to get home now"?

    "I think between the two of us we can come up with something," Jesica said as
    she helped Ian to his feet. Were do you live"?

    Ian sighed heavily, "I live in a beachhouse about a mile and a half that way,"
    Ian said pointing down the beach.

    "We sould head that way then," as they started walking in the direction of
    Jesica's belongings, she pinched Ian's butt.

    "HEY," Ian jumped with surprise

    "Sorry. I just couldn't resist. You have such cute little behind," Jesica

    Ian blushed a deep red " thats ok. You just caught me by surprise. I'm not
    used to being acknowledged by girls in that way".

    "Don't worry about it. Here, lets get going," Jesica said as she grabbed Ian's
    hand "I'll guide you. Just let me get my stuff". She led Ian over to her
    belongings and gathered then. Jesica then put on her GoldsGym sweatshirt".

    That's when there heard the cheering. Jessica turned and saw her new family of
    freinds clapping for her. She did a couple of bodybuilding poses in their
    direction while they kept cheering.

    "Who's that," Ian asked

    "Oh that's just my fanclub," Jessica replied.

    At first Ian was quiet as they walked but Jesica finally got him to open up a
    little. As they conversed back and forth they found that they had a few things
    in common and enjoyed each others company. Jesica discovered that Ian is a
    highly inteligent computer geek and Ian picked up that Jesica was somewhat of
    a health nut. After about twenty minutes or so they got to Ian's beachhouse.
    It's a small but well put together and confortable five room dwelling.

    "Here we are Ian," Jesica led Ian to the steps that went around to the front.
    He stumble as he was climbing. "Woa, I got you," Jesica caught him as he fell.
    She then helped guide him up the steps a little more closely. When they got to
    the top Ian he started looking for his keys. "Dammit! I must have dropped my
    keys during the beating".

    Jesica placed a conforting hand on Ian's shoulder "no problem. I can get us
    in, but your going to need a new lock when I'm done". She gentally moved Ian
    to the side and grabbed the door knob. Jesica then crushed the metal knob in
    her hand as if were made of tin foil. She then casually pushed the door open,
    "after you sir".

    "I don't know if I can trust you in my home. You chase away four musclebound
    thugs who are kicking my butt, then you break into my house in a matter of
    seconds," Ian kidded as he walked in. Jesica fallowed him in. Ian made his way
    over to his desk and found his extra pair of glasses and put them on. "I can't
    thank you enough for all the… help… you…" Ian trailed off said as he
    turned to see the face of the girl who saved him for the first time. He was
    floored by the sight.

    Jessica was only about two inches shorter than him but even with the triple
    extra large sweat shirt he could tell had a build that made him feel like a
    ninety pound weakling wich, although he was a nerdy kind of guy, he is not.
    Her legs were bare and were the most thickly muscled legs Ian has ever seen
    with each one of her muscles clearly separated from one another Another thing
    he noticed were all the veins that were snaking around her legs. The image of
    two massige trees with thick vines covering their trunks sudenly appeared in
    his mind. Her face was actually almost as beautiful as her body was built with
    highly set cheek bones and attractive Nordic features. Ian found Jessica's
    blue hair, eyes and lips ( wich he though were contacts, lipstick, and dye )
    to be enchanting. He had always been attracted to the gothic-punk look on a
    girl. Unfortunately most of the girls of that peticular appearence wouldn't
    even give someone like Ian the time of day.

    Jessica knew what caused Ian to stop in mid sentence and giggled. "If you want
    to thank me, you can put some suntan lotoin on my back," she said as she
    tossed Ian her SPF 150 with a wink. She then turned and walked out making sure
    to give her hips a sexy swing as she walked towards the door. "That is if you
    feel up to it," Jessica smiled as she left. Ian was to stunned to catch the
    tube that bounced off his chest. He just watched Jessica's super muscular butt
    ripple while she walk out. That image burned itself into his head for the rest
    of his life.

    As Ian slowly came to his sences reached down and picked up the tube. He
    looked at the tube for a second then walked out his front door. Ian watched
    Jessica lay out two large towels while he walked down the steps of his house.
    Jessica turned around and gave Ian her knock out smile as he walked towards
    her. Ian stopped five feet from Jessica and she turned around so her back was
    facing him. Slowly Jessica removed her sweat shirt. Ian looked on with both
    excitment and amazement as the most musculare person he has ever seen unvailed
    her massive upper body in all its glory. After the sweet shirt was toss to the
    side Jessica then begain to do a series of lat spreads and rear bicep poses.
    All Ian could do was look on with astonishment as Jessica flexed her muscles
    for him.

