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    Well, not really. Just the second on this foum. Anyway, I figured that I should do some work other than on the Perfume series and that I should place some of the ideas rattling around in my head (amidst the many voices) into online text. Before I start, I want to make it clear that I am learning to become a geneticist, so not everthing that I say in this story may be 100% accurate, just mostly accurate. Some things, I will admit, are pure conjecture, while the rest is stuff that I actually know. Don't question, just go with it.


    The room was empty. Well…almost empty. The sole peices of furniture were a desk and six chairs. Four of the chairs were occupied by men in extremely expensive suits. A fifth was filled by a broadly muscled man in a dark green military uniform. All five chairs were across from and facing the sixth chair, which held a rather small man in a lab coat. The room was pure white, with all of the light focused on the man in the lab coat, so that he couldn't see anything more than shadowy silhouettes of the men adressing him. They were quiet. The uncofortable silence caused the small man to fidget around. Finally, one of the men in a suit spoke, destroying the calm with his annoyingly squeaky voice. "I trust that all is moving as planned? You are on a very strict timetable, and funding can't last forever."

    The small man shifted in the light. "The project is making progress. We should have a successful animal test within the next –"

    The man in the army get-up banged his fist on the table, interrupting the scientist. He roared in a deep baritone, "Dammit boy! We don't want mutant rabbits! We want the ultimate warrior! You are recieving funds form the Army for a reason! To create a supersoldier! We need a succesful human test within the next three months or we pull the plug! Are we clear?"

    The slim figure of the man in the lab coat seemed to fall back into himself as he tried to avoid the burning gaze of the general in front of him. Mustering his courage, he confronted the imposing figure before him. "This process is too experimental to test on an extremely complex life-form like a human! Altering the genetic code of anything completely changes who and what they are! We have been working on simple organisms, since their code is easier to manipulate. Even then, there have been disasters. The subjects have stayed alive, but only barely! To do it to a human right now is tantamount to homocide! You can't expect me to set aside my morals and kill people so that you can have a few stronger soldiers. How can you even think of using people as useless –"

    The army man silenced the scientist with another bang on the table. "Son, we don't care about your morals or the price of a few lives. All we want are results. If killing people bothers you so much, then try hard not to screw up. You're in too deep to get out now, so get moving. Remember. Three months. You are dismissed." At his signal, the automated door behind the scientist opened up to admit two huge guards. They were gentle, but also gave a message that if the small man did not go with them, they would use force. As soon as they took him out, the door closed.

    The four men in suits turned to the general. "What if he's right? It is still mostly theoretical. I don't want the blood of innocents on my hands," said the man to the right of the man with the squeaky voice. Seeing an opportunity, the smallest of the four piped in. "I don't know about this. I'm not sure that we should be tinkering with what evolution has given us through millenia of change, whatever the gains might be." The fourth and largest smirked at his doubtful companions. "You worry too much. We have this completely under control. He can't do anything to stop us. He has no job without us, and we are the only ones with the money to fund his research. We hold all of the cards." The general gave a cold smile, sensing a kindred spirit. "Right. And you," he turned to the man next to the squeaky one, "do not know what you are talking about. The instant that someone is born, they are guilty of something. There is no such thing as an innocent in today's world. It's just a fancy word that is used to wage PR campaigns. As for the test subjects, pull htem from any place that looks promising. Off of the streets, abusive families, anywhere that has someone who will be glad to get away or will not be missed. Make sure to hide it well." The general stood up from the chair, stretching to his full 6'10" hieght. He nodded his head towards the four that were still seated. "Gentlemen." The general then strode purposefully out of the room.


    The scientist was escorted to his office, where he was left alone, though surely watched. Everything was watched in this base. He looked at the plaque on the wall. "Dr. Jinn Skye, Ph.D. M.D." Sighing, he pushed his way through the door. Inside was a srprise, considering the neat and organized person that inhabited these quarters. The room was really more of an apartment, compete with three rooms. Currently, he was standing in his office, a hopeless mess of papers and diagrams that surrounded a state-of-the-art laptop computer. Beyond that was his living area. This was where he kept his personal items, and was where he slept. There was a TV with cable, but there was never anything good to watch. The people who ran this place censored out anything that took a negative stance on anything that the government did. From there, there was a door that led to a small, but functional, bathroom.

