My Very First FMG Posting Anywhere … YIKES!!!

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    This is an attempt at a HER attributes are top secret" of course! Meaning she’s just an idea in my head!! 😀 😀

    It takes place AFTER the character has become [color=darkred”>SUPER strong.

    Here we go….. be kind people!!! 🙂


    LMH placed the hammer in the crook of her elbow with the long wooden handle pointed towards her fingers. Then she began to flex her mighty bicep. As the muscle started its immediate and huge growth the handle flipped to the vertical position as the wider steel head was trapped in LMH’s elbow joint.

    Her migty bicep was zooming up quickly and before it had gotten to half the height of the handle the wood had begun to crack. But LMH wasn’t even half way through her flex!

    The mountain of muscle towered upward and the wooden handle disintegrated into dust. By the time LMH had a full flex the remaining steel hammer head was more like a steel "piece of paper" thinner than a sheet of saran wrap.

    As for the height of her muscle it had passed the top of where the handle of the hammer used to be when she was only 3/4 into her flex. It was an amazing sight.


    More to come???????????????????


    Thats an amazing super original idea.

    Keep going.


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