    After a minute or so Jessica looked over her shoulder at Ian "are you going to
    actually use the sun screen in your hands," she said with a girlish giggle.
    Jessica had a suprisingly cute little voice for someone of her size. Ian
    squirted some sun screen on his hand and cautiosly started to rub it onto the
    broad wall off muscle in front of him. "It's ok, I won't bite you," Jessica
    reasured Ian who was marveling at the detail and hardness of the muscles
    underneithe his hands. Jessica takes a step back leans and wispers in Ian's
    ear, "put some presure into it handsome". Ian couldn't believe that this
    amaing young woman was flurting was him.

    Jessica slowly went into a double biceps pose. From behind Ian placed both his
    hands on Jessica's biceps and gave as hard a squeeze as he could. "Holy crap.
    it's like trying to crush a rock," Ian said as his hands sat on top of the
    mountainous peaks of muscle. She slowly turned and faced Ian while still
    holding her double biceps pose. Ian ran his hands over Jessica's body as she
    turned and placed them on top her biceps again. She then pumped her flexed
    arms slowly a few times so that her muscles would get even more gerth.
    Although not even fully pumped they were still an obseenly huge size at
    somewere around twenty-four inches

    Ian dropped to his knees and lowered his hands to her legs and began to run
    his hands over her legs. As he continued to worship her legs Jessica put both
    her hands on the back of her head and started to sway sexily and and flex her
    adbominal muscles. With his hands still exploring her hips and thighs, Ian
    tenderly kissed one of the bricks of muscle in front of him.

    Jessica reached down grabbing Ian underneith his arms and lifted him to eye
    level. She then started to rub him against her body as if she was in heat.
    looking at the young man in front of her in the eyes she asked, "what's your
    name cute stuff ?"

    "Ian," He wispered

    "Well Ian, I would like to get to know you a little better but I have to go
    now," Jessica put Ian down and turned to her bag. She pulled out another
    buisiness card and handed it to Ian. "Give me a call some time. I'd like to go
    out," she says giving Ian a little kiss on his cheek.

    Ian watches his muscular heroine walk away and looks at the card. "Jessica
    Kessel… personal trainer and self defence expert…" He looked on the other
    side and there was an address with the words "be here at seven dress casual".
    Ian then watched Jessica walk to her VW Bug and drive off honking and waving
    to him. "Wow," was all he could say.

    * * * * *

    The next day at work couldn't go by fast enough. Ian works at a small
    privately owned computer store as a PC technition. He had help found the store
    and is one of three partners. The other two people Christy, and Greg both
    noticed that Ian had the crap kicked out of him, and his attention had been
    somewhere esle the whole day.

    "Hey Ian, are you ok," Christy asked as she entered the tech room in the back
    of the store.

    "Yeah I'm fine. Why, whats up," Ian said as he touched the wrong wire of a PC
    power supply and gave himself a nasty shock, "Ouch!"

    "Well, you look like you've had the crap kicked out of you, and your not able
    to focus on anything that you doing. Is they some I can help out with,"
    Christy said with a consurned tone.

    "Yeah thet is something you can help me out with," Ian said as he had an idea.
    "What kind of flowers are good for a first date?"

    Christy gave Ian a suprised look, "you've got a date? Was it her that beet you
    up and afterwards forced you to say that you would go out with her while she
    put you in a head lock," she said with a little laugh.

    "Actually Jessica was the one who stopped a bunch of meat heads from putting
    me in the hospital," Ian said

    "Is she a matial artist or something," Christy asked

    "She probably is but thats not the most unique thing about her," Christy was
    intreiged. "Jessica is about six feet tall and is the most Muscular person I
    have ever seen. She makes Schwarzenegger look like a pencil neck geek. I
    couldn't see the details of the struggle between her and the thugs but I know
    that it was short with only one or two punches thrown. She then helped walk to
    my beach house because I couldn't see a thing with my glasses broken. Anyway
    to make a long story short she asked me out."

    "So let me get this strait, a six foot muscle bound amazon came to your
    rescue, then asked you out on a date," Christy said with a big smile on her

    "Well, yeah. She did," Ian nodded

    Christy just smilled, "red."

    "What," Ian asked a bit puzzled.

    "About a dozen or so red roses," Christy was excited for Ian. She had always
    liked him but was married before they had met. "And a bottle of red wine.
    This'll be good for you Ian. I've always told you that you needed to get out
    more," Christy said as she went back out onto the customer survice floor.

    to be continued…



    Excellent start, I cant wait to see where this goes!


    I remember this story from DtV's site.  I have been dying for the To Be Continued… 👿


    I started working on it a while back but my PC crashed and the file was lost. I haven't started another but plan to soon


    Very Nice.

    Hunter S Creek

    Can't wait to read more!

    Thank you for sharing it!



    this story needs some pictures. can't wait to read more.

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