    Jinn plopped dow on the comfortable chair that was in front of his computer, mulling over the meeting that he had just had with his "employers". They tried to be secretive, but their efforts were always in vain. There were precious few secrets between anyone in this base. The general was a three-star general named Alucard Tepes. He was of Eastern European descent and had an infamous taste for war. The four men were also members of the military, and ran this base's front. The man with the annoying voice was Brian O'Clere, obviously from either Ireland or Scotland. He oversaw finances. The small one was Tony Pygmy. No one knew much about him, other than the fact that he was very insecure. The man that had sat to the right of O'Clere was an indescriptive being. He was of medium height, had brown hair and eyes, was not particularly smart, and had no particular talents. His name was John Stevenson and oversaw the day-to-day funstions of the cover. The last one was a rotund fellow named Daivd Watson. His is a bumbler, but a smart and ambitious one. He is the "CEO" of the corporation. He also has a Ph.D. in business.

    Jinn's entire life had been devoted to the persuit of the decoding and manipulation of the human genome. When he had been offered the opportunity to work for the government with all of the funding that he needed for any project that he might undertake, he had accepted immediately, without giving it a second thought. He was now. Shortly after accepting the job, he was incorperated into the military, researching ways to enhance the performance of soldiers. He was then placed at the head of the supersoldier project. It was the most classified of all of the projects and had the smallest staff. It consisted of three people: Jinn Skye (of course), Chaud Stryke, and Prauge Gutrot. All three were in the top of their respective fields: Jinn with genetics, Chaud with the medicinal practices, and Prauge with general Biology. So far, they have been working on this project for half a year, and they have not had a succesful animal test.

    The method that was being used was to use nano-bots that were smaller than white blood cells and inject them into the system of the test subject. The nano-bots would sweep through the body and replace the DNA in the orgnism with a similar one of their design. These nano-bots were programed by Jinn. Half of the tests were inconclusive. Nothing happened. The rest of the animals, though, died in the most gruesome fashions. They had yet to figure out why they did that.

    And now the bastards running and ruining Jinn's life wanted him to start on human subjects. The thought sickened him. There was no way out for him. He couldn't escape. He tried, though. He tried to find a way out of this problem. He had seen it coming and had tried to stop it from coming up. He tried to dissuade those funding the program. He failed at every turn. There was however, a faint glimmer of hope. He might get it right. If he did, then he would have succeeded at something that people had only thought that cuold happen in a science fiction story. Still, he was being forced to do it. But he tried! He couldn't do anything about it. The blood would be on their hands, he decided. With his conscience cleared, he went to sleep. His reasoning, though, did nothing to alleviate the pain of his dreams.


    The next day, the first batch of human test subjects came in. They were all male homeless bums that would never be missed. They were all cleaned and given fresh clothes, and then paraded in front of Jinn's team. When Jinn looked at his colleagues, he knew that they had been talked to as well. Chaud was his only real friend in the base. They shared many, but not all, interests. As such, Chaud had a similar reaction to the news. It was printed on his face. Prauge, on the other hand, had a look of something just short of ecstacy on his face. He had always been an odd one, being rather sadistic and and was known for valuing information much more than valuing life. He was also the biggest ass-kisser that Jinn had the displeasure of ever meeting. Even though Jinn was technically his boss, Prauge never sucked-up to him. No, he always went for the bigger fish instead. He obviously held no reservations on the odious task in front of them.

    They began that very day. There was no change in the method, just in the programing of the nano-bots. It was a simple task for Jinn, who had spent the majority of his studies looking at the human genome. The first round of nano-bots yielded no results. The second and thrid were the same as well. Apparently, Jinn had forgotten to correctly program the nano-bots and they were really only just moving through the system. Prauge noticed this and immediately brought the mistake to Jinn's attention. It was corrected immediatley after Jinn recieved word that General Tepes heard about the mistake and was not pleased.

    The fourth test had had results in every subject. They all underwent an extremely agagonizing spasms as their entire genetic code shifted. They died shortly after. Their pain, though, was nothing compared to what Jinn and Chaud felt. At least the subjects had a release from their pain. Jinn and Chaud had to live with the emotional burden of their cries of pain beyond comprehension ringing in their ears. They could have commited suicide at any time, but that woud have doomed another individual, underserving of this fate. Pruage was enjoying himself, collecting the data on the subjects.

