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    That’s really good. I like the coloring and shading a lot, but I think you should work on line thickness and consistency. You should try to make your line work just as deliberate and expressive as your colors. As it is you’re relying on the shading as the sole means of conveying a sense of volume and fullness to the viewer, but neglecting line work that can emphasize the same characteristics.

    For a really good example, probably the best line-work in newspaper comics ever was Li’l Abner during the period of Frank Frazetta’s ghosting for Al Capp – mid-50s through the early 60s. Capp had always used line-work very effectively, and when Frazetta took on the job ghosting for him, he sort of out-Capp’ed Capp. Frazetta was admired and hated as a young man for his ability to mimick other artists’ styles and strengths, and then improve on them. Now he’s old and pretty much worshipped for the the output of his career. Here’s a gallery of his work:


    Very interesting style of art you have their can not wait to see more.


    Interesting work. I’d like to know how you did it. The technique looks like it might have been directly drawn on the computer.


    Is that interesting good, or interesting bad? Haha. I just draw it in photo shop, the whole thing. I use a mouse and the airbrush tool mostly. I’m sure that is why my lines are irregular. Also because I dont take the time to go back in and straiten it all out. I guess that if I drew it on paper, inked it, scanned it in, then colored it everything would be straiter, but that takes too long. Thanks


    Awesome work! As I’ve mentioned in another thread, I’m a HUGE fan of your work. Keep posting more stuff. 😀


    Love it !!

    It remeinds me drawings from "Pete’s pets" are the same artist? Excuse me for such a question, perhaps it’s a stupid one.

    Indead I love that kind of art and hope too you’ll post again.


    yup thats me


    holly sh·"$t

    you draw it with the mouse, that seems impossible to me.

    the only time i manage to control the mouse is when i’m playing counter strike or any other FPS game.

    comgratulations pete.


    drawing with a mouse?

    bravo, i tried that before and it seemed impossible!

    keep’em coming.


Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 19 total)
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