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    I was invited here 😀

    So I’m thankful for that… my art is at DevArt… however, I know my gallery is a dismal ^^;

    I was thinking of making a new gallery purely for muscle-related art..

    But yeah hi 😀

    Matthew Lim

    Your work is really awsome and will defenitly fit right in place here. Might I be the first to officially welcome you to She Grew!


    I invited Kulli down here, especially since her artwork obviously fits with the little niche we’ve got going on here. But I want to thank Random101 for pointing out the fact that Kulli’s work even existed out there, she’s really got some wonderful talent going for her in this department.

    A muscle specific gallery? Hey sounds like a good idea to me!


    Hello, there Kulli

    You got agreat HUGE gallery over there on devart

    so welcome to the forum and make urself comfortable!


    Hi, how’s it going?

    Your art’s very nice and you’re quite a beauty… (I guess that’s a little open for a first post of yours, but well, a man’s gotta say what a man’s gotta say)

    On another topic…

    Just to ask the mighty strawberry’s successful question:

    Why muscles?


    Why muscles? ^^; well.. why not muscles? heh

    It’s probably TV’s fault though, I beleive I saw a program about some women bodybuilders… decided to try drawing that sort of figure and…. well you know how it goes, right? ^^;


    Welcome Kulli, and I love Lu!


    Hooray! Welcome, Kulli! Great to see you here. Love your artwork (even your non-muscle stuff!) I think both your line art and colouring are brilliant (I particularly like the gradient and texture you put into your colouring with pencils – like in ‘Fem Kris comic style’). If you’re not already a professional artist, I’d be strongly recommending you moving in that direction – your art’s great!

    It’s wonderful to have another female artist on the board (and especially another Brit – I have this theory that a disproportionate number of femuscle fans are British, but that’s another story). Thanks for dropping in – I hope you find us a friendly and supportive bunch.

    Thanks too, Collector, for your kind words. I’m just happy to be a small link in a chain.

    Tommy Dreamer

    Just wanted to comment on the art. Love it. I’m one of the people out there that’s more into impossibly giant mass.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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