    Then came the second batch. This one had a few female prostitutes in it. They tried again with a different program, but had almost idenetical results. This continued with the next batch, and the next one, and the next one. Each group wore away at Jinn and Chaud's resistance, until they were finally going through the motions without any of their heart in it. Then, one day, Jinn came to a realization.


    Two months after the pointless deaths had commeced, Jinn had an epiphany. They were trying to change the entire genetic code to suit their needs. What if they only changed a few specific genes that gave them what they wanted. He had a decent idea of how the gene are sequenced. He might have the answer! He could possibly be able to put an end to this torture! He decided to try it on the next group.

    The next group just so happened to have a beautiful young woman in it that was "rescued" from her abusive boyfriend. Some men found him trying to take advantage of her and intervened before anything had happened. She was then escorted to a safe place and asked if she would like to take part in a medical study. She agreed and was taken to this facility. This group was the smallest yet, only consisting of five people instead of the usual ten to twelve. When she was brought before the three scientists, she spotted a cute one in the middle. She walkd up to him and stuck out her hand. "Hi. I'm Mayim Aquus. Nice to meet you. So, what kind of medical study is this?" Jinn was completely taken aback by this. Unsure of what else to do, he took her hand, shook it briskly and told her what he was told to say that they were going to do. "Hi, my name is Jinn Skye. We're going to be running some tests to see how various stimuli affect the human body and see how it can be applied to the greater good." Mayim seemed satisfied with this response, and, after giving him a smile that would have scorched most men to the ground, she walke dback to stand with the rest of those that had been gathered.

    Jinn was dumbstruck. How could he allow this alluring creature to suffer the agonzing fate that awaited her. When the new subjects were dismissed, Jinn left, saying that he had remembered something that he had to tell his superiors. That was partly true. He immeidiatley went before te same five men as before and made up a story, saying that this girl seemed different from all of the other subjects and that he would like to have her for private observation. Her door may be monitored, but nothing else. Only he would be allowed to visit her. Surprisingly, they granted his request, since his argument seemed to push towards the assumption that he could make the supersoldier project more effective that way. Mayim was placed in a room apart from everyone else in her test group, close to where Jinn was housed. Jinn visited her often, making observations and giving the appearance that he had every intention of doing what he said that he would do.

    In the meantime, they had gone through another collection of societal misfits. As the last one lay squirming in as his final death throes wracked his body, Jinn couldn't help but feel the hoplessness of it crushing him. There were approxiametly 30,000 genes spread across 32 pairs of chromosomes in the human body. There are well over 20 trillion combinations. You are more likely to get struck by lightning twice in the same spot, win the lottery, and survive a car crash that should have been fatal all in the same day. Still, Jinn was determiend to save Mayim from this grisly fate.

    Finally, there was a breakthrough. Jinn located a specific gene for growth. He wasn't able to specify what kind of growth, so he decided that thigns couldn't get any worse. Merely minutes after injecting the nano-bots into his male test subject, he began to spasm, just like everyone else before him. Unlike everyone else before him, his body began to swell. He muscles began to bulge and swell, tearing apart the thin faric of his clothes. It was obvious that his strength was keeping up, as his thrashing broke some very large, very sturdy, very heavy, and very expensive pieces of equipment. Soon after, he stopped spasming and died. Still, his small frame had been blown into a huge mountain of muscle. His height had not changed, nor anything else, and he still died, but it was progress. Jinn dared to hope that he might yet be able to save the woman that he quite obviously loves. Chad was the only one that knew. Everone else was oblivious.

    Jinn continued to tinker with his models of the human genome and began to figure out which genes controled the growth and develpoement of what. The next test was a bit better. His height increased as well as his muscle mass. He even became more handsome, with his phallus swelling to stay in proportion with his body. The change was still agonizing, and ended up being more than his body, as mighty as it was, could handle. He died, shortly after testing his strength on the unfortunate soul that had given him the injection. His smashed remains were spread across half of the area that he had been put in for the change.


