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    Hello all,
    I was recently doing some searching online for superheroines and came upon a little piece -well, maybe 2- that people might be interested in. The legendary Heroic Publishing -responsibile for tons of superheroines including Flare- has posted information of an upcoming character revamped on the muscular side. Her name is Joyce Jenson, AKA, the Nemesis Girl and she is the mother of kid turned superhero Giant. Now, for those of you who know Nemesis girl way back in the 80s, she was just a normal woman, who decided to vamp up her muscles and now, she's on her way to her destined 7'0 tall, muscular superheroine identity. 😀 She currently appears in her new form in the new Tales of the Champions series with Giant. I have included a brief inteview with the Heroic crew who talk about the rebirth of Nemsis Girl into a muscular woman trying to find her heroic ID as well as preview pics too from Tales #2.  I hope you all emjoy these, Nemesis Girl looks promising. 🙂

    Fonzie (article-scroll down th find it) (first story)

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