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    What follows is a list of pre-approved set of rules and guidelines I will ask all posters on this board to follow:

    1. No flaming of any kind.
    There is to be no flaming, harrassment or abuse of any form in this section.
    Anyone who does engage in such activity will receive one warning and the chance to apologise, any continuence of such behaviour will result in a temporary ban. Further violations will have the person permanently banned from these forums.
    Carefully construct your response and make sure they are not aimed and barbed to cause harm of any kind.
    If anyone feels that they are being harrassed in anyway, shape or form, report it to I via the PM system and the matter shall be looked in.

    2. No SPAMing of other sites for the purposes of self-promotion or promotion of other unrelated sites[.
    Only post links that relate to the topic/subject. Anything else will be removed. Repeat offenders will be banned.
    If a link is accidentally posted or posted incorrectly, the poster must either delete it or make amends or action will be taken.
    Please report any SPAM.

    3. All posts must relate to the support of training and lifting.
    Anything will be either removed and posted to the proper area or simply deleted.

    The above rules must be followed and will be strictly enforced. Any violation of the above will be followed up by a warning. If a member is found frequently violating these rules, with permission from Lingster himself, that member will be banned from the forums.

    The following rule is simply a guideline for posters to follow, this rule will not be strictly enforced but posters will be lightly warned for doing.

    4. To keep the post counts legit, I will ask all posters to please use the "modify" post button located over your post. This will prevent threads from being filled up with unnessecary "correction" posts. A double post will likely be merged into one post or the excess post will be removed.

    Please adhere to the Rules to ensure that this thread is successful and enjoyed by all.

    The Pimp NeonBlack

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