    They were getting closer. Unfortunately, the deadline was fast approaching. As the third month drew to a close, Jinn began to worry that it might soon be too late to save the woman that he had come to care for. With not even a week left, it was now or never. Mayim had still been kept in the dark as to the real reason behind the tests. Jinn felt that it was time to tell her everything. He prepared a final program for the nano-bots that should reduce the strain on the body and convert the pain into something else, though what, he did not know.

    As he moved down the hall, as was his custom, he realized that there was no turning back. Pausing before her door, he reconsidered what he was about to do. He was going to convince her to willingly take the shot and accept the change, so that her life could be spared. He was about to risk a perfect relationshoip with this perfect woman. Steadying himself, he knocked on the door. There was a call from inside, telling him to come in.

    As Jinn entered, he noticed that the atmosphere was a little humid. At first, he wondered why, then he saw Mayim come out of the bathroom in a fresh white shirt and sweat-pants. Her hair was wet. He felt foolish for feeling alarmed at somthing that was as simple as her taking a shower. Closing the door behind him, he moved to Mayim's bed and gestured for her to sit down. She complied with a questioning gleam in her eyes. Jinn took a deep breath to steady himself, and then began talking. "Listen, Mayim, there is something that we really need to talk about. It's about these tests…"

    Mayim gasped, interrupting him. "Is there something wrong with me? What's the problem?" Her voice started to get a frantic edge to it. Just as franticly, Jinn tried to calm her down. "No, no. It's nothing like that. It's just that these tests are not what they appear to be. This whole thing is part of a project to create a supersoldier. So far, every test subject has died. When I first saw, you my only thought was to spare you the torment of going this way, so I had you separated for 'private study'. Unfortunately, I can't protect you this way any longer. The deadline for a successful human test is coming up, and nothing that I can do will stop them from giving you the injection to go through the change that has killed everyone else. So, I came to you to give you the choice of doing it by or against your will. I have desigend this injetion especially for your DNA, so there is minimal risk. I have taken extra precautions, so it is all but impossible yo die from this. I'm not sure, but I think that you willingly accepting this will increse the chances of you coming out of this in better health than you have ever been in. The last thing that I mus say is that I'm not sure what the degree of change in you is going to be, but it should not hurt. You should feel something, but I am not sure what."

    Mayim stayed silent, absorbing everything that he said. Finally, she spoke. "Give it to me. I'll get it one way or another, but you are risking yourself for me, making an injection that you weren't authorized to. I'm more likely to survive this than if they prepared one for me. Thank you for at least being honest."

    Just then, the door banged open. Chaud stepped into the room, a frightened look upon his face. "You have to get out of here now! I caught Prauge listening through the door. No doubt he's going to the Tepes about this!" His eyes fell upon the syringe that Jinn was holding. "Why do you have tha… oh! I was wondering when you would have to give it to her. I'm guessing that it's specially made. You don't have to answer, it's all on your face. Listen, right now no one is watching the cameras. Security is changing shifts right now. Jinn, run to your room and grab what you can. I'll meet you in the hall. I've got to get my stuff. Mayim, go with Jinn. I take it that nothing here is yours?" Mayim shakes her head. "That's what I thought. Go now, before Tepes raises the alert!"

    Jinn and Mayim flee down the hall to Jinn's room. Chaud went the other way, towards his quarters. Jinn quickly packed up his laptop, grabbed a couple of canisters of unprogrammed nano-bots, the downloading hardware, and some clothes. Mayim helped pack everything up. As they finshed, Chaud burst into the room. "We need to leave soon! Tepes is probably talking to security now!" Jinn scowled at Chaud. He moved over, closed the door and locked it with a mechanism that he had someone construct for him. "It will take them a while to get through that, and everything in this building is bullet-proof, so they can blast their way in. If they use explosives, they will destroy all of their equipment in here, which they will be reluctant to do. Now, Mayim, I need you to take the shot now. The change will not take long, so we should be ready to leave in a little bit." Mayim nods and allows Jinn to stick the needle in her. She grimaces as she feels the nano-bots being pushed into her bloodstream, but doesn't say anything. Off to the side, Chaud mumbles, "I really think that this is a bad idea."

    As soon as the needle is out of her, Mayim begins to react to the tiny machines that are now inside her body. She begins to moan, but it doesn't look like she is in pain. She beigns to rub her body, as if feeling the changes that are slowly beginning to take place. She egins to rub herself mor vigorously, her hands moving up and down her torso. One hand begins to drift down to her crotch, while the other moves up towards her firm breasts. The hand moving for the brests gets to its destination first, and she begins to massage and kneed her breasts with one hand, moaning with pleasure with each movement. Her other hand then finds its way to the fork of her legs. It begins its work there are well, probing through her thin pants, moing into her sensative genitalia.

    Her hands move faster and faster, her moans keeping tempo. The slowly rise in pitch to screams of pure bliss. Her hands move from their positions and begin to move about her body. As her hands pass over her body, it begins to swell. At first, only an increase in height is apparent, but thenher limbs get noticably thicker. Her shirt begins to move up as her body elongates and her pecs fill in. As the shirt moves up, the deepening striations of her abdominal muscles become visible. Her legs begin to expand, starting with the calves. The swell up, stretching her sweat-pants to the limit. Then her thighs get into the action, expanding like ballons, completely obliterating the leg part of her pants. Her feet began to expand, allowing her to keep her balance. Her already firm ass began to swell and round out, forming the perfect amazonian shape, as well as destroying what was left of her pants.

    Her back and chest began to swell, stretching her shirt to near transparency. Her arms began to bulk up, as well. As they did so, she lifted them up and slowly did a double bicep pose. The swelling peaks of her biceps grew larger and larger, along with her deltoids, forearms , and triceps. Eventually, the sleeves burst at the seams, releasing the mountains of muscle on her arms. Her breasts began to swell soon after. Her already stretched shirt was stretched farther as her average breasts grew larger and larger, amidst her screams of pleasure. Her nipples poked out proudly, completely visible, despite the fact that trhe shirt was still over them. They grew larger and larger, growing bigger than her head. Finally, the shirt could take no more and began to tear right in between her breasts, revealing her masive mammaries and her gorgeous pecs beneath them. Unable to resist the urge, Mayim flexed her entire upper body at once, destroying waht was left of her shirt. At this point, she is wearing nothing but her panties and her bra. Both are severely strained. Her breasts continue to swell, blowing up to beach-ball size. With a lound snap, her bra popped off, revealing the rest of her gorgeous tits. Her panites looked like a g-string and were digging into the sensative folds of her vagina. Finally, that too fell of with a loud snap. Roaring in orgasmic ecstacy, she climaxed, slumping to the group, thoroughly drained.


    She woke up a short while later to a banging noise. Looking aournd, she saw the strained, yet lustful look on her two companion's faces. She knew, without a doubt, that General Tepes was there, trying to get it. She also knew that her new, muscular body was very sexy and very nude. Jinn, foresaw this issue and handed her an oversized lab coat and some extremely stretchy pants. the pants just barely fit her, conforming to her every bulge and curve. The lab coat was tied off under her breasts, since she couldn't begin to button it properly over her new endowments. New endowments… Then it hit her. She knew how she could test out her strength. She and Jinn exchanged glances, both were equally lustful and both were sharing the same thought. Jinn slowly nodded, afraid of what was about to happen. Quietly, Jinn moved to the locking mechanism and turned it off. As soon as her was out of the way, Mayim came charging in, tearing the door out of the wall and moving everyone behind it out of the way. Chaud, Jinn, and Mayim ran, not daring to look behind them. Mayim tore through any rsistance, while Jinn and Chaud handled the complx locks.

    Thirty minutes later, they were far away from the complex. They kept running, though. They would likely only be safe in the isolated countryside. Jinn still had his materials from the escape, so he made some programs to allow them to change their looks enough to slip by most inspections. They made it away safely, now living comfortably on a farm. Thanks to Jinn's ingenuity, they had the body strength necessary to live the life of farmers. Chaud is their mobile apothecary, and Mayim and Jinn are now happily married and raising a large brood of children. Some of them have oddly developed bodies. They are far heavier than they should be, and yet, they don't look unusual. What could that mean?


    Interesting story. Playing with the DNA is a great way to achieve the body a person wants. In this case, it was good that Jinn likes muscled amazons. Very good transformation scene, I just wish we could have seen a bit more of her strength.

    Very good job my friend.


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